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October 4 - Campaign Finance To Dominate
October 4 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Overhaul Bill Faces Long Odds As Filibuster Threats Loom
October 4 - Questions Arise About Role Of Tax-Exempt Groups in '96
October 4 - Inquiry Act Details
October 4 - Campaign Finance Hearings: Testimony During the Week of Sept. 29
October 4 - ETHICS: Ex-Rep. Oakar Pleads Guilty
October 4 - THE HOUSE: Battle Over Agenda Sparks Holiday Exit Dispute
October 4 - LOUISIANA: Lack of Evidence Brings Probe Of Senate Election to an End
October 4 - ETHICS: New Panel Decides To Continue Cases
October 4 - PERQUISITES: Pay Raise Foes Declare End To Battle as Increase OK'd
October 4 - COVER STORY: Congress and Country Fired Up After Hearings on IRS Abuses
October 4 - Overhauling the IRS
October 4 - GOP's Motives for Taking on IRS Are Both Personal and Political
October 4 - Slings and Arrows
October 4 - TRADE: Clinton's Push for Fast Track Gets Senate Finance Boost
October 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: With CR Done, Focus Now Is on Line-Item Veto
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: Easy Confirmation Expected For SEC and Fed Nominees
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: SEC Reauthorization Measure Falls to Side Issue in House
October 4 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: New FCC Panel Members Face Pressure Over '96 Overhaul
October 4 - ENVIRONMENT: Hard-Won Coalition Holds As Species Bill Advances
October 4 - A Modest Step -- on Several Toes
October 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Land Purchases Threaten Interior Spending Bill
October 4 - NEA Provides Some Good Theater
October 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: D.C. Spending Debates Heat Up Over School Vouchers
October 4 - In Cleveland Schools, a New Idea Meets With Mixed Reviews
October 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Clears $21.2 Billion Energy and Water Bill
October 4 - Energy-Water Development Spending
October 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal Spending Bill Comes Down to the Wire
October 4 - Fiscal 1998 Treasury-Postal Service Spending
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Bills To Criminalize Internet Theft
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: Imported Food Safety Proposal Unveiled by President
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: Informal Working Group Set Up To Enact Tobacco Settlement
October 4 - TRANSPORTATION: Chambers Go Separate Ways On Highway Funding
October 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Affirmative Action Issues Top High Court's Docket
October 4 - A Shift to Nuts and Bolts
October 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Settle Differences Over VA-HUD Funding
October 4 - VETERANS: Complaint Office Gets Panel's OK
October 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Fights Off Opposition To Move Commerce Bill
October 4 - EDUCATION: House Panel Votes Uanimously For Loan Consolidation Bill
October 4 - FOREIGN POLICY: NATO Expansion Debate Put on Fast Track
October 4 - The Price of Admission
October 4 - FOREIGN POLICY: Panel Gingerly Approves Bills Chiding China
October 4 - Defense Spending
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: Albright Urged To Push Israel For Suspect's Extradition
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill Would Crack Down On Products of Forced Labor
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Rejects Senate Provision On Frozen Iraqi Assets
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Works on Reauthorizing Export-Import Bank
October 4 - CHART: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
October 4 - CHART: Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998
October 4 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: On Pay Adjustments, Timing Is All
October 11 - Fundraising Issues Not Taking Break
October 11 - COVER STORY: Death Rattle Sparks Search For Signs of Political Life
October 11 - Votes a Good Indicator of Depth Of Feelings on Both Sides
October 11 - Eighteen Years of Stalemate
October 11 - GOP Bills Would Require Unions To Get Consent for Political Use of Dues
October 11 - Ickes Offers Bristling Defense Of Democratic Fundraising
October 11 - Angry Reno Expresses Resolve Amid Mounting Pressure
October 11 - The White House Videotapes: A Timeline of the Controversy
October 11 - House Probe: Different Spotlight Shines on Familiar Territory
October 11 - Campaign Finance: Testimony During the Week of Oct. 6
October 11 - SEPARATION OF POWERS: Line-Item Boosters Reconsider As Clinton Vetoes Hit Home
October 11 - Next Bills Contain a Wealth of Targets
October 11 - TRADE: Fast-Track Bill Gets Little Support From Ways and Means Democrats
October 11 - Correction
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: GOP Leaders Celebrate Tour To Promote Tax Changes
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Measure Would Expand Duty-Free Access to U.S.
