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May 4 - Between the LinesPDF
May 4 - End PagePDF
May 4 - Senate and House VotesPDF
May 4 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
May 4 - Editor's Notebook: The Political Imperative
May 4 - 'Harry & Louise' Clones Spark Insurance Lawsuit
May 4 - Anniversary Score on Judicial Nominees: Three Confirmed, Eight Still in Limbo
May 4 - Daschle Must Make Fast Shuffle To Get ANWR Opponents on Panel
May 4 - Hawaiian Tug Named For Rep. Abercrombie
May 4 - What's Ahead: Week of May 6
May 4 - DeLay Flexes Muscles On Middle East Issue
May 4 - The DeLay-Bush Connection
May 4 - House Moves to Boost Numbers In Supplemental Spending Bill
May 4 - Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms
May 4 - Lawmakers Weigh Creation Of 'Electronic Congress' For Emergency Legislating
May 4 - Diverse Three-Judge Panel Will Hear Challenge to Campaign Finance Law
May 4 - The Campaign Finance Judges
May 4 - Barcia Opts Out of House Election
May 4 - Free-Spending Farm Bill A Triumph of Politics
May 4 - Animal Rights Advocates Feel Sting Of Conference Committee Cuts
May 4 - Immigrants' Benefits Continue to Be Sticking Point in House Welfare Debate
May 4 - Parties Pushing Competing Drug Plans, But Small Steps on Medicare Most Likely
May 4 - Divided Senate Examining Research Value, Moral Issues As It Ponders Vote on Cloning
May 4 - INS Bills Set House Against Senate With Bipartisan Support for Both Plans
May 4 - Pilots Offer Strong Support for Bills That Would Allow Guns in Cockpit
May 4 - Cabinet-Level Status for Security Office Gets Push From Bipartisan Measure
May 4 - Lawmakers Dispute Fix For Budget Cut Built Into Surface Transportation Law
May 4 - Bill Narrows 'Virtual' Porn Definition
May 4 - Hill Demands Clean Air Act Rewrite Data
May 4 - Congress Expected to Clear Border Security Bill
May 4 - Hollings Offers His Own Broadband Bill
May 4 - Senate Confirms Zerhouni As Director of NIH
May 4 - Senate Changes to Fast-Track Bill Could Hurt Long-Term Prospects
May 4 - Fast-Track Legislation Could Be Another Weapon in War on Terror
May 4 - Steelworkers and Medical Aid
May 4 - President's 'Unspecified' War Fund Takes a Hit From Armed Services Panel
May 4 - House Panel's Reins Will Go To One of Two Defense Hawks
May 4 - Crusader Short on Backing To Parry White House Plan For Eliminating the Program
May 4 - Sudden Departure of Staff Director Hampers Intelligence Investigation
May 4 - Criminal Court Debate Will Keep Conferees Busy On State Department Bill
May 4 - Snowe Continues Ship Debate
May 4 - State Department to Send Three-Member Team to China
May 4 - Treasury Is Focus of Ex-Im Conference
May 4 - House and Senate Resolutions Declaring Congress' Solidarity With Israel and Condemning Palestinian Suicide Bombings
May 11 - Between the LinesPDF
May 11 - End PagePDF
May 11 - Senate and House VotesPDF
May 11 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
May 11 - Editor's Notebook: Rules of Disorder
May 11 - Activist's Release Deflates Burma Trade Ban Proposal
May 11 - Conflict in Middle East Could Be Factor In a Michigan Democratic Primary
May 11 - Ailing Helms May Be Out Until July or August
May 11 - Letter From Sept. 11 Families Used as Weapon In Hyde-Schumer Feud Over Bankruptcy Overhaul
May 11 - What's Ahead: Week of May 13
May 11 - Crusader Down: First Salvo In Cancellation Wars
May 11 - After Handling Crusader Decision, Rumsfeld Must Handle Fallout
May 11 - Defense Bill Draws Fire
May 11 - Supplemental Bill a Vehicle For Fights Over Policies, Not Money
May 11 - GOP Eager to Raise Debt Ceiling With Minimal Political Pain
May 11 - Campaign Finance Reform Challengers Fear Opponents' New Legal Standing Offers a Chance to Exact Revenge
May 11 - Eight-Term Ohio Incumbent Loses Primary After Union Locals Pull Their Support
May 11 - Bush Chooses Economists For Fed Seats
May 11 - Democrats Assail Drug Prices, GOP Fine-Tunes Medicare Plan
May 11 - House Delays Drug Debate
