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July 5 - AgriculturePDF
July 5 - Between the LinesPDF
July 5 - Bills to WatchPDF
July 5 - DefensePDF
July 5 - End PagePDF
July 5 - InteriorPDF
July 5 - Labor-HHS-EducationPDF
July 5 - Legislative BranchPDF
July 5 - Military ConstructionPDF
July 5 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
July 5 - Editor's Notebook: Take Note, Dr. Frist
July 5 - What's in Store for Congress
July 5 - Constitutional Amendment Defining Marriage In the News, But Not (Yet) on a Fast Track
July 5 - Feinstein Compromises on Asbestos Legislation -- But She Has Her Limits
July 5 - A Rough but Steady Hand at Helm of Ways and Means
July 5 - Making Law Is Job No. 1 For California's Thomas
July 5 - How Past Ways And Means Chairmen Made Their Mark
July 5 - 'Thomas Machine' Extends Beyond California's 22nd District
July 5 - Lieberman Keeps Moderation as His Democratic Byword
July 5 - Sen. Joseph Isadore Lieberman of Connecticut
July 5 - Lieberman's Key Votes
July 5 - Lieberman's Inner Circle
July 5 - Appropriators' Crunch Month Tests GOP Resolve, Unity
July 5 - Senate Critics Question Need To Fill Court of Federal Claims
July 5 - Court of Federal Claims Is 'Off the Radar'
July 5 - Supreme Court to Review Charge of Gerrymandering In GOP Pennsylvania Remap
July 5 - Medicare Rewrite: Prescription For Disappointing Everyone?
July 5 - As Medicare Conference Approaches, Lobbyists Ready to Kick Into Gear
July 5 - Understanding 'Premium Support'
July 5 - Costly Portman-Cardin Pension Bill Has Supporters Looking for Trims
July 5 - 'Privatization' of Iraq's Weapons A Growing Postwar Concern
July 5 - Levin Starts His Own Iraq Inquiry
July 12 - Between the LinesPDF
July 12 - Bills to WatchPDF
July 12 - End PagePDF
July 12 - House Vote ChartsPDF
July 12 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
July 12 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
July 12 - Editor's Notebook: Leader by Example
July 12 - Votes in the 108th So Far: Quantity Up, Quality Questionable
July 12 - What's Ahead: Week of July 14
July 12 - Davis Wins Two, Loses One in Busy Week
July 12 - House Revisits Capitol Slave Labor Issue
July 12 - DeLay's Conservatism Solidifies GOP Base for Bush
July 12 - In Texas Redistricting Game, DeLay Holds the High Cards
July 12 - Despite Missteps, DeLay and Blunt Close Ranks, Stay Unified
July 12 - Nominations Stalled by Senators
July 12 - Senate Traditions a Casualty in Judicial Nominees Spat
July 12 - Blue Slips Seen in New Light
July 12 - GOP Trying Again on Child Credit
July 12 - House Appropriations Stay 'On Track,' While Senate Will Test Spending Caps
July 12 - Combative Conference Expected After House, Senate Pass Disparate Legislative Branch Spending Bills
July 12 - D.C. Gets OK For School Voucher Funds
July 12 - Focus on Media Ownership Issue Takes Lawmakers by Surprise
July 12 - Broadcasting Bills Compared
July 12 - Senate GOP Sees Political Mileage in Failed Medical Malpractice Vote
July 12 - Grueling Medicare Conference Will Bring Leaders Face to Face
July 12 - Federal Retirees Score in House
July 12 - Hatch's Deal-Cutting on Asbestos Claims Bill Could Be Deal-Breaker
July 12 - Labor-HHS Bill Zips Through House Despite Strong Democratic Objections
July 12 - Homeland Security Bill's Momentum Unfazed by Cries of Underfunding
July 12 - Fiscal 2004 Homeland Security Bills, Compared
July 12 - Panel Boosts Highway Spending, But Outlook Gloomy for Amtrak And Six-Year Transportation Bill
July 12 - Ongoing Wildfire Funding Disputes Leave Lawmakers in a Slow Burn
July 12 - Hobson's Homework Pays Off In Energy and Water Measure, Drawing Bipartisan Praise