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Recommends Approval Of Fed, SEC Nominees
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Approves Changes to New Tax Law
October 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Shelby Looks Out for Alabama, But Not Everyone Is Cheering
October 11 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Highway and Transit Bill Lurches Toward New Year
October 11 - COMMUNICATIONS: Moratorium on Internet Taxes Advanced by House Panels
October 11 - NOMINATIONS: Despite Concerns, Panel OKs Four Nominees for FCC
October 11 - REGULATION: Flight Attendants' Settlement Reinvigorates Tobacco Foes
October 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: D.C. Measure Squeaks By House With School Vouchers Intact
October 11 - EDUCATION: Expansion of 'Education IRAs' Approved by Ways and Means
October 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves $49.8 Billion Agriculture Spending Bill
October 11 - Fiscal 1998 Agriculture Spending
October 11 - ENVIRONMENT: House Votes To Restrict Power Of President To Protect Land
October 11 - ENVIRONMENT: House Resources Approves Nevada Waste Site
October 11 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Approves Wilderness Bill
October 11 - INTERIOR: House Bill Gives Landowners Greater Appeal Power
October 11 - PUBLIC LANDS: Grazing Bill Gets Panel Approval
October 11 - ENVIRONMENT: House Passes Curb on Influence Of U.N. Land Program
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Conferees, White House Agree On Purchase of Lands
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: GOP Deciding Next Step For Product Liability
October 11 - DRUGS: Few Differences Remain in Move To Streamline FDA Process
October 11 - Versions of House, Senate Bills Similar
October 11 - VA-HUD-Independent Agencies Spending
October 11 - ABORTION: Clinton Once Again Vetoes 'Partial Birth' Bill
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Harassment, Benefits Bills OK'd By House, Veterans Panels
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Satcher Moves Closer To Surgeon General
October 11 - SECTION-NOTES: Education Panel Boosts Funds For 'Charter' Schools
October 11 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Bill Blessed by Helms Falls Prey To Naysayers in the House
October 11 - FOREIGN POLICY: Albright Argues NATO Expansion Would Buttress Democracy
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Backs Gordon For Intelligence Post
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Helms Demands Documents On Cuba Sanctions
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Reauthorization Of Export-Import Bank
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Nominations Of Foley, Fowler, Two Others
October 11 - SECTION NOTES: Religious Persecution Bill Delayed Again in House
October 11 - GOVERNORS: In Fall Races, Campaign Themes Sounding More Like Lullabies
October 11 - CALIFORNIA: Ruling Against Term Limits May Alter '98 House Races
October 11 - COLORADO: Lamm Enters Race for Senate As Skaggs Declines To Run
October 11 - Vetoed Projects in Fiscal 1998 Military Construction Spending Bill
October 11 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
October 11 - Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998
October 11 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Reform Stalemate: Clinton's Legacy
October 18 - Frantic Pace Expected To OK Spending Bills
October 18 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: A Defiant Reno Proves Elusive As Critics Run Out of Steam
October 18 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: White House Videotapes: Focus Turns to Content
October 18 - ETHICS: Rostenkowski's Next Move: Is He Down, but Not Out?
October 18 - COVER STORY: Potent Forces Brace for Battle On Bankruptcy Law Overhaul
October 18 - Major Bankruptcy Bills
October 18 - An Issue From Ancient Times
October 18 - TRADE: District Cares Keep Rep. Bentsen Firmly Undecided on Fast Track
October 18 - Crunch Time for Fast Track
October 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Opponents of Line-Item Veto Law Try Again for Redress in Court
October 18 - Status of Vetoes
October 18 - Correction
October 18 - TAXATION: IRS Revamp May Be Stalled By GOP Political Equation
October 18 - ENVIRONMENT: Nuclear Waste Bill Produces Its Own Heated Reactions
October 18 - Nuclear Waste Map
October 18 - No Easy Storage Solution
October 18 - TRANSPORTATION: With Strike Looming, Amtrak Deal May Be in the Works
October 18 - INTERIOR: NEA Has Been Out of Touch, Its Own Report Says
October 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy and Water Law Gets Line-Item Veto
October 18 - LABOR: GOP Wants To Unload Costs Of Monitoring Teamsters
October 18 - Looking Back at Labor
October 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: President Uses a Delicate Touch In Vetoing Military Spending
