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October 2 - Between the LinesPDF
October 2 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 2 - End PagePDF
October 2 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 2 - Vote ChartsPDF
October 2 - Editor's Notebook: Sleep Deprived
October 2 - Making Room on the Hill For an Archipelago
October 2 - Some Easy Votes Were Cast, Too
October 2 - Judge Puts Civil Liberties Ahead of Patriot Act Provision
October 2 - Smokeless Tobacco Products Regulation Smolders in Tax Bill
October 2 - What's Ahead: Week of Oct. 4
October 2 - Pentagon Wields an Iron Hand In National Director Debate
October 2 - Military, Civilian Agencies
October 2 - House Leaders Take the Reins on Intelligence Overhaul
October 2 - Corporate Tax Cut Bill's Math Faces Electoral Calculations
October 2 - Corporate Tax Avoidance Getting Trickier to Gauge
October 2 - Studies Show Corporations Not Paying Taxes
October 2 - Passage of Stopgap Spending Measure Leaves All to Post-Election Omnibus
October 2 - House Repeal of D.C. Gun Laws Not Likely to Advance Further, Except as an Election Issue
October 2 - House Conservatives Seek Voters' Attention With Action On Gay Marriage Amendment
October 2 - Complaint Against DeLay Is Once Again the Lead Item In Ethics Panel's Docket
October 2 - Those Who Were Admonished by Ethics Committee
October 2 - Lawmakers Lose Out on Potential Campaign Boast as Road Bill Stalls
October 2 - Industry Sees Hope for Extension of Terrorism Risk Insurance In House Committee's Approval
October 2 - Diverse Groups Oppose Hatch Filesharing Bill
October 2 - Hatch Caught Between Technology And Entertainment Industries As Anti-Piracy Bill Hits Impasse
October 2 - A Chorus of Voices Offer Options On NOAA Reorganization, Though Action Will Be Delayed
October 2 - Welfare Programs Extended
October 2 - White House Shifts Funds For SCHIP
October 2 - More Funding Approved For Public Transit Programs
October 2 - Panel OKs Bill to Protect Military From High-Cost Insurance, Funds
October 2 - Senate Judiciary Tightens L-1 Rules
October 2 - House Judiciary OKs Two-Year Extension of Doctor Program
October 2 - Judiciary Panel Expands List of Banned Anabolic Steroids
October 2 - Senate Votes to Free Up Spectrum For First Responders
October 2 - Bid to End Visa Lottery Program Advances in House
October 2 - Employee Verification Bill Approved by House Panel
October 2 - Judiciary Stiffens Penalties for Promotion of Animal Fighting
October 2 - Quandary Over Base Closings Hampers Defense Bill Conference
October 9 - Between the LinesPDF
October 9 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 9 - D.C. Bill at a GlancePDF
October 9 - End PagePDF
October 9 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 9 - Transportation-Treasury Bill at a GlancePDF
October 9 - VA-HUD Bill at a GlancePDF
October 9 - Vote ChartsPDF
October 9 - Editor's Notebook: Leadership Blues
October 9 - For Retiring Senators, Little 'Elder Justice'
October 9 - Volcano Activity Prompts a Few Fiscal Eruptions on Hill
October 9 - Lawmakers Take Shot at Mitigating Flu Vaccine Shortage
October 9 - Steelmaking States May Remind Bush on Nov. 2 That His Removal of Tariffs Still Hurts
October 9 - Problems Old and New Lurk in the Voting Booth
October 9 - Voting Technology: Old, New and Recount Redux?
