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May 1 - Between the LinesPDF
May 1 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 1 - End PagePDF
May 1 - House Vote ChartsPDF
May 1 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
May 1 - Quinn's Surprise Exit Announcement Leaves GOP With Another Seat to Defend
May 1 - Partisanship Prevails in the Senate As Daschle Tries to Force Republicans to Vote
May 1 - U.S. Attorney's Office Takes Over Judiciary Committee Probe
May 1 - What's Ahead: Week of May 3
May 1 - Shays Shuns Pentagon Tour to Seek Answers in Iraq
May 1 - Balancing Security With Oversight: The Challenge of Visiting a War Zone
May 1 - A History of Congressional Travel, From Bimini to Baghdad
May 1 - Democrats Hone Their Demands As Tax Cut Bills Hit the Senate
May 1 - GOP Budget Resolution Stalemate Bad News for Party's Tax Agenda
May 1 - Long Road for Pay-as-You-Go
May 1 - GOP Primary in Pennsylvania Sends Mixed Message to Party Leaders
May 1 - A Win for Main Street
May 1 - High Court Draws No Bright Lines To Limit Political Gerrymandering
May 1 - Calamity Scenario Proposals Prompt More Questions On Congressional Continuity
May 1 - lnternet Tax Ban -- the Issues
May 1 - Senate Passes Four-Year Ban On Internet Access Taxes
May 1 - The Energy Bill, Foiled Again
May 1 - SEC Left to Clean Its Own House As Mutual Fund Legislation Idles
May 1 - Looking for Good Will in Rules
May 1 - Senate Clears 60-Day Extension Of Surface Transportation Bill, But Partisan Standoff Simmers
May 1 - Bill Expediting Process to Combat Shoulder-Launched Missile Attacks Approved by Aviation Subcommittee
May 1 - Local Broadcasters Come Out Ahead As House Panel Approves Changes To 1999 Satellite Television Law
May 1 - Sacagawea Would Step Aside, Let Presidents Host $1 Coin Under Castle's Redesign Bill
May 1 - Democrats Seek to Overturn Changes In Subsidized Housing Programs
May 1 - Cotton Ruling Alarms Lawmakers
May 1 - Senate Judiciary Panel Endorses Patent Fee Increase
May 1 - Western Senators Approve Water Project After Assurances
May 1 - GOP Factions Split on Hill Role in Setting the Defense Agenda
May 1 - Authorizers Seek to Re-Establish Influence on Defense Spending
May 1 - Defense Authorization: Top Issues
May 1 - Democrats Want a Full Accounting Of Bush's Supplemental Spending
May 1 - GOP Criticism of Gorelick's Participation On Sept. 11 Panel Could Have Fallout
May 1 - Negroponte Gets OK From Senate Panel
May 1 - Editor's Notebook: Case Study
May 8 - Between the LinesPDF
May 8 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 8 - End PagePDF
May 8 - Vote ChartsPDF
May 8 - Editor's Notebook: The T-Word
May 8 - Does Saying 'I Approved This Message' Promote a Kinder, Gentler Campaign?
