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July 6 - WEEK AHEAD: Minimum Wage Bill Awaits Senate
July 6 - Last Lap of 104th Congress: Members Watch the Clock
July 6 - Smart Money Is on a 'CR'
July 6 - Lott Calls the Shots
July 6 - Tax Bill Would Have Big Impact On U.S. Businesses Overseas
July 6 - TAXES: Business Tax Provisions
July 6 - CORRECTION: Federal Reserve.
July 6 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bill To Extend MFN Permanently to Bulgaria
July 6 - SECTION NOTES: Supreme Court Ruling May Add Billions to S and L Cleanup
July 6 - Shuster: A Winning Record And Ruffled Feathers
July 6 - Fiscal 1997 Interior
July 6 - Treasury-Postal Spending (chart)
July 6 - Transportation Spending (chart)
July 6 - Conferees Prepare For Clash On Welfare Proposals
July 6 - IMMIGRATION: Immigration Bill Conflicts
July 6 - VA-HUD-Independent Agencies
July 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion Is Key Issue Again In Foreign Operations Bill
July 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Foreign
July 6 - Defense Spending (chart)
July 6 - House Republicans Stray From 'Contract' Terms
July 6 - CAMPAIGN '96: Stepping Away
July 6 - CAMPAIGN '96: Northeast Voters Ignore 'Revolution' And Stick to Moderate GOP Candidates
July 6 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Race and Redistricting: Opportunities Remain
July 13 - WEEK AHEAD: Gridlock Casts Doubt On Senate Agenda
July 13 - THE SENATE: Lott Fumes, Democrats Stall As Gridlock Takes Hold
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Spending Bill With Little Debate
July 13 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: House Set To Vote on Overhaul, But Issue Appears Dead
July 13 - PAY AND PERQUISITES: Freshmen Move To Kill COLA
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Clarifies New Gift Rules
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Administrative Changes to House Rules
July 13 - Appropriators Rebuff 'CR' Pushed by GOP Leaders
July 13 - GOP's Hopes Running High For Drinking Water Bill
July 13 - The Politics of a Popular Bill
July 13 - Conference Issues
July 13 - Both Chambers Finally Begin Action on Energy-Water Bill
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Tops House Level To Approve Interior Bill
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Committee Easily Approves Agriculture Spending Bill
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: District Spending Has Easy Time
July 13 - AGRICULTURE: Pesticide Markup Is Cut Short
July 13 - COMMERCE: House Easily Approves Gun Reciprocity Bill
July 13 - Popular Minimum Wage Hike Gets Solid Senate Approval
July 13 - LABOR: Kennedy: Liberal Stalwart
July 13 - LABOR: Lott Yields on GOP Defectors
July 13 - LABOR: Tax Provision Differences
July 13 - HUMAN SERVICES: GOP's New Welfare Strategy Has Democrats Reassessing
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: CJS Legislation Wins Approval Despite Jab From Livingston
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Both Parties Make a 'Statement' As House OKs Labor-HHS Bill
July 13 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Panel Modifies 1994 Crime Law, OKs Trade Secrets Proposal
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Determinedly Non-Contentious VA-HUD Bill Moves Rapidly
July 13 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Weighs In Against Same-Sex Marriages
July 13 - LABOR: Right-To-Work Bill Killed by Senate
July 13 - LABOR: Senate Approves the Formation Of Labor-Management Teams
July 13 - Conferees Get Pentagon Bill As Veto Threat Looms
July 13 - Perry Defends Handling Of Terrorism Threat
July 13 - FOREIGN POLICY: Clinton Fires Warning Shot In Cuba Trade Crackdown
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Foreign Transfer of 10 Naval Ships
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Bill On NATO Membership
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Republicans Plan Court Action On Anti-Missile Systems
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Defense Spending Bill Caught in Wrangling
July 13 - Third Parties Push To Present A
July 13 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Third Parties:
July 13 - Democrats Craft Platform With 'Moderate' Agenda
July 13 - McKinney, Bishop Win Primaries In Newly Mapped Districts
July 13 - WISCONSIN: With Gunderson Stealing the Show, Democrats Fight for Spotlight
July 13 - Races Shape Up in Louisiana, New York and Oklahoma
July 13 - July 9 Georgia Primary
July 13 - Status of Appropriations:
July 13 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: No Quick Pick-Me-Up For Finance Reform
July 20 - WHAT'S AHEAD: GOP Seeking Victories To Tout Back Home
July 20 - For Embattled GOP Leadership, A Season of Discontent
July 20 - Livingston's Role in 'Revolution' At Odds With Getting the Job Done
July 20 - 'Reform Week': Divisions on Display
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate, House May Do Battle Over Their Spending Bill
July 20 - CORRECTION: Members' COLA
July 20 - INSIDE CONGRESS: House Rejects COLA Again
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Former White House Aide Invokes the Fifth
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: King Files Complaint Against McDermott
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: McDade's Hospitalization Postpones Trial
July 20 - Tax Cuts Take a Back Seat In Hill's Wrap-Up Agenda
July 20 - REVENUES: A Capital Idea?
