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June 5 - Between the LinesPDF
June 5 - Bills to WatchPDF
June 5 - End PagePDF
June 5 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
June 5 - Vote ChartsPDF
June 5 - Editor's Notebook: Security Blanket
June 5 - Highway Conference Big, but Not Biggest
June 5 - Offshore Accenture Contract Raises Tax-Writer Hackles
June 5 - Daschle Takes Note of Folks Back Home
June 5 - DeLay Promotes Drug Benefit Education in Democratic Districts
June 5 - What's Ahead: Week of June 7
June 5 - Philip Morris, Tobacco Foes on Shaky Common Ground
June 5 - Top Billing in Southeastern Races Wins Tobacco Buyout New Allies
June 5 - GOP's Point Man on Tobacco Finds Two Loyalties Tested
June 5 - Democrats Watch GOP Squirm Under Tight Cap
June 5 - District of Columbia: Smooth Passage, or Usual Crop of Riders?
June 5 - Agriculture: Programs Again Facing Cuts in Funding
June 5 - CJS Bill Keeps Seat Reserved on Omnibus
June 5 - Defense Spending Will Stay on Schedule
June 5 - Energy and Water: 'Everything Is in Play' as Bill Faces Pressure for Cuts
June 5 - Foreign Operations: Panels Trim Hefty White House Request
June 5 - Homeland Security Still a High Priority for Appropriators
June 5 - Interior: Firefighting Funding Takes Center Stage
June 5 - Labor-HHS-Education: Elections, Deficit Ensure a Fight for Money
June 5 - Legislative Branch: Capitol Police Force Expansion Funded
June 5 - Military Construction: Lawmakers Look to Beef Up Bush Request
June 5 - Transportation-Treasury: Appropriators Brace for Amtrak Battle
June 5 - VA-HUD Bill Expected to Give Appropriators a 'Hard Time'
June 5 - Senate GOP Won't Go to Bat For Bush Nominee Haynes
June 5 - New Battle in Old War Over Judicial Nominees
June 5 - Short of a Magic Act, Thomas Tries to Expand Corporate Tax Bill's Appeal
June 5 - Parties Spin the National Implications Of Democrats' Special-Election Win
June 5 - New Member Profile: Rep. Stephanie Herseth, D-S.D.
June 5 - Bipartisan Efforts Could Make Postal Service Overhaul a Reality
June 5 - Constitutional Amendment On Continuity in House Soundly Rejected by GOP
June 5 - Senate Panel Approves Resolution On Constitutional Amendment To Protect the Stars and Stripes
June 5 - House Into Summer Reruns With GOP's Procedural Gambit
June 5 - Allocation of Security Grants Takes a Long, Bumpy Route Through Four House Panels
June 5 - Bush's Figures Deeply Altered In Interior Bill
June 5 - First-Responder Debate Replays In House Draft
June 5 - Performance-Enhancing Steroid Precursors Facing Crackdown by Congress
June 5 - Opposing Sides Vow to Fight On After Court Strikes Down 'Partial Birth' Abortion Law
June 5 - Satellite TV Law Reauthorization Wins Easy House Panel Approval After Members Stow Amendments
June 5 - Congress Clears Bill to Create A Limited Antitrust Shield
June 5 - House Votes to Create Easier Tax Forms Reserved for Seniors
June 5 - Impasse Avoided on Class Action Bill
June 5 - Oxley Backs Stock Option Bill, Enhancing Its House Prospects
June 5 - $1 Coins Featuring Presidents Approved by House Committee
June 5 - Extension of Visas to Deliver Doctors to Rural Areas Advances
June 5 - Senate Bill Would Have Business Compete With Prison Industries
June 5 - Senior Lawmaker Says Airlines Will Get No More Federal Aid
June 5 - Intelligence Overhaul Debate Fueled by Tenet Resignation
June 5 - Senate Iraq Report Delayed
June 5 - Lawmakers Aim to Avoid Posturing, Ensure Quick Passage of Defense Funding
June 5 - Senate Defense Authorization Stops, Starts, Stops Again
June 5 - Young: War Cost Underestimated
June 5 - Democrats Face Uphill Challenge to Retake Senate
June 5 - Republicans Maintain a Clear Edge in House Contests
June 12 - Between the LinesPDF
June 12 - Bills to WatchPDF
June 12 - End PagePDF
June 12 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
June 12 - Vote ChartsPDF
June 12 - Editor's Notebook: Moment of Silence
June 12 - Errant Plane Tests Security
June 12 - Guard and Reserve Units Scramble for Equipment in Short Supply
June 12 - Lauding '80s Comity: Facts Forgotten
June 12 - Nickles, Hoping to Go Out on High Note, Seeks Budget Deal With GOP Moderates
June 12 - What's Ahead: Week of June 14
June 12 - Record Gas Prices Immune to Any Legislative Magic
June 12 - Prospects for U.S. Energy Limited By a Lack of Refinement
June 12 - Gas Prices: Action Over 30 Years
