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July 5 - From Break to Recess, Agenda Is Packed
July 5 - COVER STORY: Round 1 of Fundraising Probe To Focus on Democrats
July 5 - From Barbour to Zhan: Key Players In Upcoming Senate Hearings
July 5 - For Staff Members, Tensions Run High
July 5 - Governmental Affairs Committee Members Get Ready for Hearings
July 5 - Resignations Roil House Finance Probe
July 5 - Correction
July 5 - Taxes: Clinton Firm That Tax Cut Bill Must Bend Democrats' Way
July 5 - Highlights of Clinton's Proposal
July 5 - Analyses Yield Different Futures
July 5 - RECONCILIATION: Medicare Conferees Prepare For Savings Account Fight
July 5 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Stage Is Set for a Senate Test Of Cohen's Base-Closing Plan
July 5 - NEW YORK: Battle To Replace Molinari Already Heating Up
July 5 - SECTION NOTES: Boozman Opens Filing Season For Senate Seat in Arkansas
July 5 - SECTION NOTES: New Map for Virginia District Will Not Be Drawn in 1997
July 5 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Governors Not Sold On Senate Bids
July 12 - Spotlight Remains On Money, Taxes
July 12 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Republicans Find Hearings Off to a Shaky Start
July 12 - The Huang Bombshell
July 12 - Democrats Gather Their Own Ammo
July 12 - LOUISIANA: Election Investigation Stalls -- Perhaps Permanently
July 12 - INVESTIGATIONS: Proposed Study Divides Panel
July 12 - PERQUISITES: Gephardt, Gingrich Meet Over Pay Raises, Cole Subpoena
July 12 - THE BUDGET: Hopeful Negotiation Schedule Threatened by Tax Battles
July 12 - Big Airlines' Lobbying Efforts Produce Unwelcome Turbulence
July 12 - COMMUNICATIONS: New TV Ratings May Not Settle The Issue for Congress
July 12 - The Revised Ratings System
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Elimination of NEA Squeaks By As House Passes Interior Rule
July 12 - ENVIRONMENT: House's Last-Minute Brokering Secures Passage of Forest Bill
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: House and Senate Showdown Expected On Energy, Water
July 12 - Domenici Dug Deep for State's Ditches
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Tobacco Farmers' Programs Saved in House Committee
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Highways Gain as Committee Approves Transportation Bill
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Takes the Lead On Treasury-Postal Bill
July 12 - REGULATION: Tobacco Settlement Creaks Under Review of Congress
July 12 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Restriction On Relocation Help
July 12 - SECTION NOTES: Task Force Suggests Change In Census Race Checks
July 12 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Hatch's 'Conservative' Style Irks Some Republicans
July 12 - Panel Wades Through Amendments
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Committee Approves VA-HUD Spending Bill
July 12 - VA-HUD-Independent Agencies Spending
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Chairman Has High Hopes For Labor-HHS Measure
July 12 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Federal Affirmative Action Ban Clears First House Hurdle
July 12 - DEFENSE: Clinton Gets Foreign Policy Win As NATO Agrees to Expansion
July 12 - DEFENSE: Senate Rebuffs Clinton Plan For Further Base Cutbacks
July 12 - Senate Panel OKs Defense Spending
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Measure Passes Easily in House
July 12 - INTELLIGENCE: Senate Confirms Tenet As Intelligence Chief
July 12 - SECTION NOTES: Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Gets OK From House Panel
July 12 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes New Trade Limits Targeting Terrorist Supporters
July 12 - COVER STORY: Cities: Decidedly Democratic, Declining in Population
July 12 - The 'Urban States' of America
July 12 - Northern City Margins
July 12 - Can the GOP Come Back in the City?
July 12 - Members From Urban Districts
July 12 - A Tale of Two Bay Cities
July 12 - SECTION NOTES: Chenoweth To Get Challenger In Next GOP Primary
July 12 - SECTION NOTES: Ferraro Says 'Probably' On Run at D'Amato
July 12 - SECTION NOTES: GOP Former Rep. Cremeans Set for Comeback Bid
July 12 - SECTION NOTES: New Mexico Democrats Eye Schiff's Seat in 1998
July 12 - Status of Major Legislation
July 12 - Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998 (as of July 11, 1997)
July 12 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: After the Budget Deal, What's To Fight Over?
