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April 3 - Between the LinesPDF
April 3 - Bills to WatchPDF
April 3 - End PagePDF
April 3 - Vote ChartsPDF
April 3 - Editor's Notebook: Politics by Proxy
April 3 - DeLay Strikes Back at Latest Allegation, Calling Treasury Request Non-Political
April 3 - WTO Rule on Gambling Ban Draws Fire
April 3 - House GOP Says No to Change in Citizenship Oath
April 3 - Majette's Bid for Senate Seat Prompts Old Foe to Run for House
April 3 - What's Ahead: Week of April 5
April 3 - Disorder in the House -- And No End in Sight
April 3 - Friendship Across the Aisle
April 3 - Partisan Rancor Raises Questions About Objectivity of Ethics Panel
April 3 - House Leadership Profile: Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill.
April 3 - House Leadership Profile: Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas
April 3 - House Leadership Profile: Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.
April 3 - House Leadership Profile: Majority Whip Roy Blunt, R-Mo.
April 3 - House Leadership Profile: Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, D-Md.
April 3 - Republican Infighting Leaves Budget in Lurch
April 3 - Highway Bill Conferees' Quest: A Rewrite Bush Will Buy
April 3 - Manager's Amendment Provisions for the Highway Bill
April 3 - Welfare Reauthorization Becomes Another Casualty in Congress' Partisan Crossfire
April 3 - Housing Finance Bill Gets Through Senate Panel, but Likely to Stop There
April 3 - House Wraps Up Work on Pension Bill, But Future Is Far From Assured
April 3 - Parties' Answers to Energy Price Increases up Against Shortage of Real Options
April 3 - Kerry's Gas Tax Record
April 3 - Recording Industry Asks Congress' Help in Growing Battle Against File Sharing
April 3 - Sensenbrenner Injects Renewed Clout Into Justice Department Oversight
April 3 - House Bill to Combat Use Of New Steroid-Like Drugs Advanced by Judiciary Panel
April 3 - Penalties for Identity Theft Increased in House Measure; Mandatory Sentencing Debated
April 3 - 'Video Voyeurism' Measure Approved by Subcommittee
April 3 - Flood Insurance Overhaul Advances in Senate
April 3 - Jackson Confirmed as HUD Secretary
April 3 - Terrorism Hoax Bill Advances in House
April 3 - Clarke Testimony at Center of Declassification Feud
April 3 - Plans to Update Hill Oversight Face an Array of Obstacles
April 3 - Different Missions for Sept. 11 Investigations
April 3 - Boeing Tanker Deal Backers Play French Airbus Card To Blunt Critical Report
April 10 - Between the LinesPDF
April 10 - Bills to WatchPDF
April 10 - End PagePDF
April 10 - Vote ChartsPDF
April 10 - Editor's Notebook: After the Resolution
April 10 - Federal Penalties Sought for Gang Crimes
April 10 - Houghton Departure Will Pare GOP’s Moderate Faction in the House
April 10 - Even if Bush Does Not Renominate Him, Greenspan May Stay as Fed Chairman
April 10 - Iowa ‘Rain Forest’ Gives Grassley a Trough of Trouble
April 10 - Political Pendulum Swings Back to ‘Unfunded Mandates’
April 10 - Seeing Mandates From Both Sides
April 10 - States Give Low Marks to Education Law
April 10 - Unfunded Mandates: Education
April 10 - Medicaid Stuck in Funding Squabbles
April 10 - Unfunded Mandates: Medicaid
April 10 - Transportation Money Comes With Strings
April 10 - Unfunded Mandates: Transportation
April 10 - Localities Get the Bill for Beefed-Up Security
April 10 - Unfunded Mandates: Homeland Security
April 10 - Stalemate Still Lurking in Senate Despite Leaders’ Cautious Deals
April 10 - Sen. Kennedy: Tactics of a Minimum Wage Champion
April 10 - Sweeteners Fail to Serve Purpose, Likely to Stay in Tax Bill Anyway
April 10 - Rep. Rodriguez Alleges Fraud After Recount Reverses Outcome And Hands Primary Win to His Rival
April 10 - States Ask for Fresh Formulas in Reclamation Fee Allocations
April 10 - Changes Proposed for Miners’ Retiree Fund
April 10 - Senate Clears Corporate Pension Bill After Reluctant Democrats Yield
April 10 - Highlights of the Pension Bill
April 10 - As Third Senate Cloture Vote on Medical Malpractice Fails, GOP Vows to Keep Issue Alive
April 10 - Companies Bankrupted by Asbestos Lawsuits
April 10 - No-Fault Asbestos Claims Fund Is a ‘Personal Priority’ for Frist, But Cost Remains Big Unknown
