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November 7 - Budget Negotiators Report Only Small Shifts
November 7 - Problems Within Parties: Selling a Deal May Be as Difficult as Reaching One
November 7 - Tax-and-Spending Trade: Reagan's Memory of 1982 'Deal' Haunts Budget Talks
November 7 - Multiple Flash Points: Leaders Delay Battles on Omnibus Appropriations Bills
November 7 - Bitterness Lingers From House Budget Votes
November 7 - Adjournment Target Moving Into December
November 7 - Ginsburg Hurt Badly by Marijuana Admission
November 7 - Political Stability Masks Problems in El Salvador
November 7 - Indirect Negotiations With Rebels: Reversal by Nicaraguan Leader Darkens Picture for Contra Aid
November 7 - Split Politically, Panels to Issue Iran Report
November 7 - Controversy Over ABM, SALT: White House, Conferees Near Deal on Arms Control Disputes
November 7 - Will Carlucci Take a Softer Line Than Weinberger? At Pentagon and the NSC, Changes at the Top
November 7 - Pentagon May Face Still More Pain: Defense Funding Takes an Unprecedented Cut
November 7 - A 'New' Dole Bids Again for the White House
November 7 - Is It Who's Up Front That Counts? Yes and No (chart)
November 7 - The Ins and Outs of the '88 Campaign
November 7 - Arizona's Mecham Is Recall Target
November 7 - Gubernatorial Results: Democrats Win in Mississippi and Kentucky
November 7 - Senate Panel Approves Farm-Credit Bailout
November 7 - Provisions of Senate Panel's Farm-Credit Bill
November 7 - Bill Revises Deregulation Law: House Panel on Shippers' Side In Dispute Over Railroad Rates
November 7 - Railroads, Shippers Steamed Up Over Rewrite
November 7 - Effects of 1930 Law Color Debate on Trade Bill
November 7 - Leadership Urges Action This Year: Trade Conferees Inch Ahead While Avoiding Major Issues
November 7 - President Lifts Computer Chip Sanctions
November 7 - U.S.-Mexico Trade Agreement Signed
November 7 - Research, Manpower and Vaccine Reauthorizations: Omnibus Health-Programs Bill Cleared for President Reagan
November 7 - The Transition: Preparing for Next President
November 7 - 'Windfall Profits' Tax Headed for Extinction
November 7 - Appropriations Bill Stalled: Nevada Senator Filibusters Nuclear-Waste Plan
November 7 - House Passes Bill Providing Gas-Royalty Refunds
November 7 - Panel Approves Endangered-Species Legislation
November 7 - Senate Ratifies Ocean-Pollution Treaty
November 7 - Senate Votes to Extend Special-Prosecutor Law
November 7 - Semiconductor-Chip Bill Clears
November 7 - Senate Moves to Guarantee Retiree Benefits
November 7 - No Trouble Seen for McLaughlin Nomination
November 7 - Exceptions OK'd for Security-Related Jobs: House Bars Private Employers From Using Lie-Detector Tests
November 7 - Senate Passes Bill to Combat Family Violence
November 7 - Shaping the Trade Bill
November 7 - Trade, Environment Top September Interests
November 7 - September 1987 Lobby Registrations: Businesses and Corporations
November 7 - September 1987 Lobby Registrations: Foreign Governments
November 7 - September 1987 Lobby Registrations: Interest Groups
November 7 - September 1987 Lobby Registrations: Labor Organizations
November 7 - September 1987 Lobby Registrations: State and Local Governments
November 7 - September 1987 Lobby Registrations: Trade Associations
November 7 - September 1987 Lobby Registrations: Miscellaneous
November 7 - House Passes HMO Bill
November 7 - Sen. Proxmire Outlines Banking Overhaul
November 7 - House Approves Air-Safety Bill
November 7 - Housing Authorization Agreement in Sight
November 7 - Rep. Biaggi Sentenced to 2.5 Years, $500,000 Fine
November 7 - Rep. Shays Receives Committee Assignments
November 7 - House Panel OKs Mail-Order Sales-Tax Bill
November 7 - Rail-Safety Bill Passed by Senate
November 7 - Senate Panel OKs Viets Nomination - Again
November 7 - Senate Passes Bill on VA Home-Loan Program
November 7 - Senate Passes Maritime Programs Bill
November 14 - Deficit Agreement Eludes Summit Negotiators
November 14 - Lobbying the Summit: Indirect but Vigorous
November 14 - Cautious Senate Wants to Like Judge Kennedy
November 14 - Major Decisions of Judge Anthony Kennedy
November 14 - Nicaragua Peace Process Moves to Capitol Hill
November 14 - Frustration With Reagan Policy in South Africa: Apartheid Foes Look to New Sanctions in 1988
November 14 - Reagan Joins Drive to Add Cabinet Chair for VA
November 14 - Accord in Sight on Defense Authorization
November 14 - Hard Choices on the Pentagon's Budget... ...Bring Down Two Attack-Plane Programs
November 14 - Speedy Confirmation Expected: Carlucci Brings a Softer Tone To Hill Discussions of Defense
November 14 - Conservatives Take Aim at New Treaty: Arms Controllers Line Up With Reagan on INF
November 14 - House Leadership Races Turn Into Marathons
November 14 - Rep. Ed Jenkins: He Who Hesitates...