June 12 - Gas Prices: Blaming 'Boutiques'
June 12 - Waxing and Waning of Oil Prices Leave Lawmakers on Sidelines
June 12 - Assessing Reagan in History
June 12 - For a GOP Congress, Power Begins in the Oval Office
June 12 - 'Reaganomics' Lives On
June 12 - Preaching Smaller Government
June 12 - Putting Politics on the Bench
June 12 - Bush's Vision Echoes Reagan
June 12 - A Bipartisan Capitol Tribute
June 12 - Thomas Trades Pure for Practical to Move Much-Altered Tax Bill
June 12 - House Corporate Tax Bill vs. Senate-Passed Bill
June 12 - Unexpected Resignation By North Carolina's Ballance Sets Up a July Special Election
June 12 - Reagan's Death Rekindles Debate Over Stem Cell Research
June 12 - Bills and Coins
June 12 - From Thin Dime to $20 Bill, Republicans See Reagan's Image Somewhere on U.S. Currency
June 12 - Homeland Bill Bars Offshore Company Bids
June 12 - Panel Rejects Bush Requests For Interior
June 12 - Energy Subcommittee OKs Major Reduction in Funding For Yucca Waste Facility
June 12 - Conferees OK Minor Items, Squabble Over Best Approach To Debate Highway Funding
June 12 - Amendment-Rich Defense Bill Faces Slow Going in Senate
June 12 - Reagan Renaming Plans Go On
June 12 - Defense Spending Bill Highlights
June 12 - House Republicans Rely On Democrat Murtha's Clout For Defense Bill's Success
June 12 - Senators See 'Quiet But Firm' Danforth As Good Fit for U.N.
June 19 - Between the LinesPDF
June 19 - Bills to WatchPDF
June 19 - End PagePDF
June 19 - House Vote ChartsPDF
June 19 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
June 19 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
June 19 - Editor's Notebook: Trade Secrets
June 19 - As Convention Looms, Kucinich Carries On
June 19 - Candidate's Senate Absence Blasted by Another 'Kerry'
June 19 - Georgian Pledges to Revisit Plan to Bankrupt Joint Economic Panel
June 19 - Time to Scrap Politics' 'Third Rail'?
June 19 - What's Ahead: Week of June 21
June 19 - A Year in Which (Almost) Anything Looks Possible
June 19 - Presidential Hopeful Kerry Playing the Long-Shot States
June 19 - Democrats' McAuliffe on the Campaign: 'Unprecedented' Money
June 19 - Republicans' Gillespie on the Campaign: Grass-Roots Network
June 19 - Booking the Odds for Edwards as Vice President
June 19 - Nader's Great Green Divide
June 19 - Third-Party Presidential Players in History
June 19 - Democrats Catch the Breaks in Senate
June 19 - Senate Incumbents Looking Over Their Shoulders
June 19 - Democrats' Corzine: Election-Year Musings
June 19 - Republicans' Allen: A Campaign of Ideas
June 19 - Candidates Agreeing to Keep It Clean
June 19 - House Democrats Counting on a National Surge
June 19 - House Incumbents Looking Over Their Shoulders
June 19 - Democrats' Matsui: Taking the Public's Pulse in Campaign Season
June 19 - Republicans' Reynolds: Three C's for Success in Elections
June 19 - A Texas-Sized Grudge Match Over Redistricting
June 19 - Six Districts to Watch in Texas Elections
June 19 - House Democrats Provide Edge for Super-Sweetened Tax Bill
June 19 - Highlights of Corporate Tax Bills
June 19 - Bell Allegations Against DeLay Threaten Bipartisan Ethics Accord in House
June 19 - Complaint Details Ethics Charges
June 19 - Sans Budget Resolution, Senate GOP Struggles to Control Appropriations
June 19 - House's Own Funding Bill Seeks to 'Set the Example' With Freeze on Spending
June 19 - Saad Nomination Advances Despite Senate 'Blue Slips'
June 19 - House Votes Show Parties Dug In on Relaxing Environmental Law
June 19 - Highway Bill Puts Two Oklahoma Friends, Like-Minded Senators, on Opposite Sides
June 19 - No Argument on Homeland Money In Principle -- Just in Parceling It Out
June 19 - Accenture Keeps Contract, but House May Bar Deals With Offshore Firms
June 19 - House Passes Homeland HQ Authorization
June 19 - Panels Amend Homeland Bill; Rules Is Next
June 19 - House Appropriators Restore Army Corps Water Projects Targeted by White House
June 19 - House Appropriations Chairman Fails to Block Language to Legalize Imports of Prescription Medicines
June 19 - House Passes Interior Bill After Hot Debate on Use, Stewardship of Federal Land
June 19 - In Debate Over Justice Funding, Democrats Aim to Make Sure Ashcroft Answers Questions
June 19 - Gay Rights Issues Reappear As Election-Year Fodder For Lawmakers on Both Sides
