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April 5 - Between the LinesPDF
April 5 - Bills to WatchPDF
April 5 - End PagePDF
April 5 - House Vote ChartsPDF
April 5 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
April 5 - Speaking of the War: Floor Statements On the Iraq ConflictPDF
April 5 - Editor's Notebook: War Powers
April 5 - Any Change in High Court Critical to Campaign Finance
April 5 - Lawmakers Get in a Few Digs At Non-Allies in Iraq War
April 5 - No Waiting Period: Firearm Lawsuits Bill Keeps a Speedy Pace to the House Floor
April 5 - Texas District Retains GOP Tilt in May Election
April 5 - What's Ahead: Week of April 7
April 5 - Debate Over Military's Future Will Top Postwar Agenda
April 5 - Crucial Role of Intelligence Leads Lawmakers to Examine Process
April 5 - White House-Hill Battle Hinges on Flexible Spending
April 5 - Enough in Supplemental for First-Responders?
April 5 - GOP Leaders Seek the Magic Number: A Survivable Tax Cut Compromise
April 5 - Republican Economic Pitch Gets Short Shrift in Wartime
April 5 - Hang-Tough GOP Moderates Still Key to Budget Resolution
April 5 - GOP Pushing To Pass Debt Limit Bill
April 5 - House Hopes To Boost Tax E-Filing
April 5 - Hard-Fought Utility Deals Power Omnibus Energy Bill
April 5 - Tax Breaks in House, Senate Energy Bills Differ Beyond Dollar Amounts
April 5 - Getting Aggressive on ANWR
April 5 - Congress Ponders Wisdom of Providing Airlines With Assistance Package
April 5 - Growing List of Critics Challenge Expansion of Foreign Surveillance Law
April 5 - Surveillance Court: Too Secret for Comfort?
April 5 - Smallpox Compensation Fund Gets Through Senate Committee After Surprise Rejection in House
April 5 - Decision to Split the Difference On Special Education Bill Turns Into a Good IDEA
April 5 - Business Checking Bill Passes House for Third Time
April 5 - FDIC Bill Gives Small Banks a Boost
April 5 - Social Security Fraud Bill Passed Over Texans' Objections
April 5 - Israel Supporters Warn Bush Against Mideast Policy Shift
April 5 - GOP Play for Jewish Voters Has Democrats on Defensive
April 5 - Democrats Win First Round As International Relations Panel Makes Significant Changes to AIDS Bill
April 12 - Between the LinesPDF
April 12 - Bills to WatchPDF
April 12 - Committee GuidePDF
April 12 - End PagePDF
April 12 - House Vote ChartsPDF
April 12 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
April 12 - Speaking of the War: Floor Statements On the Iraq ConflictPDF
April 12 - Editor's Notebook: Strings Attached
April 12 - Anxiety Over SARS Outbreak Has Lawmakers Ready to Spend
April 12 - Lieberman Ahead in Endorsement Race
April 12 - Voinovich Waves Conservative Banner In Answer to Fighting Word: 'Moderate'
April 12 - While Cubin's Words May Have Offended Millions, They Failed to Pass the House 'Unseemly' Test
April 12 - Has Congress Given Bush Too Free a Spending Hand?
