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August 2 - Budget Backslapping Signals Recess Start
August 2 - BUDGET: A Balanced-Budget Deal Won, A Defining Issue Lost
August 2 - Scouting Out the Final Deal
August 2 - Highlights of the Agreement
August 2 - In Tax Cut Glow, GOP Rediscovers Unity
August 2 - Key Cuts and Revenue Raisers In Tax Cut Package
August 2 - MEDICARE: Long-Term Fixes Are Delayed, But Political Logjam Broken
August 2 - Medicare Spending Changes
August 2 - Tax Incentives Aimed at Education
August 2 - WELFARE: Worker Protections Remain For Welfare Recipients
August 2 - Welfare Highlights
August 2 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Congress Gives Funds, Takes Control
August 2 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Hearings, Short on Surprises, Cover Familiar Terrain
August 2 - Testimony During the Week of July 28
August 2 - LOUISIANA: Senate GOP To Go It Alone In Probe of '96 Election
August 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Small Legislative Spending Bill Could Present Big Problems
August 2 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Kim To Plead Guilty to Charges In Illegal Contribution Probe
August 2 - Correction
August 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Stevens 'Cracks a Few Heads' In Moving Senate Bills
August 2 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Add Bankruptcy Judges Passes House
August 2 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Criminalize 'Browsing' By IRS Clears Senate
August 2 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To End Double Taxation
August 2 - SECTION NOTES: SEC Reauthorization Approved By House Commerce
August 2 - ENVIRONMENT: After Compromise, Dolphin Deal Sails Through Senate, House
August 2 - Dolphin-Safe Tuna Bill Highlights
August 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Weapons, Abortion To Spur Debate On Treasury Spending Bill
August 2 - Coffees, at a Cost
August 2 - TRANSPORTATION: Reform-for-Cash Budget Provision Leaves Amtrak in Quandary
August 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Transportation Bill, Assuring Higher Spending Levels
August 2 - ANTITRUST: Panel Votes To Partially Lift Baseball's Exemption
August 2 - TRANSPORTATION: In a Challenge to GOP Leaders, Shuster Wants More for Roads
August 2 - LANDS: Wilderness Bill OK'd by Panel
August 2 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Approves Construction Of Nevada Waste Site
August 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Community Fund Recipients Have Ties to the Clintons
August 2 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Panel Endorses Adoption Bill
August 2 - SCIENCE: House Science Panel Approves Anti-Cloning Measure
August 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: In Senate Commerce-Justice Bill, Crime Fighting Gets Spotlight
August 2 - NOMINATION: Weld, Crusading for Confirmation, May Have Eyes on Another Prize
August 2 - White House Shares Blame for Logjam
August 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Fails To Complete Action On Foreign Operations Bill
August 2 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Bill To Pay Off U.N. Debt, Revamp Agencies Stalls
August 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Bill That Calls For More B-2 Bombers
August 2 - SECTION NOTES: Air Force Chief of Staff To Retire Early
August 2 - SECTION NOTES: Export-Import Bank Gets Panel's Approval
August 2 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill to Broaden Definition of War Crimes
August 2 - ARKANSAS: Ex-Rep. Lincoln To Seek Bumpers' Senate Seat
August 2 - NEW YORK: Flake To Resign By December
August 2 - BUDGET: President Clinton Announces 'A Principled Compromise'
August 2 - BUDGET: GOP Leaders Extol Tax Cuts, Other Budget Deal Features
August 2 - Status of Appropriations (Fiscal 1998)
August 2 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Warnings of GOP Rout Are Premature
August 9 - Spending, Trade Issues Fill the Hopper
August 9 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Amid Cries for Reform, Parties And Politicians Pack Coffers
August 9 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Senate Panel Probes Charges Of White House Favoritism
August 9 - NOMINATIONS: Lugar May Step Up To Bat for Weld
August 9 - LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS: Eagen To Oversee House Staff
August 9 - LOUISIANA: Despite Protests, Warner Issues Probe Subpoenas
August 9 - SEPARATION OF POWERS: Clinton Weighs Politics, History In Decision To Use Veto Power
August 9 - 'A True Milestone for Our Nation'
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Cleaner Cars
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Gas Pumpers
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Introduction
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Insured Clergy
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Sugar Baron
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Easements
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Software Exports
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: County Clerks
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Employee Stock
August 9 - SEPARATION OF POWERS: Can States Give Washington A Lesson in Veto Politics?
