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May 2 - The National Refuge System
May 3 - REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP: GOP Leaders Coax the Restive Right To Overlook Plan's Imperfections
May 3 - CHRONOLOGY: Clinton and the GOP Congress: A Rough Road to Agreement
May 3 - ELECTORAL IMPACT: Budget Votes Will Resonate In Election Years Ahead
May 3 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: GOP Linked to Foreign Funds In Recent Campaigns
May 3 - COMMITTEES: Funding Approved For House Panels
May 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Veto-Bait Provisions Ensnarl Emergency Spending Bill
May 3 - HOMEOWNERS: Protection Sought Against 'Reverse Mortgage' Scams
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: GOP Hints at Compromise On Fast-Track Authority
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Agencies Reauthorization Approved by Ways and Means
May 3 - PUBLIC LANDS: Prospects in House Look Bright For Bipartisan Refuge Bill
May 3 - PUBLIC LANDS: Land Set-Aside by Clinton Prompts Outrage in Utah
May 3 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Critics Ask for Bigger Changes As Panel OKs Overhaul Bill
May 3 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Approves Bill To Ease Encryption Controls
May 3 - COMMERCE: Shipping Bill Advances
May 3 - COMMUNICATIONS: Panel Approves Bill To Create TV Ratings Based on Content
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: FAA Reauthorization Bill Passed by House
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Extensions Of Land-Idling Contracts
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: House OK's Bill To Continue Power Line Health Study
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Approves Dolphin-Safe Tuna Bill
May 3 - HOUSING: Local Discretion Emphasized As Debate on Overhaul Begins
May 3 - LAW/JUDICIARY: GOP Caucus Rejects Proposals To Alter Confirmation Process
May 3 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Measure on Juvenile Crime Heads to House Floor
May 3 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Overwhelmingly Passes Foster Care Adoption Bill
May 3 - LABOR: House Education Committee Approves Job Training Bill
May 3 - LABOR: Herman is Confirmed Easily After Clinton-GOP Accord
May 3 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Passes Liability Bill
May 3 - FOREIGN AID: Markup for Programs Abroad Has Unusually Smooth Start
May 3 - FOREIGN POLICY: Gingrich Making Waves On Overseas Issues
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: Administration Backs Russia On Changes in Arms Treaty
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: Cohen Promises More Money For New Weapons
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: Debate on Chemical Arms Pact Is Not Over Yet
May 3 - SPECIAL ELECTIONS: Brickbats Fly in Contest To Replace Richardson
May 3 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Groping for a Record To Run On
May 3 - Leaders Seek Support For Budget Accord
May 3 - COVER STORY: Clinton, GOP Congress Strike Historic Budget Agreement
May 3 - Plan Would Cut a Variety of Taxes . . . And Modestly Curb Entitlements
May 3 - DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP: Clinton Presses Liberals to Accept A Dose of Fiscal Conservatism
May 10 - Recess Clock Ticking For Spending Bill
May 10 - BUDGET DEAL: Initial Elation Over Agreement Tempered by Tough Details
May 10 - GOP Outlines Ambitious Schedule
May 10 - Backtracking on Benefits
May 10 - BUDGET DEAL: Lawmakers React to Package With Grudging Acceptance
May 10 - Eleventh-Hour Windfall
May 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Finishes Supplemental Bill, But Smooth Passage Unlikely
May 10 - On the Menu: Paved Alaska?
