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February 2 - Anti-terrorism ProvisionsPDF
February 2 - Between the LinesPDF
February 2 - Bills to WatchPDF
February 2 - End PagePDF
February 2 - House and Senate VotesPDF
February 2 - Editor's Notebook: Deficit Perceptions
February 2 - Olympics Make Utah a Big Fiscal Winner, But Lawmakers Quibble Over Final Tally
February 2 - 'Secure', but Not Too Far
February 2 - Baseball Owners Signaling Senate To Slide on Antitrust Exemption
February 2 - What's Ahead: Week of Feb. 4
February 2 - Will a New Era of Deficits Be Bush's Budget Legacy?
February 2 - Daniels' Domestic Austerity Drive May Further Strain Relations With Hill
February 2 - The Challenges at Home
February 2 - A Closer Look at GAO vs. Cheney: Politics and Separation of Powers
February 2 - Some Republicans See Hill Watchdog As Biting the Hand That Nurtured Him
February 2 - Hill Democrats Respond Cautiously To Party Consultants' Plans For Capitalizing on Enron Collapse
February 2 - 'Temporary' Breaks Keep Tax Writers And Lobbyists in Perpetual Motion
February 2 - Permanency for R and D Credit?
February 2 - Pressure for Stimulus Abates As Economy Shows Clear Signs of Revival
February 2 - Lobbying of Black and Hispanic Caucuses Heats Up as Debate Draws Closer On Campaign Finance Overhaul
February 2 - Inouye to Head Torricelli Probe Instead of Reid
February 2 - Proposals to Adjust Welfare System Will Hew Closely to the Center
February 2 - Enron Revelations Prompt Reassessment Of Utility Deregulation, Private-Trading Rules
February 2 - A Marketplace for Risk
February 2 - Bush Proposes New Pension Safeguards; Democrats Call Them Insufficient And Businesses Worry About Liability
February 2 - Terrorism Insurance Bill Relegated to Back Burner As Urgency Is Questioned
February 2 - Amtrak: Double Funds Or Routes Go
February 2 - Fetal Insurance Plan Proves Controversial
February 2 - CIA's Role in Afghan War Restores Tenet's Image on Hill
February 2 - Goss: Waiting in the Wings?
February 2 - Some Lawmakers Unhappy With Bush's Inclusion of Iran, North Korea in 'Axis of Evil'
February 2 - Bush Says National Security And Economic Revival Will Require Deficit Spending
February 2 - Gephardt Urges More Protections For Workers and Pensioners, Pushes for Campaign Finance Overhaul
February 2 - Provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Bill
February 9 - Between the LinesPDF
February 9 - Bills to WatchPDF
February 9 - End PagePDF
February 9 - House and Senate VotesPDF
February 9 - Editor's Notebook: The Comity Is Over
February 9 - Battle over Pickering's Nomination Dredges Up Bitter Times for South
February 9 - Internet Security Scare Delays Payments to Tribes
February 9 - Clubs Come Out Swinging Again
February 9 - Lawmakers Call Bush Request for Authority To 'Transfer' Appropriations Beyond the Pale
February 9 - What's Ahead: Week of Feb. 11
February 9 - Enron Inquiry Likely to Be Broader Than Response
February 9 - Competing to Probe Enron
February 9 - Defense Plans Praised, Domestic Squeeze Debated
February 9 - Budget Hearing Turns Personal
February 9 - 'Performance' and Politics
February 9 - Parsing the Assumptions
February 9 - Death of a Stimulus Bill
February 9 - Agency-by-Agency: The President's Opening Bid
February 9 - Opponents of Shays-Meehan Bet It All on a Conference
February 9 - GAO's Walker Says He Hopes To Avoid Court Fight With Cheney Over Energy Task Force Documents
February 9 - Goss Rescinds Plan to Retire
February 9 - Radiation Level is Lowered on Hill Mail After Health Complaints
February 9 - Rep. Goode Seeks Nomination By GOP for a Fourth Term
February 9 - Turnabout on Farm Subsidies Could Presage Bigger Overhaul
February 9 - Bush Touts New 'Religious Charities' Plan But Critics Say it Does Not Go Far Enough
February 9 - Banking Insurance Bill Would Increase Coverage, Merge Funds
February 9 - House Passes Cyber-Security Bill To Avert Terrorist Attacks
February 9 - Panel to Congress: Split Up Amtrak
February 9 - Radio Free Afghanistan Bill Is Passed by Senate
February 9 - Bush Decision Expected Soon On Yucca Mountain Proposal
February 9 - Democrats Polish Energy Bill, Plan to Raise CAFE Standards
February 9 - Defense Contractors Suit Up For Air vs. Sea Funding War
February 9 - Sentiment Grows for Ending Cuba Embargo, But Opponents Say Bush Will Stand Firm
February 9 - Senate Foreign Relations Panel Hosts Collision of Cuba Policies
February 9 - NATO Candidates Use Finesse, Persistence To Cultivate Hill Relationships
February 9 - Fast-Track Bill Threatened By Partisan Disagreement Over Displaced Workers
February 9 - Senate Hearing Fails to Build Support for Outside Probe Of Sept. 11 Attacks
February 16 - Between the LinesPDF
February 16 - Bills to WatchPDF
February 16 - End PagePDF
February 16 - House and Senate VotesPDF
February 16 - Public LawsPDF
February 16 - Editor's Notebook: Under Cover
February 16 - Another Reagan Alumnus Returns, Welcomed by Old Democratic Critics
February 16 - DeLay Heads to Puerto Rico To Raise Money and Talk Taxes
February 16 - The Harrisburg Senators Have a Say Over Antitrust Law?
