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September 7 - Between the LinesPDF
September 7 - Bills Signed
September 7 - End PagePDF
September 7 - Public LawsPDF
September 7 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 7 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
September 7 - Editor's Notebook: Role Reversals
September 7 - GOP Win in Missouri Senate Race Could Mean Continuing Resolution, Early Recess
September 7 - Leaders Prepare to Help Draft War Resolution
September 7 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 9
September 7 - For Congress, a New World -- And Business as Usual
September 7 - A Road Show of Solidarity
September 7 - Lawmakers Struggle to Keep An Eye on Patriot Act
September 7 - Lawmakers Struggle to Keep An Eye on Patriot Act
September 7 - Ashcroft Drawing Criticism From Both Sides of the Aisle
September 7 - Ashcroft Drawing Criticism From Both Sides of the Aisle
September 7 - Repositioning Separates McCain Further From GOP Mainstream
September 7 - Workers' Rights Issues Looming Over Homeland Security Debate
September 7 - Evaporating Terrorism Insurance Makes for Cautious Contractors
September 7 - Cost to Arm Pilots Questioned
September 7 - GOP Moderates Call Funding Level Set by Leaders Unworkably Tight
September 7 - Senate Fine-Tunes Budget Deal
September 7 - Economic Stimulus Package Quietly Leaves Priority List For Bush, Many Republicans
September 7 - Provider Giveback Bill Suffering From Link to Prescription Measure
September 7 - Democrats Escalate Fight As Senate Judiciary Committee Defeats Second Bush Nominee
September 7 - Bipartisan Push to Defeat Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill Is Eleventh-Hour Long Shot
September 7 - Amtrak Supporters Push For Speedy Vote on Appropriation
September 7 - Energy Bill: Key Issues for Conference
September 7 - Lawmakers Hope a Few Agreements Will Get Scaled-Back Energy Bill Through Contentious Conference
September 7 - Senate to Consider Bush's Call To Thin Forests of Fire Hazards
September 7 - Bill Would Credit School Expenses
September 7 - Energy, Water Appropriations Approved
September 7 - Bill Would Standardize Rules On Rent-to-Own Transactions
September 7 - Measure Seeks to Attract Teachers to Poor Districts
September 7 - Bush Makes the Rounds To Build His Case Against Iraq
September 7 - Voters, Candidates Unclear About Impact of Iraq Vote
September 7 - Though Neither Party Is Crying 'Politics,' Election Year Puts War Vote on Fast Track
September 7 - House Panel Adds $350 Million To Foreign Aid Spending
September 7 - Stalled State Bill Means No Cash for U.N.
September 7 - Missile Defense Money Pivotal For House and Senate Conferees
September 7 - Intelligence Oversight Panel: CIA Has Failed to Change Since Terror Attacks of 9/11
September 7 - Bills Signed
September 14 - Between the LinesPDF
September 14 - End PagePDF
September 14 - House and Senate VotesPDF
September 14 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 14 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
September 14 - Editor's Notebook: Room to Move
September 14 - Fifty Senators Push for Welfare Overhaul, But That May Not Be Enough
September 14 - Florida Miscue May Spark New Push for Election Bill
September 14 - Lawmakers Brace for Backlash Of Proposed Medicare Cost Increase
September 14 - Prime-Time Thompson Still Holding a Day Job
September 14 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 16
September 14 - Lawmakers Pushing Back From Quick Vote on Iraq
September 14 - Hearings Will Address Preparedness, Long-Term Scenario for Iraq Invasion
September 14 - Rahall Goes to Iraq
September 14 - The Seasoned Speaker: Still Hastert, but Harder
September 14 - They Wear Friendly Faces Now, But Stay Separated by Political Chasm
September 14 - EU Threat of Punitive Tariffs Forces Congress to Act on Taxes
September 14 - Thomas' Style and Controversial Bill Come Under Fire From His Own Party
September 14 - Other Disputed Issues
September 14 - Senators Band Together to Reconcile Labor Rules and Homeland Security
September 14 - Lawmakers Try to Balance Security And the Public's Right to Know
September 14 - Smith's Loss in New Hampshire Primary Reflects Both His Own Missteps And GOP Struggle for Senate Control
September 14 - Education Tax Break Vote Canceled
September 14 - Spending Bills Likely to Wait For Lame Duck
September 14 - Hearings May Be as Mighty As the Legislative Pen
September 14 - Union Priorities Get Short Shrift In Press to Move Senate Pension Bill
September 14 - Baucus, Grassley Take New Approach To Small-Business Tax Breaks
September 14 - Abortion Provision Has House Republicans Lying Low On Bankruptcy Overhaul Measure
September 14 - Rival Plans for Clearing Deadwood Roil Senate Debate on Interior Bill
September 14 - Senate Vote on $6 Billion in Farm Aid Will Complicate Interior Conference
September 14 - Tauzin's Determined Orchestration Keeps Energy Conference Alive
September 14 - Conference on Maritime Security Bill Bogged Down by Plan to Offset Costs Through Port User Fees and Surcharges
September 14 - Armey Holds Conservative Line Against Volunteerism Measure
September 14 - House Panel Approves Some Caps on Malpractice Damages, Fees
September 14 - Panel OKs Medical Error Data Bill
September 14 - Banking Committee Approves Housing Bills, Backs Nominee
September 14 - Overseas Spending Bill Moves, With Family Planning on Hold
September 14 - UNESCO Supporters Say U.S. Membership Could Aid Fight Against Terrorism
