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December 5 - Akin Gump Staffs Up with Ex-McConnell Aide
December 5 - Article One: Marks on a Pig's Ear Come Back in Fashion
December 5 - Autism Therapy Advocates Push Defense to Reconsider Cuts
December 5 - Copyright Chief's Dismissal Stirs Protests
December 5 - Data Bank: Tough Midterm Looms in 2018 for Senate Democrats
December 5 - Democrats Press FAA to Train Airline Attendants on Sexual Assault
December 5 - Farmers Union Picks Up Top Democratic House Agriculture Committee Staffer
December 5 - Fresh Start, Stale Ending for the Appropriations Process
December 5 - Hard-Liners Confident Headed Into Immigration Battle
December 5 - Hardliners Lean on Trump to Close Cuba Opening
December 5 - Hill Staff Comings and Goings
December 5 - In the Spotlight: Mike Pompeo
December 5 - New House Liberals Prepare to Fight
December 5 - Once More Into the Breach: The Nine Lives of Nancy Pelosi
December 5 - Sanders Aides Map Out Road Ahead in New Book
December 5 - SEC Chief's Parting Plea to Corporate America: Empower More Women
December 5 - States Brace for Enforcement of Federal Driver's License Standards
December 5 - Students Press to Lift Ban on Releasing College Data
December 5 - Trump Picking Current Members for Administration Posts at Fast Clip
December 12 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Punch at the IRS Fails to Land
December 12 - As Boss Moves Up, Schumer Aide Moves Out to K Street
December 12 - Barton Hopes Trump, a Former Casino Mogul, Will Back Online Poker Bill
December 12 - Checks and Balance: Big Business Welcome, but Not Their Lobbyists
December 12 - Dickas Leaves Wyden and Other Hill Staff Moves
December 12 - Ex-Thune Aide Figures to be Player on Tax and Trade
December 12 - Expanded Medicaid Adds to Obamacare Repeal Challenge
December 12 - FCC Privacy Rule in Limbo
December 12 - Harry Reid's Goodbye Party Is Tinged With Other Democratic Losses
December 12 - Hawaii Voters Oust Last Republican in the State Senate
December 12 - In the Spotlight: Tim Ryan
December 12 - Key Players in the Health Care Debate
December 12 - Mushroom Industry Advocate Smucker Could Have Trouble With Trump Immigration Plans
December 12 - New HUD Report on Homelessness Has Good News, Bad News
December 12 - New New Yorkers in Congress See Common Ground With Trump
December 12 - Nuclear Threats Rising in Concert With Trump's Ascension
December 12 - Obamacare Goes Under the Knife
December 12 - The Obama Legacy: 2008 Supporters Say They're Better Off Today
December 12 - The Obama Legacy: Black Pride Fosters Loyalty to 44th President
December 12 - The Obama Legacy: Fear and Loathing of Trump Among Obama Voters
December 12 - Transportation Department Plots New Rule on Delayed and Lost Airline Baggage

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