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October 4 - Between the LinesPDF
October 4 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 4 - End PagePDF
October 4 - House Vote ChartsPDF
October 4 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
October 4 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 4 - Editor's Notebook: Sources of Capital
October 4 - Lawmakers Disregard Bush Criticism Regarding 'Technical Corrections'
October 4 - Tough Question in Capitol Shooting Case: Is It Fair to Try the Temporarily Sane?
October 4 - Condition of Nation's Greensward Becomes an Item on Hill Agenda
October 4 - Popular Tax Cut for Military Shackled By Conference Standoff Over Offset
October 4 - What's Ahead: Week of Oct. 6
October 4 - New Tensions Test the Limits Of Bush's Sway in Congress
October 4 - Recent Congressional Rejections of Bush Policy
October 4 - Dean's Rise Has Democrats Impressed and Concerned
October 4 - Howard Brush Dean
October 4 - Internet-Based Activist Group Puts Powerful Spin on Politics
October 4 - Dean on the Issues
October 4 - Corporate Tax Overhaul Battle Being Fought on Two Fronts
October 4 - Business Tax Breaks by the Numbers
October 4 - Both Parties Find Political Benefit From Battle Over Judicial Nominees
October 4 - GOP Pulls Senate D.C. Bill As Neither Side Yields On Private-School Vouchers
October 4 - Thicket of Unsettled Issues Delays Energy Conference
October 4 - Energy Issues: Crossed Wires
October 4 - Tax Breaks for Energy Companies Could Compromise Omnibus Bill
October 4 - Legislation to Expand Genetic Testing Illustrates Success of Bipartisan Spirit
October 4 - House Democrats Claim Victory On Labor-HHS Conference Motion
October 4 - Vote GOP Switchers Send Overtime Message
October 4 - 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban Close to Historic Passage
October 4 - Senate HELP Committee Specializes In Hard Debate -- and Done Deals
October 4 - Senate HELP: In Search of a Compromise
October 4 - Medicare Conferees Closer to Agreement But Further From White House Stand On Private Insurers, 'Dual Eligibility'
October 4 - Amendment Pens Poised and Ready If FAA Bill Returns to Conference
October 4 - Senate Democrats Boycott Vote on Leavitt for EPA To Protest Bush Policies
October 4 - Job-Training Programs Bill Approved
October 4 - Senate Finance Revisits Tax On Insurance
October 4 - Block Grant Bill Advances in House
October 4 - First-Time Home Buyers Bill Passed in House
October 4 - Runaway and Homeless Act Reauthorized in Senate
October 4 - Welfare Programs Extended For Six Months
October 4 - Lawmakers at Loose Ends Over Form of Supplemental
October 4 - Democrats Up the Rhetoric on Iraq, But Find No Legislative Traction
October 4 - Disturbing Prospect of 'Hollow Force' Has Lawmakers, Pentagon Scrambling
October 4 - How Guard, Reserves Fit In
October 4 - Veterans Look for Sympathy in Senate After Bipartisan Betrayal in House
October 4 - Accord on 'Concurrent Receipt' A Long-Awaited Win for Vets
October 4 - Defense Authorization Bill Hits Impasse in Conference Over Buy America Provisions
October 4 - Defense Authorization: The Veto Threat
October 11 - Between the LinesPDF
October 11 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 11 - End PagePDF
October 11 - House Vote ChartsPDF
October 11 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 11 - Editor's Notebook: Herd Mentality
October 11 - Dreier to Moonlight as Go-To Guy On Schwarzenegger's Transition Team
October 11 - Turning Down the Volume On 'Mexico City' Abortion Language
October 11 - Could Drug Benefit Hurt Those It Aims to Help?
October 11 - For Grassley, the Devil Is in the Detailees
October 11 - What's Ahead: Week of Oct. 13
October 11 - Congress Builds a Barrier to Bush Privatization Plan
October 11 - Privatizing vs. Jobs Protection
October 11 - A-76 Defines Government
October 11 - Election System Revamp Stymied By Tight Federal Purse Strings
October 11 - Is Schwarzenegger's Victory Good News or Bad for the GOP?
