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January 26 - What to Do About Farm Programs? Administration Plan to Cut Aid Leaves Congress Divided, Farm Groups in Disagreement
February 9 - Emergency Farm Credit Plans Pushed on Hill
February 9 - Farmers Would Pay for Some Services: Budget Seeks Big Reductions In Fiscal 1986 Farm Spending
February 23 - Faced With His First Stalemate in Senate Dole Has Little More Success Than Baker
February 23 - Farm Credit Filibuster Deadlocks Senate
March 2 - Seeks a 'Market-Oriented' Policy: Administration's Farm Bill Aims To Reverse Course Set in 1930s
March 2 - South Dakotans Learn About Lobbying And Teach a Few Things on Capitol Hill
March 2 - Tied to Africa Famine Relief: House, Senate OK Credit Bills, But President Threatens Veto
March 9 - President Vetoes Farm Credit, Africa Aid Bill
May 4 - Key House Democrats Prefer to Wait: Farm Bill Markup Is Slowed By Incomplete Budget Action
May 11 - Purchases Would Net Commodity Bonuses: Farm-State Legislators Press For Export Subsidy Program
May 18 - Panels Press for Mandatory Subsidies: Administration Plans Giveaways To Increase U.S. Farm Exports
May 25 - Water Projects Draw OMB Flak: Appropriations Panel Votes $13.49 Billion Supplemental
June 8 - Consensus Lacking on How to Boost Trade: Doubts About Export Program May Derail Farm Policy Changes
June 15 - Bills Would Suspend Wheat Vote
June 15 - Proposal Could Cost Government $1 Billion: Helms, Rose at Odds Over Plan To Revamp Tobacco Subsidies
June 22 - Bill Would Ease Farm Bankruptcy Rules
June 22 - Disagreement Threatens Farm Export Subsidies: Panels Differ Over Preference for U.S. Ships
June 22 - Farmers May Get to Vote: 'Market-Oriented' Crop Plan Wins House Subcommittee OK
June 22 - Senate Adds Jordan Aid, Passes Supplemental
June 29 - House Passes Farm Bankruptcy Bill
June 29 - House Subcommittees Complete Work: Congress Reacts to Pressure; Quickens Action on Farm Bill
June 29 - House, Senate Divided: Foreign Aid, Water Disputes Delay Talks on Supplemental
June 29 - Soil Conservation Plan Unveiled by Block
July 6 - Supplemental Funding Bill Awaits Conferees
July 13 - Agriculture Panels OK Some Farm Bill Provisions
July 13 - House Committee Votes to Expand Food Stamp Program
July 13 - House Orders Organic Farming Study
July 20 - Panel Approves $33 Billion Farm Appropriation
July 20 - Senate Panel Near Agreement on Farm Programs
July 20 - Separate Farm Supplemental Cleared
July 27 - House Agriculture Appropriations Bill
July 27 - House Committee OKs Farm Price Supports
July 27 - Speedy House Action Parallels Committee: House OKs Farm, Nutrition Appropriations
August 3 - Congress Clears Water Project, 'Contra' Funds
August 3 - Panels Hope to Report in September: Budget, Partisan Pressures Keep Farm Bills in Committee
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Agriculture
August 17 - Bumper Crops Pressure Hill, Budget
August 17 - Trying to Rewrite Agriculture Policy: Conflicting Objectives Prevent Farm Programs From Adding Up
August 31 - Farm Panels Find Support for Crop Controls
September 7 - House Panel Task Force Looks for Farm Cuts
September 7 - Multibillion-Dollar Bailout Needed: Congress Girds for New Crisis As Farm Credit System Falters
September 14 - Panel Deadlocked on Price Supports
September 14 - Provisions of House Farm Bill as Approved
September 14 - Reauthorization Would Cover Five Years: House Panel Votes Farm Bill With 'Protectionist' Provision
September 21 - Agriculture Funding Bill OK'd by Senate Panel
September 21 - House Begins Floor Debate: Senate Panel OKs Farm Bill But Floor Fight Anticipated
September 28 - Administration Loses Key Votes: House Rejects Subsidy Cuts For Dairy, Sugar Programs
September 28 - Commodity Credit Corp. Given Indefinite Appropriation: Senate Panel OKs $28.1 Billion Farm Money Bill
September 28 - Farm Aid Concert Publicity Extolled: Farm Belt Republicans Courted To Pass Senate Agriculture Bill
September 28 - Farm Bill Provisions as OK'd by Senate Panel
October 5 - Congress Extends Dairy Price Supports
October 5 - Labor Laws Affecting U.S. Agricultural Workers
October 5 - Poised for Passage: House Kills Farm Referendum In Victory for Administration
October 5 - Protections for Workers Urged: Foreign Farmworker Issue Moves to House
October 12 - Congress and the Country: Specter of '58 Haunts Farm-State Members
October 12 - Effort to Scale Back Food Stamp Hikes Fails
October 12 - Provisions of House-Passed Farm Bill
October 12 - Strong Bipartisan Support: House OKs Five-Year Farm Bill With a $141 Billion Price Tag
October 19 - No Limit for Price Supports: Senate Passes Farm Money Bill, Rejects Efforts to Cut Spending
October 26 - International Wheat Agreement Approved
October 26 - Senate Opens Farm Bill Debate
November 2 - Partisan Divisions, Gambits Complicate Farm Bill
November 2 - President Declines to Endorse Plan: Farm Lenders Seek $6 Billion Federal Bailout
November 16 - Anatomy of a Crisis: Why Farmers Struggle
November 16 - Expiring Programs Extended Again
November 16 - Passage by Thanksgiving Seen as Essential: Senate Impasse May Postpone New Farm Bill Until Next Year
November 23 - Administration Opposition Tempers Proposal: Bill Would Grant Limited Farm Credit Bailout
November 23 - Food Stamp Cut Axed; Some Benefits Hiked
November 23 - Senate Whisks Through Major Sections: Something-for-Everyone Plan Breaks Impasse on Farm Bill
November 30 - Comparison of House-, Senate-Passed Farm Bills
November 30 - Snarl Over Farm Subsidies Awaits Conferees
December 7 - Commerce/Justice/State Funds Clear
December 7 - Farm Bill Conferees Hope to Resolve Differences in Private
December 7 - Key Difference Threatens Conference: Senate, House Committee OK Farm Credit System Aid Bills
December 7 - New D.C. Abortion Limit Dropped
December 7 - Stopgap Funding Bill Moving; Veto Threatened
December 14 - Dairy Price Supports Extended
December 14 - Farm-Credit Negotiators Near Agreement
December 14 - Major Disputes Remain: Farm Bill Conferees Accept New Target-Price Program
December 21 - Bailout Requires Separate Appropriation: Congress Clears Aid Bill for Farm Credit System
December 21 - Farm Bill Offers Limited 'Win' for All Sides
December 21 - Major Provisions of Farm Bill Conference Report
December 28 - Earlier Conference Agreement Cut .6 Percent:
December 28 - Special Report: Legislative Summary AGRICULTURE

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