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October 7 - Belt-Tightening in Medicare Pits Doctor vs. Doctor
October 7 - A Decline in Clout for the AMA?
October 7 - Bush, Democrats Face Off On Bill to Cut Deficit
October 7 - Gramm-Rudman Scenario (chart)
October 7 - What Gramm-Rudman Spending Cuts Would Mean for Fiscal 1990 Budget
October 7 - Gramm-Rudman Cuts:
October 7 - Senate Deficit-Reduction Drive Runs Into Capital Gains Bog
October 7 - What's in a Rule?
October 7 - Dueling Statistics
October 7 - Packwood's Package
October 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Most Bills Still In Conference
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Estimate Raised On Thrift Cost
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Steel Quotas
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Breeden for SEC
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Export Bills
October 7 - Energy Panel Seals Pact On Vehicle Pollution
October 7 - The Yin and Yang of Clean Air Debate Finally Reach a Political Nirvana
October 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Interior Agreement Gets House OK
October 7 - Interior Appropriations (chart)
October 7 - ENVIRONMENT: New Oil-Spill Liability Package Remains Stalled in House
October 7 - Environmental Record Puts Nominee Under Attack
October 7 - AGRICULTURE: Leahy, Lugar Offer CFTC Measure
October 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Call to Ban Red Dye No. 3 Runs Aground Before Whitten
October 7 - COMMUNICATIONS: Fairness Doctrine, Dial-a-Porn Coupled on House Measure
October 7 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senate Panel OKs Modified Bill To Regulate Childrens' TV
October 7 - TRANSPORTATION: Members Prod Bush On Airline LBOs
October 7 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Senate OKs Indian Museum Measure
October 7 - LABOR: Effort to Repeal Section 89 Looks Like 'a Done Deal'
October 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion, Homosexual Politics Dominate D.C. Measure
October 7 - A Few Good Merchant Marines
October 7 - VETERANS' AFFAIRS: Senate Passes Benefits Bill, Opens Agent Orange Talks
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Approved to Limit Small Plane Liability
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Conference Finishes on Treasury-Postal Funds
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Bill to Cut Campaign-Ad Cost
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Bill Would Expand ICC's Rail Authority
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Approves DOE Research Funds
October 7 - Both Chambers in Retreat On 1988 Medicare Law
October 7 - Catastrophic Costs: Vote Switchers
October 7 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Relaxation of Earnings Test OK'd by Senate Finance
October 7 - House Child-Care Proposals Survive Floor Challenges
October 7 - Governors Scramble Signals
October 7 - Medicare Payments to Doctors Revised by Senate Finance
October 7 - Kemp Outlines Reform Plan For Scandal-Ridden HUD
October 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion-Funding Showdown Looms on Labor-HHS Bill
October 7 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Amends, Then Passes Bill on Flag Desecration
October 7 - Senate Actions to Fight Drugs Face Unclear Path in House
October 7 - LAW/JUDICIARY: McNary Grilled on Credentials To Lead Immigration Service
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: 'Whistleblower' Rewards Authorized
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Copyright Bills OK'd By House Judiciary
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Foreign Nurses Gain Immigration Break
October 7 - Congress Puts Heat on Bush To Bolster Aid Program
October 7 - The Aid Plans:
October 7 - Hill Support for Election Aid Heralds a New Strategy
October 7 - Out of the Game: the CIA
October 7 - Conference Over Defense Bill:
October 7 - Spending Bill in the Wings, for Now
October 7 - Congress Is Willing to Defer Imposing New Sanctions
October 7 - NOMINATIONS: Senate Confirms Envoy to Spain
October 7 - PANAMA: Failed Coup Against Noriega Stirs Hill Frustrations
October 7 - MISSISSIPPI: Taylor's Showing Opens Eyes,
October 7 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Defining Democrats: Party or Coalition?
October 14 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Hill Scrambles Under Deficit Deadline
October 14 - Until 1980s, Congress Rarely Repealed Its New Laws
October 14 - Common Cause Seeks Inquiry Concerning Five Senators
October 14 - Gramm-Rudman-Hollings: Has Its Time Passed?
