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January 4 - Between the LinesPDF
January 4 - Bills Signed Into LawPDF
January 4 - End PagePDF
January 4 - GOP Faces Turning Point In Handling Race Relations
January 4 - Senate Chairmen Await Go-Ahead
January 4 - Fast-Moving Events Challenge Frist's Debut at Senate Helm
January 4 - History Provides Frist With Lessons On Senatorial 'Power of Persuasion'
January 4 - Frist's Senate Voting Record Shows Blend of Partisanship and Pragmatism
January 4 - Lott Rebounds in New Role As Chairman of Rules Panel
January 4 - Race Issue Kept Gaining Momentum for Lott
January 4 - Appropriators Try to Ease Pain In Overdue Spending Bills
January 4 - GOP Winces at Debt Ceiling
January 4 - White House Must Keep Delicate Balance When Drafting Latest Tax Cut Package
January 4 - Unemployment Benefits Become Job One for Congress
January 4 - Scientific, Moral, Ethical Conundrum Of Human Cloning Ban Creates Political Minefield for 108th Congress
January 4 - Lott Remark Could Intensify Focus on Civil Rights Record Of Future Judicial Nominees
January 4 - Bush Environmental 'Streamlining' Ignites Heated Debate Over Land Use
January 4 - Editor's Notebook: Bullfrogs and Balancing Acts
January 4 - Foundering Bush Korea Policy Causes Erosion of Confidence
January 4 - North Korea Nuclear Timeline
January 4 - Shift in Senate Leadership Gives Africa-Aid Proponents New Reason for Optimism
January 4 - Bills Signed
January 4 - Congressional Priorities: First Out of the Gate in the 108th
January 4 - Option for Political Soft Landing Available to a Few Lawmakers
January 4 - Rangel: Share Sacrifice By Reinstating Draft
January 4 - What's Ahead: Week of Jan. 6
January 11 - 2003 Congressional CalendarPDF
January 11 - Between the LinesPDF
January 11 - Bills Signed Into LawPDF
January 11 - End PagePDF
January 11 - House and Senate VotesPDF
January 11 - Congress Has Bad News for Airlines: Capitol Hill Cash Cupboard Is Bare, Labor Laws Likely Going Nowhere
January 11 - GOP Capitol Hill Majorities Provide No Guarantee For Anti-Abortion Legislation
January 11 - Omnibus Gets Homeland Law Amendments
January 11 - Welfare Law Alive Through March 31
January 11 - Negotiators, Hardliners Agree North Korea 'Talks' Not Enough
January 11 - Bills Signed
January 11 - Editor's Notebook: Seeing Red
January 11 - Education Act Provision Adds Fuel To Debate Over Teaching Evolution
January 11 - Security for 2004 National Conventions Could Rival Utah's 2002 Winter Olympics
January 11 - House GOP Develops a New Taste For 'Gephardt Rule' on Debt Limit
January 11 - Self-Funding May Have Hurt Democratic House Candidates
January 11 - What's Ahead: Week of Jan. 13
January 11 - Resigned to Red Ink: The Cost of Wanting It All
January 11 - Cause and Effect of Deficits Still Food for Debate
January 11 - Can Tax Cuts Pay Their Way?
January 11 - White House Tax Cut Package Gets a Wary Hill Reception
January 11 - War: Deficit-Maker Supreme
January 11 - Foreign Policy: More Programs, Less Aid
January 11 - Security's Swelling Price Tag
January 11 - Road Work Hits a Pothole
January 11 - Medicare Drug Coverage: Honoring a Costly Promise
January 11 - GOP Reluctantly Aligns Spending Plan With White House
January 11 - Bush Challenges Senate Democrats With Judicial Renominations
January 11 - Frist Starts Up Steep Learning Curve In Taking Unpredictable Senate's Reins
January 11 - Field of Hopefuls Complicates Non-Candidate Daschle's Job
January 11 - Republicans Mix It Up When Assigning House Chairmen for the 108th
January 11 - Democrats Cry Foul as GOP Eases Several House Rules
January 11 - Top House Assignments for the 108th Congress
January 11 - New House Agriculture Committee Chairman: Robert W. Goodlatte, R-Va.
January 11 - New House Armed Services Committee Chairman: Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.
January 11 - New House Government Reform Committee Chairman: Thomas M. Davis III, R-Va.
January 11 - New House Resources Committee Chairman: Richard W. Pombo, R-Calif.
January 11 - New House Select Homeland Security Committee Chairman: Christopher Cox, R-Calif.
