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September 4 - What's Ahead
September 4 - THE BUCK STOPS HERE: Assessing the Spectrum of Veto Threats
September 4 - FOSTER PARENT TAKES ACTION: DeLay Puts His Stamp on 'Compassionate Conservatism'
September 4 - THE FISCAL TIES THAT BIND: Time for a New 'Dog' To Have His Day?
September 4 - TECHNOLOGY: Regulating the Internet: Congress Asserts Domain
September 4 - TECHNOLOGY: Chart: Internet Bills Multiply
September 4 - BUDGET: GOP Gropes for a Way Out of Appropriations Morass
September 4 - Obey Hones a Maddening Mix: Being Difficult but Right
September 4 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: A Guide to the Coming Debate On Campaign Finance Overhaul, From Soft Money to Issue Advocacy
September 4 - LAW & JUDICIARY: FBI Admissions Revive Uproar Over Handling of Waco Standoff; Hyde Won't Join Burton in Hearings
September 4 - Washington Notes
September 4 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Lawmakers Rethink Assumptions About Politics of Gun Control
September 4 - BANKING: Clamor Over Consumer Privacy Has Banks on the Defensive
September 4 - BANKING: With Economy Thriving, Hill's Attitude Toward the Fed Remains Relatively Laissez Faire
September 4 - HEALTH: Right To Sue Remains Toughest Issue In Debate Over Managed Care Bills
September 4 - Twenty-One Who Dared
September 4 - DEFENSE: Conferees Boost Defense Budget, Stressing Readiness, Innovation
September 4 - Anti-Missile Debate Deferred
September 4 - Conferees' History Homework
September 4 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Farm-State Democrats' Visit To Cuba Highlights Debate Over Whether to Ease Embargo
September 4 - Clinton Attacks Foreign Aid Cuts
September 4 - Leach Plans Hearings On Russian Money Laundering
September 4 - World Affairs Notes
September 4 - Former House Member Named As Special Envoy to Sudan
September 4 - Chart: Members of the Internet Caucus
September 4 - Bills Signed
September 4 - Chart: Bills To Watch
September 4 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
September 11 - What's Ahead
September 11 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: McCain-Feingold's Next Move?
September 11 - INVESTIGATING THE FBI: Danforth the Senator: A Blend Of the Lawyerly and the Righteous
September 11 - Democrats' Wish List
September 11 - Only 14 Months Left To Shop for Leaders of 2001
September 11 - FOREIGN POLICY: Hastert Leads the Charge In Colombia Drug War
September 11 - Lawmakers Have Second Thoughts About Drug War 'Certification' Law
September 11 - Voices and Stances In Colombia Policy Debate
September 11 - Annals of the Drug War
September 11 - TAXES: Eager To Hack at Estate Tax, Foes Welcome New Allies
September 11 - Newspapers Take Special Interest
September 11 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Forced To Abandon Big Tax Cut, GOP Takes On Federal Spending
September 11 - No Predictable Finale To This Appropriations Spectacle
September 11 - LAW & JUDICIARY: GOP Leaders Press Waco Probes Despite Danforth's Appointment To Head Independent Inquiry
September 11 - ETHICS: Baucus Rebuts Ex-Aide's Claim Of Harassment
September 11 - HEALTH: New GOP Managed Care Bill Puts Hastert in Predicament
September 11 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: Political Ground May Be Shifting Under Mine Operators
September 11 - Interior Lawyer's Opinion Becomes Focus of Debate
September 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate's Work on Interior Bill Delayed by Oil Royalty Filibuster; Logging Restrictions Defeated
September 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes VA-HUD Cuts, Setting Up Conflict With Senators Who Want Larger Spending Bill
September 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senators Maneuver for Showdown On Fuel Efficiency Standards In Transportation Bill
September 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Narrowly Adopts D.C. Spending Legislation Democrats Call 'Tyrannical'
September 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal Conferees Add Presidential Pay Raise, Restore Funding for IRS
September 11 - BANKING & FINANCE: Minimum Wage Backers Target Bankruptcy Bill
September 11 - Clinton Presses For Privacy Law
September 11 - Agencies' Technology Funding Doubled In House Science Vote
September 11 - Arlington Cemetery Burials Addressed in Veterans' Bill
September 11 - Assisted Suicide Measure Slows in House Judiciary
September 11 - Democrats Demand Full Debate, Blocking Lott's Move on FAA Bill
September 11 - House Opposes Clemency For Puerto Rican Nationalists
September 11 - Members Work for Compromise On Utility Price Deregulation
September 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Timor Crisis Ignites New Debate On Use of U.S. Troops Overseas
September 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Bill To Punish Iran Arms Aid Nears Passage
September 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Gilman: Reject Beijing's Idea Of 'One China'
September 11 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
September 18 - What's Ahead
September 18 - PAST AS PROLOGUE: No Consolation Prize for Lazio -- 'My Heart's in Legislation'
September 18 - Some Very Select Committees Past
September 18 - PASS THE ASPIRIN: GOP Mulls Pre-emptive Strike on Fiscal 2001 Caps To Avoid Pre-election Showdown With Clinton
September 18 - TECH FAILURE: One Loss for Silicon Valley As Visa Bill Shelved
September 18 - SOCIAL POLICY: Parties Tailor Hill Agendas To Win Seniors' Loyalty
September 18 - SOCIAL POLICY: Medicare Reinvention Recedes
September 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Damage Control Heads Up Republican Fiscal Agenda
September 18 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Narrower Campaign Finance Bill Still a Long Shot in Senate
September 18 - Chart: Campaign Finance Bill Highlights
September 18 - Correction: Budget
September 18 - TAXES: GOP's Hopes for Unity Dim As Impending Clinton Veto Fails To End Tax Cut Debate
September 18 - HEALTH: Employers Ratchet Up Opposition To Managed Care Legislation