July 20 - BANKING: Insurance Lobby Takes a Hit In Decisive House Vote
July 20 - BANKING: ATM Fee Disclosure Bill Fails To Move in House
July 20 - TRADE: House Votes To Grant MFN to Romania
July 20 - Long-Sought Pesticides Bill Advances Easily After Deal
July 20 - REGULATIONS: Quick Work on Pesticide Laws
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Treasury-Postal Bill Wins Narrow Approval
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal
July 20 - Interior Measure in for a Fight After Gaining Panel Approval
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Fiscal 1997
July 20 - ENVIRONMENT: Jurisdiction Battle Complicates Drinking Water Conference
July 20 - Panels OK Conflicting Bills On Energy-Water Funding
July 20 - REGULATION: Subcommittee OKs Mining Bill
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: District of Columbia Bill Moves Free of Riders
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Floor Action May Be Bumpy For Transportation Bill
July 20 - NUCLEAR WASTE: 8-Year Fight Hits Fever Pitch For Foes of Nevada Site
July 20 - ENVIRONMENT: With Bipartisan Deal Elusive, Superfund Effort Dies
July 20 - COMMERCE: House Panel Approves Bill To Protect Boxers
July 20 - COMMERCE: Panel Approves SBA Measure
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Measure To Relax Regulations On Tuna Fishing Advances
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Rules Changes For Federal Personnel
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Revised Property Rights Bill May See Cloture Vote
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Commission Bill Advances in House
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Approves Water Resources Bill
July 20 - Conferees May Determine Fate of Overhaul Bill
July 20 - WELFARE: Welfare Overhaul Highlights
July 20 - LABOR: Veto Expected on TEAM Bill
July 20 - LABOR: Job Bill Compromise Given Little Chance of Passage
July 20 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Smooth Sailing Is Expected For Gambling Commission
July 20 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Gambling: Across the Country, Most Popular Game in Town
July 20 - LAW/JUDICIARY: State Gambling (chart)
July 20 - Democrats Stall Consideration Of Juvenile Crime Bill
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Legal Services Fight Escalates In Commerce, Justice Bill
July 20 - HEALTH: NIH Programs Treated Well In Senate Reauthorization
July 20 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Lying to Congress Measure Passes
July 20 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Panel's Approval of FOIA Bill Raises Enactment Chances
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bilingual Ballots Requirement Repealed by House Panel
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: COLA, Medical Benefits Passed by House
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Bill Allowing Prosecution of War Crimes
July 20 - Senate Boosts Defense Spending Despite Threat of Veto
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Anti-Terrorist Additions
July 20 - CUBA: Clinton Delays but Allows Suits Over Confiscated Property
July 20 - CUBA: Tightening the Net
July 20 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: House Likely To Send Clinton Iran, Libya Sanctions Bill
July 20 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Troops To Relocate In Saudi Arabia
July 20 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: House Passes Export Rewrite, But Bill Faces Uphill Road
July 20 - INTELLIGENCE: Panel Puts the Lid on Increase In CIA Director's Powers
July 20 - Party Divisions and Open Seats Have GOP Running Hard
July 20 - CAMPAIGN '96: Minnesota, Vermont Filings Completed
July 20 - Status of Appropriations:
July 20 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: A Fight for Nevada - And for Their Jobs
July 27 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Welfare, Health Bills Await Action
July 27 - In Senate Balancing Act, Lott Finds His Footing
July 27 - LEADERSHIP: A Study in Clashes and Contrasts
July 27 - LEADERSHIP: August Rush To Pass Bills
July 27 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: House Rejects Democratic, Republican Overhauls
July 27 - CORRECTION: McDermott ethics complaint