July 12 - House C-J-S Bill Glides Through Appropriations Subcommittee, But Tougher Decisions to Come
July 12 - D.C. Authorization Approved, Bringing School Voucher Plan For District Closer to Reality
July 12 - House Panel Bill Limits State Securities Regulators
July 12 - House Passes Two School Bills
July 12 - Prison Rape Measure Advances Through House Judiciary Panel
July 12 - National Drug Control Office Reauthorized by Panel
July 12 - Patent and Trademark Fees Increase Bill Approved
July 12 - Small Business Administration Reauthorization Moves in Senate
July 12 - Lawmakers Brace for Long, Expensive Haul in Iraq
July 12 - With Overseas Operations in Mind, Chambers Accelerate Defense Bill
July 12 - House Panel Expresses Regret Over Lack of Funding for Plan To Fight HIV/AIDS Overseas
July 12 - Bush Administration Breaks in Fast-Track Trade Authority With Chile, Singapore Accords
July 12 - Conference Set On Military Construction
July 12 - Foreign Relations Bill Hits a Snag
July 12 - Searching For Clean Air on the Road More Traveled
July 12 - The Givers and Takers of Environmental Funds
July 19 - Between the LinesPDF
July 19 - Bills to WatchPDF
July 19 - End PagePDF
July 19 - House Vote ChartsPDF
July 19 - Legislative BranchPDF
July 19 - Military ConstructionPDF
July 19 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
July 19 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
July 19 - Editor's Notebook: The Indiana Parable
July 19 - 'Clear Skies' a Bit Cloudier After Alexander Defection
July 19 - 'Colorado Springs or Busted Bill' Is Campbell's Olympic Pledge
July 19 - Burton Responds in Kind To Attack From the Right
July 19 - Campaign Law: Who Gets Heard?
July 19 - What's Ahead: Week of July 21
July 19 - Hill Demands More Answers On Iraq -- Not a Fall Guy
July 19 - Chairman Roberts Trades Pugnacity For Pragmatism in Intelligence Probe
July 19 - Tenet Played Well With Others -- And That May Save Him
July 19 - Kucinich Strives to Beat The Unbeatable Foe
July 19 - Rep. Dennis John Kucinich of Ohio
July 19 - Kucinich's Key Votes
July 19 - Kucinich's Inner Circle
July 19 - White House Line on Deficits: Big, Bad -- and Bearable
July 19 - Cardinals Are Politicians, Too
July 19 - Senate Cautioned Against Taking Traditional Attitude Toward Earmarks
July 19 - Fracas in Ways and Means Overshadows Approval Of Pension Overhaul Measure
July 19 - Nominee Pryor Becomes Secondary In Partisan Fight Over His Nomination
July 19 - Abortion Rights Advocates Spurn Fetus Protection Bill
July 19 - Abortion Foes' Busy Agenda
July 19 - House Republicans Struggle to Create Workable Drug 'Reimportation' Bill
July 19 - Solid House Passage a Victory For 'Project Bioshield' Backers; Senate Still Divided on Funding
July 19 - Opposition to FCC Media Ruling Thwarts C-J-S Bill's Easy Passage Through Spending Panels
July 19 - Pushing Environmental Concerns Aside, House Passes Interior Spending Bill
July 19 - Tongass Is Environmental Test
July 19 - Issues of Farm Trade With Cuba, Country-of-Origin Labeling Roil Agriculture Negotiations
July 19 - Nuclear Research Funding at Center Of Energy and Water Bills Dispute
July 19 - Highlights of FY 2004 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill
July 19 - VA-HUD Bill's Spending Limits Have GOP Floating Dicey Plan To Charge Some Veterans for Care
July 19 - Usual Points of Contention Take a Back Seat to Vouchers In District of Columbia Bill
July 19 - Senate Energy Chairman Leaves Tough Issues for Last In Quest for Moderate Path
July 19 - Amendments Expected to Help Financial Information Bill Sail Through House Committee
