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March 5 - House Defeat Clouds Outlook for Contra Aid
March 5 - Contra Fund-Raisers Get Set to Step Up Private Efforts to Sustain the Contras
March 5 - Canal Treaties a Potent Political Issue Panama Crisis: U.S. Embargo Move Slows
March 5 - Tough Stance by Liberals, Conservatives: Senate Urges Continuation of Afghan Rebel Aid
March 5 - U.N. Protests Closure of PLO Office
March 5 - Panama Amendment Proposed: Measure on Covert Operations Stumbles During Senate Debate
March 5 - Ignoring Reagan, House Passes Grove City Bill
March 5 - Fair-Housing Debate Postponed
March 5 - Senate Panel Approves Bank Deregulation Bill
March 5 - Highlights of the Senate Bank-Deregulation Bill
March 5 - March 8 Offers Clues to South's Political Soul
March 5 - Round One: Small Turnouts, Big Influence (chart)
March 5 - Opening Round Primaries and Caucuses
March 5 - Super Tuesday at a Glance (chart)
March 5 - Presidential Primary/Caucus Calendar (chart)
March 5 - Senate Passes Bill Limiting Lie Detector Tests
March 5 - Major Provisions of Polygraph Protection Act
March 5 - Indexing Plan Dropped: House Panel Agrees to Minimum-Wage Hike
March 5 - Markup Proceeds, but Slowly: Waxman Scores Early Victory In Battle Over Clean-Air Bill
March 5 - Senate Locks Horns With Reagan on Sewer Money
March 5 - But Backers Warn Game Is Far From Over: U.S.-Canada Free-Trade Pact Seen Likely to Win Approval
March 5 - Major Provisions of U.S.-Canada Trade Accord
March 5 - Digital Taping: Hill May Be Out of the Loop
March 5 - Increase for Substance-Abuse Programs: Senate Panel OKs Extensions For Several Health Programs
March 5 - Drug-Testing Fight Threatens Air-Service Bill
March 5 - Senate Approves Truck-Safety Plan
March 5 - Trial Lawyers Opposed: Aircraft Firms to Get Protection Under Panel's Liability Package
March 5 - Republicans Not Pushing Dole to Step Down
March 5 - Senators Vent Spleen Over Arrest
March 5 - Reinterpretation Issue: Key Democrats Set to Support One INF Treaty Amendment
March 5 - Interest Groups See Congress Leaning Left
March 5 - Specific Votes Used in Interest Group Ratings
March 5 - How Special-Interest Groups Rate Representatives (chart)
March 5 - How Special-Interest Groups Rate Senators (chart)
March 5 - December 1987 Lobby Registrations: Corporations and Businesses
March 5 - Lobbying on Tax Issues Is an Enduring Interest
March 5 - December 1987 Lobby Registrations: Foreign Government
March 5 - December 1987 Lobby Registrations: Interest Groups
March 5 - December 1987 Lobby Registrations: Labor Organizations
March 5 - December 1987 Lobby Registrations: State and Local Governments
March 5 - December 1987 Lobby Registrations: Trade Associations
March 5 - December 1987 Lobby Registrations: Miscellaneous
March 5 - CBO Pegs Deficit at $165 Billion
March 5 - Family-Planning Regulations Postponed
March 5 - House Votes to Ban 'Dial-a-Porn' Messages
March 5 - Indian Tribe Development Bill Advances
March 5 - Reports Say Drug Trafficking Still High
March 5 - Lungren Won't Seek Re-election
March 5 - Sentencing Commission Looks to Supreme Court
March 5 - Trade Bill Conferees Report Progress
March 12 - Jim Wright: Taking Big Risks to Amass Power
March 12 - Budget Panel Finds Little Room for Maneuver
March 12 - Fiscal 1989 Domestic Discretionary Programs (chart)
March 12 - ECONOMICS NOTES: Baker Promises No 'Fed-Bashing,' If...
