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November 3 - Editor's Notebook: Advantage: Congress
November 3 - Redistricting Gift a Little Snug for Holt
November 3 - Solomon: A GOP Stalwart
November 3 - A Colleague Remembered
November 3 - Ex-Sen. Pressler Hoping to 'Do the House Thing'
November 3 - What's Ahead: Week of Nov. 5
November 3 - Does Ridge Have the Clout To Carry It Off?
November 3 - Homeland Security Key Players
November 3 - America's Earlier 'Czars'
November 3 - Legislating at a Crime Scene
November 3 - Senate at Impasse on Stimulus Bill As Pressure for Action Grows
November 3 - Economists Differ on Whether Stimulus Matters Much to Markets or Economy
November 3 - Annual Spending Process Takes a Back Seat to Security Issues
November 3 - Legislative Branch Bill Clears With More for Capitol Police, Extra Offices in Visitor Center
November 3 - Bush's Appeal Gives GOP Victory on Airline Security Bill
November 3 - A Deep Partisan Schism
November 3 - Kennedy, Frist Vow to Cooperate On Bill to Defend Against Bio-Terrorism
November 3 - Nuclear Liability Protection Bill Advances Swiftly in House But Faces Resistance in Senate
November 3 - Harkin Offers 'Balanced' Farm Bill Challenging House Subsidy Plan And Increasing Conservation Funds
November 3 - Education Bill Picks Up Pace As Conferees Reach Accord On Several Thorny Issues
November 3 - Ways and Means Republicans Push to Boost Funding Now For Medicare+Choice Program
November 3 - Labor-HHS Spending Bill Hits Snag As Policy Disputes Erupt in Senate
November 3 - Parity for Mental Health Care
November 3 - Treasury-Postal Service Bill Clears With Perennial Debates Subdued
November 3 - Energy-Water Bill Clears After Conferees Scale Back Nuclear Non-Proliferation Funds
November 3 - Terrorism Insurance Bill's Prospects For Passage This Year Are in Doubt As Committees Take Differing Approaches
November 3 - CJS Conferees Struggle With Funding Levels
November 3 - Online Gambling Curb Approved
November 3 - Rep. Goss Has Everyone's Ear When Subject Is Intelligence
November 3 - Goss May Seek to Punish Leakers
November 3 - 'Drug Plane' Interdiction Changes Urged
November 3 - Panel Backs A Radio Free Afghanistan
November 3 - Remaps' Clear Trend: Incumbent Protection
November 3 - Fewer Incumbents Retiring?
November 10 - As Terrorism Insurance Bills Advance, Much Compromising Remains to Be Done
November 10 - Labor-HHS Conferees to Contend With Mental Health Benefit Dispute, Education Overhaul Bill Delay
November 10 - Editor's Notebook: Countdown to Nov. 5
November 10 - Editor's Notebook: Countdown to Nov. 5
November 10 - ADJOURNMENT: A Different Kind of Rush for the Holidays
November 10 - SOCIAL POLICY: Faith-Based Initiatives, Now More Than Ever?
November 10 - AVIATION SECURITY: Passenger List Politics
November 10 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Rapprochement With Russia: A New Mood Hits Congress
November 10 - On the Summit Agenda
November 10 - Hill Weighs Repeal of Cold War-Era Law Linking Trade With Human Rights
November 10 - Banning Biological Weapons
November 10 - ECONOMICS & FINANCE: Thinly Backed Stimulus Bill Moves to Hostile Senate Floor
November 10 - ECONOMICS & FINANCE: Swing Democrats Exact a Price For Supporting Stimulus Bill
November 10 - Sweeteners
November 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Members Challenge Presidents Threat To Veto Emergency Spending Bill
November 10 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Decontaminating Capitol Hill Is a Learning Experience
November 10 - Drug Industry Seeks Incentives For Taking On Vaccine Challenge
November 10 - Postmaster Seeks $5 Billion
November 10 - Chemical Vulnerabilities
November 10 - TRANSPORTATION & INFRASTRUCTURE: White House, Aviation Safety Conferees Grope Their Way Toward Compromise
November 10 - Port, Rail Safety Also Studied
November 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA-HUD Spending Bill Clears After Deal On Drinking Water, Drug-Related Crimes
November 10 - AGRICULTURE: Debate Over Subsidies vs. Conservation Continues to Plague Farm Bill
November 10 - CJS Budget Highlights
November 10 - As Spy Agencies' Budgets Rise, Debate Begins on Restructuring
November 10 - TRADE: GOP Pushing for Fast-Track Vote Despite Lack of Democratic Support, Ongoing Rift Over Side Issues
November 17 - Editor's Notebook: End Games
November 17 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Fencing Off the Water Infrastructure
November 17 - NOMINATIONS: 2 Senators Sons. There the Similarity Ends
November 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Wheeling and Dealing
November 17 - BASEBALL: Rooting for a Home Team
November 17 - Whats Ahead: Week of Nov. 19