October 11 - Voting Technologies Debated
October 11 - Sen. Nickles Will Be Remembered More for What He Fought Against
October 11 - New Budget Committee Chairman To Inherit a Thankless Job
October 11 - Graham Ponders His Future
October 11 - Homeland Security Chairman Proposes First-Responder Bill In First Big Test for Committee
October 11 - Texas Completes Unusual Redistricting and Readies for GOP Stampede Next Year
October 11 - Energy Bill Conference Becoming a Powder Keg
October 11 - MTBE Blocks Progress on Energy Bill
October 11 - Small Issues Add Up to Big Headaches for Medicare Prescription Drug Conference
October 11 - Ceiling on Therapy Services Grows in Prominence
October 11 - House Panel Gives Quick Nod to Bill To Increase Inmates' Access to DNA Tests
October 11 - House Pension Liability Bill Gives Companies a Break In Funding Obligations
October 11 - Bill to Regulate Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Sputters After White House Demands Stronger Hand for Treasury
October 11 - Adoption Incentives Bill Passes by Voice Vote in House
October 11 - E-Check Processing Moves to Senate
October 11 - Multifamily Home Construction Legislation Passes in House
October 11 - Bush Plays Lobbyist in Chief To Keep Iraq Funds as Grants
October 11 - Hill Probes on Prewar Intelligence Spotlight CIA, Not White House
October 11 - White House and Congress Join in Show of Force On Syria Sanctions Measure
October 18 - Between the LinesPDF
October 18 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 18 - End PagePDF
October 18 - House Vote ChartsPDF
October 18 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
October 18 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 18 - Editor's Notebook: Beating the Clock
October 18 - Daschle Book Details Harbinger Of Democrats Losing Control of Senate
October 18 - What's Ahead: Week of Oct. 20
October 18 - Highway Signs a Tempting Target In Challenge to Clinton-Era Rule
October 18 - Hostettler's Play to Limit Courts' Scope A Tough Sell in Room Full of Lawyers
October 18 - GOP Pushing to Quench Public's Thirst for Action
October 18 - Moving Deadlines
October 18 - Energy Bill Avoids Blackout
October 18 - Medicare Conference: 'We Can Get This Done'
October 18 - Medicare: Homing In on the Details
October 18 - Appropriations Going Better Than Last Year -- Barely
October 18 - Tax Bill Opponents Standing Firm As Thomas Rattles EU Trade-War Threat
October 18 - What's in the House Tax Bill
October 18 - GOP Banks on Disputed Texas Remap To Deliver Workable House Majority
October 18 - Texas: New Frontiers for Incumbents
October 18 - Federalizing Baggage Screeners May End Up a Failed Experiment
October 18 - Labor-HHS-Education Conferees Wrangle Over Size of NIH Increase
October 18 - Concessions May Ease 'Healthy Forests' Passage as Bill Heads to Senate Floor
October 18 - 'Health Forests': Possible Blocks in Conference
October 18 - Genetic Anti-Discrimination Bill Wins Unanimous Senate Vote, But House in No Hurry to Act
October 18 - Democrats Riled by GOP's Efforts To Cut Deals on Air Privatization
October 18 - FAA Authorization: Airport Privatization Exemptions
October 18 - EPA Administrator Nomination Held Up By Democrats' Ire at Bush
October 18 - High Court to Revisit Internet Pornography Law
October 18 - Low-Income Home Buyers' Bill Advances in the Senate
October 18 - Senate Clears Electronic Check Bill
October 18 - Vietnam Veterans Visitor Center May Face Snag in Conference
October 18 - Database Piracy Bill Approved By Judiciary Subcommittee
October 18 - Scaled Back Trust Fund Likely To Aid Asbestos Measure
October 18 - Senate Rejects White House Plea, Adopts Iraqi Loan Amendment
October 18 - Democrats Struggle for Consensus In Opposition to GOP's Iraq Plans
October 18 - Veterans Call 'Concurrent Receipt' Deal A Good First Step, Vow Further Action
October 18 - Lawmakers Say Diplomatic Appointment Weakens Congressional Attempt To Impose Sanctions on Syria
October 18 - Homeland Security: Safer, Yes -- But Still Vulnerable
October 25 - Between the LinesPDF
October 25 - Bills to WatchPDF
October 25 - End PagePDF
October 25 - House Vote ChartsPDF
October 25 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
October 25 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 25 - Editor's Notebook: Keeping Score
October 25 - Toothless 'Motion to Instruct' Conferees Gives House GOP a Little Rebel Room
October 25 - What's Ahead: Week of Oct. 27
October 25 - Endorsing Their Raises Is Now What Senate Candidates Do
October 25 - Tiny Alaska Town's Biggest Business Gets a Boost, But First, Some Federal Housekeeping Is in Order
October 25 - Medicare Bill's True Cost a Study in Guesswork
October 25 - Expanding Entitlements Bit by Bit: Waxman Shows How It's Done
October 25 - CBO Accustomed to Pressure
October 25 - Drug Bill Nears Completion
October 25 - The Strength of These Women Shows in Their Numbers
October 25 - Crane-Rangel Alliance Succeeds in Shaping Corporate Tax Bill
October 25 - One Down, Five More to Go for Senate and Fiscal 2004 Spending Measures
October 25 - Cleared 'Partial Birth' Ban on Fast Track to Court
October 25 - 'Partial Birth' Abortion: A Long Legislative History
October 25 - Energy Bill Remains Deadlocked Despite Ongoing Negotiations
October 25 - Hot Button Energy Issues for Democrats
October 25 - Clean-Burning Ethanol Fouls Up Energy Bill Negotiations
October 25 - Aggrieved Senate Democrats Waylay Class Action Measure
October 25 - Cuba Travel, Employee Privatization Pose Veto Threat for Transportation Bill
October 25 - Senate Adds Election Funds to Transportation-Treasury Bill
October 25 - As Senate Passes Anti-Spam Bill, House Continues Its Battle Over Definition and Enforcement
October 25 - Ominous Forecast Predicted for Greenhouse Emissions Bill in Upcoming Senate Debate
October 25 - Democrats Blast Chemical Plant Bill
October 25 - House Bill Would Give Grants To Graduate, World Programs
October 25 - Senate Panel OKs Homeland Bill Requiring Tougher Audits
October 25 - Highways Agreement Reached Despite Bill's Postponement
October 25 - Senate Judiciary Narrows Bill Focusing on Legal Citizenship
October 25 - Defense Budget Needs Boost To Cover Personnel, Weapons
October 25 - GOP Rebellion on Nature of Iraq Funds Augurs Further Grief for White House
October 25 - Adding Money for Veterans Puts House in a Political Bind
October 25 - Bush Issues Veto Threat For Aid Bill
October 25 - Warner Plan Could Resolve Tanker Dispute
October 25 - Painful Task of Cutting Funds Holds Military Construction Bill From Accustomed Cakewalk
October 25 - Bills Signed

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