October 9 - Tax Writers' Winning Formula: Billions in Targeted Provisions
October 9 - Sweeteners to Ease Passage of Corporate Tax Bill
October 9 - Highlights of Corporate Tax Bill
October 9 - Opposition From Competitors Kills Philip Morris' FDA Bid
October 9 - DeLay's Third Ethics Rebuke Threatens Potential Rise to Speaker
October 9 - Refining the House's Ethical Lines
October 9 - Congress' Score Now Two for 13 as D.C. Spending Bill Clears
October 9 - Appropriators, Hemmed In by Clock, Work to Pass Homeland, Aid Package
October 9 - For House, Fiscal Defibrillators
October 9 - House Republicans' Plan to Split 9th Circuit Court Is Adopted; No More Action Expected in 108th
October 9 - Name Recognition Plays Against Candidates in Two Senate Races
October 9 - Congressional 'Spyware' Fix Likely to Prove Elusive
October 9 - High-Priority Homeland Security Bill Stalemated by Parochial Add-Ons
October 9 - Prospects for Satellite TV Bill Hinge on Chambers Resolving Digital Programming Dispute
October 9 - Opposition Leaves Bill Offering Inmates DNA Access Missing Link in Evidence Chain
October 9 - Congress Clears New Funding For California Water Program With Unusually Bipartisan Effort
October 9 - House Passes Bill to End Loan Program
October 9 - Prescription Monitoring OK'd in House
October 9 - Intellectual Property Bills Combined
October 9 - Online Piracy Bill May Wait Until 2005
October 9 - Conferees Drop Indecency Measure
October 9 - House Moves to Extend Visa Program for Doctors
October 9 - Lawmakers Take Aim at Sale of Chemical Drug Dealers Seek
October 9 - List of Banned Steroids Expand Under Senate Bill
October 9 - Senate Passes Revised Bill to Create Copyright Judges
October 9 - EDA Wins Reauthorization After Satisfying Former GOP Critics
October 9 - Employers Could Store I-9 Form Electronically Under House Bill
October 9 - House Passes Bill to Protect Soldiers From Insurance Scams
October 9 - House Urges States to Allow Students to Self-Medicate
October 9 - Senate Comity, House Loyalty Face Off on Intelligence Bill
October 9 - In 'Farce,' Senators Pick Apart Oversight Restructuring Plan
October 9 - Defense Conferees Give House the News: No Delay on Next Base-Closing Round
October 9 - Key Defense Authorization Provisions Reconciled
October 9 - Conferees Look to Move Past Military Construction Bill Delays Involving Housing, Disaster Relief
October 9 - GOP Play in Exhuming Bill to Revive Military Draft Has Democrats Crying Foul
October 9 - Legislation to Expand Sudan Sanctions Passes in House
October 9 - North Korea Human Rights Bill Cleared
October 16 - Between the LinesPDF
October 16 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 16 - End PagePDF
October 16 - Homeland Security Bill at a GlancePDF
October 16 - Military Construction Bill at a GlancePDF
October 16 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 16 - Vote ChartsPDF
October 16 - Editor's Notebook: Job Satisfaction
October 16 - What Congress Is Likely to Leave on the Table
October 16 - Election Day Outcome Will Determine Lawmakers' Strategy for Debt-Limit Increase
October 16 - Manufacturing Break Means Extra Bucks for Java Giant
October 16 - Two Years In, Frist Struggles to Tame an Unruly Senate
October 16 - Frist's Highs and Lows
October 16 - The Next Generation of Senate Leaders?
October 16 - Special Interests Strike Gold in Richly Targeted Tax Bill
October 16 - Two Senators Who Held Up the Corporate Tax Bill -- And What They Got in Return
October 16 - Victims of Withering Drought Join Hurricane Casualties in Aid Package
October 16 - Hurricane Relief Highlights
October 16 - Add-Ons End Years of Wrangling, Clear Path for DNA Testing Bill
October 16 - Criminal Justice Bill Highlights
October 16 - An Energy Bill in Tax Bill's Clothing
October 16 - While Highway, Energy Bills Languish, Tax Bill Gives Lobbyists Much to Celebrate
October 16 - Tax Bill Shores Up Highway Trust Fund
October 16 - Lawmakers Overcome Obstacles, Complete Homeland Security Bill
October 16 - Lawmakers Go to the Well Again by Tapping Conservation Funding to Aid Drought-Stricken Farmers
October 16 - Bankruptcy Bill Dies, but Farmers OK
October 16 - Rollback of Subsidy to Providers of Student Loans Heads to Bush
October 16 - Senate Clears One-Year Extension of Higher Ed Law
October 16 - Bill to Add Doctors in Rural Areas Passes in Senate