May 11 - Many in Congress Itching to Revisit Elements of the Just-Cleared Farm Bill
May 11 - Amtrak Chugs Into Another Fiscal Year With a Less-Than-Certain Future
May 11 - Democrats Blast 'Paltry' House Welfare Bill As GOP Tries to Present United Front
May 11 - Congress Clears Border Security Measure But Wants to Protect Legal Immigration
May 11 - Key Border Security Provisions
May 11 - Focusing on Law Enforcement, Judiciary Committee Sends Cybercrime Bill to House Floor
May 11 - Ensign's Unenviable Task Stands Taller Than Yucca Mountain
May 11 - Sarbanes Circulating Draft Of Broad Accounting Bill; Hard Work Remains Ahead
May 11 - Bill Would Protect Internet Privacy
May 11 - Despite Contentious Debate, Panel Approves Banking Bill
May 11 - Bill to Rewrite Ban on Virtual Porn Gets Panel Approval
May 11 - One Senate Deal on Fast Track Leaves Other Avenues for Debate
May 11 - Democrats Use Trade Measure To Expand Help for Displaced Workers
May 11 - At White House Urging, Lawmakers Hold Off on New Middle East Sanctions
May 11 - With White House's Blessing, DeLay Picks Vehicle to Block U.S. Role in International Court
May 11 - Lawmakers Say Intelligence Network Is 'Slow-Walking' Inquiry Into Lack of Sept. 11 Preparedness
May 11 - Bill to Boost Veterans Employment Wins Panel OK
May 11 - Bush's Steel Tariffs Backed in House
May 18 - Between the LinesPDF
May 18 - End PagePDF
May 18 - Senate and House VotesPDF
May 18 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
May 18 - Editor's Notebook: The Public Interest
May 18 - Presidents, Lawmakers Alike Caught Up In Cuba Embargo's Power to Polarize
May 18 - Wisconsin Seeks 'Emergency' $10 Million for Ailing Deer
May 18 - Fast-Moving Housing Bill Frees Minister From IRS
May 18 - Pro-Death Penalty Lawmakers Want Inmates' Access to DNA Tests
May 18 - What's Ahead: Week of May 20
May 18 - Safe House: Incumbents Face Worry-Free Election
May 18 - Bernard Sanders: Wide Appeal Shores Up Independent
May 18 - Phil English: A Republican's Allure to Labor
May 18 - Jesse L. Jackson Jr.: Powerful Name Secures Chicago's 2nd
May 18 - Lois Capps: Redistricting Gurus Protect Incumbents
May 18 - Steve Chabot: Swing Votes Gives Ohioan the Edge
May 18 - John Culberson: Unopposed Texan Steps Up for Others
May 18 - Moderation on Endangered List As Safe Seats Breed Rigidity
May 18 - GOP Outreach to Moderates Involves Listening, Few Changes
May 18 - Republican Main Street Partnership: A Voice for Moderate Republicans
May 18 - GOP Vows to Hold Up FEC Nomination Until Senate Votes on Pending Judges
May 18 - Many Divisions Yield Gloomy Forecast For Upcoming Appropriations Season
May 18 - Economy, Policy Matters Flummox Federal Budget Forecasters
May 18 - Ethics Panel Starts Inquiry on Convicted Rep. Traficant
May 18 - House Considers How To Fill Seats After a Disaster
May 18 - Welfare Overhaul Points Up Intra-Party Differences
May 18 - A Marriage Tax Mishap
May 18 - Future of High-Speed Internet Service Rides on Competing Senate Bills
May 18 - Senate's Broadband Proposals
May 18 - Members Back Medicare Reform But Are Not Unified on a Solution
May 18 - Bankruptcy Bill Snags Again On Hyde-Schumer Duel Over Abortion Protesters
May 18 - Sarbanes' Style Could Prove a Hindrance In His Effort to Regulate Accounting
May 18 - Senate Contemplates Raising Highway Funds Above House's $4.4 Billion
May 18 - Clean Water Bill Latest Example Of Jeffords' Difficulty in Gathering Bipartisan Support on Environment
May 18 - Depression-Era Wage Law Threatens Water Pollution Bill
May 18 - West Coast Democrats Press Conferees To Adopt Stricter Electricity Regulation As Part of Omnibus Energy Legislation
May 18 - Internet Privacy Protection Bill Advances in Senate Despite GOP Stall Tactics
May 18 - Security Bills Stuck in Limbo
May 18 - Transportation Security Bills Bogged Down by Turf Battles
May 18 - Bill To Curb Unwanted E-Mail Approved by Senate Committee
May 18 - Bill to Protect Credit Records Approved by Senate Panel
May 18 - Bio-Terror Bill, Near Final Accord, Will Include Drug Plan
