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September 4 - Between the LinesPDF
September 4 - Bills to WatchPDF
September 4 - End PagePDF
September 4 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 4 - Editor's Notebook: Lowering the Bar
September 4 - DeLay Gets a Partisan Hit With Harlem Baseball Program
September 4 - Unusual Indicators Flummox Democrats
September 4 - Drug Importation: What are the Political Side Effects?
September 4 - McCain Parlays Bipartisan Clout For Sept. 11 Panel Recommendations
September 4 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 6
September 4 - Behind the Unity, a Question: Who Speaks for the GOP?
September 4 - The Main GOP Factions
September 4 - Courting the Christian Vote Can Be an Electoral Tightrope
September 4 - The Legacy of the Class of '94
September 4 - Newt Gingrich: From Leading the Revolution to a Sage Behind the Scenes
September 4 - 1995 Rules Changes: How They Stand Today
September 4 - What Happened to the House Class of '94
September 4 - 'Can't Do' Label Shadows Frist as Legislative Season Wanes
September 4 - As Adjournment Looms, How These Bills May Fare
September 4 - GOP Readies Intense Pre-Election Push for Five-Year Extension of Tax Breaks
September 4 - Lobbyists Press for Conference on Corporate Tax Cut Before Election
September 4 - Waiting Game on Appropriations Bills Has Risks for Democrats and Republicans
September 4 - The Nation's Debt: Creative Accounting
September 4 - Relief for Storm-Ravaged Florida Is a Post-Recess Priority
September 4 - Alexander's Ballot Status Assured
September 4 - In Chicago's Suburbs, Lipinski Passes the Torch to His Son
September 4 - GOP Quickly Replaces Schrock After Surprise Resignation
September 4 - Rodriguez Gives Up Court Fight To Change Primary Outcome
September 4 - Tape Case Between Boehner, McDermott in Final Phase
September 4 - Odds Stacked Against Renewal of Ban on Assault Weapons
September 4 - Ticking Clock, Funding Questions Complicate Highway Bill Resolution as Conferees Weigh Compromise
September 4 - Senators Endorse Amtrak's Request to Boost Spending in Fiscal 2005 by 50 Percent Over Previous Year
September 4 - Court Ruling Puts Congress in Crossfire of Internet File-Sharing Controversy
September 4 - Technology Coalition Offers Alternative to File-Sharing Legislation
September 4 - 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban Is Struck Down Second Time
September 4 - New Overtime Rules Take Effect
September 4 - Hill Finds Intelligence Shake-Up Daunting Task From Step One
September 4 - Spotlight Shines on Hoekstra as He Assumes Tough New Post
September 4 - Democrats Warn of Politicization as Danger in Goss Appointment
September 4 - President's Redeployment Plan Fuels Debate Over Base Closures
September 4 - House and Senate Differences on Fiscal 2005 Defense Authorization
September 4 - Prisoner Abuse Hearings on Tap, But No Legislative Fix in Sight
September 4 - Prisoner Abuse Findings Released
September 4 - Democrats Target Open Seats in Bid to Retake Senate
September 4 - Republicans May Pick Up House Seats in Close Races
September 4 - President Bush Accepts Nomination Detailing Past Four Years in Office And Next Four Years of Possibilities
September 11 - Editor's Notebook: Sleeping Dogs
September 11 - A House Divided Takes a Pass On Traditional 'Civility' Retreat
September 11 - Procurement Dispute Delays SBA Measure
September 11 - Democrats Still Raising a Fuss Over Cost of Medicare Overhaul
September 11 - Sensenbrenner Digs In on Moribund Bankruptcy Bill
September 11 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 13
September 11 - Debate Yields to Deployment As Missile Defense Takes Off
September 11 - Critics Blast Thinness of Testing On Alaska Missile System
September 11 - Grassley Stalls Tax Cut Extension, Vexing Fellow Republicans
September 11 - Political Hot Potato?
