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August 7 - What's Ahead
August 7 - Dole vs. Lott: Who's Tougher With Tax Bills?
August 7 - INTERNAL AFFAIRS: Watts' Dust-Up With DeLay
August 7 - Will Age Mellow the House VA-HUD Bill?
August 7 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: The Driving Force Of Bud Shuster
August 7 - Shuster's Use of Budgetary 'Firewalls' Takes Other Chairmen by Surprise
August 7 - BUDGET: Parties' Post-Veto Game Plan: Do Nothing Rather Than Yield
August 7 - TAXES: GOP Content To Clear Tax Bill And Show It Off Back Home
August 7 - Highlights of the Tax Bill
August 7 - Greenspan Gratifies Both Parties
August 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Budget Caps Breathe Their Last As Both Sides Join in Assault
August 7 - Congress' Ledger-demain
August 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Legislative Spending Bill Clears After Conferees Restore Money To Ease Pay Raises for House Staff
August 7 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House GOP Leaders Set Rules For Campaign Finance Showdown; Senate Measure May Be Modified
August 7 - Christian Coalition Wins Key Ruling
August 7 - Clyburn Makes Room for Forbes On House Appropriations Panel
August 7 - House Panel, Justice Department Spar Over Huang Testimony
August 7 - TRANSPORTATION: Airport Improvement Funds Stall As Shuster, McCain Square Off
August 7 - TRANSPORTATION: House Proposal Would Create A Motor Carrier Administration Emphasizing Trucking Safety
August 7 - HEALTH: House Factions Coalesce Behind Two Managed Care Bills
August 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce-Justice-State Bill Passes Despite Long List of Criticisms From Clinton Administration
August 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Takes Middle Ground On 'Emergency' Farm Aid As Agriculture Bill Passes
August 7 - SOCIAL POLICY: As Welfare Caseloads Decline, Parties Disagree Over Whether To Reach Out or Cut Back
August 7 - BANKING: Conference Roster Dispute, Shelby's Defection on Privacy Cloud Financial Services Outlook
August 7 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Juvenile Crime Bill Conferees Begin Quest for Middle Ground On Gun Control Proposals
August 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Takes Little Action On Interior Spending Bill Laden With Environmental Riders
August 7 - ENVIRONMENT: House Panel Moves Superfund Bill, But More Conflict Lies Ahead Over Industry Tax, Other Issues
August 7 - AGRICULTURE: House Committee Takes Action To Boost Subsidies for Farmers In Crop Insurance Bill Bill
August 7 - COMMERCE: House Passes Bills To Aid Small Business
August 7 - ENVIRONMENT: Water Projects Bill Cleared To President
August 7 - COMMERCE: Curb on Sale Of Alcohol On-Line Passes
August 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: D.C. Spending Bill Conferees Retain Social Policy Riders That Prompted Veto Threats
August 7 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Senate To Begin Work on Patent Overhaul Bill
August 7 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Senate Passes Penalties For Misuse of Trademarks In Internet Addresses
August 7 - 'Date Rape' Drug Penalties Gain House Committee Approval
August 7 - Bill Promises Protections For Federal Subcontractors
August 7 - Electric Utility Deregulation Won'T See Action Before Fall
August 7 - House Panel Approves Screens To Save Salmon In Northwest
August 7 - House Passes Tougher Penalties For Theft Of Intellectual Property
August 7 - House Passes Tougher Penalties For Theft Of Intellectual Property
August 7 - House Votes To Postpone Ergonomics Rules
August 7 - Methamphetamine Crackdown Approved By Senate Judiciary
August 7 - Oil, Steel Loan Guarantees Cleared
August 7 - Panel Approves Class-Action Bill That Would Benefit Defendants
August 7 - Senate Clears Limits On Access To Chemical Spill Scenarios
August 7 - Senate Panel Holds Hearings On Two Ex-Im Bank Nominees
August 7 - Senate Passes Bill To Clarify Rules On Sweepstakes Mailings
August 7 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Policy Disagreements Confront Foreign Aid Bill Negotiators
August 7 - DEFENSE: Defense Bill Negotiators Fail To Placate Administration On Nuclear Security Proposal
August 7 - TRADE: House Refuses To Reverse Clinton's Decision To Allow Trade Credits for Vietnam
August 7 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: 'Silk Road' Aid Measure Passes House
August 7 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Holbrooke Confirmed as U.N. Envoy
August 7 - Military Construction Spending Cleared With Senate Vote
August 7 - Senate Votes to Halt Food Sanctions
August 7 - Committees Delay Action on Bill Punishing Russia for Aiding Iran
August 7 - House Bill Would Create Office To Combat Sexual Trafficking
August 7 - Chart: Status of Appropriations Fiscal 2000 (as of August 6, 1999)
August 7 - Chart: Bills To Watch 106th Congress -- First Session (as of August 6, 1999)
August 14 - What's Ahead
August 14 - Are Businesses About To Leapfrog Internet Access Legislation?
August 14 - Senate Floor Time Grows More Precious
August 14 - GOP Leadership PACs' Fundraising Far Outstrips 1997-98
August 14 - DEFENSE: Air War With the Pentagon: Jerry Lewis and the F-22
August 14 - Rising to a Challenge
August 14 - EDUCATION: Whipping Up School Spirit Is a High-Stakes Lobbying Job
August 14 - POLITICS & ELECTIONS: Bush's Fundraising Net Hauls In Newcomers
August 14 - Clinton, Hatch Spar Over Judgeships
August 14 - Rep. Hill's Retirement Means GOP Has Another Seat To Defend
August 14 - Sen. Smith Almost Certain To Be Taxpayers Party Nominee
August 14 - Ten Competing To Finish Term Of the Late Rep. Brown
August 14 - LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: Pension Rewrite Handcuffed To Dead-End Tax Cut Bill
August 14 - 'Cash Balance' Controversy
August 14 - HEALTH: Accentuating the Negative In Managed Care Overhaul
August 14 - Corrections
August 14 - Chart: Commerce-Justice-State Spending Highlights
August 14 - Chart: Foreign Operations Spending Highlights
August 14 - Chart: VA-HUD Spending Highlights
August 14 - Chart: Legislative Branch Spending Highlights
August 14 - Chart: Bills To Watch
August 14 - Chart: Status of Appropriations

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