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May 5 - $79 Billion Boost for Agriculture Could Galvanize Farm Bill Renewal
May 5 - Scaled-Down Version of Bush Tax Plan Taking Bipartisan Form at Senate Finance
May 5 - House Retirement Measure Unlikely To Gain a Place in Senate Tax Package
May 5 - Demand for Voting System Overhaul May Stall House Campaign Finance Bill
May 5 - Compromises on ESEA Bills May Imperil Republican Strategy
May 5 - Turf Battles, Lobbying Blitz Roil 'Broadband' Deregulation
May 5 - Congress Still Far From Consensus On Remedies for Energy Crunch
May 5 - Impatient Grassley May Offer Senate Bankruptcy Overhaul A Ride on Unrelated Legislation
May 5 - Panel Chairmen's Dispute Over Agency Pay Raises Holds Up Cut in SEC Fees
May 5 - Bush's Bid to Extend Immigration Measure May Set Up a Test of Leadership on Issue
May 5 - Senate Officer to Head INS
May 5 - Senate Panel Considers a Bill To Prevent Human Cloning By Banning a Lab Technique
May 5 - 'Blue Slip' Issue Claims First Casualties As Democrats Walk Out of Meeting On Justice Department Nominees
May 5 - Bush Names Social Security Panel As Politically Palatable Options For Overhaul Begin to Narrow
May 5 - Senate Democrats Vow to Resist Bush's Anti-Missile Policy
May 5 - ABM Treaty Places Several Roadblocks In the Way of U.S. Anti-Missile Plan
May 5 - Amendments to State Department Bill Prompt Veto Warning From Chairman Hyde
May 5 - Gutierrez's Vieques Arrest To Be Probed
May 5 - U.S.-China Relations Remain Tense
May 5 - Booming Nevada Rolls a 3 in Remap
May 5 - Utah GOP Floats A Salt Lake Split-Up
May 5 - Incumbents' Interests Move to Fore in Missouri
May 5 - Arkansas Is First Again As Map Measure Becomes Law
May 5 - Democratic-Controlled Panel Takes Charge of Indiana Remap
May 5 - GOP Taps State Sen. Forbes For Va. Special House Election
May 5 - Iowa Senate Nixes Redistricting Plan
May 5 - All Intents and Purposes
May 5 - Lewis Finds GOP Allies for New Museum
May 5 - The New Face of Internet Taxation
May 5 - Democratic Leaders on Hill Don't Ring Bell With Public
May 5 - This Week in Congress
May 5 - Traficant Responds Defiantly to Corruption Indictment
May 5 - GOP, Businesses Rewrite The Regulatory Playbook
May 5 - Nominee's Faith in Risk Analysis Sharpens Debate on Rulemaking Process
May 5 - Budget Deal's Ungainly Pause Is Inches From the Finish Line
May 12 - Business Groups Line Up Against Proposal to Allow Consumers to Sue 'Spammers'
May 12 - Task-Forcing the Issues
May 12 - Lazio Presses the Flesh for Financial Group
May 12 - Split-Ticket Voting Lowest in 48 Years
May 12 - Alan Frumin on Making Everyone Equally Dissatisfied
May 12 - This Week in Congress
May 12 - World War II Memorial May Get Push in Congress
May 12 - The Rumsfeld Mandate: Invent the Military's Future
May 12 - Calls for Quick Energy Fixes Put GOP Plan on Defensive
May 12 - House Panel Rejects Price Caps
May 12 - Senate's Agenda to Rest on Rulings Of Referee Schooled by Democrats
May 12 - No Deal on Conferences
May 12 - GOP Budget Resolution Squeaks By, But Implementation Will Be Tougher
May 12 - Budget Resolution Highlights
May 12 - Panel Approves Tax Breaks For Foster, Adoptive Parents; 10-Year Cost of $3.1 Billion
May 12 - Grassley-Baucus Tax Blueprint Heads for Rough-and-Tumble Markup
May 12 - Early Signs of Comity Emerge In Judicial Nomination Process
May 12 - Bush's First Judicial Choices Highlight An Influential Conservative Court
May 12 - Bush's Judicial Nominees
May 12 - Rep. Traficant Pleads Not Guilty, Challenges Federal Probers' Integrity; Both Parties to Field Challengers in 2002
