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July 3 - What's Ahead
July 3 - Brake That Metaphor
July 3 - HOW THE WEST WAS WON: Oklahoma Takes the A-Train With Amtrak
July 3 - AID, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC: Senate Earmarks Around the World
July 3 - SENATORS PROTEST IMF SALES: Are Gold Miners Getting the Shaft?
July 3 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Hill's Privately Funded Trips: Well-Traveled Ethics Loophole
July 3 - Chart: The High Cost of Travel
July 3 - Frequent Travelers
July 3 - Charts: Major Sponsors and Destinations
July 3 - Congress' Most-Traveled Staff Member: A Montanan Involved in Telecom Issues
July 3 - BUDGET: Despite Ballooning Surplus, Budget Deal Is Not at Hand
July 3 - Republicans Turn Up the Volume On Tax Cut Refrain
July 3 - Political Maneuvering May Give Campaign Finance Issue a Boost
July 3 - Senate Confirms Summers At Treasury as Rubin Departs
July 3 - Special Counsel Rules Unveiled
July 3 - HEALTH: Clinton Pushes To Salvage Partial Victory on Health Care
July 3 - HEALTH: Clinton's Medicare Drug Subsidy Plan Is Criticized for Scope and Cost
July 3 - Medicare Plans Compared
July 3 - TECHNOLOGY: With Clinton Agreeing to Caps on Damages, Y2K Liability Legislation Clears Senate
July 3 - BANKING & FINANCE: Vote Margin on Financial Services Rewrite Gives House Leverage on Privacy Issues
July 3 - EDUCATION: GOP's Education Block Grants Move Forward in House Amid Debate on Teacher Quality
July 3 - ABORTION: House-Passed Ban on Evasion Of Parental Notification Laws Faces Senate Procedural Hurdles
July 3 - AGRICULTURE: Regional Rivalries Heat Up As House Panel Votes To Reject USDA's New Dairy Price Plan
July 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Panel Approves Interior Bill; Democrats Hold Out Slim Hope Of More for Arts, 'Lands' Initiative
July 3 - Correction: Transportation Spending
July 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury And Agencies Bill Passes
July 3 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Senate Passes Trademark Protection Bill
July 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Backs Tax Cut In D.C. Bill
July 3 - Sen. Smith To Block Gun Measures
July 3 - Senate Bill Seeks To Accelerate FCC Review of Telecom Mergers
July 3 - Panel Backs Narrow Change In Endangered Species Act
July 3 - Senate Passes Bill To Promote Privatizing Satellite Business
July 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Foreign Aid Languishes In an Age of Indifference
July 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Foreign Operations Bill Passes Handily in Senate Despite Clinton's Objections
July 3 - DEFENSE: U.S. Won't Let ABM Treaty Stop Missile Defense Program, Nominee for State Post Says
July 3 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Panel Backs 4-Year OPIC Bill
July 3 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: North Korea Policy Faces New Strains
July 3 - FOREIGN POLICY: Meetings With Berger, Richardson Fail To Quell Senators' Concerns About Nuclear Security Leaks
July 3 - TRADE: Despite Ongoing House Debate, Ways and Means Votes To Renew Normal Trade Status for China
July 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Military Construction Bill Approved
July 3 - Military Construction Highlights
July 3 - Chart: Status of Appropriations Fiscal 2000
July 3 - CHART: Bills To Watch (106th Congress -- First Session)
July 10 - What's Ahead
July 10 - CARDINALS' SINS: House Leaders' Forced March on Spending Still Lacks a Detailed Route Map
July 10 - Chart: Outlook for the 13 Appropriations Bills
July 10 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Sparks Fly, but So Does Cash, As 'The Torch' Takes Charge
July 10 - Chart: Senate Seats Up for Election in 2000
July 10 - Will a Cold Shoulder Replace Post-Cold War Optimism?
