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December 5 - Conciliation Colors the Pre-Summit Picture
December 5 - Before the Ink Is Dry, Key Senate Players... ...Are Preparing for Debate on INF Treaty
December 5 - House Passes All-in-One Appropriations Bill
December 5 - The Advantage of Writing the (House) Rules
December 5 - Despite Obstacles, Leaders Predict Floor Passage: Senate Panels Near Completion On Deficit-Reduction Package
December 5 - Kassebaum: Testing Support for Wider Cuts
December 5 - Faced With Long Odds in the House: Republicans Fold Their Hands On Contra Aid - for Present
December 5 - Several Floor Fights in Prospect: Budget Deal Softens the Blow to Foreign Aid
December 5 - Foreign Aid Spending, Fiscal 1988 (chart)
December 5 - 'Debt Reform' Offers Boon to Some Nations
December 5 - Sharing the Burden of Deficit Reduction: Finance Package Boosts Costs For Medicare Beneficiaries
December 5 - Members Uneasy About Issues, Politics: Congress Is Stalemated Over AIDS Epidemic
December 5 - Kennedy Finds Bork an Easy Act to Follow
December 5 - Bill Would Reverse Mail-Fraud Ruling
December 5 - Congress Not Expected to Respond: Court Limits Citizen Suits Under Clean Water Act
December 5 - Bill Reflects Budget Accord: Senate Committee Approves $274 Billion Defense Measure
December 5 - Sen. Stennis Dodges Effort to Honor Him
December 5 - House Sets Stage for Clean-Air Debate in 1988
December 5 - House Votes to Create Groundwater Research Panel
December 5 - Conference Expected in Early 1988: Senate Agrees to Reauthorize Federal School-Aid Programs
December 5 - Senate Approves $4 Billion Farm Credit Bill
December 5 - Provides 4.2 Percent COLA: Senate Approves Veterans' Bill After Debate on AIDS, Drugs
December 5 - House Clears Special-Prosecutor Bill
December 5 - Senators Look for Ways to Increase Efficiency
December 5 - End of Session Resurrects Pocket-Veto Issue
December 5 - House Votes to Revamp SBA Minority Aid
December 5 - House Panel to Vote Dec. 8: Prospects Improving for Product-Liability Bill
December 5 - Veto Considered Unlikely: Conferees Close to Agreement On $22 Billion Airport Package
December 5 - But Senate Will Be Watching Safety Steps: Burnley Confirmed as Transportation Secretary
December 5 - Clement Is Democrats' Pick in Tennessee 5th (chart)
December 5 - Senate Panel OKs Credit-Card Disclosure Bill
December 5 - 'Stars and Stripes Forever' Made National March
December 5 - Conferees Make Progress on State Department Bill
December 5 - FHA Insurance Authority Extended
December 5 - Bill to Let Court Ignore Cases Approved
December 5 - Ethics Panel May Move on Reps. Murphy, Biaggi
December 5 - Senate Panel OKs Step to Curb TV Violence
December 12 - Old Adversaries Turn to Pragmatic Diplomacy
December 12 - Apart From the 'Hell, No' Votes, Senate Likely to Concur
December 12 - On SDI and Cutting Long-Range Missiles... ...A Combination of Punting and Progress
December 12 - Afghanistan, Human Rights: Reagan, Gorbachev Agree on Little More Than Good Will
December 12 - Deficit-Reduction Package Passes the Senate
December 12 - Taxes, Medicare Among Key Disputes... ...As Reconciliation Bills Go to Conference
December 12 - Fairness Doctrine Dropped, Fees Rejected: Broadcasting Changes Spark Heated Debate
December 12 - Vehicle for Major Policy Fights: Senate Works Against Deadline To Finish Catchall Spending Bill
December 12 - Fight Erupts Over Restrictive Rules: Amid Democratic Dissension, Welfare Bill Is Delayed Again
December 12 - House Expected to Balk: Farm Deficit-Reduction Pact Entails Key Program Changes
December 12 - Conferees Meet on Farm Credit Bill
December 12 - Unlikely Duo Teams Up on 'Plastic-Gun' Bill
December 12 - An Opportunity for the GOP: Florida's 'Walkin' Lawton' Strolls Away From the Senate
December 12 - As Others Demur, Sasser Eyes Budget Chair
December 12 - U.S., Canada Finalize Terms of Free-Trade Pact
December 12 - House Sticks to Traditional Pattern: Senate Will Try New Schedule Of Long Weeks, More Breaks
December 12 - Senate Labor Votes to Curb 'Double-Breasting'
December 12 - McLaughlin Confirmed for Labor Post
December 12 - House Action Unlikely This Year: Housing Bill Could Be Revived With Senate Compromise Plan
December 12 - Senate Appropriators Chop Pentagon Funds
December 12 - Product-Liability Package Approved by Panel
December 12 - Subcommittee OKs Rail-Safety Plan
December 12 - House Passes Foreign Aid Authorization Bill
December 12 - House Extends Life of Iran-Contra Panel
December 12 - Vehicle for Foreign Policy Amendments: Ironing Out Many Differences, Conferees Back State Measure
December 12 - Conflicts of Prerogative: Over War Powers...