June 19 - With Scandals a Distant Memory, Lawmakers Seek to Thwart FASB On Stock Options Accounting Rule
June 19 - Concealed-Weapons Bill Advances
June 19 - House Panel Approves Supercomputer Measure
June 19 - Senate Passes Bill to Renew Flood Insurance Program
June 19 - Visa Waiver Program Extended an Extra Year
June 19 - Bill Introduced to Reauthorize NASA Through Fiscal 2009
June 19 - Energy Subcommittee Approves More Funds for Yucca Project
June 19 - Regulation to Restrict 'Spyware' Approved in Subcommittee
June 19 - Senate Confirms Fifth Term For Chairman Alan Greenspan
June 19 - Senate Defense Bill in Limbo as House Version Zips to Floor
June 19 - Most Bush Defense Requests Approved
June 19 - Partisanship Bogs Down Debate Over Fiscal 2005 Defense Authorization
June 19 - Senate Intelligence Panel Unites To OK Prewar Intelligence Report
June 19 - African Trade Extensions Await Senate
June 19 - Judiciary Committee Republicans Block Subpoena, but Press For More Oversight of Justice
June 26 - Between the LinesPDF
June 26 - Bills to WatchPDF
June 26 - End PagePDF
June 26 - House Vote ChartsPDF
June 26 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
June 26 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
June 26 - Editor's Notebook: For the Record
June 26 - Bush Nominee Faces Close Senate Vote -- Thanks to GOP, Not Democratic, Concerns
June 26 - Private Planes Await Clearance at Reagan
June 26 - American Indian Housing in Spotlight
June 26 - Kerry Watch: Senator's Return to Hill Goes for Nought
June 26 - Lawmaker Criticizes Hill Police Chief
June 26 - Corporate Tax Bills Stuffed, Scorned -- And Supported
June 26 - Corporate Taxes: Caterpillar's All-Out Lobbyfest Leaves Thomas on the Ropes
June 26 - Corporate Taxes: Tax Bills Bring Good Things To GE's Corporate Coffers
June 26 - Corporate Taxes: Deficit Hawks See a Bad Break In Write-Off for Jet Makers
June 26 - Senate Democrats Parry GOP On Debt Limit Maneuver
June 26 - House Kills Multiple Amendments, Stops Try at 'Pay-as-You-Go' Revival
June 26 - Appropriations: Legislative Branch Spending Freeze Touted as Model of Fiscal Restraint
June 26 - Giving Some D.C. Programs The Go-Ahead
June 26 - Yucca Funding Hike Falls Short In Energy-Water Spending Bill
June 26 - Yucca Milestones
June 26 - Appropriations: House OKs Bush's Energy, Water Request, but Adjusts Funding for Specific Projects
June 26 - Appropriations: Smaller Programs Hit Hard By Farm Bill Spending Cuts, But Food Safety Gets a Boost
June 26 - Appropriations: House Panel Moves C-J-S Bill, Setting Stage for Floor Debate On Gun Ownership Records
June 26 - High Court Rules Against State Efforts To Broaden Patients' Legal Rights
June 26 - Comparing Indecency Measures
June 26 - Senate Adds Media Ownership Language to Indecency Proposal As Appeals Court Rebuffs FCC
June 26 - Senate Clears Tougher Penalties for Identity Theft In Conjunction With Felony
June 26 - DeLay, Inhofe In Spat Over Highway Bill
June 26 - Gang Crimes Bill Moved by Senate Panel
June 26 - Appropriations: Senate Interior Bill Adds More For Land Buys
June 26 - Water Projects Bill Still Stirs Dissatisfaction
June 26 - 'Spyware' Regulation Bill Approved
June 26 - Congress Clears Another Extension of 1996 Welfare Law
June 26 - Lawmakers Clear Bill Aimed at Reducing Multiple Flood Claims
June 26 - Anti-Counterfeiting Measure Approved by House Judiciary
June 26 - Brownback's Proposed Apology To Indians Draws Criticism
June 26 - Senate Clears Bill Establishing Homeland Security Headquarters
June 26 - Senate Panel Approves Bill To Reauthorize EDA
June 26 - No Easy Season for Conferees Handed Differing Defense Bills
June 26 - Leahy Prevails in Amendment On Protections for Prisoners
June 26 - Appropriations: Stevens Sets Dizzying Pace in Senate To Push Defense Funding Through
June 26 - Defense Appropriations: Same Goals, Different Paths
June 26 - Democrats Decry Funding Level In House-Passed Intelligence Bill As 'Far Weaker' Than Needed
June 26 - Appropriations: House Panel OKs Foreign Aid Package
June 26 - Enthusiastic Confirmation For Danforth
June 26 - Draft of Australia Free-Trade Pact Rejected by Senate Finance Panel, Tripped Up by Conrad Amendment
June 26 - Myanmar Trade Bill Cleared
June 26 - Frist Support Leads Senate to Clear Africa Trade Bill

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