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July 7 - Farm Watch
July 7 - Lobbyists Work to Keep Rights Intact For U.S. Victims of Overseas Terrorism
July 7 - Media Squeezed in Fight for Office Space
July 7 - Can Lieberman Find a Way to Expand e-Government?
July 7 - Specter's Trigger Request
July 7 - This Week in Congress
July 7 - Getting Government Back Into the Farm Business
July 7 - Farm Aid Disputes
July 7 - Trade Negotiations May Constrain Farm-State Protection Plans
July 7 - Prayer Breakfasts Offer Haven From Partisan Battles
July 7 - Campaign Finance Decision Could Come Down to the Wire
July 7 - Counting Votes
July 7 - Democrats Already at Work Trying to Put House in Order
July 7 - Appropriations Season Heats Up As Democrats Say Bush Tax Cut Will Force Raiding of Trust Funds
July 7 - GOP Split by Ideology As Bush Weighs Stem Cell Ruling
July 7 - GOP Players in Stem Cell Debate
July 7 - Ganske-Dingell Proposal for Patients' Rights Takes Liability Language From Senate Bill And Gives House Even More to Debate
July 7 - Proposed Changes to Ganske-Dingell
July 7 - DeLay Seeks Quick Compromise On Electricity Deregulation; Federal Role Is Sticking Point
July 7 - Personnel and Maintenance Dominate Defense Requests
July 14 - After the Fall
July 14 - Can Rebels Force House Leaders' Hand?
July 14 - Under Virginia's Remap, Incumbents Win
July 14 - Cheney Task Force Probe Puts GAO Chief in Hot Seat
July 14 - Daschle Backs Off Plan To Repossess Press Space
July 14 - This Week in Congress
July 14 - Not Victory but Vitriol For Campaign Finance Bill
July 14 - Against the Grain
July 14 - Mild-Mannered Rebel Shays Takes Leaders' Attacks in Stride
July 14 - A Bitter Day for the GOP
July 14 - Trust Funds Take Center Stage As Talk of 'Deficits' Is Revived
July 14 - Shrinking Surplus Promotes Restraint As Supplemental Heads to Conference
July 14 - Defense Budget Boost 'in Play'
July 14 - Confirmation Hearing on Gregory Marks First Senate Action on Backlog Of Bush's Judicial Nominees
July 14 - Democrats Get 1-Seat Edge on Senate Panels
July 14 - Senate Panel OKs Legislative Office Funding
July 14 - Diminished 'Faith-Based Initiative' Heads Toward House Floor
July 14 - Ways and Means Scales Back Bush Plan For Forestering Charitable Donations
July 14 - Bush Proposes Drug Discount Card As Key Element of His Medicare Plan
July 14 - Bush's Medicare Principles
July 14 - Competing Patients' Rights Bills Vie for Supporters in House
July 14 - Missouri River Management Plan Would Be Bottled Up Until 2003 By Senate's Energy-Water Bill
July 14 - House GOP Reshapes Cheney Energy Plan To Put Emphasis on Conservation
July 14 - Interior Bill Heads to Conference After Passing Senate with Surprising Ease
July 14 - House Passes Agriculture Spending Bill With Drug Re-Importation Language, Increases for Research and Farm Loans
July 14 - Combest, Stenholm Unveil Proposal to Greatly Boost Crop Subsidies for Farmers
July 14 - Customs Service a Big Winner In House Treasury-Postal Bill
July 14 - A Quiet Deal on Members' Pay
July 14 - Commerce-Justice-State Spending Bill Praised as 'Balanced,' Advances Quickly
July 14 - Immigration Boost for Bush
July 14 - VA-HUD Panel Boosts Spending for Science, Leaves Biggest Funding Battles for Later
July 14 - Transportation Spending Bill Goes to Senate With Compromise on Mexican Trucks
July 14 - Education Overhaul May Not Clear Until After August Recess, Creating a Drag on Labor-HHS Bill