January 11 - Case's Election to House Shows Democrats Still Strong in Hawaii
January 11 - Miller to Retire; Ga. Seat Wide Open
January 11 - Republican Pick for CBO Director Heats Up Budget Feud
January 11 - Jobless Benefits Extension Is 108th's Opening Act
January 11 - Daschle, McCain Tout Emissions Bills Tougher Than Bush's Clean Air Plan, But None Appear Ready for Action
January 18 - 107th Congress, 2nd Session StatisticsPDF
January 18 - Between the LinesPDF
January 18 - End PagePDF
January 18 - Senate VotesPDF
January 18 - Editor's Notebook: Short Season
January 18 - Attack on Cost of Malpractice Insurance Finds a Hands-On Advocate in Frist
January 18 - Senate Legislative Writer Drafts Retirement
January 18 - GOP Consultants Agree Bush Should Keep Brushing Off Senate Competitors for His Job
January 18 - Pro Quarterback Calls Right Signal As House Members Amble In to Vote
January 18 - What's Ahead: Week of Jan. 20
January 18 - Eroding Support Leaves Bush In Foreign Policy Minefield
January 18 - White House Feelers to Iran Employ Lawmakers' Touch
January 18 - Hill Weighs Bush Economic Plan With a List of Changes in Mind
January 18 - Democrats Blast GOP Selection of Tax Cut Booster to Head CBO
January 18 - Senate Leaders' Deal on Organizing Allows the Legislative Year to Begin
January 18 - As They Cobble Together the Omnibus, Republicans' Tactics Delay Hard Choices
January 18 - Spending Ombnibus Conferees Will Negotiate Troublesome Bills
January 18 - Medicare Prescription Benefit Just One Part of Overhaul
January 18 - Senate Boosts Medicare Funds
January 18 - Supreme Court's Copyright Ruling Could Mean Broad Powers for Congress
January 18 - Ginsburg on Eldred v. Ashcroft
January 18 - Even Shedding of Hot-Button Issues Won't Buy Energy Bill Smooth Passage
January 18 - Sticking Points on an Energy Bill
January 18 - No Hitches in Ridge's Confirmation, But Many Senators Express Doubt About the Job That Lies Ahead
January 18 - Long Wait for 'Aimee's Law' Yields Little Except Frustration
January 18 - Rare Partisan Rift Is Troubling For Senate Intelligence Panel
January 18 - WTO Rules Against U.S. On Trade Law
January 18 - Jobless Benefits Extension Is 108th's Opening Act
January 25 - Between the LinesPDF
January 25 - End PagePDF
January 25 - Senate VotesPDF
January 25 - Editor's Notebook: Bush's Defining Year
January 25 - Plan Targets Winnings Of Past-Due Parents
January 25 - Texas Law Guarantees Speedy Election To Select Combest's Replacement in May
January 25 - Coveted Aisle Seats Go Quickly For State of the Union Address
January 25 - Stevens Offers Provision to Help With Fish; Watchdogs Say Program Has a Different Scent
January 25 - What's Ahead: Week of Jan. 27
January 25 - President Eager to Test Agenda-Setting Power
January 25 - President's New Top Hill Lobbyist Is Big on Favors, Not Threats
January 25 - New GOP Whip Walking Fine Line Between Partisan and Conciliator
January 25 - 'Eminently Approachable' Ohioan Keeps House, President in Touch
January 25 - 108th Congress Becomes First With a Boomer Majority
January 25 - Spending Bill Gets to Conference, But Big Changes Are Expected
January 25 - Tough Odds for Drought Aid
January 25 - Democrats Splinter on Stimulus Alternative As Daschle's Plan Fails to Unite Caucus
January 25 - Principals in Broadband Debate In No Hurry to Rejoin Battle
January 25 - High-Tech Sector Senators Pushing For High-Speed Wireless Internet
January 25 - With Shelby at Senate Banking Helm, Privacy Protections Will Be Center Stage
January 25 - Ridge Gains Confirmation and Praise As He Enters Capital's 'Toughest Job'
January 25 - Homeland Security Provisions Reworked
January 25 - Democrats' Environmental Bills May Find Floor Time Elusive In Pro-Business Chambers
January 25 - President's 5-Percent Gesture Reignites Battle Over Black College Funding
January 25 - Illinois Death Row Release Stirs Hill Debate on Scope Of Post-Conviction DNA Testing
January 25 - Lawmakers Scan Possibilities For Peaceful Nuclear Solution
January 25 - Chairman Lugar Promises Protection For Namesake Arms Control Program

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