July 27 - ETHICS: McDermott Charge Is Dismissed
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Goodlatte To Head Agriculture Panel
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Justice Department Closes Packwood Probe
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Extending Laws To Executive Branch
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Rostenkowski Begins Prison Term
July 27 - Dole's Economic Agenda A Difficult Sell
July 27 - THE BUDGET: OMB Nominee Clears Panel, But Problems May Arise
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Pins Adjournment Hopes On Continuing Resolution
July 27 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Effort To Bolster Thrift Fund Stymied by Bid to Tap Fed
July 27 - Rewrite of Laws on Pesticides On Way to President's Desk
July 27 - REGULATION: Previous Efforts on Pesticides Faced a Thorny Path and Fell Short
July 27 - REGULATION: Pesticide Bill Highlights
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Eases IRS Cuts, OKs Treasury-Postal Bill
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: The Race Is On To Complete Agriculture Spending Bill
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Fiscal 1997
July 27 - PUBLIC LANDS: Grazing Policy Provision May Stymie Parks Bill
July 27 - Energy and Water Spending Easily Passes House
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water
July 27 - NUCLEAR WASTE: Nevada Senators Allow Vote And Hope for a Veto
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Varying House and Senate
July 27 - ENVIRONMENT: Talks on Drinking Water Law Hit Critical Highs and Lows
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Changes To Civil Service System
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Measure Requiring Background Checks for Pilots
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Restrictions On Operating Airplanes
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Bill to Create Board To Promote Tourism
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Restriction On Eminent Domain Power
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Reauthorization of FTC Advances in House
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Transportation Safety Board Authorization Passes
July 27 - Welfare Showdown Looms As GOP Readies Plan
July 27 - Clinton's Changing Welfare Views
July 27 - Shaw's Pet Project
July 27 - More Voices on Welfare
July 27 - Welfare Bill Highlights
July 27 - HEALTH: Kennedy and Archer Call Truce; Insurance Conference Begins
July 27 - HEALTH: Wage Bill in Conference
July 27 - Commerce-Justice-State Funds Pass With Surprising Ease
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce-Justice-State
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Legal Services Funding Increased
July 27 - VETERANS: Panel Approves Draft Bill To Change Health Care
July 27 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Gambling Bill Clears House
July 27 - LAW/JUDICIARY: OKs Bill To Make English Official Government Language
July 27 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Bill Would Set Deadlines For Adoption Decisions
July 27 - Patient Care Bill OK'd by Panel
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Create U.S. Data Base For Sex Offenders Passes
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Votes To Expand Child Pornography Laws
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Stalking Measure Passes Senate
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Secrets Stealing Bill Approved by Senate Panel
July 27 - Senate Passes Foreign Aid Bill After Dispute Over Myanmar
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Backs NATO Expansion
July 27 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Airplane Crash Spurs Clearance Of Iran, Libya Sanctions Bill
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: NATO Expansion Encouraged In Bill Passed By House
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Nonproliferation Commission Approved by Panel
July 27 - CAMPAIGN '96: Reform Party's Chief Rivals: David and Goliath?
July 27 - Many Bid for Governor In Washington State
July 27 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: GOP Communicators: The Reagan Legacy

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