May 12 - Rep. Hutchinson Promises to Balance Treatment, Enforcement as DEA Chief; Crowded Race Possible for Arkansas Seat
May 12 - Democrats Leaving Their Stamp On Bush's Education Bill
May 12 - High-Speed Internet Access Bill Emerges From House Commerce Panel With Less Momentum Than Tauzin Hoped
May 12 - Gaming Profits Help Tribes Build Influence in Washington
May 12 - House Subcommittee Approves Bill To Let Airlines Coordinate Schedules Without Breaching Antitrust Law
May 12 - Commission on Privacy Blasted By Democrats
May 12 - Commission on Privacy Blasted By Democrats
May 12 - Democrats Look to Regain Lost Ground in Maryland
May 12 - House Panel Moves Railroad Pension Bill
May 12 - McCain Amendment Revives Senate's Consciousness Of Patients' Rights Issue
May 12 - Payments and Provisos
May 12 - White House Quells Hill Backlash Against Loss of U.N. Posts
May 12 - GOP's Commitment to Arms Control Debated as Senate Confirms Nominee
May 12 - 'New Democrats' May Hold the Key To Deal on Fast-Track Trade Authority
May 12 - Signed, but Not Yet Sealed
May 12 - Members Welcome Bush's Plan For Strengthening Counterterrorism And Urge More Concrete Action
May 12 - As Florida Limelight Ebbs, GOP Ambitions Flourish
May 12 - Gov. Bush Appears to Have Weathered Political Storm Over Brother's Election
May 12 - Parties Watch 'Swing' District In Virginia for Early Clues To Electorate's Mood in 2002
May 12 - Election Process Review Picks Up Steam in Congress
May 12 - Indiana Democrats Advance Remap
May 12 - Missouri Senate Republicans' Remap Plan Targets Gephardt
May 19 - Purse Strings
May 19 - SEC Weighs Business vs. Human Rights
May 19 - Thompson Looks for Public Comment On Nurse Anesthetists' Supervision
May 19 - Lott's Hold on Campaign Finance Bill a Non-Issue to Shays
May 19 - Lovett Lobbies for Artists
May 19 - This Week in Congress
May 19 - Will Bush Turn His Veto Pen On a Fiscally Wayward GOP?
May 19 - Agriculture: Pressure on the Margins
May 19 - Commerce, Justice, State: Priority Shift
May 19 - Defense: Waiting for Rumsfeld
May 19 - Energy and Water: Cuts to the Corps
May 19 - Foreign Operations: Less Aid for Trade
May 19 - Interior: Development Pains
May 19 - Labor-HHS: Focus on Education
May 19 - Transportation: Diminished Discretion
May 19 - Treasury: More for IRS, Enforcement
May 19 - Veterans, Housing: HUD Face-Off
May 19 - D.C.: Steering Clear of Riders
May 19 - Legislative Branch: Paring Requests
May 19 - Military Construction: Marking Time
May 19 - Senate Tax Bill Trade-Offs Leave a Fragile Coalition
May 19 - Election Overhaul Regains Spotlight With Introduction of Competing Bills To Assist States and Set Standards
May 19 - House to Debate Campaign Finance Bill In July; McCain's Office Decries 'Delay'
May 19 - Bush Urged to Shift Emphasis To Fuel Efficiency Standards
May 19 - Key Recommendations Of Bush Energy Plan
May 19 - As Education Bills Head for Floor Votes, Big Ideological Tests Loom in House
May 19 - Dueling Patients' Rights Bills Grab Attention in Senate
May 19 - Bill to Relieve Small Businesses Of Liability for Pollution Cleanup Advances Quickly in House
May 19 - Airline Coordination Bill Emerges From One House Panel But May Face Another
May 19 - Members Consider Streamlining Environmental Review, Permit Process For Road and Airport Expansions
May 19 - Freeh's Contrite Visit to Hill Fails to Head Off Demands For Stronger Oversight of FBI
May 19 - Court Kills Marijuana Loophole
May 19 - Olson Vote Adds Fuel to Partisan Fire
