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January 2 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Impeachment's Long Shadow
January 2 - BUDGET: GOP Faces Fiscal Quandary
January 2 - TAXES: Only Small Issues Need Apply
January 2 - SOCIAL SECURITY: A Rare Opportunity Ahead
January 2 - HEALTH CARE: New Strategy, Old Disputes
January 2 - DEFENSE: Missile Defense Tug of War
January 2 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Hastert Wins High Marks From the Business Community
January 2 - Hastert's Group Ratings
January 2 - DEFENSE: Is Military's 'Warrior' Culture In America's Best Interest?
January 2 - Keeping a Civil Tongue
January 2 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Panel Issues Proposals For Preventing Chinese Theft Of U.S. Military Technology
January 2 - From the Editor
January 2 - IMPEACHMENT TRIAL: Chief Justice May Be Just Another 'Juror'
January 2 - HELP WANTED: Clerk's Job Vacant
January 2 - This Week in Congress
January 2 - LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Parties Set Ambitious Agendas In the Shadow of Old Grudges
January 9 - Chart: Conservative Coalition Support and Opposition: House
January 9 - Chart: Voting Participation: House
January 9 - Chart: Voting Participation: Senate
January 9 - TEXT: 'Solutions to Problems Cannot Be Found in a Pool of Bitterness,' New Speaker Hastert Declares
January 9 - From the Editor
January 9 - ON-THE-RECORD: Campaign Donors Provide Clues To Hastert's Interests
January 9 - GINGRICH INC.: Making a Living
January 9 - impeachment 'Science': How the Senate Prepared To Replace Richard Nixon
January 9 - What's Ahead
January 9 - After Historic Swearing-In, Duty Trumps the Party Line
January 9 - The Ultimate Sanction?
January 9 - With Great Difficulty, Senate Devises A Blueprint for Proceedings
January 9 - A Determined Prosecution
January 9 - The Articles of Impeachment
January 9 - Senate Strives for Dignity
January 9 - First Impeachment Offers Insight On Framers' Intentions
January 9 - SOCIAL POLICY: Medicare Agency's Struggles Try Congress' Patience
January 9 - Commission Drafts Plans To Ensure Medicare's Long-Term Survival
January 9 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House Opens a New Session With a Coach and a Prayer
January 9 - House Eases Its Limit on Taking Gifts To Match the Senate's Restrictions
January 9 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: New Congress Is Older, More Politically Seasoned
January 9 - Chart: Minorities in Congress
January 9 - Chart: Members' Occupations and Religious Affiliations
January 9 - Clinton's String of Modest Proposals Softens Focus on Impeachment Trial
January 9 - Clinton's Health Care Tax Credit Has a Familiar Ring to GOP
January 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster Sets Out To Protect Aviation At the Risk of Provoking McCain
January 9 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Clinton Eases Restrictions on Cuba But Stops Short of Reviewing Embargo
January 9 - Baseball Diplomacy
January 9 - DEFENSE: Clinton's Defense Budget Increase Falls Short, Joint Chiefs Tell Senators
January 9 - Proposed Military Pay Increase Aimed At Making Services More Attractive
January 9 - U.S. Agencies and U.N. Teams Shared Intelligence on Iraq
January 9 - Decision on Tritium Site Angers Some Legislators
January 9 - Panel Urges Spending To Protect Embassies From Terrorism
January 9 - Study Bolsters Proponents Of Nevada Waste Site
January 9 - Vacancy at Top May Rekindle Effort To Eliminate Aid Agency
January 9 - Clinton's Biggest Prize Was a Frustrated GOP
January 9 - Chart: Leading Scorers: Presidential Support
January 9 - Partisan Voting on the Rise
January 9 - Chart: Leading Scorers: Party Unity
January 9 - R.I.P. to a Conservative Force
January 9 - Attendance Holds Steady
January 9 - Guide to CQ's Voting Analyses
January 9 - Chart: Presidential Support Background
January 9 - Chart: 1998 House Presidential Position Votes
January 9 - Chart: 1998 Senate Presidential Position Votes
January 9 - Chart: Presidential Support and Opposition: Senate
January 9 - Chart: Presidential Support and Opposition: House
January 9 - Chart: Party Unity Background
January 9 - Chart: 1998 Party Unity Votes
January 9 - Chart: Party Unity and Party Opposition: House
January 9 - Chart: Party Unity and Party Opposition: Senate
January 9 - Chart: Conservative Coalition Background
January 9 - Chart: 1998 Conservative Coalition Votes
January 9 - Chart: Conservative Coalition Support and Opposition: Senate
January 16 - From the Editor
January 16 - THE KGB FILES: Traitor in the House: A HUAC Founder Once Spied for the Soviets
January 16 - CENSUS, ROUND 2: Clinton-Hastert Face-off
January 16 - What's Ahead
January 16 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: U.S. Pays a Growing Price For U.N. Debt Impasse
January 16 - Congress' Reluctance To Repay U.N. Inspires Ted Turner To Step In
January 16 - HEALTH: Managed Care Overhaul Shows New Signs of Life
January 16 - New Generation of Industry Lobbyists Fights To Preserve Victory
January 16 - Looking Ahead
January 16 - Senate Confronts Two Constituencies: History -- and the Voters in 2000
January 16 - Party Lines Threaten To Prevail Over Pride, Friendship in Senate
January 16 - Trial Takes On a Hybrid Character When Politicians Are Jurors
January 16 - Debate To Decide Clinton's Fate Still Likely To Be Held in Secret
January 16 - Correction: First Impeachment
January 16 - The Paper Trail, Jan. 11 - 15, 1999