October 18 - Veto List: From Spy Planes To Star Wars Spinoffs
October 18 - IDAHO: Kempthorne, Crapo Tune Up For Musical Chairs
October 18 - VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Outlines Reasons For Defense Veto Items
October 18 - VETO MESSAGE: Federal Retirement Provision Draws Line-Item Pen
October 18 - VETO MESSAGE: Clinton: Cuts Won't Harm Nation's Defense
October 18 - VETO MESSAGE: President Repeats Objections To Abortion Measure
October 18 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
October 18 - Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998
October 18 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: A Law of Unintended Consequences
October 25 - Clock Winding Down On Money Bills
October 25 - LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Spending Bill Battles Loom Over End-of-Session Rush
October 25 - Countdown to Adjournment
October 25 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Vitriolic Hearings Focus on Use Of 'Soft Money' by Both Sides
October 25 - Campaign Finance Hearings: Testimony During the Week of Oct. 20
October 25 - '96 ELECTION: Demand Escalates For End to Probe
October 25 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Fight Over Overhaul Measure Spills Over to Other Bills
October 25 - TAXATION: Clinton, Democrats Climb Aboard The IRS Overhaul Bandwagon
October 25 - Nominee Says He's Up to the Task
October 25 - TRADE: Fast Track Prospects Gloomy As White House Efforts Lag
October 25 - REGULATION: Banking Lobby Flays Rewrite Of Financial Services Law
October 25 - BANKRUPTCY: Senate Bill Would Require More Debtor Repayment
October 25 - SECTION NOTES: Banking Panel Moves Measure On Commemorative Quarters
October 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Let Homeowners Cancel Mortgage Insurance
October 25 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Carey, Unger For SEC Positions
October 25 - SECTION NOTES: Sub-Saharan Development Bill Gets Ways and Means Nod
October 25 - REGULATION: Property Rights Advocates Climb the Hill to Success
October 25 - An Eye for an 'Aye' in the House
October 25 - TRANSPORTATION: Move To Restructure Amtrak Stopped in Its Tracks
October 25 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Weighs Alternatives To Massive Highway Bill
October 25 - THE INTERNET: Ban on Cyberspace Gambling Gets First Push in Senate
October 25 - ENVIRONMENT: Clinton's Global Warming Plans Take Heat From Congress
October 25 - REGULATION: House Bills Put New Spark In Electricity Deregulation
October 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Breaks Deadlock, Passes Interior Bill
October 25 - Correction
October 25 - ENVIRONMENT: House Resources Votes To Block Clinton's River Designations
October 25 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: GOP Awaits Clinton Response To Product Liability Bill
October 25 - COVER STORY: Long-Term Challenges Temper Cheers for Welfare Successes
October 25 - States Use Innovative Methods To Keep Federal Funds Flowing
October 25 - Welfare History
October 25 - Thompson's Welfare Revolution
October 25 - Welfare Trends
October 25 - Welfare on the Web
October 25 - LABOR: Panel's Party-Line Vote on OSHA Shows Divisions Over Revamp
October 25 - Less Is More for Latest Overhaul Bill
October 25 - HEALTH: Clash Over Compliance Leaves Mental Health Law Unclear
October 25 - EDUCATION: House Panel OKs Literacy Program
October 25 - EDUCATION: School Savings Accounts Bill Gets an F From Clinton
October 25 - DRUGS: House OKs Goals For Drug Control
October 25 - NOMINATIONS: Clinton's Civil Rights Nominee Gives GOP a Tough Choice
October 25 - SECTION NOTES: Illegal Alien Provision Extended Again
October 25 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Labor Panel Approves Satcher Nomination
October 25 - SECTION NOTES: Student Loan Bills Advance In Both Houses
October 25 - Chinese President Jiang's U. S. Itinerary
October 25 - FOREIGN POLICY: Chinese Leader's Summit Visit Puts Congress at Crossroads
October 25 - Writing a 'Practical' Religious Freedom Bill
October 25 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Conferees, Fearing 'Irrelevancy,' End Months-Long Stalemate
October 25 - FOREIGN POLICY: Administration Plays Down Cost Of NATO Expansion
October 25 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Stevens Waves Off Olive Branch From Raines on Vetoed Items
October 25 - FORIEGN AID: Obey Blocks $75 Million In Funds for Israel
October 25 - FORIEGN POLICY: Panel Approves Iran Sanctions
October 25 - ELECTION '98: With Major Issues Fading, Capitol Life Lures Fewer
October 25 - CHART: 1998 Congressional Primary Dates And Filing Deadlines
October 25 - CHART: Marginal Mandates
October 25 - 1998 ELECTIONS: Crapo Announces for Senate; McInnis Bows to Campbell
October 25 - Correction
October 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Clinton Hands the GOP Another Empty Victory

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