July 10 - Economic Aid Goes Local
July 10 - Dissecting Dismantlement
July 10 - BUDGET: Members Confront the Reality Behind the Rosy Surplus Numbers
July 10 - Holbrooke Nomination Blocked by Lott, Others
July 10 - New Tax Proposals Released
July 10 - Richardson 'Ready To Move' On Nuclear Weapons Agency
July 10 - BANKING: Financial Services Overhaul Sees Home Stretch at Last
July 10 - Chart: Financial Services Bills Compared
July 10 - Chart: What a Difference A Year Makes
July 10 - HEALTH: Senate Braces for Managed Care Debate, With Lott Maneuvering To Derail Democratic Amendments
July 10 - Public Laws
July 10 - Chart: Treasury-Postal Spending Highlights
July 10 - Chart: Interior Spending Highlights
July 10 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
July 10 - Chart: Bills To Watch 106th Congress -- First Session
July 17 - What's Ahead
July 17 - MILLENNIAL ISSUES: More Cash To Squash Year 2000 Bug?
July 17 - TURNING THE SPIN TABLE: GOP Says Gephardt Leads 'Do Nothings'
July 17 - BY THE NUMBERS: Conceding Nothing on Abortion
July 17 - STOP WORK ORDER: This Dollar Bill Not Coming to a Wallet Near You
July 17 - TAXES: Big, Party-Defining Tax Cut Holds GOP's Hopes for 2000
July 17 - Chart: Tax Bills Compared
July 17 - TAXES: Clinton, GOP Hope To Make History Out of Their Differences
July 17 - The Elusive 'Lockbox'
July 17 - History of Recent Tax Bills
July 17 - ENVIRONMENT: Deconstructing Dams: A Watershed for Congress?
July 17 - Logjam Over Water Projects
July 17 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Smith's Renunciation of GOP Leaves Senate Colleagues Unfazed
July 17 - POLITICS: Rep. Kasich Quits Politics On Two Fronts
July 17 - Managed Care Struggle Shifts To Unpredictable House
July 17 - Lesson Learned on Gun Control Vote, Senate GOP Unites on Patients' Rights
July 17 - Insurers' Latest Advertising Blitz May Outdo 'Harry and Louise'
July 17 - Health Care Bill Highlights
July 17 - HEALTH: Parties Concur on the Need, But Remain Far Apart on How To Add Medicare Drug Benefit
July 17 - TECHNOLOGY: Deeply Divided Over Encryption Bill, House Looks to Clinton for a Deal
July 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Fiscally Cautious Interior Bill Passes House as Senate Prepares For Fights on Mining, Oil, Logging
July 17 - ENVIRONMENT: Archer's Plan for Superfund Would End Tax on Industry But Leave Liability Issue Open
July 17 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: House Republicans Hold Up PBS Reauthorization After Learning Democrats Received Donor Lists
July 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Controversial Policy Riders Dog D.C. Spending Measure On Journey Through Committees
July 17 - Chart: D.C. Spending Highlights
July 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Bill Would Slash Funds For Energy Department, Give Boost to Water Projects
July 17 - LAW & JUDICIARY: House Passes Bill To Limit States' and Localities' Power To Curb Religious Activities
July 17 - OBITUARY: Rep. George Brown Dies; Was Advocate for Science And Foe of Vietnam War
July 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal Spending Bill Faces Relatively Smooth Conference Despite Policy Struggles in House
July 17 - FTC Opposes Federal Regulation Of Internet Privacy
July 17 - House Panel Backs Pension Bill
July 17 - Clinton Request for More Funds Rekindles Census Fight
July 17 - House Corrects NHTSA Funding, Authorizes $107.9 Million
July 17 - Rhetoric but Little Action on Gun Control
July 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Foreign Aid Bill Benefits From Last-Minute Budget Increase
July 17 - Most Wye River Money Postponed As Israel's Barak Comes to Town
July 17 - Chart: Foreign Operations Spending
July 17 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: North Korea Aid, Abortion May Dominate House Action On Scaled-Back State Bill
July 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Rep. Lewis Shakes Up Pentagon, Asserts Defense Panel's Authority By Barring F-22 Fighter Purchases
July 17 - DEFENSE: Commission Outlines Steps To Address 'Chilling Reality' of Weapons Proliferation
July 17 - TRADE: With Strong White House Support, House Passes Africa Trade Bill Despite Dissension in Black Caucus
July 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Military Construction Bill Passes
July 17 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Taiwan Leader's Comment Roils U.S. Officials
July 17 - Corrections: House Votes
July 17 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
July 17 - Chart: Bills To Watch
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Finds Caps and Cuts Cramp Its Spending Style
July 24 - What's Ahead
July 24 - 'WE GOT WHAT WE WANTED': GOP Moderates Hang Tough on Taxes And Savor a Rare Victory
July 24 - Who Killed the Udall Scholarships?