May 19 - Harvard Professor Faces Tough Questions But Is Expected to Win Confirmation As Head of Regulatory Affairs Office
May 19 - Bill on Phone Competition May Get Even Harder on Bells
May 19 - House Expands Tax Benefits For Adoption, Foster Care
May 19 - Railroad Pension Shift Approved
May 19 - House, Bush Move to End Delays On World War II Memorial
May 19 - Judiciary Approves Updating Of Copyright Law for Internet
May 19 - Scully Nomination to Head HCFA Likely to Get Panel's Backing
May 19 - Sanctions on Oil-Producing Nations Still Have Powerful Support
May 19 - Strong Feelings Fuel Debate On Aid to Azerbaijan
May 19 - House Narrowly Backs Bush On Abortion-Related Aid Curbs In State Department Authorization
May 19 - Connecticut Prepares To Sacrifice a Seat
May 19 - Reflecting Many of the Same Values, Bill Shuster Wins Election To Fill His Father's House Seat
May 19 - Oregon Democrats Urge Kitzhaber To Take On Sen. Smith in 2002
May 19 - Parceling Portland in Remap
May 19 - Missouri Solidifies Gephardt's Advantage
May 26 - What Jeffords Has Wrought
May 26 - Pelosi and Hoyer Positioning for Whip Job
May 26 - Ruling Frees Boehner Lawsuit From Limbo
May 26 - Shakeup In the Senate
May 26 - The Transfer Of Leadership
May 26 - An Unassuming Authority
May 26 - For Now, Lott Stays as Leader
May 26 - New Chairmen and Agendas
May 26 - Agriculture: Focus on Family Farms
May 26 - Appropriations: Stretching Spending
May 26 - Armed Services: Missile Defense Skeptic
May 26 - Banking: Siding With Consumers
May 26 - Budget: Prairie Populist Takes Over
May 26 - Commerce: Power-Sharing Leadership
May 26 - Energy: ANWR out; Price Curbs in
May 26 - Environment: Diluting Bush's Agenda
May 26 - Finance: Partnering on Top Priorities
May 26 - Foreign Relations: The Power Broker
May 26 - Governmental Affairs: New Watchdog
May 26 - Health, Education: Assertive Dealmaker
May 26 - Judiciary: Nomination Gantlet
May 26 - Small Business: Sales Job Ahead
May 26 - Veterans' Affairs: Improving Health Care
May 26 - Indian Affairs: Steady Course
May 26 - Rules: A Shift on Election Standards
May 26 - Ethics: Bipartisan Continuity
May 26 - Intelligence: Dealing From the Center
May 26 - Can Bush Stay the Course?
May 26 - The House's New Burden
May 26 - GOP Losing Yankee Ingenuity
May 26 - Anguished Transformation From Maverick to Outcast
May 26 - Jeffords' Switch Unlikely to Mean A Change in Voting Habits
May 26 - Spilled Milk in Vermont
May 26 - Tax Cut Deal Reached Quickly As Appetite for Battle Fades
May 26 - Tax Cut Backers Hurry to Beat A Touch of Surplus Pessimism
May 26 - Democratic 'Ayes'
May 26 - Education Bill Passes in House With Strong Bipartisan Support
May 26 - White House Seeks to Build Energy Bill On Perceived Areas of Common Ground
May 26 - McCain-Edwards-Kennedy Proposal For Patients' Rights Legislation Gains Leverage in Senate
May 26 - House Votes To Extend Visa Program
May 26 - Senate Gives Olson the Nod By 51-47 Vote
May 26 - House Judiciary Committee Narrows Scope of Bill Aimed at Regulating 'Spam'
May 26 - House Passes Superfund Liability Limit
May 26 - Panel OKs Regulatory Nominee
May 26 - House Clears Bill to Reduce Delays in World War II Memorial
May 26 - House Judiciary Wins Role in Reviewing Broadband Bill
May 26 - Rep. Scarborough to Resign in Fall
May 26 - Supreme Court to Hear Challenge To Child Online Protection Act
May 26 - Jeffords Says 'Substantive Reservations'About President's Agenda Prompted His Split With GOP

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