March 12 - ECONOMICS NOTES: Reagan Suggests $1.5 Billion in 1988 Cuts
March 12 - Community Health: A Case Study
March 12 - Not Enough to Keep Up Current Services: Summit Accord Squeezes Funding for the Poor
March 12 - Administration, Hill Put Peace Pressure on Israel
March 12 - Shultz' 'Interlocking' Timetables
March 12 - Senators Who Signed the Letter (chart)
March 12 - U.S. Puts Sanctions on Panama
March 12 - No Rush for Another House Vote: Backers in Senate Try to Resuscitate Contra Aid
March 12 - One Side is Clearer, The Other Still Murky
March 12 - Super Tuesday Primary Recap (chart)
March 12 - The National Delegate Count (chart)
March 12 - Southern Primary Turnout:
March 12 - Kemp and Hart End Their Campaigns
March 12 - Is a 'Real' Convention Possible? The Muddled Democratic Field Stirs Brokered Nomination Talk
March 12 - In the History of Political Conventions Long Duels Have Not Been Uncommon
March 12 - The Upper South: Gore's Strategy Pays Dividends As He Thrives in Home Region
March 12 - The Southeast: Bush, Jackson Thrive in Dixie As Dukakis Captures Florida
March 12 - Trans-Mississippi South: Republicans United for Bush; Democrats Divided by Four
March 12 - The East: The Verdict From New England: Dukakis, Bush Are Local Heroes
March 12 - The West: Candidates Test Their Strength In a Region Vital in November
March 12 - Mississippi Congressional Primaries:
March 12 - April 16 Runoff:
March 12 - Rep. Wortley Calls It Quits
March 12 - Senate, House Primary Results:
March 12 - Congressional Primary Results:
March 12 - Change Sought in Low-Income Housing Credit
March 12 - Campaign-Finance Bill Snagged on Partisanship
March 12 - Legal Changes, Past Scandals Reduce Volume: Private Bills: Providing Exceptions to the Rules
March 12 - Conferees Could Be Left Behind: Deadlock Over Toshiba Ban Stalls Deal on Export Controls
March 12 - Trade Views Imperil Reagan Judicial Nominee
March 12 - Argument Over Reach of the Bill: Echoes From Past Punctuate Grove City Debate
March 12 - A Bargaining Chip for Future? House Labor Adds 4th Year To Minimum-Wage Increase
March 12 - Court Puts Off Resolution of Trademark Issue
March 12 - First Boland-Law Case: McFarlane Guilty of Misleading Congress on Contra-Aid Efforts
March 12 - Administration Moves to Close PLO Office
March 12 - Afghanistan Measure Stalled
March 12 - House Clears U.S. Mint Authorization
March 12 - Waxman Yields on Orphan Drug Amendments
March 12 - Coyne Drops Bid in Pennsylvania 8th
March 12 - Disaster Relief Bill Approved
March 12 - House Committee Funding Approved
March 12 - Import-Relief Compromise Proposed
March 19 - Prosecutor Gets Indictments of North, Others
March 19 - The Charges, the Defendants, the Penalties
March 19 - 'Just Tell Us What You're Doing': Senate Passes Bill Requiring 48-Hour Covert-Action Notice
March 19 - Military Moves Stir Up Fresh Contra-Aid Debate
March 19 - When Time and Distance Count: Military, Trade Needs Change, But Panama Canal Remains Key
March 19 - 'Kisses' for Noriega
March 19 - Senate to Leave Chamber for Secret INF Debate
March 19 - Senate Renews, Amends Nuclear-Insurance Law
March 19 - Disaster-Relief Bill Roars Through House
March 19 - First Reaction Cautious: 'Group-of-Nine' Democrats Offer Clean-Air Compromise
March 19 - New Studies Raise Concerns: Ozone Pact OK'd, but Some Say It's Not Enough
March 19 - Endangered Species Debate: Ranchers Want Right to Hunt Wolves, Bears
March 19 - President Offers Alternative: Reagan Vetoes Grove City Bill; Override Vote Set for March 22
March 19 - Annual Cap on Visas: Senate Passes Immigration Bill, But House Unlikely to Go Along
March 19 - LAW/JUDICIARY NOTES: House to Consider Impeachment of Judge Nixon
March 19 - LAW/JUDICIARY NOTES: Judiciary Committee Action
March 19 - Estimated Savings and Tuition Costs (chart)
March 19 - Plan to Spur Savings for College Wins Raves
March 19 - Demographic Profile of Savers (chart)
March 19 - Education Bill Conferees Delay Hard Choices
March 19 - U.S. Leaders Shun Confrontation With Shamir
March 19 - Transport Safety, Non-Proliferation at Issue: Japan-U.S. Nuclear Pact Stirs Concern on Hill
March 19 - Tear It Down or Rebuild It? Fate of New Moscow Embassy Remains in Limbo
March 19 - Marine Guards' Legacy: Tighter Procedures
March 19 - Foreign Policy Notes: Two Veterans Seek to Set Up Diplomatic Office in Vietnam
March 19 - Complying With the Budget Summit: House Panel Turns Creative To Craft Fiscal 1989 Measure
March 19 - Reagan Seeks Supplemental Spending
March 19 - Members Focus On Single-Premium Plans: Use of Life Insurance as Tax Shelter Draws Fire
March 19 - House Panel Caucuses on Bank-Deregulation Bill
March 19 - Senate Finance Approves Plan to Protect Taxpayers
March 19 - Private Station Faces Uncertainty: Budget Struggle Heating Up Over Space Program's Future
March 19 - Negotiations on Trade Bill Gain Momentum
March 19 - Alarm Over Foreign Investment in the U.S.