May 8 - Pentagon Outsourcing of Chaplains 'A Bad Idea' Says Rep. Jones
May 8 - Lawmakers Say Politics Hinders U.S. Competitiveness
May 8 - Unions Back Democratic Efforts To Protect Immigrant Workers
May 8 - What's Ahead: Week of May 10
May 8 - Stunned by Abuses, Congress 'Must Now Be Involved'
May 8 - Rumsfeld Scrambles to Defend Plan as Hill Calls for Force Upgrade
May 8 - Unfolding Story of Abu Ghraib
May 8 - Negroponte Appointed Ambassador to Iraq
May 8 - 'Private Army' Blurs the Lines
May 8 - Contractors Hover in Gray Area Regarding Legal Liability
May 8 - Business Lobby Storms Senate to Shape Corporate Tax Bill
May 8 - House Renews AMT Extension, Puts Long-Term Fix on Hold
May 8 - Continuity Bill Headed for House Floor
May 8 - Still 'No Deal' On Budget Resolution
May 8 - Overtime Rule Blocked in Senate With a Little Republican Help
May 8 - Against the Grain on Overtime Regulations
May 8 - Industry Groups Express Concern as Highway Bill Remains Blocked by GOP Infighting, Senate Democrats
May 8 - Satellite TV Policy Changes Not on Senate's Hurry List Despite Push From Industry
May 8 - Bill to Expand Medicaid Passed In Senate
May 8 - Senate Moves On Transit Security Bill
May 8 - CalFed Project Advances in House
May 8 - Committee Moves to Toughen Homeland Security Oversight
May 8 - Bush Admits Higher War Cost With Request for $25 Billion
May 8 - Defense Authorizations Considered in Shadow of Iraq Abuse Scandal
May 8 - Senate Intelligence Committee Advances Authorization Bill, Removes Its Own Term Limits
May 8 - Racing Against Terrorism to Thwart a 'Nuclear 9/11'
May 8 - The Nuclear Age Generated Heat Throughout Its History
May 8 - Democrats Have More to Lose in Close Senate Races
May 8 - Republicans Hold the Edge in Tight House Battleground
May 15 - Between the LinesPDF
May 15 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 15 - End PagePDF
May 15 - House Vote ChartsPDF
May 15 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
May 15 - Editor's Notebook: Photo Opportunity
May 15 - Hollywood's New Role Brings Windfall
May 15 - Stem Cell Research Debate Appears Likely to Resume
May 15 - Kerry's Jobs Plan Gets Lost Amid Blame That He Didn't Do His
May 15 - Partisan Rancor Continues to Jam Judicial Nominees
May 15 - Rep. Don Young Opposes DHS Headquarters Bill
May 15 - What's Ahead: Week of May 17
May 15 - Appropriations Chairman: Hill's New Hardship Post
May 15 - Claiming Appropriations Chair A Bit Trickier on House Side
May 15 - Appropriators' Job Made Harder By Lack of Budget Resolution
May 15 - House Thickets Await Tax Bill After Solid Senate Victory
May 15 - Coalition Backing R&D Credit Jumps on U.S. Jobs Bandwagon
May 15 - Republicans Seek to Narrow Gap On Dealing With Tax Cut Legislation, But Progress Expected to Be Slow
May 15 - Daschle Decides to Go It Alone Against Formidable Challenger
May 15 - Leaders Seldom Challenged Hard
May 15 - FEC Passes for Now on Regulating '527' Political Organizations; Congress to Hold Oversight Hearing
May 15 - Continuity of Congress Bill Moves Forward
May 15 - Postal Service Privatization Bill Advances
May 15 - Senate in Harmony Over IDEA; Hefty Spending Increase Urged
May 15 - Flake's Fight Against Transportation Bill Enlivens Attack From Primary Opponent
May 15 - Daschle's Politics Back Home
May 15 - Missile Defense for Commercial Aircraft Widely Backed, but Cost Is Crushing
May 15 - House Panel Moves to Block FASB Stock Options Rule; Senate Critics Vow No Vote
May 15 - Despite Progress With Mediation, Efforts to Establish Asbestos Fund Seem to Have Reached Dead End
May 15 - Domenici Calls Corporate Bill'Best Shot' for Energy Package, But Tax Writers Just Say 'Maybe'
May 15 - Energy Proposals Find New Home
May 15 - House GOP Reruns Health Legislation In Effort to Spark Senate Action
May 15 - Conference Members Consider Bill Adding To Coast Guard Duties
May 15 - 'Video Voyeurism' Could Join Ranks of Federal Crime
May 15 - Bill Targets 'Aggravated ID Theft'
May 15 - Judiciary Panel Seeks Stiff Penalties for Terrorism Hoaxes
May 15 - Panel Approves Bill To Help Provide Assistance to Disabled
May 15 - Gangs Markup Interrupted By Quorum Failure
May 15 - Congress Gropes for Next Move In Response to Abuse Scandal
May 15 - Members React to More Prison Photos With Sorrow, Revulsion, Concern
May 15 - Graham's Hard Questions
May 15 - Changes to White House Script Likely As Chambers Take Up Defense Bill
May 15 - Hill to Bush: Strings Attached
May 22 - Between the LinesPDF
May 22 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 22 - End PagePDF
May 22 - House Vote ChartsPDF
May 22 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
May 22 - Editor's Notebook: Founder's Legacy
May 22 - Support for Campaign Finance Law Dances Across Party Lines
May 22 - Utah Moves to Thwart Indians' Dump Deal
May 22 - Empirically, There Is One Standout in the Veepstakes
May 22 - Congress as Watchdog: Asleep on the Job?
