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January 9 - Agriculture: Fiscal Hawks Versus Farm Advocates
January 9 - Anatomy of a Vote: First Vote of the Session Sets Tone
January 9 - Appropriations: Seeking Regular Order
January 9 - Article One: Eager for Change, Steeled for Tension
January 9 - Aviation: Headwinds for Air Traffic Control Spinoff
January 9 - Budget: Reconciliation Times Two
January 9 - Campaign Finance: GOP Hopes to Cut Regulations, Expand Donations
January 9 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
January 9 - Child Nutrition: Meal Standards Threatened
January 9 - CHIP: Rollbacks for Children's Insurance
January 9 - Congress Clears Way for Customs Deal, Opening Door to Train Service to Canada
January 9 - Congress' Most Lackluster Law Makers
January 9 - Criminal Justice: Major Changes Seen as Longshot
January 9 - Cybersecurity: Hacking to Be Targeted
January 9 - Defense Spending: Budget Caps Remain
January 9 - Dodd-Frank: Multiple Strategies for Assault
January 9 - Education: Delegating Power to the States Is the Goal
January 9 - Environment: Assaults on Regulations Likely to Make Headway
January 9 - Environmentalists Promise War if Trump Rescinds Obama Monument Designations
January 9 - Ethics: Lobby Limit Overhaul Unlikely
January 9 - FDA: Uncharted Territory on Fees
January 9 - Game of Robes: Speculation on Supreme Court Nominee Runs Rampant
January 9 - GAO Questions Implementation of Drug Compounding Law
January 9 - Hill Soup: This Is the End
January 9 - Hill Staff Survey: Cloudy, With Chances of Fits and Starts
January 9 - History Shows the Glow of a New Congress Can Wear Off Quickly
January 9 - Homeland Security: A Push to Consolidate Oversight
January 9 - How Trump's Cabinet Stacks Up to Predecessors'
January 9 - Immigration: A Wall of Uncertainty
January 9 - In the Spotlight: Mimi Walters
January 9 - Infrastructure: Big Promises, Few Details
January 9 - Inside the Newsroom: New Year, New Ways to Measure Congress
January 9 - Intelligence: Surveillance Battle Expected
January 9 - Iran Sanctions: Questions Loom Over Nuclear Deal
January 9 - Judiciary: Rocky Path Expected for High Court Nominee
January 9 - Labor: Fights Over Rules Rollbacks Ahead
January 9 - NDAA: Russia, Torture May Cause Friction
January 9 - Obamacare: GOP Divisions on Repeal
January 9 - Oklahoma Earthquakes, Blamed on Fracking, Cast Shadow on Trump EPA Appointee
January 9 - Overview: 2017 Legislative Agenda
January 9 - Pence Is Key to the First 100 Days
January 9 - Roundup of Key Issues on the AgendaPDF
January 9 - Roy Blunt, Inauguration Master of Ceremonies, Is Sweating the Details
January 9 - Russia: Drumbeat for Tougher Sanctions
January 9 - Taxes: Overhaul Tops the Agenda
January 9 - The Dream of a Pardon for 'Dreamers' Is Dying
January 9 - The Five Closest House Races of 2016
January 9 - The Ruling Party Takes on Obama Rules
January 9 - The Senate Leadership's Talking Points
January 9 - The Who and When of Trump's Cabinet Hearings
January 9 - Trade: Tariff Reductions in the Works
January 9 - Under Obama, Abortion Rate Falls to 45-year Low
January 23 - Anatomy of a Vote: Mattis Wins Waiver
January 23 - Capitol Wrap: A Special Table for Trump at the Capitol
January 23 - Capitol Wrap: The President-Elect Slept Here
January 23 - Common Defense: General Conflict in Trump's Cabinet
January 23 - Congress Turns Kennewick Man Over to Tribes
January 23 - Conservatives Object to Trump Cabinet Picks
January 23 - Contractor in Chief: Trump Dives Into Pentagon Procurement
January 23 - Dave Camp, Former Ways and Means Chair, Weighs in on Tax Overhaul
January 23 - FTC Ruling Pleases Contact Lens Retailers, Annoys Eye Doctors
January 23 - GOP Friendly Lobbying Firm, CGCN Group, Expands Into PR
January 23 - Gucci Gulch Returns for a Possible Tax-Code Rewrite
January 23 - Hill Soup: Sometimes Senators Are Seen But Not Heard
January 23 - Hill Staff Comings and Goings
January 23 - HUD Passes on Regulating E-Cigarettes in Public Housing
January 23 - In the Spotlight: Josh Gottheimer
January 23 - Insiders Counsel the Outsider: 20 Tips for Trump
January 23 - Maloney Lobbies Trump to Back National Women's Museum
January 23 - Performance Review: Hoeven and Franks Set Mark for Fundraising Futility
January 23 - Senate Leaves Nearly 60 Obama Court Nominees Waiting
January 23 - Trump and Obama: Two Historic Turning Points
January 30 - A Republican Change of Heart on Executive Orders
January 30 - Aides to Members Rarely Seek Counseling on Harassment Issues
January 30 - Autism Bills Offer Chance for Bipartisan Agreement
January 30 - Battle Over Nutrition Program Will Again Frame Farm Bill
January 30 - Checks and Balance: K Street Has a Crush on the First Daughter
January 30 - Conversation: Public Citizen's Amit Narang
January 30 - Democrats' Refusal to Compromise on Net Neutrality Is Coming Back to Bite Them
January 30 - GOP Bid to Repeal 'Midnight' Rules Puts Nadler in an Awkward Spot
January 30 - Hill Soup: The Bern Is Back
January 30 - In the Spotlight: Scott Taylor
January 30 - Merkley Stands by His Plan to Restrict the Filibuster
January 30 - Obamacare Suffers 1,000 Cuts at the Hands of Appropriators
January 30 - One Outlier Among Rave Environmentalist Reviews of Obama
January 30 - Predatory Behavior: The Dark Side of Capitol Hill
January 30 - Proposed Changes to WIC Program Taste Sour to Dairy Industry
January 30 - Tennesseans Look to Rescind Obama Walking Horse Rule
January 30 - The GOP's Top Draft Pick
January 30 - The Office That Looks Out for Workers on Capitol Hill Has a New Chief
January 30 - The Pharmaceutical Industry's Favorite Democrat: Patty Murray

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