September 11 - Hill Resigned to Near Impossibility Of Pre-Election Omnibus Bill
September 11 - Deficit Kept in Election Play With Parties' Different Spin On Latest CBO Projections
September 11 - For-Profit Schools' New Image Wins Praise -- and Public Funds
September 11 - Schooling Congress
September 11 - House Passes Labor-HHS Spending Bill After Cutting Deal on Overtime Rules
September 11 - Less Resistance to Labor-HHS
September 11 - Democratic Determination For Higher Homeland Security Spending Gets Foiled Again
September 11 - Provisions in Agriculture Spending Measure To Ease Trade With Cuba Sets Up Battle Between Midwest, Florida Voters
September 11 - Congress Travels a Familiar Path On Cuba Ban, Privatization Issues In 2005 Transportation-Treasury Bill
September 11 - Highways or Public Transit Programs: A Funding Conundrum for Congress
September 11 - Highway Bill Hits Bumpy Road As Inhofe Sidelines Democrats; Funding Agreement Still Elusive
September 11 - House GOP Takes New Tack To Move Stalled Tort Reform, Floating Four Smaller Measures
September 11 - DNA Package Faces GOP Resistance
September 11 - VA-HUD Bill Drafted With Controversy
September 11 - Enforcement Key to House 'Spyware' Bill
September 11 - Panel OKs Bill To Prevent Copyright Theft
September 11 - Intelligence Overhaul Gets Boost From Bush Support for NID
September 11 - Highlights of Intelligence Overhaul Proposals
September 18 - Between the LinesPDF
September 18 - Bills to WatchPDF
September 18 - End PagePDF
September 18 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 18 - VA-HUD Bill at a GlancePDF
September 18 - Vote ChartsPDF
September 18 - Editor's Notebook: Black Robes
September 18 - Lawsuits, Legislation Take Aim at Election Commission's 527 'Loophole'
September 18 - Senate Appropriators Expedite Eight Bills
September 18 - Radiation Compensation on Election-Year Agenda
September 18 - State Balloting Improvements Lag and May Not Meet 2006 Deadlines
September 18 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 20
September 18 - 'Heightened Tensions' Fray Judicial-Legislative Relations
September 18 - Conservatives Defend 'Nuke' Option To Protect a High Court Nominee
September 18 - Social Conservatives Taking On the Courts
September 18 - An End to Senate Strife Unlikely No Matter the Election Outcome
September 18 - Some GOP Leaders Avert Their Eyes as Drought Aid Added to Hurricane Bill
September 18 - Supplemental Attracts Riders
September 18 - Floor Action in Both Chambers Planned for Tax Cut Extensions; Wide Democratic Support Likely
September 18 - The Youngs and the Restless: Chairmen Duel on House Floor
September 18 - 'Simple' Highway Programs Extension Not So Simple This Time
September 18 - Congressional Pay Raise Passes Annual 'Test'
September 18 - Specter's Labor-HHS Funding Shifts Give Boost to Social Policy Programs
September 18 - Rare Harmony on C-J-S Spending Bill Should Yield a Successful Conference
September 18 - House Judiciary OKs Postal Service Renovation Promoting New Flexibility
September 18 - Homeland Security Funding Bill Wins Unanimous Senate Passage After Democratic Add-Ons Fail
September 18 - Election-Year Partisanship Leads to Rejection of Food Labeling Language In Agriculture Spending Bill
September 18 - Senate Interior Spending Bill Will Put Tangential Issues at Center Stage on the Floor
September 18 - Calls to Extend Terrorism Insurance Find Sympathetic Ears in House, But Senate in No Hurry to Act
September 18 - Insurance Industry Report: Dire Warnings if Terrorism Risk Is Not Shared
September 18 - House Gives Go-Ahead to Bill Aimed at 'Frivolous' Lawsuits, Part of GOP Tort Reform Push
September 18 - Congress Clears Short-Term Extension of SBA Programs
September 18 - House Judiciary Panel Votes to End Immigrant Lottery
September 18 - House Passes Tort Measures
September 18 - Panel Seeks to Bar Courts From Reviewing Pledge
September 18 - Senate-House Impasse Threatens California Water
September 18 - Budget Authority Agreement Muddles Intelligence Revamp
September 18 - CIA Nominee Goss Stays Cool Under Democrats' Fire
September 18 - Parties Unite on Money for Sudan Crisis; Omnibus Likely for Foreign Operations
September 18 - Senate Avoids Conflagration Over Cap on Military Family Housing Program -- For Now
September 18 - Private Affair: New Reliance on America's Other Army
September 18 - For Warring Nations, a Tradition Of Armies Bought, Not Built
September 25 - Agriculture Bill at a GlancePDF
September 25 - Between the LinesPDF
September 25 - Bills to WatchPDF
September 25 - C-J-S Bill at a GlancePDF
September 25 - End PagePDF
September 25 - Foreign Operations Bill at a GlancePDF
September 25 - Interior Bill at a GlancePDF
September 25 - Labor-HHS Bill at a GlancePDF
September 25 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 25 - Vote ChartsPDF
September 25 - Editor's Notebook: Issues of the Day
September 25 - Dairy Amendment a Fillip to Eclectic VA-HUD Spending Bill
September 25 - Shelby Blocks Banking Bills, Irks Supporters
September 25 - Lawmaker Urges Bush to Quit Sweating the Small Trade Stuff
September 25 - The Once and Future FEC: Revamp or Retread?