April 12 - A Familiar Budget Battle
April 12 - A Swelling Supplemental
April 12 - Concessions to Moderates Imperil Early GOP Tax Cutting Accord
April 12 - Bush Nominee for Appeals Court Faces Senate Democrats Poised To Play Filibuster Card Again
April 12 - Popular Tax Breaks for Military Remain Trapped in Argument Over Wealthy Expatriate Flight
April 12 - Lawmakers Face Airline Dilemma: Bailout Now, Crowded Skies Later
April 12 - Georgia Serves as Template for Airline Industry's Economic Problems
April 12 - Flash Points in Energy Bill Versions Threaten Another Fatal Conference
April 12 - Same Goal, Different Deadlines for Ethanol on Energy Bill
April 12 - AMBER Child Crimes Bill Clears, Propelled by News and Strategy
April 12 - Class Action Lawsuit Measure Advances Amid Heavy Lobbying, Concern Over State Law
April 12 - Santorum's 'Faith' Shaken as Measure Moves to House
April 12 - SEC Powers Could Get Boost From Charity Bill
April 12 - No Deal Between Dodd and Frist On Vaccine Liability Bill; Markup Scratched at Last Minute
April 12 - Amendments Threats Put FISA on Hold
April 12 - Funding Spats Remain Over IDEA Program
April 12 - Comp-Time Bill Heads to House Floor
April 12 - Gun Lobby Recharged by House Victory
April 12 - Citizenship Measure for Soldiers Killed on Active Duty
April 12 - Panel Approves Bill to Expand Affordable Insurance
April 12 - Simpler Spectrum Sale Rules May Trigger Turf Fight
April 12 - Transportation Safety Board Gets Four-Year Funding
April 12 - White House Wins Flexibility In Planning for Postwar Iraq
April 12 - Iraq Rebuilding Costs Add Up
April 12 - Bare State Department Bill Moves Easily Through Panel
April 12 - Bill Targets 'Conflict' Diamonds
April 19 - Between the LinesPDF
April 19 - Bills to WatchPDF
April 19 - End PagePDF
April 19 - House Vote ChartsPDF
April 19 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
April 19 - Editor's Notebook: Training Day
April 19 - Fitzgerald Avoids Costly Campaign Fight
April 19 - Irish Musicians Will Receive Royalties Thanks to Settlement of EU Dispute
April 19 - GOP's Effectiveness Shows In Party Unity Votes
April 19 - Pentagon Wants Congressional Blessing for Major Civilian Auxiliary Force
April 19 - Interest Groups Make Sure Lawmakers Know the 'Score'
April 19 - Influence-Packed Groups Score Big on the Hill
April 19 - What Led to the GOP Leadership Rift
April 19 - Uncertain Future in Conference Awaits Bush Tax Cut Package
April 19 - Lawmakers Not Eager to Revisit Iraq Supplemental Debate Soon
April 19 - Political Maneuvering on Tap as Lawmakers Face Unpopular Job of Raising Debt Limit by Nearly $1 Trillion
April 19 - House Ethics Committee Sets Sights on Regulations To Curtail Gift, Travel Abuses
April 19 - Judiciary Committee Agenda Disrupted by Partisan Acrimony
April 19 - Supreme Court Vacancy Rumor Adds Stress to Judiciary Panel
April 19 - NASA Priorities Get a Close Look From a Tough-Sell Congress
April 19 - Overhaul of Medical Privacy Regulations Sought Days After They Take Effect
April 19 - Health Privacy Rules and Marketers
April 19 - Rumsfeld's 'New Military' Plan Seeks Unprecedented Flexibility
April 19 - Defense Request Seen as Avenue Into Endangered Species Rewrite
April 26 - Between the LinesPDF
April 26 - Bills to WatchPDF
April 26 - End PagePDF
April 26 - Medicare Drug Price Battles
April 26 - Compensation Time Bill Debate Focuses on Who Will Reap Benefits: Working Moms or Big Business
April 26 - Appropriators Set Conditions For Capitol Visitor Center Funds
April 26 - House Poised to Pass Rewrite Of Special-Education Law
April 26 - Lawmakers Blast Cuban Crackdown
April 26 - Base Closures Could Top List of Defense Funding Clashes
April 26 - Pentagon Officials Hope to Expedite Lessons Learned in Iraq
April 26 - Editor's Notebook: The Ghost of 1992
April 26 - Pipes' Nomination to Institute of Peace Board Turning Out to Be Anything but Peaceful
April 26 - Santorum Is Latest in Rash of GOP Officials To Defend Remarks Rather Than Apologize
April 26 - For Bush, Tax Cut Package Is Next Must-Win Battle
April 26 - Bush Determined Not to Repeat Father's Politically Fatal Errors
April 26 - Kerry's Complex Record and His Pursuit of the Presidency
April 26 - Sen. John Forbes Kerry of Massachusetts
April 26 - Kerry's Key Votes
April 26 - Why Democratic Hopefuls Covet Congressional Endorsements
April 26 - Kerry's Inner Circle
April 26 - Committee Chairmen Step Up To Tackle Tax Cut Issue
April 26 - Late Passage Looking Likely For Transportation Bill -- Again
April 26 - Ethanol's Role in the Highway Bill
April 26 - Highway Bill History Full of Potholes
April 26 - Familiar Issues Threaten Blackout of Omnibus Energy Legislation
April 26 - Lawmakers Mindful of Ticking Clock Scramble to Repair Medicare Rift

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