May 10 - House vs. Senate Emergency Spending Bills, by Agency
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: Contributions to International Institutions OK'd by Panel
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Authorization For Three Trade Agencies
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: House Subcommittee Moves Measure on Bank Branches
May 10 - COVER STORY: Tobacco Foes Smell a Victory In Coming Court Battles
May 10 - The Farmers' Advantage
May 10 - TRANSPORTATION: ISTEA Reauthorization Stalls Over Highway Funding
May 10 - Transportation Proposals
May 10 - ENVIRONMENT: Effort To Ease Restrictions Of Species Act Rejected
May 10 - ENVIRONMENT: Negotiations for Superfund Bill Hinge on Budget Agreement
May 10 - COMMUNICATIONS: FCC Rules on Phone Rates, Universal Access
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Votes To Limit Monument Designations
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: Kerrey Says He May Offer Bill To Settle Encryption Issue
May 10 - HOUSING: Sweeping Overhaul of Program Heading Toward Showdown
May 10 - Heated Debate in Store for Senate Bill
May 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Flag Desecration Amendment Wins House Panel Approval
May 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: As Deal With Clinton Unravels, House OKs Juvenile Bill
May 10 - EDUCATION: Panels Reach Accord To Rework Program for Disabled
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: American Indian Senate Panel Approves Grant Programs
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Deny Prisoners Social Security
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: Partial-Birth Abortion Critics Solicit More Senate Votes
May 10 - DEFENSE: Cohen's Plan: Close More Bases To Pay for New Weapons
May 10 - FOREIGN AID: Clinton Wins First Round in House On Money for Programs Abroad
May 10 - NOMINATION: Tenet Given Warm Reception By Intelligence Panel
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: 82 in House Back Separation Of Sexes in Army Training
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Let Hong Kong Keep Its U.S. Offices
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: Eizenstat, Pickering Approved By Foreign Relations Panel
May 10 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Backs Change In Arms Control Treaty
May 10 - ELECTION '96: Panel Reaches Agreement On Protocol for Probe
May 10 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton: Plan Would Balance Budget While Bolstering Key Programs
May 10 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: On Radio, All Politics Is a Lot Less Vocal
May 10 - Overhaul Bill Shifts More Authority To Local Public Housing Officials
May 17 - Final Deal Expected On Spending Bill
May 17 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Focus on Tax-Exempt Groups Puts Heat on Republicans
May 17 - Barbour's National Policy Forum More Like Political Committee
May 17 - ETHICS: Gingrich To Pay Half of Penalty From His Own Pocket
May 17 - THE BUDGET: Both Sides Give Some, Get Some As House Panel OKs Resolution
May 17 - Earlier Deals Set the Stage
May 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Emergency Spending, But 'Automatic CR' Invites Veto
May 17 - Of Paper and Parochialism
May 17 - COMMERCE: Electric Utilities Deregulation Runs Into an Impasse
May 17 - ENVIRONMENT: Prospects in Senate Brighten For Rewrite of Species Law
May 17 - Tensions Mount Within House GOP
May 17 - TRANSPORTATION: Safety Issues Enter Debate On Highway Legislation
May 17 - A Funding Increase
May 17 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Votes To Ease Rules On Encryption Exports
May 17 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: To Revitalize City, A Spate of Plans
May 17 - ENVIRONMENT: Tempers Rise Over Legislation To Establish Texas Dump
May 17 - COVER STORY: Republicans Feeling the Heat As Policy Becomes Reality
May 17 - Immigrant Vote Swings Democratic As Issues Move Front and Center
May 17 - Controversial Provisions
May 17 - ABORTION: Senate Heads for Showdown On Controversial Procedure
May 17 - HOUSING: Democrats' Support Boosts Hope For Success of Overhaul Effort
May 17 - EDUCATION: Program for Disabled Students Cleared by Senate
May 17 - LABOR: Democrats' Opposition Puts Comp Time Bill in Doubt
May 17 - Major IDEA Provisions
May 17 - SECTION NOTES: House Democrats Assure Passage of Jobs Bill
May 17 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Flag-Burning Measure
May 17 - SECTION NOTES: Protection for Volunteers Approved by Judiciary
May 17 - ARMS CONTROL: GOP, Pentagon Cross Swords Over Anti-Missile Effort
May 17 - Anti-Missile Defense: Supersonic Duel With Almost No Room for Mistakes
May 17 - FOREIGN POLICY: Pact With Russia Eases Way For NATO Expansion
May 17 - TREATY: Russia Wins Shift In Arms Limits
May 17 - SECTION NOTES: Cohen Sets Up Task Force To Streamline Pentagon
May 17 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Works on Implementation Of Chemical Weapons Ban
May 17 - SECTION NOTES: Vote on CIA Nominee Delayed Pending Financial Inquiry
May 17 - Washington: Rep. Smith Becomes First To Challenge Murray
May 17 - NEW MEXICO: Big Green Party Vote Helps GOP's Redmond Roll