May 22 - Oversight Goes Back More Than 200 Years
May 22 - Three Watchdogs and What They Have Done
May 22 - Duty and Honor's Tightrope: Sen. Warner and the Military
May 22 - Background and Timeline: Sen. John W. Warner, R-Va.
May 22 - Odds Worsen for GOP Budget as Moderates Rebuff Latest Try
May 22 - Budget's Demise Forces New Plans
May 22 - Bush Blinks in War With Democrats Over Stalled Judicial Nominees
May 22 - Seven Most Imperiled Nominees
May 22 - House Passage Likely End of Line For Permanent Child Tax Credit, Latest of Four GOP Tax Cuts
May 22 - Conferees on Highway Bill Face Daunting Differences
May 22 - Highway Legislation's Progress
May 22 - Aviation Trust Fund Hit Hard as Fewer Flyers, Lower Fares Lead to Revenue Shortfall
May 22 - Thomas' Corporate Tax Bill Gambit Aims to Link Tobacco Buyout
May 22 - Senate Eyes Class Action Post-Recess
May 22 - Measure Easing OSHA Requirements Makes It Through House, But Likely to Die in Senate
May 22 - Bioshield Bill Breaks Free in Senate, Expected to Reach President's Desk Soon After Memorial Day Recess
May 22 - Bill Would Expand Copyright Powers of Recording Industry
May 22 - Illegal Immigrant Measure Defeated by House Democrats
May 22 - No Free Lunch Program Expansion
May 22 - Base Closure Dispute Diverts Defense Authorization's Path
May 22 - Free-Trade Accords Could Be A Tough Sell to Congress Amid Anxiety About U.S. Jobs
May 22 - America's Unraveling Safety Net
May 22 - Questions at Medicaid's Birth Still Asked by Policy Makers
May 29 - Between the LinesPDF
May 29 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 29 - End PagePDF
May 29 - Editor's Notebook: June Forecast
May 29 - AARP Sets Sights on Drug Importation
May 29 - Democrats Compete to Offer More Military Benefits
May 29 - April Receipts Extend Debt Deadline
May 29 - Democrats Hope for a Trifecta In South Dakota Special Election
May 29 - What's Ahead: Week of May 31
May 29 - Lawsuits, Lagging Economy Linked in Tort Reform Push
May 29 - Suits and Ladders
May 29 - Political Strategist David Winston Gives His GOP Clients Straight Talk
May 29 - Pre-Election Action Unlikely On Array of Tax Code Fixes
May 29 - Proposals to Replace the Federal Income Tax
May 29 - Rewrite Means Fewer Taxpayers
May 29 - Recipients of Corporate Tax Bill Largess Looking to Remove Perks for Others
May 29 - First Big Test of Campaign Finance Law Has Both Sides Girding for Next Round
May 29 - Extra Pressure on Senate Leaders May Lengthen Deal-Making Season
May 29 - Unresolved Budget Resolution, Tight Calendar Threaten to Push Most Spending Bills Into Omnibus
May 29 - The American Job Market: A Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
May 29 - Maglev Struggles to Get Off Drawing Board As Critics Challenge Cost-Effectiveness
May 29 - GOP Lawmakers Question Ideology vs. Reality on Iraq
May 29 - Rhode Island Maverick Questions Middle East Policies
May 29 - Comparing the House and Senate Defense Bills
May 29 - Boeing Air Tanker Acquisition Delayed Past November Election As Senate Critics Challenge Deal

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