August 9 - ENVIRONMENT: Tuna-Labeling Provision Opens a Can of Worms
August 9 - LABOR: Possible Pension Crisis Sparks Calls for System Overhaul
August 9 - Pension Proposals Offer More Variety
August 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Resignation of Fund Officials May Smooth Way on Spending
August 9 - Fiscal 1998 Labor-HHS-Education Spending
August 9 - Fiscal 1998 Commerce-Justice-State Spending
August 9 - Departing the Hill
August 9 - RETIREMENT: Fawell Adds Name to List Of Departing Veterans
August 9 - REDISTRICTING: Clyburn District Stands While N.Y. Remaps Six
August 9 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Charles Taylor Has 'Minor Stroke'
August 9 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Lewis Says No To Senate Race
August 9 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Reviews Accomplishments, Details Next Round of Goals
August 9 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
August 9 - Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998
August 9 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: GOP Wants a Revamp Of Primary Process
August 16 - Annual Fall Tasks Top Post-Break Agenda
August 16 - LOUISIANA: Warner's New Orleans Hearings On '96 Election Come Up Dry
August 16 - ETHICS: Kim Admits Taking Illegal Donations
August 16 - LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS: Gingrich Taps Greenwood To Head Strategy Team
August 16 - SEPARATION OF POWERS: Clinton Finds New Veto Power Too Tempting To Postpone
August 16 - Vetoed Provisions: Farmer Co-ops
August 16 - Vetoed Provisions: New York Aid
August 16 - Vetoed Provisions: Tax Havens
August 16 - New York and Clinton: No Love Lost
August 16 - TRADE: White House Cranks Up Push For Renewal of Fast Track
August 16 - REGULATION: Documents Offer a Closer Look At Tobacco's Clout in Congress
August 16 - TRANSPORTATION: Liability Dispute May Impede GOP-Led Amtrak Overhaul
August 16 - COVER STORY: Women in the Military: Mission in Progress
August 16 - Slowly Opening the Gates
August 16 - Sexual Harassment, Circa 1980
August 16 - POLITICAL PARTIES: Politics and Marketing Merge In Parties' Bid for Relevance
August 16 - Same Party, Very Different Voices
August 16 - For GOP, Roaring '20s Ended With a Whimper
August 16 - Both Chairmen Claim Bragging Rights
August 16 - Alaska's 'Fringe': The Parties' Future?
August 16 - A Clash of Partisan and Family Loyalties
August 16 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Details Reasons for Using New Veto Power on Three Items
August 16 - Status of Major Legislation
August 16 - Status of Appropriations
August 16 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Weld Against Helms: Senate's Original Sin
August 30 - House, Senate To Face Lengthy 'To Do' List
August 30 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Budget Agreement Overshadows Congress' Autumn Agenda
August 30 - LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Appropriations
August 30 - LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Economics and Finance
August 30 - LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Defense and Foreign Policy
August 30 - LEADERSHIP: Concerned GOP Urges Gingrich: Settle Down to Housekeeping
August 30 - Speaker Tries To Soften Image on Tour
August 30 - INVESTIGATIONS: Grand Jury Indicts Espy on 39 Counts
August 30 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: High Drama Possible as Senate Panel Continues Fundraising Hearings
August 30 - A Donor With a Mission
August 30 - More Pressure on Reno
August 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Stevens Mines the Federal Lode And Finds Nuggets for Alaska
August 30 - September Dash To Run Smoother?
August 30 - Big-Ticket Alaska Items
August 30 - REGULATION: The Plot Thickens for Congress After Florida Tobacco Deal
August 30 - TRANSPORTATION: House's Draft Authorization Bill Doesn't Talk Dollars and Cents
August 30 - WELFARE: Gingrich Vows Fight Over Labor As Clinton Stands Firm
August 30 - DEFENSE: Supporters of Land Mine Ban Step Up Pressure on Clinton
August 30 - Land Mines: Deadly Ground
August 30 - ELECTION '98: Re-Election Prospects Brighten For 'Year of Woman' Senators
August 30 - SECTION NOTES: Brown's Son Admits Illegal Donations
August 30 - SECTION NOTES: Joe Kennedy Says No To Governor's Race
August 30 - Public Laws
August 30 - Status of Major Legislation
August 30 - Status of Appropriations
August 30 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: For Gingrich and Co., A Power Vacuum

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