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June 5 - The Week Ahead
June 5 - Still Climbing Mt. Yucca
June 5 - WHAT GOES AROUND. . .: Discharge Petitions: Weak but Useful
June 5 - Stumbles on the Way to the Floor
June 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Tom DeLay: 'The Hammer' That Drives the House GOP
June 5 - The DeLay File
June 5 - Armey Finds Rehabilitation On the House Floor
June 5 - Chart: House GOP Leadership Fundraising -- DeLay's Rise
June 5 - BANKING AND FINANCE: Bankruptcy's Platinum Issue: Are Credit Cards To Blame?
June 5 - Correction: Financial services
June 5 - TAXES: Picked-Over Code Yields Little As Tax Writers Hunt for Offsets
June 5 - David Vitter, R-La. (1)
June 5 - HEALTH: House Republican Pushes Measure To Bar Change in Organ Allocations
June 5 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Census Bureau Seeks Another $1.7 Billion
June 5 - LAW & JUDICIARY: House GOP Goes Own Way On Crime Bill
June 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Lawmakers Await Kosovo Pact Details And Signs of Serbian Compliance
June 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Republicans Face Challenge On China Trade Policy: Balance Security, Economics
June 12 - What's Ahead
June 12 - From the Publisher
June 12 - ADVISE AND RESENT: No-Holds-Barred Fight Over Nominations Less Apocalyptic Than It Seems
June 12 - Judicial Bypass
June 12 - SMOKE & MIRRORS: Are Congress and the FCC on the Same Wavelength?
June 12 - The Coburn Effect
June 12 - TECHNOLOGY: High Tech Swarms the Hill As CEOs Turn Lobbyists
June 12 - Tech Bills in the Works
June 12 - Chart: High-Tech Industry Scorecard
June 12 - Inside the Industry's Lobbying Hard Drive
June 12 - SOCIAL POLICY: Is Age of Turmoil Ending For Senior Citizens' Programs?
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP's Tweaked Budget Plan Is Still Short on Workability
June 12 - Hastert's Appeal for Unity Defuses Budgetary Crisis -- For Now
June 12 - Senate Prepares To Vote On Social Security Lockbox That Echoes Existing Rules
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Holds Line on Expenses In a Move GOP Calls Responsible But Democrats See as Betrayal
June 12 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Hastert's Gun Control Package Faces Fusillade of Criticism from Both Parties
June 12 - Chart: Gun Control Provisions Compared
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Agriculture Bill After Coburn Gets $103 Million Cut
June 12 - Chart: Agriculture Spending Highlights
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce-Justice-State Bill Runs Smoothly Through Panels But Could Slip on Senate Floor
June 12 - BANKING & FINANCE: Industry Prepares for Floor Fight Against Privacy Protections In House Financial Services Bill
June 12 - BANKING: Republicans Fault Clinton For Long-Running Vacancy On Federal Reserve Board
June 12 - TECHNOLOGY: Senate Poised To Pass Compromise Y2K Measure; Hatch Discounts Veto Threat
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Bill Heads to House Floor, With Airports a Prime Target for Cuts
June 12 - Chart: Transportation Spending Highlights
June 12 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Archer Mounts Last-Ditch Effort To Overcome Political Inertia On Social Security Overhaul
June 12 - Administration Defends Pace Of Highway Law Implementation
June 12 - Probe of Florida's Brown Opens
June 12 - Superfund Compromise Wins Subcommittee Approval
June 12 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Congress Weighs Next Kosovo Move With a Tight Hold on Purse Strings
June 12 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Takes a Step To Strengthen Protection of Defense Technology
June 12 - Warnings of a Backlash
June 12 - DEFENSE: Republicans' Unease With Clinton Marks House Passage of Defense Bill
June 12 - DEFENSE: Senate-Passed Defense Spending Bill Provides $4 Billion for Pet Projects
June 12 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Pre-Election Maneuvering Clouds Outlook for Nominees To Treasury, Ambassadorial Posts
June 12 - TRADE: Ways and Means Moves Bills To Boost Caribbean Basin, Sub-Saharan Africa Trade
June 12 - TRADE: Bill To Waive Certain Duties Clears House
June 12 - TRADE: Panel Approves Bill To Limit Food Embargoes