September 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Funds Squeezed From Labor-HHS Help Senate Appropriators Make Fast Work of VA-HUD Bill
September 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Air Passenger, Auto Fuel Provisions Are Rejected as Senate Passes $49.5 Billion Transportation Bill
September 18 - Chart: Treasury-Postal Spending Highlights
September 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury Bill Includes Pay Raises for All
September 18 - TECHNOLOGY: White House Drops Controls On Encryption
September 18 - SOCIAL POLICY: Rewrite of Older Americans Act Sets Stage for Floor Fight Over Control of Jobs Programs
September 18 - SOCIAL POLICY: Assisted-Suicide Ban Approved By House Judiciary Panel; Senate Filibuster Threatened
September 18 - SOCIAL POLICY: House GOP's Fetal Protection Bill Reawakens Democrats' Fears Of Attack on Abortion Rights
September 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Royalty Debate Has Final Hold On Interior Bill
September 18 - D.C. Spending Bill Clears
September 18 - Lott Seeks To Force Action On Stalled Bankruptcy Bill
September 18 - Clinton Won't Fully Comply With Clemency Subpoena
September 18 - House Passes Authorization For Air Traffic Control Programs
September 18 - House Passes R and D Authorization For Department of Energy
September 18 - White House Misses Deadline For Relinquishing Waco Papers
September 18 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Capitol Hill Is Unimpressed With Patchwork Policy in Asia
September 18 - DEFENSE: Congress Nears Final Action On Defense Authorization Measure Mandating New Nuclear Agency
September 18 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Despite Albright's Pressure, Congress Reluctant To Fulfill Clinton's Foreign Aid Pledges
September 18 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
September 25 - What's Ahead
September 25 - Multi-Member Districts Get a Hearing
September 25 - SOLITARY JOURNEY: John Shadegg, Man in the Middle Of Managed Care Liability Debate
September 25 - THE FINAL PUSH: Chart: Outlook for Bills in Conference
September 25 - THE MONEY CHASE: GOP Polishes Fundraising Machine in California Race
September 25 - ENVIRONMENT: High-Level Acrimony In Nuclear Storage Standoff
September 25 - Separating the Science From the Fiction At Underground Test Site
September 25 - TRANSPORTATION: Congress Pressured to Meet Trucker Fatigue Issue Head-On
September 25 - TAXES: Spotlight Turns to 'Extenders' As GOP Seeks Tax Strategy
September 25 - Goals and Costs of Extenders
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Hastert's Determined Effort To Wrap Up Spending Bills Gets Disappointing Results
September 25 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senate GOP Leaders Expand Agenda of Investigations Again, This Time To Bipartisan Annoyance
September 25 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Partisan Impasse May Block Confirmation Votes on Judges For Remainder of Session
September 25 - Brown's Defeat Is First in Memory for 'Widow's Mandate'
September 25 - ETHICS: House Probes Hilliard's Use of Campaign Fund
September 25 - House Gets Its First Clean Audit
September 25 - Appeals Court Reinstates Suit By Boehner Against McDermott
September 25 - Delaware Gov. Carper To Run For Roth's Senate Seat
September 25 - Former Baucus Staffer Unveils Sexual Harassment Complaint
September 25 - HEALTH: House Nears Managed Care Vote With GOP Leaders Still in a Bind
September 25 - Chart: House Health Care Bills Compared
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Panel Moves Labor-HHS Bill With Accounting Gimmicks Galore
September 25 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Gun Control Compromise Remains a Distant Prospect, But Hyde Vows To Keep Trying
September 25 - LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: GOP Hopes Minimum Wage Bill With Tax Benefits Will Lure Votes And Disarm Democrats
September 25 - VETERANS' AFFAIRS: Health Care Expansion For Vets Passes
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Interior Conferees Face Wide Gaps Over Mining, Grazing, Drilling While Veto Threat Hovers
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes VA-HUD Bill That Differs Sharply With House On Rental Subsidy Program
September 25 - AGRICULTURE: New Dairy Price Plan's Backers Are Confident of Victory Despite Losing House Vote
September 25 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Narrow House Passage of Bill To Federalize Many Class Actions Heartens Supporters and Critics
September 25 - Banking Bill Conference Off To Slow Start
September 25 - Dairy Dispute Stalls Agriculture Bill
September 25 - Senate Panel Approves Weaver For Export-Import Bank Board
September 25 - House Bill Would Limit Liability Of Machine Tool Manufacturers
September 25 - Justice Files Fraud Lawsuit Against Tobacco Industry
September 25 - Agreement Reached On Energy-Water Funding Bill
September 25 - Bill Would Require President To Consult On Monuments
September 25 - Senate Votes To Release Airport Construction Funds
September 25 - DEFENSE: Flap Over New Nuclear Agency Fails To Derail Defense Bill
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Bill Negotiators Race the Clock for a Deal On F-22 Production Money
September 25 - TRADE: 'Dual Use' Reauthorization Proposes Much Shorter List Of Export-Controlled Items
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Foreign Aid Conference Stalled By Fresh Abortion Dispute
September 25 - Colombian President's Aid Request Gets Favorable Response on Hill
September 25 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Summers, Talbott Defend Policy In First Round of Hearings On Corruption in Russia
September 25 - NOMINATIONS: Arms Control Nominees Still in Limbo
September 25 - VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Declares Republican Tax Bill 'Would Leave America Permanently in Debt'
September 25 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
September 25 - Chart: Bills To Watch

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