April 10 - Uneasy Republicans at Bush’s Side as Insurgency in Iraq Intensifies
April 10 - Verdict on Rice Testimony Splits Along Party Lines
April 10 - Democrats More at Risk in Open-Seat Senate Races
April 10 - Narrow Battleground Limits Fight for Control of House
April 17 - Between the LinesPDF
April 17 - Bills to WatchPDF
April 17 - End PagePDF
April 17 - Editor's Notebook: Waiting Game
April 17 - Calendar Tight, Cooperation Missing
April 17 - Durbin May Try to Add Structure To Employees' Student Loan Perk
April 17 - Specter Painting Toomey as 'Out of Control Bar Owner'
April 17 - What's Ahead: Week of April 19
April 17 - Fannie and Freddie: Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Regulate
April 17 - Receivership Is an Issue for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
April 17 - America's Mortgage Giants Lead the Way in Lobbying
April 17 - Deal on Pay-as-You-Go Rules a Must for Budget Resolution
April 17 - Snowe's Support Critical to Republican Tax Cuts
April 17 - Moderates Complicate GOP Leaders' Budget Plans
April 17 - Lawmakers Eager to Weigh In on Overhaul of Intelligence
April 17 - Requests of CIA, FBI Went Unfilled
April 17 - Release of Sept. 11 Panel Final Report Up in Air
April 17 - Senate Democrats' Minimum Wage Press Has GOP Weighing Smaller Increase
April 17 - Accords on Environment, Funding Levels Will Task Highway Bill Conference
April 17 - Republicans Taking a Second Look at Drug Reimportation Proposals
April 17 - Residents' System Gets Legal Protection
April 17 - Rough Fiscal Waters Ahead for Navy Ship Contractors
April 17 - Foreign Relations Panel Expected to Scrutinize Bush's Iraq Strategy
April 17 - Gas Tax Alternatives for a Nation on the Road
April 17 - Lobbyists Try for the Last Word on Reauthorization Legislation
April 17 - States Vie for Funds and a Formula for Success
April 17 - Push to Speed Roadbuilding Vs. Environmental Reviews
April 17 - Laws With Environmental Impacts on Transportation Programs
April 17 - Bills Signed
April 23 - Between the LinesPDF
April 24 - Between the LinesPDF
April 24 - Bills to WatchPDF
April 24 - End PagePDF
April 24 - House Vote ChartsPDF
April 24 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
April 24 - Editor's Notebook: Don't Look Now
April 24 - Gerlach Leads Off House GOP Effort To Move Stand-Alone Tax Bills
April 24 - Wanted: Ambitious Go-Getter for No Pay
April 24 - Hostettler Tests Airport Screeners With a Personal Touch
April 24 - Lawmakers Promise Close Watch On China Policy Despite Successes
April 24 - What's Ahead: Week of April 26
April 24 - America's Uneasy Mandate For Domestic Intelligence
April 24 - Intelligence: Taking Steps to Improve Coordination
April 24 - The Lesson of MI5
April 24 - Legislating Security: Some Ideas
April 24 - Panel Moves Bush-Backed Measure To Expand Terrorism Death Penalty
April 24 - Stumping From Senate Floor Starting Early This Season
April 24 - Kerry-McCain Bond Lingers
April 24 - House Rises Above Discord To Pass Continuity of Congress Bill, Though Logistical Problems Remain
April 24 - Moderate From Maine Expected to Play Key Role In Pay-As-You-Go Debate
April 24 - Asbestos Fund Opponents Take Their Talks Into Mediation
April 24 - Partisan Flames Still Flicker With Both Sides Entrenched On Rules for Overtime Pay
April 24 - Victims' Rights Proponents Postpone Amendment Push, Settle for Senate-Passed Bill
April 24 - Chambers 'Not Close Yet' To Highway Bill Conference As Construction Season Wanes
April 24 - Airport Screeners Report Highlights
April 24 - Report Says Airport Screeners, Whether Federal or Private, Perform 'Equally Poorly'
April 24 - Coast Guard Bill Conferees Expected to Debate Procedures For Vessel Safety Certifications
April 24 - Drug Import Debate Reignites With Help of Bipartisan Effort
April 24 - House Committee Approves Bill Broadening Ban on Steroids
April 24 - Senate Looks to Internet Access Tax
April 24 - Congress Steps Up Questioning On Spending Schedule for Iraq
April 24 - Lugar Soldiers On With Hearings Despite Unhelpful White House
April 24 - Corporate Tax Bill Remains Stalled As Tariffs Begin Taking Their Toll
April 24 - European Tariffs Target U.S. Goods

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