October 14 - Gramm-Rudman: Law vs. Reality (chart)
October 14 - Eroding Political Will
October 14 - Off-the-Books Enterprises Carry Over $800 Billion in Risks
October 14 - GSEs: Risky But Handy
October 14 - Government-Sponsored Enterprises
October 14 - Bipartisan Deal Set in Senate To Strip Down Deficit Bill
October 14 - A Host of Players, Political Interests Fuel Struggle Over Reconciliation
October 14 - 60-Vote Rule: A Frequent Defense
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Exclusion of Trust Funds Urged by Democrats
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Spending Bills Move - Slowly
October 14 - TAXES: Ways and Means Turns Down Utility Tax Rebate Plan
October 14 - Supercomputers Crunch Bits (And $$$) by the Billions
October 14 - Jobs for Supercomputers
October 14 - Bush's Plan for Cleaner Fuels Scaled Back by House Panel
October 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: D.C. Bill Nears Final Approval And Almost Certain Veto
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Interior Appropriations Sent to President
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: VA Education Benefits Sought for Nurses
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Waste-Reduction Bill Wins Panel OK
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Wetlands Protection Passed by House
October 14 - The 'New' Joe Biden Seems Very Familiar to Some
October 14 - Congress Puts Bush on Spot Over Funding of Abortion
October 14 - Vote Switchers
October 14 - Reps. Leath, Martin Votes
October 14 - Fiscal 1990 Appropriations for Labor
October 14 - The Catastrophic-Costs Law: A Massive Miscalculation
October 14 - Sen. McCain: An Unlikely 'Savior'
October 14 - Both Chambers Seek to Renew Crime and Flood Insurance
October 14 - HUMAN SERVICES: WIC, Other Feeding Programs Near Final Approval on Hill
October 14 - LAW/JUDICIARY:Death Penalty and Appeals Move Front and Center
October 14 - DRUGS: House Vote Sends a Message For Anti-Narcotics Action
October 14 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Anti-Fraud Reward Bill Is Cleared
October 14 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Flag Measure Will Become Law Without Bush's Signature
October 14 - Kemp, Key Democrats on Hill Joust Over HUD Programs
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Child-Abuse Measures Cleared for Bush
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: First House Panel Moves ADA Bill
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: House Rebuffs Bid To Limit Census
October 14 - Abortive Coup Spurs Debate Over How Much to Help
October 14 - From Disputed Election to Failed Coup A Chronology of the Panama Crisis
October 14 - Size of Economic Aid Package Puts Bush in a Quandary
October 14 - The Poland Bill, in Brief
October 14 - Senators Blast Voting-Aid Bill As Effort to 'Buy' Election
October 14 - ARMS SALES: Saudi Tank Deal In the Pipeline
October 14 - ARMS SALES: Third Try to Close Iran Loophole
October 14 - Senate Panel Seeks Sanctions On Nerve Gas Producers
October 14 - Bush Backtracks on Timing of Ban
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Foreign Aid Legislation Remains Gridlocked
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: House, President in Conflict On CIA Inspector Reports
October 14 - GOP's Tip Sheet
October 14 - Incumbents Angling for Edge In 1990s Line-Drawing
October 14 - Rep. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., Cited His Concerns in a Fund-Raising Letter
October 14 - GOVERNORS: Rowland, Morrison Mull 1990 Bids
October 14 - Voters in Houston's 18th District Ponder Successor to Leland
October 14 - PROVISIONS: Senate Anti-Drug Proposals Included on Two Bills
October 14 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Won't Veto Flag Bill, But Prefers Amendment
October 14 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Morality and Politics: A Look Backward
October 21 - WHAT'S AHEAD: At Odds Over Budget; New Deadlines Near
October 21 - CBO Keeps Its Profile Low,
October 21 - GOP Conference-Report Moves
October 21 - ETHICS: Garcia Convicted Of Extortion
October 21 - ETHICS: Panel May Drop Gingrich Case, Chides Bates in a Letter
October 21 - Riders Line Up for Free Trip On Must-Pass Debt Bill
October 21 - Should Social Security Count When Deficit Is Weighed?