December 12 - ...And a Required Report on Visas to Soviets
December 12 - Reagan Television Address Caps Summit Week
December 12 - Summit Summary: Joint Communique Lays Out Talking Points
December 12 - Summit a 'Clear Success,' Reagan Says... ...But Gorbachev Says More Work Ahead
December 12 - Text of Reagan, Gorbachev Comments: Superpowers Sign INF Treaty, Join In TV Address to Nations
December 12 - Signed Dec. 8: Text of Treaty on Intermediate-Range Missiles
December 12 - Dec. 3 Interview With TV Anchors: Reagan Previews U.S.-Soviet Summit
December 12 - October 1987 Lobby Registrations: Corporations and Businesses
December 12 - Tax Provisions Sent Firms to Capitol in October
December 12 - October 1987 Lobby Registrations: Foreign Governments
December 12 - October 1987 Lobby Registrations: Interest Groups
December 12 - October 1987 Lobby Registrations: Labor Organizations
December 12 - October 1987 Lobby Registrations: State and Local Governments
December 12 - October 1987 Lobby Registrations: Trade Associations
December 12 - October 1987 Lobby Registrations: Miscellaneous
December 12 - House Considers Endangered Species Bill
December 12 - Senate OKs Gas-Royalty Refunds
December 12 - Senate Panel OKs Drug 'Gray Market' Bill
December 12 - Judge Kennedy Gets Top ABA Rating
December 12 - Senate Votes to Protect Disability Appeals
December 12 - Trade Deficit Balloons to Record Level
December 19 - Conferees Push to Finish Deficit-Reduction Bill
December 19 - Fights on Contra Aid, Fairness Doctrine: Big Spending Decisions Go Down to the Wire
December 19 - Immigration Items Kept Off Spending Bill
December 19 - Defector's Story Alters Political Picture: Wrangling Over Contra Aid Sets Stage for Battle in 1988
December 19 - Nicaraguan Defector Outlines Arms Buildup
December 19 - Compromise on Pakistan Assistance: Military Programs Take Hits As Hill Cuts Back Foreign Aid
December 19 - Administration Unhappy With Congressional Strings: Congress Clears State Department Measure
December 19 - A Key Change in Immigration Law
December 19 - Notice to Hill Within 48 Hours: Senate Panel Votes to Tighten Procedures on Covert Actions
December 19 - Conferees Take Defense Funds Close to Cap
December 19 - Medicaid Provisions a Key Sticking Point: Disputes Over Health Issues Prove Difficult to Resolve
December 19 - Kennedy Hearings Indicate Easy Confirmation
December 19 - Hearing Excerpts: Kennedy on the Issues
December 19 - Court Evenly Divided on Abortion Case
December 19 - Panel Considers Expulsion for Biaggi: House Punishes Rep. Murphy, Prepares to Act on Other Cases
December 19 - Political Deal Cut: Nevada to Get Nuclear Waste; Everyone Else 'Off the Hook'
December 19 - Bill Would Reauthorize Endangered Species Act
December 19 - Environmental Standards Eased: House OKs Plan to Boost Use Of Alternative-Fuel Vehicles
December 19 - Measure Passed to Ease Land Swaps
December 19 - Democrats Mull, 'What Next?': Fuzzy Race Is Further Blurred By Hart's Surprising Re-entry
December 19 - Delegate Selection Calendar for 1988 (chart)
December 19 - Fees and Stakes Are High: What's in a Name? For Consultants, Much Cash
December 19 - Crossing the Party Line Is Risky, Rare
December 19 - Outlook for March 15 Primary: Illinois Fare: Southern Openings, Chicago 2nd
December 19 - White House Expected to Go Along: Negotiators Reach Agreement On Farm Credit System Bailout
December 19 - Whitten Prevails in CCC Funding Dispute
December 19 - Modest Target-Price Cuts Included: Farm Budget Agreement Avoids New Programs
December 19 - More Funds to Ease Congestion: Airport-Reauthorization Plan Easily Cleared by Both Houses
December 19 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Product-Liability Bill Put Off Until Next Year
December 19 - Bill Appears Dead for Year: Last-Ditch Agreement Sought For Housing Authorization Bill
December 19 - Next Move Is Up to the Senate: After Long, Bruising Battle, House Approves Welfare Bill