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Military Construction Bill Advances
June 12 - Gilman Criticizes North Korea Aid
June 19 - What's Ahead
June 19 - HOT SEATS: Class of '94 Grapples With the Gavel
June 19 - Quotes of the Week
June 19 - TILTING AT WINDMILLS: Independent Senators
June 19 - TROUBLE WITH A CAPITAL G: Dreier Steers Gun Bill Around Rules Pitfalls
June 19 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Beyond Guns and Violence: A Battle for House Control
June 19 - Democrats' Frantic Maneuvering Ultimately Comes To Naught
June 19 - Milestones in Gun Control
June 19 - ENVIRONMENT: Bills To Conserve Open Land Take Tentative Root on Hill
June 19 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senate's Serenity May Not Last In the Face of Budget Caps
June 19 - POLITICS: Several Term Limit Supporters Recant Vows To Leave House, Saying Their Work Is Not Yet Done
June 19 - BUDGET: Senate Remains at an Impasse Over Social Security Lockbox As Votes To Spend Surplus Continue
June 19 - COMMERCE: Senate Passes Loan Subsidies For Steel Companies, Some Oil and Gas Producers
June 19 - Chart: Commerce-Justice-State Spending
June 19 - BUDGET: Overhauling the Budget Process Promises Pitched Turf Wars Among Committees, Chambers
June 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Legislative Spending Bill Sets Fast Pace
June 19 - Chart: Legislative Branch Spending Highlights
June 19 - HEALTH: Managed Care Legislation a Year Later: Republicans Stare Back at the Future
June 19 - TECHNOLOGY: Failure To Win Veto-Proof Senate Majority Tempers GOP's Triumph on Y2K Bill
June 19 - Chart: Comparison of Senate, House Versions Of Y2K Legislation
June 19 - FINANCE: Summers Faces Tough Questions On Taxes and Monetary Policy, But Confirmation Appears Secure
June 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Is Left To Find Offsets As Senate Passes Bill Expanding Health Benefits for Working Disabled
June 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: Speaker Showcases Support For Archer's Effort To Craft Social Security Compromise
June 19 - TRANSPORTATION: Aviation Trust Fund Fight Shifts to Senate As Shuster's Plan Wins in House
June 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Energy-Water Bill Tilted Toward Defense Programs; House May Take Different Tack
June 19 - Chart: Energy and Water Bill Highlights
June 19 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate's On-Site Proposal Would Keep Nuclear Waste Out of Nevada -- for Now
June 19 - HEALTH: Senate Panel Again Fails To Reach Compromise On Medical Privacy Bill
June 19 - COMMERCE: Barton Calls for Action On Electricity Deregulation Despite Daunting Problems
June 19 - COMMERCE: Encryption Bill OK'd; Security Still an Issue
June 19 - COMMERCE: Web Gambling Is the Target Of Senate Bill
June 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Prepares for Struggles Over Farm Aid, Dairy Policy As Agriculture Bill Heads to Floor
June 19 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Passes Agriculture Sanctions Bill
June 19 - Airlines Pledge To Improve Service
June 19 - Hatch's Impasse With Clinton On Nominations Seems Over
June 19 - Retooled Assisted-Suicide Bill Wins Over Some Health Officials
June 19 - DEFENSE: Proposal for a Nuclear Security Agency Gains Momentum With Lawmakers
June 19 - NOMINATION: Holbrooke Runs Helms' Gantlet In Hearing on U.N. Nomination, Leaving Mixed Impressions
June 19 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: U.N. Debt Deal May Ease Way For State Authorization in Senate; Abortion Issue Revived in House
June 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Foreign Aid Bill Slashes Money For Former Soviet States To Fund Balkan Reconstruction
June 19 - TRADE: Senate Panel Moves Alternative To Steel Import Quota Bill; Roth Vows To Push Fast Track
June 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Military Construction Funding Passes
June 19 - Chart: Military Construction Spending Highlights
June 19 - Chart: Defense Spending Highlights
June 19 - Chart: Bills To Watch 106th Congress -- First Session
June 19 - Chart: Status of Appropriations Fiscal 2000
June 26 - TRADE: Textile Industry Torn Over Survival Strategy
June 26 - What's Ahead
June 26 - IN THE MONEY: What To Do With a Treasury Brimming With Political Gold?