July 19 - Plate Is Filling Up As Recess Nears
July 19 - COVER STORY: Coup Attempt Throws GOP Off Legislative Track
July 19 - Dunn Victory a Win for Gingrich
July 19 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: An Absent Witness Plays Key Role In Second Week of Hearings
July 19 - Why Audiences Are Tuning Out
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congressional Staff To Get Cost of Living Increases
July 19 - LOUISIANA: Vote Probe Stuck In Senate Limbo
July 19 - THE BUDGET: Internal Divisions, White House Frustrate GOP's Tax Agenda
July 19 - The Budget: Narrowly Crafted Provision Aims To Help One Company
July 19 - SECTION NOTES: Judiciary Committee Approves New Bankruptcy Judgeships
July 19 - SECTION NOTES: MFN for Laos, Mongolia Urged in House Bill
July 19 - SECTION NOTES: September Hearings Likely For Two Fed Nominees
July 19 - REGULATION: Hill Foes of New Clean Air Rules Unite Behind Moratorium Bill
July 19 - Highlights of the Revised Rules
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: House, Senate Interior Bills Differ Over Land Purchases, Arts
July 19 - Amendments Enliven Floor Debate on House Interior Spending Bill
July 19 - Correction
July 19 - Fiscal 1998 Interior Spending
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Measure Delayed By Other House Events
July 19 - Fiscal 1998 Agriculture Spending
July 19 - REGULATION: Wheels Turning in Congress To Make Tobacco Deal Law
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: House, Senate May Lock Horns Over Energy-Water Spending
July 19 - Campbell Diverts Water Project Attack
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Lawmakers Poised to Accept Another Pay Freeze
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Roads Would Get $23.6 Billion In Senate Transportation Bill
July 19 - TRANSPORTATION: Lawmakers Watch Budget Bill As Funding Measure Stalls
July 19 - MEDICARE: GOP, Conferees Aim To Resolve Major Issues on Overhaul
July 19 - EDUCATION: Amendment Discussion Delays Vote on Vocational Programs
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes VA-HUD Spending With Deep Cut to AmeriCorps
July 19 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Republicans Defeat Effort On Gun Safety Locks
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: 9th Circuit Part of Debate On Commerce Spending
July 19 - Commerce-Justice-State Spending
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Lawmakers Urged To Keep Bill Free of Extraneous Items
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Bill To Reverse Long Decline in Foreign Aid
July 19 - Aid to Palestinians May Lapse
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Boosts Some Arms Programs, Sticks to Clinton's Basic Policies
July 19 - NOMINATION: Weld Fires a Broadside At Immovable Helms
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Adds Money for Reserves, Guard, Family Housing
July 19 - FOREIGN POLICY: Overseas Private Investment Bill Clears Several Hurdles
July 19 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Delays Lawsuits Over Confiscated Cuban Property
July 19 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Picks Army's Shelton As Joint Chiefs Chairman
July 19 - SECTION NOTES: Pentagon Violated Own Rules On Assigning Officers to Hill
July 19 - SECTION NOTES: U.N. Chief Announces Reforms But Helms Is Not Impressed
July 19 - Status of Major Legislation (105th Congress)
July 19 - Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998
July 19 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: A Run of Good News: How Far Can It Go?
July 26 - Recess Clock Ticking On Budget Deal
July 26 - LEADERSHIP: Party Stalwarts Will Determine Gingrich's Long-Term Survival
July 26 - Frustration Sparks Rebellion, Discontent Fuels Smoldering Fire
July 26 - Paxon: On Hold or On Deck?
July 26 - Democrats Stall To Protest Rules Slight
July 26 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Barbour Stays Cool as Democrats Shift Spotlight to Republicans
July 26 - Gingrich Adviser on NPF Payroll
July 26 - LOUISIANA: Democrats Call for an End To Election Investigation
July 26 - COVER STORY: GOP Weighs 'Impure' Budget Deal As Clinton Holds High Ground
July 26 - Deficit Hawks Shot Down
July 26 - Tax Negotiators Seek New Tack After Clinton, GOP Dig In
July 26 - Comparison of Key Tax Bill Provisions
July 26 - Another Front in the Air War
July 26 - CULTURAL AGENCIES: Panel Votes To Save Arts Agency, But House, Senate Still at Odds
July 26 - Distribution of NEA Money
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Sets New Hurdles For Interior Spending Bill
July 26 - A Backlash in Juneau
July 26 - Fiscal 1998 Interior Spending
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Spending Bills Pass With Few Substantive Changes
July 26 - Fiscal 1998 Agriculture Spending
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Energy-Water Bill Passes by Wide Margin
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill Would Have White House Prepay for Political Events
July 26 - Fiscal 1998 Treasury-Postal Service Spending
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Bills Advance With Record Funding Levels
July 26 - Fiscal 1998 Transportation Spending
July 26 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate Reaches Compromise On Dolphin Protections
July 26 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate Sends Signal to Clinton On Global Warming Treaty
July 26 - COMMERCE: Panel Approves Move To Ease Encryption Export Rules
July 26 - COMMERCE: White House Raises Concerns About Spectrum Compromise
July 26 - MEDICARE: Bipartisan Consensus Hampered By Means-Testing Battle
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Budget Allocation Quiets Rancor As Labor Bills Move to Floor
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Veterans, Housing Measure Gets Strong Senate Vote
July 26 - VA-HUD-Independent Agencies Spending
July 26 - EDUCATION: Vocational Programs Win Passage in House
July 26 - LAW/JUDICIARY: 'Get Tough' Juvenile Crime Bill Approved by Senate Panel
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Backs Reimbursement Of Lawmakers' Legal Fees
July 26 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Panel OKs Witness Bill
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion Controversy Stymies Two Foreign Policy Bills
July 26 - Abortion Battlegrounds
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Panel Approves Defense Bill In Face of Veto Threat
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Bill With Focus On Military 'Quality of Life'
July 26 - NOMINATIONS: Pentagon's Hamre Confirmed; Clinton Stands By Weld
July 26 - Status of Legislation (105th Congress)
July 26 - Status of Appropriations
July 26 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Medicare: Complexities Of a 'Simple' Solution

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