December 19 - The Art of Vote-Counting Proved Crucial... ...To Eventual Success of Welfare Measure
December 19 - Provisions, House Welfare-Revision Legislation
December 19 - A Constitutional Challenge: Balky Reagan Signs Extension Of Independent-Counsel Law
December 19 - Bill Would Force Release of Asbestos Information
December 19 - Bill Would Revise Commodity Distribution
December 19 - House OKs Bill to Tighten Nuclear Plant Security
December 19 - Limits Voted on Tin-Based Boat Paints
December 19 - Bush a 'Solid' Backer of Iran Arms Sales
December 19 - Charity Doesn't Affect Food Stamp Eligibility
December 19 - COLA Increase Voted for Disabled Veterans
December 19 - Congress OKs Jimmy Carter Historic Site
December 19 - Senate Confirms NSC Adviser Powell in Rank
December 26 - Budget Deal Enacted at Last, Congress Adjourns
December 26 - Final Appropriations Levels (chart)
December 26 - Reagan Wins Concessions in Final Funding Bill
December 26 - Reagan Signs Reconciliation Measure: A Weary Congress Clears Bill To Raise Taxes, Cut Spending
December 26 - As Dust Settles From Battle to Cut Deficit... ...Second Thoughts on Budget Summitry
December 26 - Highlights of Fiscal 1988 Reconciliation Bill
December 26 - Some Blame Reagan for Their Dilemma: Curbs on Health Spending Leave Democrats Divided
December 26 - Hill, Reagan Compromise on Aid to Contras
December 26 - A Complex Deal on Delivery of Supplies... ...And Procedures for Seeking More Aid
December 26 - A Hill-State Department Impasse
December 26 - Hill Softens the Blow to Development Programs: Foreign Aid Funding Escapes Drastic Cutbacks
December 26 - Foreign Aid Appropriations, Fiscal 1988 (chart)
December 26 - Surprise Agreement Reached on Housing Bill
December 26 - Airport and Airway Reauthorization Provisions
December 26 - Re-flagging Bill Sent to President: Coast Guard Reauthorization Fails to Clear
December 26 - Provisions of Bill to Rescue Farm Credit System
December 26 - Sea-Grants Program Renewed: Fishing-Pact Extension Includes Ban on Plastic Dumping at Sea
December 26 - The 100th Congress: A Productive First Session (chart)
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Agriculture
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Appropriations
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Banking
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Commerce
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Congress
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Defense
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Economic Affairs
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Education
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Energy
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Environment
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Foreign Policy
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Government Operations
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Health
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Housing/Community Development
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Human Services
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Labor
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Law/Judiciary
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Science/Technology
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Trade
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Transportation
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Veterans
December 26 - Congress Clears Commodity-Distribution Bill
December 26 - Senate Moves to Facilitate INF Treaty Hearings
December 26 - Senate Passes Credit-Card Bill
December 26 - Bill Would Change Appeals Procedure
December 26 - Bill Would Clarify Food Stamp Eligibility
December 26 - Congress Clears Fish and Wildlife Bill
December 26 - Congress Clears Gas-Royalty Refunds
December 26 - Meese Associates Indicted for Fraud, Conspiracy

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