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April 9 - Article One: Can I Get a Witness? Hill Awaits Improbable Helper
April 9 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
April 9 - Capitol WrapPDF
April 9 - Data Bank: How the Omnibus Toplines Stack UpPDF
April 9 - Democrats Licking Their Chops on Tariffs
April 9 - House Won't Roll Over on Bank Bill
April 9 - How the Omnibus Toplines Stack Up
April 9 - If It Wanted to, South Korea Could Build Its Own Bomb
April 9 - In the Spotlight: Val B. Demings
April 9 - Navy Rejects Humanist Chaplain
April 9 - Performance Review: No CompetitionPDF
April 9 - Poll: Public Perplexed by McCabe Firing
April 9 - Republicans Delight in 'Trump's Federal Reserve'
April 9 - Restrictive Abortion Laws Leave Some States With Few Providers
April 9 - Reviving a Plan to Fund Cops in Schools
April 9 - Searching for Devin Nunes on the Web
April 9 - Seeking a Cure for the Long-Term Care Problem
April 9 - Some Vulnerable Republicans Still Have Weak Challengers
April 9 - South Korean Conservatives' Idea for Deterring the North: Nukes
April 9 - That Time a Lawmaker Won a Special Election -- For His Own Seat
April 9 - The FCC Says It's Fighting Robocalls, but Many More Are Coming
April 9 - These Women Lawmakers Started Off as Staffers
April 9 - Top Votes in the Senate and HousePDF
April 9 - Trump Team Hypes Hyperloop
April 9 - Trump's FDA Looks Anew at Banning Menthol Cigarettes
April 16 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Show Vote on a Balanced Budget
April 16 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
April 16 - Checks and Balance: Bedlam on Pennsylvania Ave. Causes Headaches on K Street
April 16 - Congress Twiddles Thumbs on Net Neutrality Saga
April 16 - Contrasting Ryan and Trump on Work-Life Decisions
April 16 - Democrats Tread Carefully on GOP Tax Bill While Mulling Own Plans
April 16 - Don't Expect a Dramatic Finish as Ryan Runs to the Tape
April 16 - Dreamer Program Still Getting Applicants
April 16 - For Facebook, the FTC Looms
April 16 - Here's Why You Don't See Painted Screens Around Buildings Anymore
April 16 - In the Spotlight: Conor Lamb
April 16 - It's Trump's Party Now, as Ryan Prepares to Step Aside
April 16 - Mushroom Management, Swahili Memos and Great Danes: a John Kennedy Treasury
April 16 - On Tariffs, Congress Has Few Options for Fighting Trump
April 16 - Poll: Americans Are Fine With Privatizing Care for Veterans
April 16 - Q&A With Allie Bohm of Public Knowledge on the Facebook Fiasco
April 16 - Ten House Members With the Highest Staff Turnover in '17
April 16 - The Startup Advocate Who Changed the Tax Bill
April 16 - Timeline of Paul Ryan's Career
April 16 - Trey Gowdy's Hair Care Secrets Revealed
April 16 - Who Can Fill Paul Ryan's Shoes in the House GOP?
April 16 - Women Senators Push Harassment Bill
April 23 - Agencies Aren't Following the Rules on Rules
April 23 - An American Acropolis in the Arboretum
April 23 - Anatomy of a Vote: View to a Kill for Old Regulations
April 23 - Architect: Funds Needed For Capitol Repairs
April 23 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
April 23 - CBO: 31 Million Fewer Will Itemize in 2018, Hurting Charities
April 23 - Common Defense: 'America First' Gets a Little Help From Our Friends
April 23 - Courts Push Agencies to Include Climate Costs in Energy Reviews
April 23 - Damage to Coral Reefs Affects Marine Life, Coastal Economies
April 23 - Fallout from Lipinski Primary Continues
April 23 - Federal Employees Staying Put Under Trump
April 23 - How Many Talk-Show Hosts Are in the 115th Congress?
April 23 - In the Spotlight: Jodey C. Arrington
April 23 - Increased Algal Blooms Turn Surface Waters Into Toxic Stew
April 23 - Lise Van Susteren Pioneers Climate Change Psychiatry
April 23 - Murkowski, Cantwell Want to Try Again on Energy Bill
April 23 - New Studies Reveal Surprising Effects From Climate Change
April 23 - Nutritional Value of Food Crops Affected by Changing Climate
April 23 - Poll: Public Ho-Hum on Online Privacy
April 23 - Shouting at Snakes and Other Oddities From the 2018 Campaign Ad Season
April 23 - The Best-Paid and Worst-Paid Staffs on Capitol Hill
April 23 - The Endless War in Afghanistan Fades Into the Shadows
April 23 - Water Systems With Backlog of Needs Also Face Resilience Issues

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