October 16 - Bill to Allow Electronic Storage of I-9 Work Form Clears Senate
October 16 - Postponing of Accounting Rule Gives Lawmakers More Time
October 16 - Bill Encourages States to Let Asthmatic Pupils Self-Medicate
October 16 - House Clears COLA for Disabled Veterans and Their Survivors
October 16 - Senate Passes Bill on Guidelines for Abandoned Immigrant Kids
October 16 - Conference Without Compromise Threatens Intelligence Rewrite
October 16 - After Long Delay, Senate Passes Intelligence Authorization
October 16 - House vs. Senate Intelligence Overhaul Plans
October 16 - Senators Fight Over Turf in Revamp Of Homeland Security Oversight
October 16 - Dispute Over Tanker Language Continues Even After Defense Authorization Clears
October 16 - Settling the Hot-Button Issues on Defense Authorization
October 16 - Ample Earmarks Ease the Way for Military Construction Bill
October 16 - Lame-Duck Session Is Last Chance for Miscellaneous Trade Legislation
October 16 - How Companies Would Benefit From Trade Bill
October 23 - Between the LinesPDF
October 23 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 23 - End PagePDF
October 23 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 23 - Editor's Notebook: Party Animals
October 23 - Campaign Trail vs. Floor Votes
October 23 - Petroleum Council Meeting Postponed To Avoid Heating Up Energy-EPA Spat
October 23 - A Few Lines in Intelligence Bill Raise Controversy
October 23 - Flu Vaccine Flap Prompts Bills Aiding Manufacturers, But Drugmakers Say It's No Shot in the Arm
October 23 - The Race for President: High Stakes, Shifting Odds And More Photo Finishes
October 23 - When the Presidency and An Open Senate Seat Share Ballots
October 23 - Victory Lies in the Margins
October 23 - The Senate: Democrats Trying to Tip The Close Tussles Their Way
October 23 - The Senate: To Win, Democrats Must Dominate the Close Ones
October 23 - The Senate: Seven of Nine Must Be Won
October 23 - The Senate: Six Sharp Contrasts
October 23 - The House: Dearth of Close Races Makes Status Quo a Best Bet
October 23 - The House: Texas Redistricting Case Rears Up Again
October 23 - GOP Confident of Holding the House
October 23 - House Races With One Party Favored
October 23 - House Seats Considered Safe
October 23 - The House: Six Sharp Contrasts
October 23 - At State Level, Budget Still The Make or Break Issue
October 23 - Tax Code Overhaul May Simmer On GOP Back Burner in 109th
October 23 - Proposals for Overhauling Federal Tax Law
October 23 - National Sales Tax a Hard Sell
October 23 - After November Elections, Change Could Be in the Air -- and Water
October 23 - Record Number of Transit Projects Land on State and Local Ballots
October 23 - GOP's Deep Divide on Immigration Frustrates Hill Efforts at Overhaul
October 23 - Immigration: Bills Caught in Intraparty Limbo
October 23 - Intelligence Conference Stumbles Despite White House Pressure
October 23 - Intelligence Overhaul: In Conference, Issues Abound
October 23 - GOP Splits Over Liberalization Of Military Technology Rules
October 30 - Between the LinesPDF
October 30 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 30 - End PagePDF
October 30 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 30 - Editor's Notebook: Sea Change
October 30 - Plausible, If Improbable: An Election Nightmare in Two Acts
October 30 - Keys to Viewing
October 30 - The $4 Billion Campaign: Better, or Just Louder?
October 30 - The Cost of This Year's Congressional Races
October 30 - Lame-Duck Omnibus Scenarios Depend on Nov. 2 Coin Toss
October 30 - Talks Will Start $8 Billion Apart
October 30 - More Money for Iraq -- Soon
October 30 - Age and Experience on the Supreme Court
October 30 - Rehnquist Illness Highlights Potential Effect Of Presidential Contest on High Court
October 30 - Lawmakers Weigh Incentives For High-Risk Vaccine Business
October 30 - Vaccines: What's in Development
October 30 - Vaccine Makers
October 30 - Telecommunications Companies Brace For Regulatory Review, Overhaul
October 30 - Competing for the Single-Wire 'Triple Play'
October 30 - Dairy Price Support Program Plays Into Presidential Race But Congress Isn't Cowed
October 30 - Intelligence Overhaul Agreement Suffers a Stalemate by Semantics
October 30 - As Overhaul Stalls, Sept. 11 Families' Political Influence at a Tipping Point
October 30 - Bills Signed

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