July 14 - Bankruptcy Rewrite Poised For Passage
July 14 - Vets' Benefits Bill Advances In House
July 14 - Bush Picks Former Senate Aide To Serve on Federal Reserve
July 14 - House Panel OKs Bill to Allow Student Loans for Online College
July 14 - Online Copyright Bill Advances
July 14 - Anti-Drug Aid for Colombia Tougher Than Ever to Sell
July 14 - Pentagon's Plan to Accelerate Anti-Missile Program Heightens Tension Over ABM Pact
July 14 - China Trade Status Again in Question
July 14 - House Panel Votes to Continue Credit Access for Vietnam
July 14 - Panel Votes to Extend Sanctions On Iranian, Libyan Oil Industries
July 14 - Senate Bill Calls for Diplomacy To End Repression in Sudan
July 21 - Playing by the Rules
July 21 - Bankruptcy Bill Calls for More Judges
July 21 - Coverdell Honored -- After Some Dissent
July 21 - Condit Sticks to Schedule; Democrats Assess His Future
July 21 - New Day for Hutchinson
July 21 - This Week in Congress
July 21 - Revolt of the Moderates Tests House Leadership
July 21 - Capitol Hill's Uneasy Mix Of Science and Politics
July 21 - Rep. Holt's Bill Would Re-Create Hill's Own Source of Science Expertise
July 21 - Where Science and Policy Intersect
July 21 - Issues of Science and Morality Collide in Stem Cell Debate
July 21 - Sen. Reid: The Great Facilitator Of the New Democratic Majority
July 21 - 'Welcome to the Majority'
July 21 - Midyear Spending Package Clears After Daschle Heeds Cheney's Appeal
July 21 - Backers Prepare Discharge Petition To End Shays-Meehan Bill Standoff
July 21 - Deutsch Asks Ethics Panel To Probe Buyer
July 21 - Smoother Ride For Legislative Spending Bill
July 21 - Speaker Pulls Out All the Stops For a Win on Managed Care
July 21 - GOP Races to Enact Bush Energy Plan As Public's Sense of Crisis Subsides
July 21 - Four Parts of President's Energy Plan Could Be Combined Into Omnibus Bill
July 21 - House Resources Committee Approves Energy Bill After Harsh Debate on ANWR
July 21 - Panel Exceeds Bush Proposals In Approving Tax Incentives For Conservation, Production
July 21 - House Bill Would Authorize $6 Billion for 'Clean Coal,' Other Research Programs
July 21 - Bush's House Win on 'Faith-Based' Charity Clouded by Bias Concerns in Senate
July 21 - Senate CJS Bill Takes Contentious Stands On Immigration Law, Peacekeeping Funds
July 21 - $7 if by Air, $3 if by Sea?
July 21 - House Passes Flag-Burning Resolution
July 21 - Panel Votes To Ban Cloning Of Humans
July 21 - Senate Passes Energy-Water Bill; Yucca Mountain Nuclear Funding Faces Reid's Opposition in Conference
July 21 - Agriculture Bill Heads for Senate Floor; Dorgan to Push Further Expansion Of Commerce With Cuba
July 21 - Treasury-Postal Service Spending Bill Poised for Solid House Passage
July 21 - Upgrades for Voting Machines
July 21 - House, Senate VA-HUD Bills Diverge Over Public Housing, Anti-Crime Funding
July 21 - Rifts Over Price Supports and Conservation Will Complicate Work on Farm Bill
July 21 - Senate Clears Way for Conference On Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill; Timetable Remains Uncertain
July 21 - Administration's Threatened Veto Of Compromise on Mexican Trucks Holds Up Transportation Spending Bill
July 21 - Education Bill Conferees List Differences
July 21 - Senate Confirms Graham To Head OMB Regulatory Office
July 21 - Senate Confirms Gregory
July 21 - EPA Plans to Revise Clinton-Era Runoff Water Regulations
July 21 - House Panel Approves Bill To Improve Voting Systems