June 26 - 'IF NOTHING MOVES, NOTHING MOVES': Lott Seeks a Path Through Legislative Minefield
June 26 - POLITICAL ACTION: In the Majority: It Pays
June 26 - Uncommon Honor
June 26 - Influential Voices in the Debate
June 26 - Free Trade Transforms Textile Country Along South Carolina's 'Autobahn'
June 26 - Chart: Trade Bills
June 26 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Who Polices Politicians After Counsel Law Expires?
June 26 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Latest Supreme Court Rulings Reinforce the Federalist Trend
June 26 - BUDGET: House Revamp of Budget Process Meets Discord at the Starting Line
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Modestly Productive Week Brings Appropriators Closer To Day of Reckoning With Caps
June 26 - LAW & JUDICIARY: House Again Sends Senate Constitutional Amendment To Outlaw Flag Desecration
June 26 - AGRICULTURE: Lawmakers Jostle for Advantage In Dairy Policy Debate
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Managed Care Initiative Slows Senate Consideration Of Agriculture Spending Bill
June 26 - Chart: Agriculture Spending Highlights
June 26 - TECHNOLOGY: GOP Sits Down With White House After Businesses' Plea To Avert 'Catastrophe' on Y2K Liability
June 26 - Correction: Juvenile Crime
June 26 - LAW & JUDICIARY: With Crime Bill Ready for Conference, Gun Control Issue Still Hovers And Democrats Try To Regroup
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Transportation Bill Heads for Senate Without Money for Air Traffic Controllers
June 26 - Chart: Transportation Spending Highlights
June 26 - HEALTH: Democrats Vie With GOP For Voters' Allegiance Under 'Patients' Rights' Banner
June 26 - Coverage for Drugs Urged
June 26 - BANKING & FINANCE: Financial Services Overhaul Bill Heads for House Floor
June 26 - Chart: Financial Services Bills Compared
June 26 - BANKING & FINANCE: Senate Likely To Confirm Summers
June 26 - LAW & JUDICIARY: House Backs Hyde's Effort, Passing Bill To Curb Abuse In Federal Property Seizures
June 26 - EDUCATION: GOP Leaders Push To Convert $13 Billion in Education Aid Into Block Grants to States
June 26 - SOCIAL POLICY: Panel Votes To Criminalize Aid to Minors in Evading Abortion Notification Laws
June 26 - TECHNOLOGY: Encryption Bill Approved As Stevens Appeals for Caution In Era of 'Cyber-Warfare'
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Treasury-Postal Bill Defends Intellectual Property, Lets Hill Pay Raise Stand
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate's Interior Spending Bill Easily Adheres to Budget Limits, Blocks Clinton's Clean Air Order
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Tax Issue, Social Policy Riders May Ensnarl D.C. Spending Bill Despite Panel's Quick Approval
June 26 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Votes To Expand Aid To Combat Problems of Youths As They Move Off Foster Care
June 26 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Religious Protection Bill Moves Forward
June 26 - TECHNOLOGY: Senate Panel Approves Internet Bills
June 26 - 'Everyday Maladies' Excluded From Disabilities Act
June 26 - Softer 'Passenger Rights' Bill Moves
June 26 - Liability-Sharing Bill Approved To Help Space Launch Industry
June 26 - Senate Votes To Delay Release Of Chemical Accident Scenarios
June 26 - DEFENSE: Plan for New Agency Gains Steam Over Richardson's Objections
June 26 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Sarbanes Loses Solitary Battle Against 'Burdensome' Conditions For Paying Debt to United Nations
June 26 - TRADE: Senate Panel Approves Trade Bills Benefiting Africa and Caribbean;Textiles May Prove Contentious
June 26 - TRADE: White House, Farm Groups Stave Off Senate Vote On Steel Import Quotas
June 26 - DEFENSE: Lawmakers Urge Armed Forces To Focus on High-Tech Future
June 26 - Bill Would Spur Development In Former Soviet Bloc Nations
June 26 - Holbrooke Nomination Finally Seeing Green Lights in Senate
June 26 - Yeltsin Agrees To Reopen ABM Treaty
June 26 - Chart: Status of Appropriations Fiscal 2000
June 26 - Chart: Bills To Watch

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