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July 6 - Appropriations ChartsPDF
July 6 - Between the LinesPDF
July 6 - End PagePDF
July 6 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
July 6 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
July 6 - Editor's Notebook: The Scare Factor
July 6 - For Feinstein, Anti-Discrimination In Hiring Begins With the Senate
July 6 - President Bush Takes Key Issues on the Road
July 6 - Mail Will Continue to Be Irradiated Despite Reported Health Problems
July 6 - McHale Tapped For Homeland Security Post
July 6 - What's Ahead: Week of July 8
July 6 - Corporate America Faces Shift in Legislative Landscape
July 6 - Wise Men Plucked From Obscurity For Their Real-World Experience
July 6 - Scandals a Windfall for SEC?
July 6 - GOP Leaders See Some Benefit In Lame-Duck Spending Session
July 6 - Homeland Security Revamp Hung Up On 'Dual-Purpose' Agencies
July 6 - Merger Comes With Added Duties
July 6 - Candidates Rush to Replace Watts As GOP Conference Chairman
July 6 - Oklahoma Race to Be Swift
July 6 - Oklahoma Race to Be Swift
July 6 - Oldest House Member Bows Out Rather Than Face Fellow Republican In Fallout From N.Y. Redistricting
July 6 - Burton Resurrects Debate Over Release of Presidential Records
July 6 - Medicare Drug Legislation Faces Tough Time in Senate
July 6 - Criticism of War on Terrorism No Longer Politically Off Limits
July 6 - Dispute Over Open Sessions Further Delays Joint Hearings On Sept. 11 Intelligence Failures
July 6 - Intelligence Hurdles
July 6 - Lawmakers Echo Bush's Desire to Protect U.S. Peacekeepers From World Court, But Still Support Bosnia Operation
July 6 - Stabenow: No to Nuclear Dump
July 6 - TSA Gets Second Loan As Supplemental Stalls
July 13 - Between the LinesPDF
July 13 - End PagePDF
July 13 - House and Senate VotesPDF
July 13 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
July 13 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
July 13 - Editor's Notebook: Backhanded Salute
July 13 - Jeffords Not Satisfied With EPA's Release of Records
July 13 - Printing Office Provides Latest Stage For Congress-White House Dispute
July 13 - House Members See Rare Gubernatorial Advantage
July 13 - No Hastert-Gephardt Meeting To Stop Congressional Pay Raise
July 13 - What's Ahead: Week of July 15
July 13 - Much Variety, Little Traction In Medicare Drug Plans
July 13 - Gantlet of House Committees Greets Homeland Security Plan
July 13 - Highlights of Panels' Input On New Security Department
July 13 - President's Hard Line on Spending Shatters Brief Bipartisan Consensus
July 13 - Gloomier OMB Forecast Adds Fuel To Fiery Budget Talks
July 13 - House GOP Chairmanship Still in Play
July 13 - Ways and Means Chairman Thomas Turns Plan to Repeal Export Subsidies Into 166-Page 'Accountability' Crusade
July 13 - McCain's Hold on Nominations Spurs Bush and Senate Leaders To Agree on Timely Action Plan
July 13 - Retirement of Veteran Appropriator Meek Prompts Rush of Democratic Hopefuls
July 13 - Aspiring to Appropriations Seats
July 13 - Police Force Merger Is Main Obstacle For Legislative Branch Spending Bill
July 13 - Tougher Accounting Legislation Resurrected in Senate
July 13 - Democrats Baucus and Kennedy Vie for Pension Plan Bill Support
July 13 - Nuclear Waste Issue as Hot as Ever Despite Senate OK of Nevada Site
July 13 - Backers Hope Solid House Vote For Arming Airline Pilots Will Force Foes to Reconsider
July 13 - Treasury-Postal Service Spending Bill Tempts Veto With Cuba Travel Provision
July 13 - Realtors Win Rule Delay
July 13 - House GOP Expresses Displeasure With Interior Spending Bill
July 13 - Midwestern Lawmakers Stymied In Effort to Lower Farm Income Limits
July 13 - House Panel OKs Raise For Water Projects
July 13 - Special Education Panel Reports
July 13 - Surgeon General Nominee Vows To Use 'Bully Pulpit'
July 13 - Biden's Copyright Protection Bill Wins Broad Industry Support
July 13 - Bill Would Expand Medicaid Coverage for Disabled Children
July 13 - House Panel Approves Bill To Ban Late-Term Abortions
July 13 - Panel Approves State, Local Affordable Housing Money
July 13 - Religious Right Flexes Muscles On Foreign Policy Matters
July 13 - An Ally in Opposition to ICC
July 13 - Bush Reasserts Flexibility for Defense Funds
July 13 - U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Treaty Debated
July 20 - Between the LinesPDF
July 20 - End PagePDF
July 20 - House and Senate VotesPDF
July 20 - House Homeland Security Bill Bends Strongly Bush's Way
July 20 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
July 20 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
July 20 - Editor's Notebook: The Long View, Week by Week
July 20 - Arts Funding on Upswing After NEA Adopts Changes
July 20 - Intelligence Center to Stay Right Where Murtha Put It
July 20 - Buck Stops Short of Redesign As Vending Industry Digs in its Heels
July 20 - McKinney Leans Green With Video Appearance
July 20 - What's Ahead: Week of July 22
July 20 - Daschle's Soft Touch Lost In Tough Senate Arena
July 20 - House GOP Keeps the Faith
July 20 - Key Issues of Security Debate
July 20 - Bush's Domestic Security Blueprint Includes Possible Role for Military