January 16 - The 13 House Republicans Making The Case Against Clinton
January 16 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Another State of the Union Message: Government Not Distracted by Impeachment
January 16 - Tax Cuts Are in the Air, But Consensus May Be Elusive
January 16 - Correction: Characteristics of the 106th Congress
January 16 - Lobbyist, Aide Crippen Picked To Head CBO
January 16 - DEFENSE: Administration Aims To Improve Agencies' Response to Terrorism
January 16 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: GOP Urges Quick Release Of Report on China's Deals; Democrats Less Enthusiastic
January 16 - Nuclear Treaty Confirmation High on White House Agenda
January 16 - Senators Stand Firmly Against Clemency for Jonathan Pollard
January 16 - Clinton Again Names Hormel As Ambassador to Luxembourg
January 16 - Hunter Says Clinton's Increase In Defense Budget Falls Short
January 16 - 1999 Congressional Calendar
January 23 - From the Editor
January 23 - PAST AS PROLOGUE: Byrd Sent an Early Signal That Even He Watched the Polls
January 23 - LEAKS: Sworn to Secrecy
January 23 - OLD SOLDIERS: Senators Segue From Somber Trial to Cheery Reunion
January 23 - This Week in Congress
January 23 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Clinton and His Troubles: Equals in Staying Power
January 23 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: A Manifesto for 2000
January 23 - Clinton's Initiatives
January 23 - SOCIAL POLICY: Opportunity Is in the Air
January 23 - DEFENSE: Right-Face on Defense Policy
January 23 - IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT: As Events Buoy Clinton, Senators Seek a Graceful Exit
January 23 - Defense Focuses on Facts
January 23 - A Loquacious Retired Senator And Blue-Chip Lawyers Defend Clinton
January 23 - Correction: Thompson's Watergate Role
January 23 - COMMERCE: Casinos Look To Improve Their Odds on Capitol Hill
January 23 - The Virtual Casino
January 23 - Indian Gambling Operations Find 'Devoted' Advocate in Rep. Kennedy
January 23 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: With an Eye Toward Speakership, Gephardt May Soon Spurn Presidential Bid
January 23 - Clarification: Vote Studies
January 23 - ETHICS: Smith Assumes Ethics Post As Probe of Shuster Expands To Include 3 Past Campaigns
January 23 - TRADE: Hopes for Fast-Track Trade Bill Revived in the Senate
January 23 - Iraqi Opposition Groups Picked To Get Political and Military Aid
January 23 - NATO Renews Threat of Force After Kosovo Civilians Killed
January 23 - U.N. Representative Nominee Accused Of Ethics Violations
January 23 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Urging Nation To 'Aim Higher,' Clinton Offers Proposals on Education, Retirement Security, Health Care
January 23 - REPUBLICAN RESPONSE: GOP Says Tax Relief, Social Security Overhaul Are 'Practical' Priorities
January 23 - IMPEACHMENT: Hyde's Summation: 'We Must Never Tolerate One Law for the Ruler And Another for the Ruled'
January 23 - IMPEACHMENT: Bumpers' Conclusion: The People 'Are Calling on You To Rise Above Politics . . . Above Partisanship'
January 30 - From the Editor
January 30 - LOTT'S LIST: Senate Eyes Post-Impeachment Agenda
January 30 - What's Ahead
January 30 - Looking Beyond the Trial
January 30 - Challenge for the GOP: Conserve Ideals Without Losing Majority
January 30 - Activist President Presses On in Hope Of Tempering History's Judgment
January 30 - Partisan Tensions, Already High, Are Unlikely To End When Trial Does
January 30 - Clinton's Woes May Turn 'Character' Into a Hot Campaign Issue
January 30 - As the Economy Goes, So Goes The Presidency -- or Vice Versa?
January 30 - Democrats Say Foreign Policy Suffers, But GOP Says 'Life Goes On'
January 30 - Senate Limits Witnesses, Begins Push Toward Finishing Trial
January 30 - Law That Empowers Starr Is Also on Trial This Year
January 30 - A Will of Their Own
January 30 - Exit Strategies Divide Senate
January 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Untried Chairman Faces a Divided House, Daunting Figures and Watchful Eyes
January 30 - A Mix of Old and New Hands Will Shepherd Spending Bills
January 30 - BUDGET: Projection of Larger Surplus Boosts Republicans' Hopes For Across-the-Board Tax Cut
January 30 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Lott Haunted by Connections With Conservative Citizens Group
January 30 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Supreme Court Ruling Offers Little Hope For Ending Census Sampling Debate
January 30 - EDUCATION: GOP Speeds Education Measures To Show Attention to 'the People's Business'
January 30 - BANKING & FINANCE: 'Push Is On' for Financial Services Overhaul, But a Big Obstacle Remains
January 30 - SOCIAL POLICY: Sen. Breaux Angles for Support For Medicare Restructure Plan As Panel's Deadline Approaches
January 30 - TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS: Court Ruling on Local Phone Market May Prompt Telecom Law Rewrite, Battle Over FCC Reauthorization
January 30 - TRADE: Report on Chinese Espionage Revives Interest in Export Controls
January 30 - Export Controls in History
January 30 - DEFENSE: Senate Panel Approves Larger Pay Increase, Education Benefits for Military
January 30 - Defense and Foreign Policy Notes
January 30 - IMPEACHMENT: House's Rationale for Witnesses: Testimony 'Will Lend Greater Coherence and Understanding'

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