May 17 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Bill Redmond R-N.M. (3)
May 17 - ELECTION LAW: Court Lets Decision Stand On Alaska's Open Primary
May 17 - SECTION NOTES: Field Forming Early In Kentucky 6th
May 17 - SECTION NOTES: Ohio Senate Race Draws Democrat
May 17 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: In Presidential Races, Suburbs Are Key
May 24 - Budget Measures Await End of Holiday Recess
May 24 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Partisan Jousting Shifts From House to Senate
May 24 - As Each Side Moves to Center, Plan Is Almost a 'Done Deal'
May 24 - Gephardt's Opposition
May 24 - BUDGET DEAL: For Majority in House, Agreement Was a Good Deal for Both Parties
May 24 - Shuster's Steamroller Stopped -- For Now
May 24 - Senate Does Little To Change Plan Despite Amendment Turmoil
May 24 - 1997 Budget Agreement (in billions of dollars)
May 24 - Budget Deal Spending by Function
May 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Divided Republicans Go Home Without Passing Disaster Aid
May 24 - BANKING: Under Treasury Plan, Congress To Decide Tough Issues
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Administration Likely To Push Fast-Track Bill in the Fall
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Bank-Branch Bill Passes House
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Commerce Subcommittee OK's Penny Pricing for Stocks
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Two-Year Budgeting Cycle Approved by Panel
May 24 - ENVIRONMENT: 'Dolphin Safe' Tuna Bill Wins House Passage
May 24 - ENERGY: Turf Fight by House Panels Puts Programs in Limbo
May 24 - PUERTO RICO: Panel OKs Measure On Island's Status
May 24 - REGULATION: Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Patent Overhaul
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Agriculture Department Agrees To Idle More Farmland
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Resources Committee OKs Wildfire Prevention Bill
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Resources Subcommittee Approves NOAA Funding
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Committee Approves Oil Reserve Renewal
May 24 - ABORTION: Foes of Controversial Procedure Boosted by Strong Vote
May 24 - Several Senators Reverse '95 Votes
May 24 - The Switchers
May 24 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Volunteer Liability Limit Heads to President
May 24 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: House Panel OKs Medicare Plan
May 24 - DEFENSE: Cohen's Modernization Plan Gets Respectful Hearing
May 24 - Weapons Systems Highlighted In the Quadrennial Review
May 24 - FOREIGN POLICY: Foes of China's Trade Privileges Fight To Void Clinton Decision
May 24 - Intelligence: Senators Probe U.S. Assistance To Suspect in Marine Slayings
May 24 - INTELLIGENCE: Suit Seeks To Force Budget Disclosure
May 24 - TREATY: Senate Passes Bill To Enforce Chemical Weapons Ban
May 24 - COVER STORY: Suburbia: Land of Varied Faces And a Growing Political Force
May 24 - Defining Congressional Districts: What Makes a Suburb a Suburb?
May 24 - Clinton's Suburban Breakthrough
May 24 - Wealth, the Suburbs and Ticket-Splitting
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: California Poll May Encourge Feinstein, Bono Bids in '98
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Foglietta's Rome Appointment Could Bring Back Blackwell
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: INS Delivers 500,000 Names For Sanchez-Dornan Probe
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Reid Draws a Businessman As Prospective Challenger
May 24 - 1996 ELECTION: District Vote for President
May 24 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Campaign Reformers' Season of Despond
May 31 - Fiscal Matters Top List Upon Return To Work
May 31 - COVER STORY: Appropriations Season Begins With New Deal, Old Battles
May 31 - Combative Chairmen Often at Odds With Republican Leadership Agenda
May 31 - Maintaining Status Quo May Be Tough
May 31 - U.N., Crime-Fighting Will Tighten Budget
May 31 - Pro-Military Bent Likely To Persist
May 31 - Chairmen Disagree Over City's Request
May 31 - Programs Expected To Have Easier Time
May 31 - Old Issues May Get a New Touch
May 31 - Land, Arts Funding Are Hot Issues
May 31 - Budget Blueprint May Guide Cuts
May 31 - Small Amounts, Big Fights
May 31 - Focus on Troops' Quality of Life Continues
May 31 - Holding the Line on Project Spending
May 31 - A Threat From Small Fires
May 31 - Housing Programs Top Full Agenda
May 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: Justices Hear Arguments in Challenge To Presidential Line-Item Veto Law
May 31 - ENERGY: Flurry of Mergers Prompts Fear of Monopoly
May 31 - FOREIGN POLICY: Armenia's Special Relationship With U.S. Is Showing Strain
May 31 - RETIREMENT: Molinari To Trade Congress For Career in Television
May 31 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: FCC To Consider Free TV
May 31 - Status of Major Legislation: 105th Congress
May 31 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Budget Deal May Face Mutiny in the House

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