July 24 - Conference Intrigue
July 24 - RULE REVERSAL: GOP Hopes To Rein In A Senatorial Prerogative
July 24 - Bumping Ever Harder Against Caps, GOP Sticks With Its Story
July 24 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Democrats Hope To Win By Staying Unified in Defeat
July 24 - Forbes' Independent Streak Persists During His Debut as a Democrat
July 24 - TAXES: No Time To Compromise: GOP Tax Cutters Charge Ahead
July 24 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: McCain Ponders Modifications As Lott Decides To Allow Debate On Campaign Finance Bill
July 24 - EDUCATION: House Passes GOP Plan For Education Block Grants
July 24 - HEALTH: GOP Persists In Opposing Transplant Plan
July 24 - House GOP Leaders Struggle To Bridge Party's Divisions Over Managed Care Overhaul
July 24 - D.C. Bill Amended To Allow Medical Marijuana Vote Tally, Needle Exchange Program
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Austere Commerce-Justice-State Bills Move Through Congress
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Appropriators Approve Energy-Water Bill As Opposition Broadens
July 24 - Chart: Energy and Water Bill Highlights
July 24 - COMMERCE: Intended To Protect Minors, Bill on Internet Alcohol Sales Is Stage for Industry Showdown
July 24 - AGRICULTURE: Rosy Outlook for Crop Insurance Bill Could Be Undercut by Program's Cost
July 24 - TECHNOLOGY: Security-Minded Panel Votes To Limit Encryption Exports; Clinton Staying Out of Fray
July 24 - Chart: Interior Spending Highlights
July 24 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Donor-List Controversy Revitalizes Critics of Public Broadcasting
July 24 - Deal To Insure Space Launches Clears Bill for Senate Floor
July 24 - House Panel Votes To Keep 4 Dams
July 24 - Bliley Moving Quickly With On-Line Data Protections
July 24 - House Votes To Limit Access To Chemical Storage Information
July 24 - Lott Tries To Work Around Obstructions To Youth Crime Bill
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Puts Pentagon on Notice With Move To Hold Up F-22
July 24 - Chart: Defense Spending Highlights
July 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Passes State Department Bill, Leaving Tough Issues of Abortion And U.N. Debt Until Conference
July 24 - Chart: State Department Bills Compared
July 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Central Asian Trade Measure Goes Forward
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Panel Votes To Slash International Development Aid As Democrats Charge Betrayal
July 24 - Chart: Foreign Operations Spending
July 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Senate, White House Agree On a New Nuclear Agency As House Studies Options
July 24 - Correction: Africa Trade
July 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Taiwanese President's Comment Inspires GOP To Renew Attack On Clinton's 'One China' Policy
July 24 - Helms Applauds Clinton's Choice for AID's Top Job
July 24 - Lott's Opposition to Holbrooke Hardens
July 24 - Senators To Seek Vote On Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
July 24 - What the Y2K Law Will Do
July 24 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
July 24 - Chart: Bills To Watch
July 31 - What's Ahead
July 31 - NORMALIZING RELATIONS: Senate Tells State Department To Establish an Outpost on the Hill
July 31 - THE WASTELAND: As Superfund Bill Awaits Markup, The Only Constant Is Change
July 31 - AUGUST RECESS: In Summertime, the Leaving's Not Easy
July 31 - Chart: Bills That Might Clear Before Summer Recess
July 31 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Fall Agenda: Taxes, Spending, Health -- and House Control
July 31 - Chart: Looming Issues for the Fall