September 25 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 27
September 25 - Next Presidency: 'An Extremely Difficult Term'
September 25 - Next Presidency: A Future of Shortfalls
September 25 - Next Presidency: The Tax Clock is Ticking
September 25 - Next Presidency: The Boomer Bust Is Near
September 25 - Next Presidency: The Judicial Nomination Wars
September 25 - Next Presidency: Jobs -- Help Wanted
September 25 - Next Presidency: A Dream of Oil Independence
September 25 - Next Presidency: Iraq -- The Crushing Question
September 25 - Next Presidency: A Long War on Terrorism
September 25 - Next Presidency: A World of Hot Spots
September 25 - Next Presidency: Surprises Lie in Wait
September 25 - GOP Faces Tough Tax Choices After Easy Renewal of Some Cuts
September 25 - Tax Credits for Companies and Investors
September 25 - House Backs Adoption Tax Credit
September 25 - House Bill Aims to Keep Federal Courts Away From Pledge of Allegiance Cases
September 25 - More Spending Bills Go Lame-Duck as GOP Squabbles Over Limits
September 25 - Resurrected GOP Push for Balanced-Budget Law Quickly Hits Resistance
September 25 - DeLay Maintains Strong GOP Support Despite Indictment of His Advisers
September 25 - DeLay: The Texas Indictments
September 25 - Smooth Conference Seen for Legislative Branch Bill, But It May Join Omnibus
September 25 - Senate Says No to Usual Load of New Social Policy Riders in Passing D.C. Spending Bill
September 25 - Highway Bill Still Tangled In String of Extensions
September 25 - Inmate DNA Testing Bill Wins Robust House Support, But Senate Shelf Life Is Short
September 25 - NASA Reauthorization Moves Slowly as Lawmakers Debate Details, Cost of U.S. Participation in Space Race
September 25 - Debate Over 'Digital Transition' Reheated by Bill on Surrender of Analog Broadcast Spectrum
September 25 - 'Wireless 411' Protection Bill OK'd in Panel
September 25 - Lawmakers Seek to Crack Down on 'Video Voyeurism'
September 25 - NOAA Gains Budget Power in Senate Bill
September 25 - Pombo Takes Wilderness Proposal to the Woodshed
September 25 - Insurance Pool Creation Aided by Senate Bill
September 25 - Panel OKs Bill to Toughen Drug Penalties
September 25 - Senate VA-HUD Spending Bill Calls for Lots of Checks With Few Balances
September 25 - 'Electoral Smoke' Over Florida Keeps Cuba Travel Ban Rider Off Transportation-Treasury Bill
September 25 - Assistance on the Way to More States With Telecom Funds
September 25 - Bill Wins Approval to Establish Copyright Royalty Judges
September 25 - Copyright Authentication Bill Passes in House
September 25 - Senate Panel Approves 'Spyware' Bill
September 25 - Bill to Rewrite Vocational Education Moves in Senate
September 25 - House Energy Subcommittee Gives States Right to Refuse
September 25 - House Judiciary Approves Bill to Crack Down on Cockfighting
September 25 - Panel Approves Bill to Boost Prevention of Elder Abuse
September 25 - Progress on Intelligence Revamp Shrouds Potential Pitfalls Ahead
September 25 - Intelligence Overhaul Proposals: Varied Visions
September 25 - Senate Confirms Goss, But Post's Shape May Be Shifting
September 25 - Foreign Operations Bill Sent to Conference After Senate Adds Funds to Fight 'Genocide'
September 25 - Military Construction Measure Passed by Senate, but Conferees Inherit a Roster of Problems

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