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November 2 - Anatomy of a Vote: Barn Is Cleared for the New Speaker
November 2 - Ann Wagner Offers a GOP Response to Elizabeth Warren
November 2 - Carbon Emissions Rules Fly Into Court
November 2 - Checks and Balance: Let the Sun Shine, Conservatives!
November 2 - Chill With Russia Brings Nuclear Insecurity
November 2 - Congress Gives Twitter Tips to FEMA
November 2 - Court Case Could Redefine Redistricting
November 2 - Dysfunction Junction: Pennsylvania and Illinois
November 2 - Inside Paul Ryan's Inner Circle
November 2 - Insurance Co-ops Stung by Federal Payment Cuts
November 2 - Latest Deal Undermines Prospect of Future Budget Cuts
November 2 - Lawmakers Look to Sesame Street to Boost Autism Research
November 2 - Not OK in Oklahoma
November 2 - Scientology's Newest Lobbyist: Dan Burton
November 2 - The Return of the 'Crypto Wars'
November 2 - The U.S. in Syria: Tiptoeing Through Hell
November 2 - Time for Tests in Classrooms Is Being Tested
November 2 - Winners and Losers of the Budget Deal
November 9 - 'Death Panel' Rhetoric Meets Its Demise
November 9 - Amid Push to Impeach IRS Chief, Some in GOP Urge Caution
November 9 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Freewheeling Process Under Ryan
November 9 - Archery Industry Has a Friend in Paul Ryan
November 9 - Budget Impasse Has Illinois Colleges Running on Fumes
November 9 - Close Encounters: China
November 9 - Close Encounters: Iran
November 9 - Close Encounters: Risking an Accidental War
November 9 - Common Defense: A Silent Majority in Congress on War
November 9 - Conversation: New Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady
November 9 - Few Guidebooks for Responding to Military Confrontations
November 9 - Land and Water Mixed With Toxic Chemicals in Senate
November 9 - Mass Transit Sings the Blues
November 9 - Moore: Hill Vet Turned Health-and-Wellness Guru
November 9 - New Governor on the Spot on Medicaid
November 9 - Nichols: Defender of the Banks
November 9 - Omnibus Preview: Ready to Rumble
November 9 - Omnibus Preview: Trying to Hitch a Ride
November 9 - Preview: Agriculture
November 9 - Preview: Commerce-Justice-Science
November 9 - Preview: Defense
November 9 - Preview: Energy-Water
November 9 - Preview: Financial Services
November 9 - Preview: Homeland Security
November 9 - Preview: Interior-Environment
November 9 - Preview: Labor-HHS-Education
November 9 - Preview: Legislative Branch
November 9 - Preview: Military Construction-VA
November 9 - Preview: State-Foreign Operations
November 9 - Preview: Transportation-HUD
November 9 - Researchers Fear Ban on Use of Fetal Tissue
November 9 - Slow Crawl to Insuring Kids in Texas
November 9 - State Capitol Hit by the Grinch
November 16 - Aaron Tax: LGBT Elders' Statesman
November 16 - Anatomy of a Vote: Veterans Spending Bill a Useful Vehicle
November 16 - Article One: It's Time to Play 'Name That Bill'
November 16 - Biosimilars Seen as Way to Rein in Medicaid Drug Costs
November 16 - Christmas Is Back On at Illinois Capitol
November 16 - Conversation: Richard Cordray, Head of Consumer Watchdog Agency
November 16 - CQ Graphic: Eighth-Grade Math Scores Plummet
November 16 - Duggan: Big Move to Small Business Lobby
November 16 - Fracking Boom Is Shaking the Earth
November 16 - Fury Over Planned Parenthood Cools Ahead of Omnibus Talks
November 16 - GOP Anger Over Iran Deal Snags Terror Watchdog Nominee
November 16 - Guns or Butter for Ukraine?
November 16 - Highway Beautification Funds Targeted by GOP
November 16 - In Fight Over Longer Trucks, Highway and Spending Bills Collide
November 16 - Judgment Day Comes in 2016 for Fledgling Consumer Watchdog
November 16 - Major League Baseball Makes a Pitch for Cuban Ties
November 16 - New Voice for the DNC; Lobby Shop Gets a Capitol Hill Alum
November 16 - Risking Ridicule, Senator Warns of Electromagnetic Threats
November 16 - Ryan Eyes Anti-Poverty Agenda in Appeal to Younger Voters
November 16 - The Federalist Society's Golden Boy
November 16 - Undocumented Youth Look Safe Despite Court Ruling
November 16 - Writing Death Threats a Poor Campaign Strategy
November 30 - After Paris, Some Mayors Still Back Refugee Welcome
November 30 - An Author Moves to Capitol Hill, and Volvo Gets a New Lobbyist
November 30 - Anatomy of a Vote: Refugee Bill Speeds Past Veto Threat
November 30 - Bill to Slow Refugee Flow Sets Up Senate Showdown
November 30 - Border Protection Agency Looks for Outside Budget Help
November 30 - Breaking Through Encryption Raises Its Own Security Fears
November 30 - Checks and Balance: Lobbyists Woo Freedom Caucus Carefully
November 30 - Contractor-Turned-Congressman Targets Minority Business Preferences
November 30 - Few Options for New Strategy Against Islamic State
November 30 - For Loretta Lynch and GOP, Fresh Starts Aren't Easy
November 30 - Highway Bill Likely to Hide Truck and Bus Safety Ratings
November 30 - Jury Still Out on Crime Rise From Synthetic Drugs
November 30 - Kirk Surprises Green Groups by Backing Carbon Rules
November 30 - Playing the Crime Card Gets Tricky for the GOP
November 30 - Retirement Investors Face More Oversight Unless Congress Intervenes
November 30 - Sanctuary Cities Under Fire From States
November 30 - Some States Think Twice About Tapping Estates
November 30 - Taylor: The FDA's Man on the Farm
November 30 - The Clock Ticks Down on Tax Extenders
November 30 - Toomey: The Tech Lobby's Hill Veteran
November 30 - White House Hopefuls Miss Even More Senate Votes

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