March 19 - Under Political Pressure at Home: Rodino Ends 40-Year Career; Brooks Will Inherit Judiciary
March 19 - The Day the Microphone Went Dead
March 19 - Divided Vote Reminiscent of 1972: Democrats Falter in Key Index: No One Shows a Broad Appeal
March 19 - THE ONGOING COUNT (chart)
March 19 - ILLINOIS PRIMARY: Sample County Votes (chart)
March 19 - The Jackson Vote: A Comparison It's Easier the Second Time Around
March 19 - Latest Primary, Caucus Results (chart)
March 19 - Illinois Congressional Results:
March 19 - April 29 Primary Outlook: Pennsylvania House Contests: Slim Pickings
March 19 - Pennsylvania House Candidates (chart)
March 19 - Minimum-Wage Boost Ready for House Vote
March 19 - Industry Would Train Owners: Lawmakers Seek ATV Refunds Despite New Safety Agreement
March 19 - Pipeline Safety Bill OK'd by Panel
March 19 - VA-Cabinet Plan Questioned, but Not Slowed
March 19 - Text of Reagan's Message: President Vetoes Civil Rights Bill, Outlines His Alternative
March 19 - Iran-Contra Indictments Announced
March 19 - CCC Ruling Favors Rep. Whitten
March 19 - Congress Clears Bill to Promote Farm Exports
March 19 - Congress Still Seeking Stock Market Reforms
March 19 - FCC Drops Telephone Computer Charges
March 19 - Conferees at Work on Catastrophic-Costs Bill
March 19 - House Approves Committee Funds
March 19 - Indian Housing Bill Approved
March 19 - Senate Fight Looms on Risk-Notification Bill
March 19 - Congress OKs Korean War Memorial
March 19 - INS Revises Amnesty Rules for Illegal Aiens
March 19 - Kramer Won't Seek Colorado Seat
March 19 - Senate Panel to Take Up U.S.-Canada Pact in April
March 19 - Trade Sanctions Against Haiti Proposed
March 26 - House Adopts Bipartisan Fiscal 1989 Budget
March 26 - FY '89 Budget Resolution by Function (chart)
March 26 - House Budget Resolution: Major Assumptions
March 26 - Losses Matched With Revenue-Gainers: Senate Panel OKs Curbs on IRS, Tax Relief on Fuel for Farmers
March 26 - Congress Overrides Reagan's Grove City Veto
March 26 - Members Plan New Assault in War on Drugs
March 26 - No Real Threat to Bill Seen: Catastrophic-Costs Conferees Irked by Lobbying Assaults
March 26 - Elderly Lobby Group Continues to Thrive... ...But Image on Capitol Hill Still Tarnished
March 26 - Senate Battling Over Risk-Notification Bill
March 26 - OSHA: The Agency Nobody Loves: Old Business Nemesis Now Draws Labor's Fire
March 26 - Backers Fight to Keep Supercollider on Track
March 26 - NASA Delays Request for Proposal: Resistance to Private Space Station Heats Up
March 26 - Dukakis, Gore Show Potential A Now-Mighty Bush Has Flaws Democratic Ticket May Exploit
March 26 - Re-examining the Southern Democratic Vote (chart)
March 26 - Latest Primary, Caucus Results
March 26 - Panel Votes to Limit Logging in Tongass Forest
March 26 - Soybean Loan Program Not Likely This Year
March 26 - More Than Sour Grapes Behind East-West Clash
March 26 - Banks Upset by Price Tag on Deregulation Bill
March 26 - Conferees Seek to Finish Trade Bill by April 1
March 26 - Negotiations Reach Critical Juncture: Business, Consumer Disputes Threaten Product-Liability Bill
March 26 - INF Treaty Shows Strength in Senate Markup
March 26 - A Moscow Summit
March 26 - Old Battle Complicates Treaty's Hill Journey
March 26 - Cease-Fire Pact Changes Political Equations
March 26 - Chronology of Hill-Reagan Tug of War... ...Over U.S. Involvement With Contras
March 26 - GAO Says Little Went for 'Emergency': Report Questions Use of 1986 Aid to Honduras
March 26 - North, Poindexter Plead Not Guilty
March 26 - House Panels Weighing Five Proposals: South Africa's Critics Renew Bid for Sanctions
March 26 - Opponents of Pact Wanted More Debate: Senate Rejects Move to Block U.S.-Japan Nuclear Agreement
March 26 - Court Battle Begins Over PLO Offices
March 26 - Veterans Support Vietnam Offices
March 26 - 'Symmetry' Sought on Arms Supplies: U.S.-Soviet Impasse Remains Over Pullout From Afghanistan
March 26 - Senate Wants More Pressure on Noriega
March 26 - Trepidation Over Rightist Victory Salvador Elections: An Ill Omen for U.S. Ties?
March 26 - First Increase Since 1976: Panel OKs Increased Funding For Presidential Transitions
March 26 - House Public Works Chairman Howard Dies
March 26 - The Deep South's Unique Two-Party System
March 26 - Ball Confirmed as Secretary of Navy
March 26 - House OKs Orphan-Drug Reauthorization
March 26 - Senate Panel Approves Palau Bill
March 26 - House Ethics Seeks No Sanctions for Rep. Rose
March 26 - House Panel OKs Genocide-Treaty Bill
March 26 - Other Members Mentioned in Biaggi Trial
March 26 - Senate Confirms Trott for Appeals Court
March 26 - Senate Judiciary OKs Three Bills
March 26 - Court Upholds Ban on Food Stamps for Strikers
March 26 - LaRouche Qualifies for Matching Funds
March 26 - Louisiana 4th Candidate Hurt in Car Crash
March 26 - New York Sets Primary Date

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