October 21 - Social Security Trust Funds (chart)
October 21 - Conferees Get Off to Slow Start On Deficit-Reduction Bill
October 21 - Gramm-Rudman Cuts Triggered
October 21 - TAXES: Republican Senators Regroup For New Capital Gains Try
October 21 - Spending Bills Still Not Done; Stopgap Measure Readied
October 21 - THRIFTS: Seidman Scores Regulators In Lincoln S and L Case
October 21 - THIRD WORLD DEBT: Development Aid, Ex-Im Bank Get House Authorization
October 21 - TAXES: Panel Hears Competing Views On Rules for Life Insurance
October 21 - TRADE: European TV Rules Draw Rebuke
October 21 - Far-Reaching Smoking Ban Climaxes 2-Year Odyssey
October 21 - Losing Rural Air Subsidies
October 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: D.C. Bill with Abortion Clause Cleared for Likely Bush Veto
October 21 - TRANSPORTATION: Airline LBO Bill Wins Approval After Trump Takeover Sours
October 21 - ENVIRONMENT: Tougher Air-Toxics Standards Get Quick Nod From Panel
October 21 - AGRICULTURE: Panel OKs Cason On 12-7 Vote
October 21 - AGRICULTURE: Futures Industry Throws Weight Against Senate CFTC Bill
October 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Whitten, Bumpers Delay Bill In Feud Over Local Project
October 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury Measure Goes to Bush
October 21 - Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations (chart)
October 21 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Census Undercount Adjustment May Be Too Late for States
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Offers Incentives For Nursing Students
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: Indian Museum Bill Goes to Floor
October 21 - Veto Over Abortion Funding Pains Some in the GOP
October 21 - Abortion: Litmus Test for Nominees?
October 21 - Anti-Abortion Protest Groups Win Help From Congress
October 21 - Turnabout Is Fair Play?
October 21 - Increase in FHA Mortgage Cap Retained by Conferees
October 21 - Help for Quake Victims
October 21 - Impasse Over Anti-Deficit Bill Snags Social Initiatives
October 21 - Hastings Removed From Bench After Conviction by Senate
October 21 - Hastings Chronology
October 21 - Impeachment: A Change Needed?
October 21 - Anti-Flag Burning Amendment Falls Far Short in Senate
October 21 - DRUGS: House Leaders Promise Action On Most Senate Proposals
October 21 - Death-Penalty Expansion Bill Is Moved to Senate Floor
October 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Impose More Curbs On Legal Services Board
October 21 - EDUCATION: Library-Aid Reauthorization Nearing Final Approval
October 21 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Closes Legal Loophole, Raises Copyright Fees
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: Antitrust Criminal Fines Are Raised by House
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: House Eases Immigration For Foreign Nurses
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: McNary Wins Approval As INS Commissioner
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: Mouse-Research Lab Rebuilding OK'd
October 21 - A Wary Senate Casts Its Lot With an Election Gambit
October 21 - From Training to Baseball Caps
October 21 - PANAMA: Administration Seeks Leeway In Helping Future Coups
October 21 - Congress Presses Its Initiative To Aid Economic Reforms
October 21 - Putting Cold War on Ice
October 21 - State Department Weighs In: Raze the Moscow Building
October 21 - Embassy Debate: Players
October 21 - ARMENIA: Anti-Genocide Measure Gives Administration Heartburn
October 21 - House Conferees and Cheney At Odds Over Key Issues
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: Another Bump in the Road For Foreign Aid Bill
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: Korean President Warns Hill Against Troop Cutback
October 21 - '900' Calls May Transform Political Fund Raising
October 21 - PACs Invest in 1989 Races Amid Moves to Curb Role
October 21 - The Role of PACs in 1989:
October 21 - MISSISSIPPI: Conservative Democrat Taylor Captures Dixie GOP District
October 21 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Gene Taylor, D-Miss. (5)
October 21 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: For Democrats in '92, New Hurdles Loom
October 28 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Foley Sets Congress' Year-End Agenda
October 28 - Boren Seizes the Limelight By Sticking to the Middle
October 28 - James Meredith's Improbable Soulmate: Sen. Jesse Helms
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Dickinson Transaction Questioned by Panel
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Gingrich Facing New Ethics Complaint
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Whittaker Won't Seek Re-Election
October 28 - Byrd's Provision Still Leaves More Loophole Than Law
October 28 - LEADERSHIP: Democrats Select Deputy Whips
October 28 - Debt Limit, 'Reconciliation' Caught in Partisan Snarl
October 28 - A Bush Line-Item Veto?