February 16 - GAO's Fuller Disclosure
February 16 - The Farmers' Friend
February 16 - The Harrisburg Senators Have a Say Over Antitrust Law?
February 16 - What's Ahead: Week of Feb. 18
February 16 - Campaign Finance Outcome Now in Daschle's Hands
February 16 - Mixed Signals, Hard Feelings
February 16 - Parties Work Overtime to Fill Coffers As Soft Money Edges Toward Extinction
February 16 - Where the House Will Be Won
February 16 - Top-Tier Lobbyists: Ex-Members' Special Access Becomes an Issue
February 16 - Final Lobbying Push Is Under Way As Vote on Broadband Bill Nears High-Speed Rules
February 16 - Retirees' Privileges
February 16 - Deficit-Averse Republicans Struggle With Principles and Practicalities
February 16 - Unemployment Benefits Become Political Football for Hill Republicans
February 16 - Bush's Selection of Hall For Humanitarian Position Creates Opportunity for GOP
February 16 - Bill to Update Voting Process Likely to Pass
February 16 - Farm Bill Conference Forecast: Long and Stormy
February 16 - Lack of Carbon Dioxide Regulation Spurs Criticism of Bush's Clean-Air Plan
February 16 - Senate Energy Bill Goes to Floor Thick With Contentious Issues
February 16 - Nevada's Hill Delegation Stresses Transport Dangers To Fight Nuclear Waste Plan
February 16 - Business Groups Worry Pension Overhaul Following Enron Demise Could Go Too Far
February 16 - Kennedy Relies on Dual Strategy Of Public Attacks, Private Negotiations To Shape Health Care Initiative
February 16 - A History of the Voucher Debate
February 16 - Bush's Private School Tax Credit Reignites the Voucher Debate
February 16 - Bush's Private School Tax Credit Reignites the Voucher Debate
February 16 - A History of the Voucher Debate
February 16 - Bicoastal Lease Swap May Avert Oil Drilling off California
February 16 - Bills Would Stiffen Auditor Oversight
February 16 - Zoellick Sides With Farmers In Dispute With Canada
February 16 - Former CIA Official to Head Hill Intelligence Probe of Sept. 11
February 16 - L. Britt Snider
February 16 - Lawmakers Warn: Bypassing Hill On Iraq Action Is Not an Option
February 16 - Foes of Reactor Deal With North Korea Look for Tougher Approach From Bush
February 16 - Bush Seeks Middle Ground On Pakistani Import Quotas
February 16 - House Clears Scaled-Back Bill For Radio Free Afghanistan
February 16 - Powell: Foreign Aid Request Will Grow
February 16 - Sudan Sanctions Bill Cools Off As Peace Talks Are Conducted
February 16 - Bills Signed
February 23 - Between the LinesPDF
February 23 - Bills to WatchPDF
February 23 - End PagePDF
February 23 - Editor's Notebook: It's All Connected
February 23 - Enron's Accounting Woes Cast a Shadow On Debt-Limit Legerdemain
February 23 - Georgia Crematory Fraud May Prompt Tighter 'Funeral Rules'
February 23 - Committees Move Ahead on Plan to Expand O'Hare While Illinois Lawmakers Remain Divided
February 23 - Democrats See Father As Problem for Pickering
February 23 - What's Ahead: Week of Feb. 25
February 23 - Regulating the Rule-Makers: John Graham at OIRA
February 23 - 'Return Letters': Thumbs Down From the Director's Office
February 23 - Candidates for Review: OIRA's 2002 Priorities
February 23 - New Tools to Change Rules
February 23 - John D. Graham
February 23 - Campaign Finance Finale Puts McConnell on the Spot
February 23 - Shays-Meehan Watchers Prepare To Target 'Issue Ads' Rules in Court
February 23 - Money Migration?
February 23 - Appellate Courts at Center Of Fight for Control of Judiciary
February 23 - Charles W. Pickering Sr.
February 23 - Lack of Judicial Controversy Belies Tumult Surrounding Pickering
February 23 - Fireworks Expected in Debate As Tauzin-Dingell Broadband Bill Heads to House Floor for Vote
February 23 - High Court's Review of Copyright Law Could Have Broad Repercussions For Web Publishing, Consumer Electronics
February 23 - Democrats Say They Will Seek To Go Well Beyond Bush's Plan For Increasing Aid to Minority Colleges
February 23 - White House Sees Less to Dislike In House Version of Farm Bill As Pressure to Act Mounts
February 23 - White House May Try to Broaden President's Privacy Privilege As It Fights GAO Suit Over Papers
February 23 - Navy Caught in Budget Squeeze As Urgency to Build Ships Grows
February 23 - Navy Caught in Budget Squeeze As Urgency to Build Ships Grows
February 23 - 'Smaller Is Better' Revisited

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