July 19 - Internet Tax Break Bill Advances
July 19 - Legislation Details the 411 on 911 Emergency System Grants
July 19 - Senate Bill Would Ban New Statues, Memorials on the Mall
July 19 - Time Crunch Could Cause Water Projects Bill to Evaporate
July 19 - Senate Defense Spending Bill Survives Democrat Skirmishes
July 19 - Many Express Disappointment With Foreign Aid Measures As Panels Cut AIDS Funding
July 19 - House Pulls Abortion Language To Pass Foreign Relations Bill; No Accord on Senate Version
July 19 - Panels OK Free-Trade Agreements
July 19 - Senate Clears Hold on Trade With Myanmar
July 26 - Between the LinesPDF
July 26 - Bills to WatchPDF
July 26 - DefensePDF
July 26 - End PagePDF
July 26 - House Vote ChartsPDF
July 26 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
July 26 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
July 26 - Editor's Notebook: Trophy Bills
July 26 - DeLay Uses Recess for Middle East Visit
July 26 - Frist Keeps Microphone in Easy Reach Before No-Chance Consent Request
July 26 - Millennium Program Buoys Women's Rights Worldwide
July 26 - Thomas Knows How To Woo Corporations
July 26 - What's Ahead: Week of July 28
July 26 - GOP Gears Up to Sell Economic Plan at Home
July 26 - Contrite Chairman Does Not Quell Calls for More GOP Comity
July 26 - Thomas Promises He Will Change, But How Remains to Be Seen
July 26 - A Chairman's Apology
July 26 - Thomas Courts Businesses With New International Tax Code Bill, But Hill Support Is Still Anemic
July 26 - Will Republicans Push the President To Wield Veto Against His Own Party?
July 26 - Emergency Aid May Thwart AmeriCorps Funding
July 26 - Partisan Ire at Boiling Point In Judicial Nominations Battle After Senate Panel Approves Pryor
July 26 - Scaled-Back Head Start Bill a Squeaker Win for GOP
July 26 - Head Start Issue Is Personal for Members
July 26 - Backers Perhaps Most Surprised by Passage of Drug Importation Bill
July 26 - Bipartisanship Masks Doubts Over Medicare Bill
July 26 - Senate Takes Another Swipe At Passing Omnibus Energy Bill
July 26 - Senate's Energy Policy Provisions
July 26 - Lawmakers Underestimate Public Concern About FCC Media Ownership Rule
July 26 - Ways to Attack Media Ownership Rules
July 26 - House Moves to Eliminate Search and Seizure Portion of Anti-Terrorism Law
July 26 - C-J-S Spending Bill Becomes Venue For Wide Range of Policy Disputes
July 26 - Homeland Security Funding Debate Highlights Tension Over Priorities
July 26 - Homeland Bills Compared
July 26 - Arm-Twisting House Leaders Push VA-HUD Bill to Passage Over Veterans' Strong Opposition
July 26 - A Long, Hard Haul Ends With Substantially Rewritten Transportation Spending Bill
July 26 - FAA Bill Survives Conference, But Hard Feelings Remain Over Privatizing Air Control
July 26 - Despite Lack of Direction, Forestry Bill Gains Approval From Senate Committee
July 26 - Bill to Limit State Regulatory Power Delayed
July 26 - House Panel OKs Financial Information Bill
July 26 - D.C. Appropriations Bill Delayed; GOP Pushes School Vouchers
July 26 - House Measure Would Reduce Flood Insurance Claims
July 26 - Mutual Funds Disclosure Bill Approved
July 26 - Senate Panel Moves Bill to Make Video Voyeurism a Federal Crime
July 26 - Robust Intelligence Oversight Stalls at White House Door
July 26 - White House Intelligence Gaps Targeted by New 9/11 Commission
July 26 - AIDS Program Supporters Hope Senate Will Come Through With Full Funding for Program
July 26 - House OKs Free-Trade Accords With Singapore and Chile Under New Fast-Track Rules

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