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June 1 - When the Historian Makes History in the Senate
June 1 - 'Engage Cuba': A Push for Closer Ties
June 1 - Klobuchar Chief of Staff Moves On; New Adviser at Dykema
June 1 - Ryan: Top Antitrust Lawyer Returns Home
June 1 - Trent Lott: Lobbyist, Elder Statesman
June 1 - Herbalife: Industry Leader, Lightning Rod
June 1 - Supplements Industry Masters the Hill
June 1 - Web's New Power Players Tap Grassroots Activism
June 1 - Exporters Ponder Bank's Possible Demise
June 1 - Small Inventors Fear Giants Behind Patent Bill
June 1 - Too Soon for Tinkering With Patent Law?
June 1 - State Waivers Under Health Law at Risk
June 1 - Climate Debate Heats Up Amid Floods
June 1 - Arm-Twisting Puts Trade on Fast Track
June 1 - Article One: Battle Between the Branches
June 1 - Shifting Politics Threatens Patriot Act
June 1 - For Blunt Family, Trade Is Awkward Dinner Topic
June 1 - Summer Sun Scorches FDA
June 8 - Crossing the Aisle for a Caucus
June 8 - New Watchdog From an Old Crew
June 8 - Political Parties Split on Red Snapper
June 8 - Anatomy of a Vote: House Narrowly Defeats Pot Liberalization
June 8 - Former Members Follow a Variety of Paths
June 8 - Shaun Donovan: A CQ Weekly Profile
June 8 - Battle Plans: Preparing for the Next Base-Closure Round
June 8 - Brooks City Base: A Swift Rebound
June 8 - Fort Ord: Long Road Ahead
June 8 - A Struggle for Harmony in the Energy World
June 8 - Fracking: Ripples in the Gas Boom
June 8 - Offshore Drilling: Deep-Sea Dilemma
June 8 - Solar Power: It's Not Easy Goin' Green
June 8 - Tech Giants Tell N.C.: Stay With Clean Power
June 8 - Health Care Anxiety Rises in States
June 8 - U.S. Sees Preschool Gains, but Trails Industrialized Nations
June 8 - K Street Loads the (Military) Bases
June 8 - Checks and Balance: Skirting Rules in the Big Money Game
June 8 - Democrats Hang Tough on Dodd-Frank
June 15 - K Street Joins Fight Over Elephant Ivory
June 15 - Trade Bill Targets Vietnam on Religious Freedom
June 15 - GOP Waves White Flag on Web War
June 15 - Rep. Hurd: The Spy Who Came in From the Border
June 15 - Hess: 'Grumpy Uncle' of Education Advocacy
June 15 - Hopper: High-Tech Transportation Chief
June 15 - Alzheimer's Research Gets a 'Bypass' Budget
June 15 - Dueling Diseases: The Race for Cure Dollars
June 15 - Military Role in Disease Research Questioned by Some
June 15 - Some Democrats Start to Question Committee Seniority Rules
June 15 - Term Limits on Committee Leaders Energize House GOP
June 15 - Republicans Could Actually Strengthen an EPA Oversight Role
June 15 - Illinois Nuke Plants May Be Nuked
June 15 - CQ Graphic: Women in State Legislatures
June 15 - Delaware Adapts to Common Core
June 15 - Anatomy of a Vote: Transportation Bill Narrowly Dodges Crash
June 15 - The Common Defense: Army Not Strong in Budget Battles
June 15 - Rank and File Revive Debate on War Vote
June 22 - Federal Employees Union Hits Back After Hack
June 22 - Banking Could Be a Lifeline for Postal Service
June 22 - Pentagon Payments for Sporting Event Tributes Targeted
June 22 - Anatomy of a Vote: On Trade, Second Time's the Charm
June 22 - Big Trucks Stalled Despite Study
June 22 - Space Bill Would Be Boon to Asteroid Miners
June 22 - Eskin: Eating Washington's Lunch on Food Policy
June 22 - Halbrooks: Pentagon Watchdog Lands in Private Sector
June 22 - New Communicators for Scalise, SKDKnickerbocker
June 22 - Interview: Americans for Prosperity's Tim Phillips
June 22 - How the 2013 Budget Deal Came Together
June 22 - In Jockeying for Budget Deal, Congress Courts Disaster
June 22 - Obamacare Debate Will Still Rage After Court Ruling
June 22 - Cash for Kids' Health Care Up for Grabs in States
June 22 - The Return of Soft Money
June 22 - Indiana Health Official Pushes Needle Exchanges for Addicts
June 22 - CQ Graphic: Federal Aid to Higher Education
June 22 - Boosting Crowdfunding in the States
June 22 - Article One: Hill Climbers Rarely Reach the Summit
June 22 - Trade Fight Looms Over Obama's Legacy

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