July 21 - U.S. Participation in Madrid Protocol Takes a Step Forward
July 21 - Talks With Russia Seen as Chance For Averting ABM Showdown
July 21 - Rumsfeld's Effort to Remodel Military Caught Between Ideal and Status Quo
July 21 - Partisan Stances Mold Fast-Track Debate, Hold Up Action on Jordan Trade Bill
July 21 - Democrats Try to Scale Back Colombia Anti-Drug Funds In Both Foreign Aid Bills
July 21 - House Panels' Disagreement Delays Bill To Extend Curbs on Foreign Companies That Aid Iranian, Libyan Oil Industries
July 21 - House Backs Bush's Decision To Maintain China Trade Ties Despite Human Rights Concerns
July 21 - Panel Backs Normal Trade With Vietnam
July 28 - Loyalty and Nuance
July 28 - A Longley May Seek Nod in Maine 2nd
July 28 - Miller Hot in Sunshine State
July 28 - Daschle Determined to Weigh In on International Issues
July 28 - Poultry States to Chao: Dump 'Don and Doff' Rule
July 28 - This Week in Congress
July 28 - GOP Tempers Energy Plan With Eye to a Wary Public
July 28 - Democrats Ramp Up 'Green' Legislation In Displeasure Over Bush's Kyoto Stand
July 28 - Frustrated GOP Leaders Struggle With Defections Over Rules
July 28 - Fall Clash Over Spending Priorities Could Set Course for Rest of 107th
July 28 - Barr Requests House Probe Of Condit Case
July 28 - Cheney's Office, Women's Gym Access Are Touchy Issues in Debate Over House Operations Measure
July 28 - Congress Promises Action Soon To Fund Voting System Upgrades, But Program Details Far From Resolved
July 28 - Hastert Seeks Fallback Strategy As Favored Health Bill Founders
July 28 - Norwood the Facilitator
July 28 - Ganske-Dingell: Counting Votes
July 28 - House Committee Backs Farm Bill Boosting Subsidies for Primary Crops
July 28 - Senate Democrats Touch Off Fight In Voting to Tap Future Farm Aid Funds
July 28 - VA-HUD Spending Bill's Progress Slowed By Partisan Sparring in House
July 28 - House Passes Treasury-Postal Spending Bill As Senate Starts Moving a Similar Package
July 28 - Tightening the Canadian Border
July 28 - Senate Panel Adds to Growing Number Of Competing Bills for Extending Illegal-Immigrant Residency Program
July 28 - Senate Panel Approves Bill To Expand List of Hate Crimes; Supporters Study Next Option
July 28 - House Bill To Ban Cloning Moved by Judiciary Panel, Awaits Spirited Floor Fight
July 28 - 'Born-Alive' Bill Approved By Committee
July 28 - House Passes Justice Dept. Authorization
July 28 - Turf-Conscious Appropriators Again Control Fate of Bills Giving Fuel Royalties to States
July 28 - Mexican Truck Safety Provision Holds Up Transportation Bill
July 28 - Senate Committee Approves Rep. Hutchinson for DEA Spot
July 28 - Social Security Report Assailed
July 28 - White House Releases Memos On Environment to Senate Panel
July 28 - Russian Agreement to Negotiate Boosts Bush's Missile Defense Plan
July 28 - Fiscal Pinch Keeping Armed Services Panel From Adding Much to Pentagon Budget
July 28 - Bill to Extend Sanctions On Iran-Libya Investments Cleared by Congress
July 28 - Senate Foreign Operations Spending Bill Would Cut Colombia Drug War Funds, Void Abortion-Related Aid Restrictions
July 28 - Bipartisan Hopes Pinned on Jordan Pact As GOP Takes New Approach In Campaign for Fast-Track Legislation
July 28 - High-Tech Export Debate Heating Up
July 28 - Stronger Vietnam Trade Ties Advance on Two Fronts in House

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