July 20 - Unyielding White House Approach Win Bush Bottom Line on Supplemental
July 20 - Conservatives Compel Hastert To Set Early Test of Spending Limits
July 20 - House Expected to Expel Traficant Based on Panel's Recommendation
July 20 - Torricelli Called to Appear Before Senate Ethics Panel For Fundraising Probe
July 20 - Despite Police, Taxation Issues, Smooth Sailing Anticipated For Legislative Branch Spending Bill
July 20 - Stock Declines Aid Democrats In Push for Stiff Accounting Rules
July 20 - SEC Budget Skyrockets
July 20 - Medicare Drug Debate Begins in Senate As Parties Play to Midterm Voters
July 20 - Congress Moves Toward Meeting Its Commitment In Latest Amtrak Bailout
July 20 - Admiral James M. Loy
July 20 - Lawmakers Back Loy as TSA Head But Criticize Agency's Progress
July 20 - House Passes Interior Spending Bill After Standoff on Funding Increases
July 20 - Travel to Cuba, Contract Quotas Draw Veto Threat on Spending Bill
July 20 - Labor-HHS Spending Bill Glides Through Senate Panel, But Conflict Looms
July 20 - Senate Panel Puts Off Tough Decisions To Pass Commerce-Justice-State Bill
July 20 - FEC Nomination Snarl Could Ensnare Carmona
July 20 - Infant Protection Bill Cleared
July 20 - Panel OKs DNA Testing Of Suspects
July 20 - Ban on 'Partial Birth' Abortions Nears Vote on House Floor
July 20 - House Bill on Utah Land Swap Called Too Hasty by Democrats
July 20 - Senate Panel Approves Bill To Combat Entertainment Piracy
July 20 - Crusader May Be Precursor To More Defense Cuts
July 20 - Committee Adds $700 Million To Defense Spending Bill
July 20 - Panel OKs Future War Funds
July 20 - Consideration of Move Against Iraq Prompts Rumblings From Capitol Hill
July 20 - Lawmakers Irked as Spy Agencies Move Slowly to Alleviate Problems
July 20 - Impatient Senate Appropriators Add U.N. Family Planning Funds To Foreign Operations Bill
July 20 - Hearings on Treaty With Russia Highlight Senators' Concerns Over Removal of Nuclear Arms
July 20 - Chambers' Add-Ons For Military Construction Bill Will Complicate Conference
July 20 - The Quest To Keep Americans Healthy
July 20 - The Quest To Keep Americans Healthy
July 20 - Recurring Pursuit for Universal Care Results in Small Advances
July 27 - Between the LinesPDF
July 27 - End PagePDF
July 27 - House and Senate VotesPDF
July 27 - In Effort to Avoid Disputes, Senate Follows House Lead on Environmental Funding
July 27 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
July 27 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
July 27 - Editor's Notebook: Political Economy
July 27 - Democrats Close Ranks to Ensure Ratification Of Women's Equality Treaty
July 27 - No Opposition as Senate Confirms Carmona as U.S. Surgeon General
July 27 - Democrats' Immigrant Residency Plan Challenges Bush for Hispanic Vote
July 27 - Virgil Goode Switches To Republican Party
July 27 - What's Ahead: Week of July 29
July 27 - A Worried Congress Forced Into Legislative Overdrive
July 27 - Regulation Is Back in Vogue
July 27 - Deal Puts Fast Track on Track
July 27 - Bankruptcy Bill Set to Clear
July 27 - Homeland Security's Big Hurdle: Ceding Power to White House
July 27 - Traditional Shifting of Funds Raises Hackles on Homeland Security
July 27 - Election Overhaul May Have to Wait In Line Behind Other 'Crisis' Issues
July 27 - Traficant's Ouster Decided But Not Relished by His Peers
July 27 - Supplemental Conferees Leave Fate Of $5.1 Billion in Bush's Hands
July 27 - Citing Improved Fiscal Management, Senate Appropriators Add 37 Percent To D.C. Spending Bill for Fiscal 2003
July 27 - Legislative Branch Spending Conference Could Snag Over Police Force Merger
July 27 - McCain Deal Speeds Up Nominations
July 27 - Panel Winding Up Torricelli Investigation
July 27 - Medicare Deal Is Possible, As Senate Studies Bipartisan Plan
July 27 - Energy Conferees Announce Some Deals, But the Difficult Issues Lie Ahead
July 27 - Democrats Say Conservative Bent Of Circuit Court Nominee Owen Is Too Far Out of Mainstream
July 27 - Highways, Amtrak Are Winners In Senate Transportation Bill
July 27 - New Transportation Security Chief Says He Will Reconsider Armed Pilots, Creating ID Card for 'Trusted Travelers'
July 27 - Bush May Christen His Veto Pen On Treasury-Postal Spending Bill
July 27 - House Passes Abortion Bill Despite Democrats' Protests Over Health, Constitution
July 27 - Committee Approves VA-HUD Bill, Boosts Funding For Medical Care
July 27 - Agriculture Bills Sail Through Appropriations Committees, But Debate Expected in September
July 27 - Chambers Name Conferees On Terrorism Insurance Bill After Deal Ends Stalemate
July 27 - Public Works Panel Approves Bills Requiring Tougher Security for Nuclear and Chemical Facilities
July 27 - Bill Offers Health Care Tax Breaks
July 27 - Pipeline Safety Linked to Energy Measure
July 27 - Oversight of Anti-Missile Program Keeps Defense Conferees at Odds
July 27 - House-Passed Intelligence Bill Calls For Independent Probe of Sept. 11 Attacks
July 27 - $10 Billion Authorized For War Fund
July 27 - Hall's Confirmation Hits Snag
July 27 - House Gives Thumbs Up To Normal Trade With Vietnam

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