September 14 - The New Defense Priorities
September 14 - Bush Catalogs Iraq's Offenses, Proposes Future Actions In Address to United Nations
September 15 - Florida Miscue May Spark New Push for Election Bill
September 21 - Between the LinesPDF
September 21 - End PagePDF
September 21 - House and Senate VotesPDF
September 21 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 21 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
September 21 - Editor's Notebook: Losing to Win
September 21 - Castro Opponents Deride Investments in Cuba
September 21 - McCain-Gephardt Generic Drug Bill Overshadowed by House GOP Measure
September 21 - Permanent Residency Bill Appears Stalled for Now
September 21 - Senate Races in Midwest Prompt $750 Million Jackpot for Farmers
September 21 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 23
September 21 - Bush Takes Page From Clinton In Appropriation Showdown
September 21 - Cacophony Surrounding Iraq Drowns Out Domestic Issues
September 21 - Key Players in Spending Showdown
September 21 - Prospect of Continuing Resolution Means Uncertainty for Programs
September 21 - Chafee Holds Key to Decision on Union Rights for Homeland Staff
September 21 - Stall of Key Tax, Economic Measures May Have Cost Senate Democrats One of Their Best Campaign Weapons
September 21 - Electricity Deregulation on Agenda Despite Lack of House Action
September 21 - House Passes Bill Regulating Rent-To-Own Companies' Disclosure
September 21 - Logjam Over National Forests Could Force Interior Spending Into End-of-Session Omnibus Measure
September 21 - Extension of Screening Security Deadline at Some Airports Approved by Senate Panel
September 21 - Democrats Likely to Confirm Pair of Bush Nominations For Slots on Federal Bench
September 21 - Judgeships and Drug Program Proposal Could Stall Conference Committee on Justice Department Reauthorization
September 21 - Malpractice Suit Limits Get OK
September 21 - Welfare Fight Could Extend Into Next Year
September 21 - 'Faith-Based Initiative' Stalled Despite Deal With Sen. Lincoln
September 21 - House Panel Approves Bill Aimed at Curbing Medical Errors
September 21 - Lawmakers Keeping Close Watch On Bush-Security Council Conflict
September 21 - State Department Bill Negotiators Agree to Pay Overdue U.N. Debts
September 21 - Rumsfeld Says Troop Strength Is Sufficient To Conduct Military Operations in Iraq
September 21 - Intelligence Panel Says Probe Into Failures Needs Independent Commission, More Time
September 28 - Between the LinesPDF
September 28 - End PagePDF
September 28 - House and Senate VotesPDF
September 28 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 28 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
September 28 - Editor's Notebook: Placing Markers
September 28 - Cheney's Lawyer Claims Lawmakers Have Plenty of Ammo in Hunt for Information
September 28 - Getting a Quorum If Congress Is Attacked
September 28 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 30
September 28 - 'One Voice' Lost in Debate Over Iraq War Resolution
September 28 - Democratic Group Finds Tough Sell In Go-Slow Approach to War
September 28 - Gore's Rallying Cry Against Bush Clouds Issue for Fellow Democrats
September 28 - Causes and Consequences
September 28 - The Ghosts of Tonkin: Questions and Resolutions
September 28 - The High Cost of Might
September 28 - Guns and Butter, Again
September 28 - Potential Allies View Trade and Aid As Compensation for Cooperation
September 28 - War May Not Hurt Economy
September 28 - Personnel Differences for Homeland Security Plan
September 28 - Personnel Issues Have Senate Stumbling on Homeland Security
September 28 - Independent Intelligence Commission Caught in Hill-White House Wrangling
September 28 - Senate Finance Chairman's Agenda Trumped by Democratic Leader
September 28 - Budget Conservatives, Appropriators Square Off on First Continuing Resolution, Auguring Worse Conflicts Ahead
September 28 - Energy Conferees Optimistic Despite Intractable Issues
September 28 - Logging Debate Holding Up Interior Bill
September 28 - Panel Approves Draft Spending Plan for D.C.
September 28 - Lawmakers Likely to Increase 'Givebacks' to Medicare Providers Even if a Prescription Plan for Seniors Fails
September 28 - Bush Nominee To Head FDA Widely Backed
September 28 - House Passes Malpractice Limits Bill
September 28 - Congress Gives Itself Three Months To Update 1996 Welfare Law, But a Deal Seems a Long Way Off
September 28 - House Appropriations Committee Considering Hard-Line Tactics With Amtrak Funding
September 28 - House Nears Floor Fight on Water Projects
September 28 - Small-Scale Airline Aid Bill In Discussion
September 28 - Justice Department Reauthorization Losing Steam After Conferees Load On Extra Baggage
September 28 - House Abortion Bill Provides Both Sides of Issue With Stage For Pre-Election Debate
September 28 - Estrada May Sway Some Democrats
September 28 - Gun Lawsuit Restrictions OK'd in House
September 28 - House Energy and Commerce Approves Patient Safety Bill
September 28 - House Republican Blocking Child-Abduction Measure
September 28 - Senate Committee OKs Allergen Bill
September 28 - Senate Passes Omnibus Benefits Bill for Veterans
September 28 - Stalled Bankruptcy Measure Could Spark Separate Farm Bill
September 28 - Loan Incentive for Teachers Set for House Floor Action
September 28 - State Department Bill Includes Final Payoff of U.N. Arrears
September 28 - Intelligence Bill Advances To Conference

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