October 28 - TAXES: Bush, GOP Grope for Strategy To Save Capital Gains Cut
October 28 - 'IRA Plus': The Big Cost Comes Later
October 28 - TRADE: House Seeks Action On EC TV Rules
October 28 - Congress Sets New Deadline To Finish Spending Bills
October 28 - Leon Panetta: Wearing Two Hats
October 28 - President, Agencies Have Wide Latitude in Providing Aid in Wake of Disasters
October 28 - Regulators Score Danny Wall In Lincoln Savings Probe
October 28 - SECURITIES: Lawmakers Consider Changes To Ease Investor Fears
October 28 - THE ECONOMY: Greenspan Speaks On Fed Bills
October 28 - Congress Moves to Buttress Aid to Whistleblowers
October 28 - Balancing the Need to Protect Security With Workers' Rights to Be Candid
October 28 - TELEMARKETING: You Asked for It: Fraud Bill Targets Former Supporters
October 28 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate Panel One-Ups Bush On Clean Air Controls
October 28 - AGRICULTURE: Bush Unveils Plan For Pesticides
October 28 - Seafood Inspection Measures Begin Moving in Congress
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Abandoned-Mines Bill Passed by House
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Vetoes D.C. Bill With Abortion Clause
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Bill On Overtime Pay
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Watered-Down Eastern Bill Passed by Senate
October 28 - Both Sides Weigh Strategy In Fight Over Abortion
October 28 - Abortion Feud Spurs Veto
October 28 - VA-HUD Funding Bill Retains Big Hike in FHA Loan Cap
October 28 - 1990 Appropriations for VA, HUD, Agencies (chart)
October 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: Earmarks in HUD Funding Bill Survive Brickbats in House
October 28 - HOUSING: Pierce Again Cites Fifth Amendment
October 28 - House OKs Temporary Haven For Selected Foreigners
October 28 - DISASTERS: Senate OKs Boost In Quake Research
October 28 - EDUCATION: Vocational School Assistance Boosted by Senate Panel
October 28 - HEALTH: Uniform Nutrition Labeling Endorsed by House Panel
October 28 - House Approves Entitlement For Japanese-Americans
October 28 - Fiscal 1990 Appropriations for State
October 28 - DRUGS: Negotiators Accept $3.2 Billion Plan
October 28 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Passes Death Penalty For Murders by Terrorists
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Flood, Crime Insurance Renewed by Congress
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Gov. Kean to Head Panel On 'Points of Light'
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Key Nutrition Programs Renewed by Congress
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Trauma-Care Legislation OK'd by House Energy
October 28 - Bush, Hill Reach Agreement On Covert Action Issues
October 28 - CIA Watchdog Dispute
October 28 - Progress on Popular Aid Bill Thwarted by Tax Dispute
October 28 - Action on Another Front
October 28 - Soviets' Admission on Radar: A Disarming Maneuver?
October 28 - DRUGS: House May Tighten Controls On Aid to Andes Nations
October 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: Burden-Sharing Concerns Spur
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes, Again, to Tighten Controls on Arms Sales
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: State Department Bill Snarled Over Foreign Aid Issue
October 28 - Parties Aggressively Court Absentee-Voter Bloc
October 28 - Texas' Head Start
October 28 - 'Race' Factor Hard to Gauge In Battle for Governor
October 28 - In N.J., Florio's Out Front
October 28 - NEW YORK: Bronx Pols Quietly Maneuver In Wake of Garcia Verdict
October 28 - Enlarging the Congress: Boon for Democracy?

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