July 31 - Labor-HHS Bill Pays the Price In Hastert's Pre-Recess Drive
July 31 - BANKING & FINANCE: SEC Fees Hand Government An Embarrassment of Riches
July 31 - TAXES: Hasty Conference, Certain Veto Face Senate-Passed Tax Cut Bill
July 31 - Tax Bills Compared
July 31 - Tax Bills Offer Something for Everyone, Especially Core GOP Constituencies
July 31 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Revived Ban on Policy Riders In Senate Appropriations Bills May Inconvenience Both Parties
July 31 - HEALTH: Managed Care Fight Finds GOP Torn Between Doctors, Insurers
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: Appropriators Concoct a VA-HUD Bill, But Full House, Senate May Make Changes
July 31 - NASA Wins Back Some Funding After Strenuous Lobbying by Goldin
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: Republicans Lament Spending Caps, Then Advance an Array of Cuts In Commerce-Justice-State Bill
July 31 - TECHNOLOGY: 'Electronic Signature,' On-Line Database Bills Move
July 31 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Senate Poised to Prohibit Misuse Of Brand Names in Web Addresses; Separate Trademark Bill Clears
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Drops Policy Riders From Interior Spending Bill, But Rewrites Might Pass Muster
July 31 - Correction: Interior Appropriations
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Energy-Water Bill That Differs Sharply From Senate's On Water Projects, Nuclear Arms
July 31 - Chart: Energy and Water Bill Highlights
July 31 - LAW & JUDICIARY: House Names Negotiators, But Juvenile Crime Bill Will Lag New School Year
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes D.C. Spending Bill; Democrats Hope To Soften GOP Policy Riders in Conference
July 31 - Chart: D.C. Spending Highlights
July 31 - HEALTH: Bill To Tighten Regulation Of 'Date Rape' Drugs Moves Forward in House
July 31 - AGRICULTURE: Cuts Ensure Crop Bill Gets A Go-Ahead
July 31 - COMMERCE: Panel Moves Dairy Compact Authorization
July 31 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House Passes Bill for Study Of Rules' Costs
July 31 - LAW & JUDICIARY: House Bill Would Allow TV in Court
July 31 - BANKING: Export-Import Bank Logjam Continues
July 31 - Bill Would Require Meatpackers To Disclose Livestock Prices
July 31 - Showdown Imminent Over FAA
July 31 - Space Launch Insurance Bill Gets Thumbs Up From Panel
July 31 - Bills Would Curb Union 'Salting,' Defray Companies' Legal Costs
July 31 - Chairman Steps Up Pressure For Documents in Hatch Act Case
July 31 - Route 66 Preservation Measure Is Cleared to President
July 31 - Small-Business Loan Programs Get Boost in House Measure
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: House GOP Vows To Hold Up Foreign Operations Spending Bill If Abortion Riders Are Challenged
July 31 - Correction: Family Planning
July 31 - Members Raise Concerns About Pledges To Aid Balkans
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: $4 Billion Difference May Delay Defense Spending Bill Until Fall
July 31 - Anti-Missile Money Reduced
July 31 - TRADE: China's Human Rights Record Dominates Debate as House Votes To Keep Trade Doors Open
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Adopts Conference Report
July 31 - Chart: Military Construction Highlights
July 31 - Lott Expected To Allow Vote On Holbrooke -- With Conditions
July 31 - Rules on Arms Transfers Approved
July 31 - Senate Panel May Be on Verge Of Marking Up Sanctions Bill
July 31 - Committee Sets Conditions On U.S.-Russian Space Ties
July 31 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
July 31 - Chart: Bills To Watch

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