November 17 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Immigration Liberalization: Delayed but Not Abandoned
November 17 - Highlights of Ashcrofts INS Restructuring Plan
November 17 - Government Cracking Down On Student Visa Process
November 17 - Reforms Many Shades of Meaning
November 17 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Stimulus Deal May Materialize Amid Smoke of Partisan Warfare
November 17 - Delivering the Coup de Grce: Chairman Thomas Goes to the Senate
November 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Republicans Repel Efforts To Add to $40 Billion Emergency Fund
November 17 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: FBI Says Letter to Sen. Leahy Found in Quarantined Mail Appears to Contain Anthrax
November 17 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Thurmonds Waning Health Forces Him to Move Into Hospital, But He Continues to Work and Vote
November 17 - POLITICS & ELECTIONS: Vote Overhaul Faces Tough Conference
November 17 - TRANSPORTATION: Cleared Aviation Security Bill Is Crippled Industrys Best Hope
November 17 - Key Provisions Of Security Bill
November 17 - HEALTH: Kennedy-Frist Bio-Terrorism Bill Gets Qualified White House Backing
November 17 - SOCIAL POLICY: Policymakers Struggle With Issues Of Fairness and Frugality In Compensating Terrorism Victims
November 17 - Senate Farm Policy Bill: More Money, Modest Policy Changes
November 17 - Free of Controversial Add-Ons, Commerce-Justice-State Bill Enjoys Timelier Hill Passage
November 17 - Labor-HHS Bill Could Be Used By Lawmakers to Pry Funds Loose For Energy Assistance Program
November 17 - LAW & JUDICIARY: As Economy Sags, So Do Prospects For Bankruptcy Bills Prompt Enactment
November 17 - Internet Tax Moratorium Extension Clears After Senate Rejects Plan For Multistate 'Compact'
November 17 - House Passes Bill Allowing Investment Advice for Workers
November 17 - House Passes Bill to Extend SECs Emergency Powers
November 17 - House Votes to Renew Drug-Marketing Law
November 17 - OKeefe Named to Head NASA
November 17 - House to Hit the Ground Running With Insurance Bill After Holiday
November 17 - Transportation Spending Bill Held Up by Mexican Truck Issue
November 17 - Armed Forces' New Workload Heats Defense Funding Debate
November 17 - DEFENSE: Reflections on War From a Senator Who Survived One
November 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees on Foreign Operations Bill Grapple Over Abortion-Related Issues Again
November 17 - NOMINATIONS: Dodd Backs Peace Corps Nominee But Closes Door on Bushs Choice For Assistant Secretary of State
November 17 - TRADE: Andean Trade Legislation Passes House
November 17 - TRADE: House Leaders Postpone Vote On Fast Track
November 17 - REDISTRICTING: Court-Ordered Remap Aids Texas Incumbents
November 24 - Editor's Notebook: Measures of Confidence
November 24 - CHURCH AND STATE: School Prayers For a Nation at War?
November 24 - ELECTIONS: In Fight for the House, Democrats Go South
November 24 - Whats Ahead: Week of Nov. 26
November 24 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Stimulus Deadlock: Will Bush Intervene?
November 24 - Bush-Daschle Summit May Be Only Hope for Stimulus Bill
November 24 - Senate Expedites Victims Bill
November 24 - GOP Misjudged Public Sentiment With Hard Line on Aviation Bill
November 24 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: More Anthrax, But Mail May Resume Soon
November 24 - POLITICS: N. Carolinas Clayton Says She Will Retire
November 24 - LAW & JUDICIARY: New Assertions of Executive Power Anger, Frustrate Some on Hill
November 24 - Transportation Security Office Has a Broad Mandate And a Tight Timetable
November 24 - HEALTH: Bush Plan to Phase In Medicaid Changes Faces Fierce Resistance From States That Will Lose Health Care Payments
November 24 - SOCIAL POLICY: President Sees Promise In Prospective Senate Compromise On His Faith-Based Initiative
November 24 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: Terrorism Insurance Safety Net Bill Set for Floor Action in House; Senate Measure Still on Drawing Board
November 24 - More Lawmakers Turn Attention To Protecting Nuclear Power Plants And Responding to a Radiation Release
November 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Sudan Sanctions Move in House But Lack a Sense of Direction
November 24 - DEFENSE: Lawmakers See Potential For New Spy Technology to Detect Weapons of Mass Destruction
November 24 - Lawmakers See Potential For New Spy Technology to Detect Weapons of Mass Destruction
November 24 - ELECTIONS: Republican Wins Contest To Succeed Rep. Hutchinson In Arkansas 3rd District
November 24 - Provisions of the Aviation Security Law
November 24 - PUBLIC LAWS: Bills Signed

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