May 18 - News of Terrorism Warnings Sets Democrats on Offensive
May 18 - Crusader's Friends on Capitol Hill Keep White House Scrambling
May 18 - Some Lawmakers Warn Bush-Putin Pact Will Not Sufficiently Safeguard Weapons
May 18 - Lugar Serves Up Strong NATO Fare To Broad-Based Collection of Allies
May 18 - Bush Travels to NATO Summit With Strong Support for Expansion
May 18 - Concessions on Both Sides Leave No One Entirely Satisfied With Trade Bill
May 18 - Though an Iconoclast on Fast Track, GOP Leader Lives to Tell the Tale
May 18 - Contract for New Generation of Warships in Dispute
May 18 - Defense Bill May Cover Garb for Military Women
May 18 - Dodd Blasts State Dept.'s Reich For Response to Venezuelan Coup
May 18 - Campaign Finance Law Provisions
May 25 - Between the LinesPDF
May 25 - End PagePDF
May 25 - Senate and House VotesPDF
May 25 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
May 25 - Editor's Notebook: Waterlogged
May 25 - Biden's Usual Warm Relations With Russia Chills Out Over Chicken Crusade
May 25 - Segway Bill Hits Skids After Bicycle Lobby Protests
May 25 - Historic Session Scheduled Near Ground Zero This Fall
May 25 - Senate Democrats Oppose House GOP Welfare Bill But Disagree Over How to Rewrite It
May 25 - Politics Muddies the Water Around Sept. 11 Investigation
May 25 - Panels' Limitations Hinder Probe of Intelligence Failures
May 25 - Attacks and Follow-up Investigations: History Offers Cautionary Tale
May 25 - After Struggle for House Passage, Spending Fight Is in the Senate
May 25 - Riders on the House Supplemental
May 25 - Hefty Cash Infusion Helps Murtha Beat Mascara In Remapped Pa. District
May 25 - States' Publicly Funded Campaigns Could Provide Future Federal Model
May 25 - Public Campaign Financing Tested
May 25 - Ballot Overhaul in Final Preparation, But 2002 Voting Will Not Be Affected
May 25 - Though Tax Writers Are Busy, House and Senate Far Apart In Follow-up to Last Year's Cut
May 25 - Democrats Not Satisfied With Enron Memo Turned Over by the White House
May 25 - Impatient Senate Drafts Its Own Homeland Security Plan
May 25 - Customs Bills Passed
May 25 - Transportation Committee Clears Path in House for Bus Safety and Pipeline Bills
May 25 - House May Circumvent Administration And Advance Measure to Allow Pilots To Carry Firearms on Airplanes
May 25 - Senate Clears Bio-Terrorism Bill Including Contentious FDA Provision That Helps Speed New Drugs to Market
May 25 - With No Patients' Rights Agreement in Sight Daschle Prepares to Name Conferees
May 25 - Court to Rule on HMO Case
May 25 - Bankruptcy Revamp Held Up By Fight Over Abortion Provision
May 25 - Committee Democrats Cross Over To Advance Smith Judicial Nomination But Remain Committed to Tough Process
May 25 - Senate Accounting Industry Regulation Could Get New Legs After Recess
May 25 - Coverage Boost For FDIC Slows Bill
May 25 - High-Speed Rail, Amtrak Bills Delayed Over GOP-Labor Dispute
May 25 - Medicare Drug Bill Markup Readied
May 25 - Senators Want to Extend Sept. 11 Fund to Victims of Past Terrorism
May 25 - White House Pushing Draft Terrorism Insurance Proposal
May 25 - GOP Hopes for Fast-Track Fixes As Trade Bill Goes to Conference
May 25 - Democrats Keep One Eye on Trade, Other on Future Presidential Runs
May 25 - The Next Possible Trade Deals
May 25 - Late White House Pressure Prompts Ex-Im Bank Deal To Give Bush New Power
May 25 - Sen. Dodd Looks for Middle Ground On Easing Cuban Trade Embargo Following Bush-Carter Clash
May 25 - Lawmakers Worry About Stability, Insist on U.S. Peacekeepers As Part of Afghan Aid Package
May 25 - Hunter Pushes Military Spending Hike As He Prepares for His Ascent To Armed Services Chairmanship
May 25 - Senate Passes Bill Focusing On Disease Containment
May 25 - Senate's Crusader Plans on Hold
May 25 - Senators Differ With Powell On Releasing Serbian Aid
May 25 - Veterans Affairs Could Play Role In Combating Terrorism

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