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January 10 - Agriculture: President Urges Congress to Overhaul Farm Programs
January 31 - Senate Votes to Extend Drought and Flood Benefits
February 7 - Drought Benefits Bill Provokes Storm
February 14 - Disaster Payments May Spark Farm Bill Rewrite
February 14 - From Frozen Peaches to Flood-Damaged Hay... Farm Boys in Congress Go Their Own Way
February 21 - Budget Panels Not Likely to Press for Farm Cuts
February 21 - Comparative Size of Farm Spending (chart)
February 21 - Farm Credit System May Need Help From Hill
February 21 - For the Farmer, It's a Question of Necessity
February 28 - Hill, White House Weigh Farm Credit Options
February 28 - Pay-for-Not-Planting Bill Approved
March 14 - Disaster Relief Bill Scaled Back: Major Farm Fight Postponed, But Delay Is Only Temporary
March 21 - House Passes Disaster Aid Bill for Farmers
March 28 - Expanded Farm Credit Bailout Gains Support
March 28 - Panel OKs Agricultural Aid and Trade Missions
March 28 - Spending Bill Reflects Congress' Wants, Needs
March 28 - Supplemental Totals (chart)
April 4 - Farmer and Uncle Sam: An Old, Odd Couple
April 4 - The Language of Agriculture Policy
April 11 - Bill to Set Up Agricultural Trade Missions Passed
April 11 - Congress OKs Delay in Conservation Compliance
April 11 - Senate Urges Aid for Farm Credit System
April 25 - Farm Policy Fight Evaporates; Aid Bill Passed
May 2 - Panel OKs $9.4 Billion Add-On Spending Bill
May 2 - Senate Agriculture Panel Stalls on Farm Credit
May 9 - Conferees Agree on Disaster Relief Bill
May 9 - Farm Credit Bailout to Cost at Least $6 Billion
May 9 - Marketing Loan Battlefield Shifts to Trade
May 16 - Disaster Relief Bill Goes to President
May 16 - Farm Credit Markup Begins Slowly
May 23 - The CCC Plows a Furrow for Other Spending
May 23 - Whitten Seldom Wastes an Opportunity... ...Especially When It Comes to Agriculture
May 30 - Reagan Signs Disaster Relief Bill
June 6 - Current Methods Miss Salmonella: Chicken Inspections May Be Revamped to Protect Health
June 6 - Hopes Slim for Early Corn Payments
July 4 - Congress Clears Supplemental Spending Bill
July 4 - Major Provisions of Supplemental Funding Bill
July 11 - International Farm Subsidy Cut Sought
July 25 - Farm Credit System Seeks a $6 Billion Bailout
July 25 - Few Farm Credit Bailout Proposals Agree... ...On How to Help System - Or Pay for It
August 1 - House Panel OKs Bill to Change Food Programs
August 1 - Senate Passes Crop Research Bill
August 1 - Wright Gets Farm Credit Bill Moving - Slowly
August 8 - House Panel Approves Farm Credit Shake-Up
August 8 - House Passes Pay-for-Not-Planting Bill
August 8 - House, Senate Pass Bills to Change Food Aid
August 15 - 'Farmer Mac' Helped Carry Farm Credit Bill
August 15 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Agriculture
August 15 - Provisions of House Panel's Farm Credit Bill
August 15 - System's Status Better Than Expected
September 19 - Tranquil Farm Credit Markup Starts in Senate
September 19 - Turf Battle Threatened Farm Credit Bill: House Postpones Floor Fight Over Creating 'Farmer Mac'
September 26 - Farm Credit Rescue Action Slows to a Crawl
October 3 - Administration Threatens Veto: Clock Starts to Work Against Farm Credit Bailout Measure
October 10 - Dingell Support Weakens White House Stance: Bailout of Farm Credit System Passed by Strong House Vote
October 10 - Fiscal 1988 Agriculture Funding (chart)
October 10 - Panel Approves $52.9 Billion for Agriculture
October 17 - Agriculture Appropriation Approved
October 17 - Timing of Payments Would Shift: Using Some Fancy Footwork Farm Committees Find Funds
October 24 - Fiscal 1988 Agriculture Funding (chart)
October 24 - Panel Inches Ahead on Farm Credit
October 24 - Senate Agriculture Resorts to 'Paper' Savings
October 24 - Veto Threatened: House Panel OKs $55 Billion For Agriculture and Nutrition
October 31 - Budget Crisis Complicates Farm-Credit Rescue
November 7 - Provisions of Senate Panel's Farm-Credit Bill
November 7 - Senate Panel Approves Farm-Credit Bailout
November 14 - House Urges Use of Crop Land for Wildlife
November 28 - Farm Subsidies: A Worldwide Phenomenon
November 28 - Reagan Takes Fight on Farm Subsidies Abroad
December 5 - Senate Approves $4 Billion Farm Credit Bill
December 12 - Conferees Meet on Farm Credit Bill
December 12 - House Expected to Balk: Farm Deficit-Reduction Pact Entails Key Program Changes
December 19 - Bill Would Revise Commodity Distribution
December 19 - Modest Target-Price Cuts Included: Farm Budget Agreement Avoids New Programs
December 19 - White House Expected to Go Along: Negotiators Reach Agreement On Farm Credit System Bailout
December 19 - Whitten Prevails in CCC Funding Dispute
December 26 - Congress Clears Commodity-Distribution Bill
December 26 - Provisions of Bill to Rescue Farm Credit System
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Agriculture

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