November 14 - Cases Involve Reps. Biaggi, Sundquist: Legal Protections for Members Challenged by Court Decisions
November 14 - House Leaders Still Pressing Welfare Revision
November 14 - Rep. Tom Downey: Stung But Not Stymied
November 14 - Senate OKs Older-Americans Bill
November 14 - Revision of Minority Contracting Program OK'd
November 14 - Revised Family-Leave Bill Ready for Action
November 14 - Tax Rates Linked to Layoff Experience: House Passes Bill to Shore Up Deficit-Plagued Rail Funds
November 14 - Export Controls Hang in Balance: Trade-Bill Conferees Search For Toshiba-Ban Compromise
November 14 - House Rejects Bid to Kill Trade Amendment
November 14 - Nevada Struggling to Fend Off Nuclear Dump
November 14 - Environment Notes: House, Senate Take Aim on Tin-Based Boat Paints
November 14 - House Adopts Report 391-1: $15 Billion Housing Agreement Stalled by Senate Budget Fight
November 14 - Rep. Crane: 'Spitting in the Wind'
November 14 - Major Provisions of Housing Authorization Bill
November 14 - Senate Labor OKs Family-Planning Legislation
November 14 - Bill Seeks to Reduce Infant Mortality
November 14 - House Passes Bill to Help Fight Price Fixing
November 14 - Special Primary Dec. 3: Tennesseans Ply Their Wares To a Battle-Weary 5th District
November 14 - House Again Asks to Close Polls Uniformly
November 14 - Illinois' Gray Declares Retirement (chart)
November 14 - Ginsburg: Out of the Running
November 14 - Reagan Nominates Kennedy to Fill Court Seat
November 14 - Excerpts From Nov. 9 OAS Address: Reagan Says Peace Plan Lags in Nicaragua
November 14 - Ortega Vows to Comply With Peace Plan
November 14 - Conferees Agree on Intelligence Authorization
November 14 - House Urges Use of Crop Land for Wildlife
November 14 - Reagan Seeks Crackdown on Child Pornography
November 14 - Court Says IRS Can Resist FOIA Requests
November 14 - Court to Rule on 1981 'Chastity Act'
November 14 - Trade Deficit Shrinks; Market Turns Up
November 21 - Report Deals Another Blow to Reagan Record
November 21 - The Hill Committees' Verdict: Highlights
November 21 - The 'Enterprise': Report Fleshes Out the Story of Shady Arms Dealings
November 21 - Cash Flow for the Secord-Hakim 'Enterprise' (chart)
November 21 - Shoring Up Reagan: Republicans' Dissent Decries 'Hysterical Conclusions'
November 21 - Summit Deal Fails to Forestall Automatic Cuts
November 21 - Budget Summit Agreement (chart)
November 21 - House Republicans See Insult Piled on Injury
November 21 - Controversy Shoots Down Gorbachev Speech
November 21 - Final Amount Depends on Budget Summit: Defense Authorization Clears As Arms Control Battles Fade
November 21 - Action May Slow Legislation: Hill Critics Go After EPA Plan To Relax Clean-Air Deadlines
November 21 - Shultz, Wright: A Truce on Contra Diplomacy
November 21 - Senate Action Seen as Unlikely: House Takes Up Foreign Aid Authorization Bill
November 21 - Bulk of Provisions Are Secret: Intelligence Bill Includes Steps For a Closer Watch on Soviets
November 21 - Pepper Wins a Round on Long-Term Care Bill
November 21 - Debate Postponed Until December: Once-Burned House Leaders Shy Away From Welfare Fight
November 21 - Rep. Carper Unveils His Own Welfare Plan
November 21 - Major Provisions, Older Americans Act Renewal
November 21 - Past Bills Have Failed: Lawmakers Take Plunge Again On Product-Liability Measure
November 21 - All-Terrain Vehicles Targeted: Panels Try to Bolster Consumer Safety Board
November 21 - More Access to Programming: Senate Committee OKs Plan To Aid Satellite-Dish Owners
November 21 - Panel Approves Truck Safety Bill
November 21 - Bad Feelings Smoothed Over: Senate Panel Approves Burnley to Head DOT
November 21 - 'Compromise' Wins Few Republican Friends: Revised Family-Leave Measure OK'd by Divided House Panel
November 21 - House Passes Bill Overhauling 1939 Hatch Act
November 21 - Bigger Loans, Fewer Foreclosures: House Passes Bill Revising VA-Loan Program
November 21 - House Votes Cabinet Chair for the VA
November 21 - Backers Regroup to Save Bill: Housing Agreement Stymied By Senate Budget Maneuvers
November 21 - Fiscal 1988 Energy/Water Funding (chart)
November 21 - Senate Passes Energy and Water Spending Bill
November 21 - Ruling Leaves 'Insider Trading' Undefined
November 21 - Excerpts From Majority Report: 'Secrecy, Deception, Disdain' Ruled Iran-Contra Policies
November 21 - Excerpts From Minority View: Minority Lambastes Majority's 'Political Bias'
November 21 - Congress Clears SEC Reauthorization
November 21 - Greenspan Urges Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act
November 21 - Carlucci Confirmed as Secretary of Defense
November 21 - House Committee OKs Endangered Species Bill
November 21 - House Passes NOAA Reauthorization
November 21 - Kennedy Confirmation Hearings to Start Dec. 14
November 21 - Senate OKs Conference Report on Counsel Law
November 21 - Senate Panel OKs Probe of Bureau of Indian Affairs
November 21 - House Ethics Holds Closed Hearings on Murphy
November 21 - Rep. Brown Quits Intelligence Panel in Protest
November 21 - Rep. Duncan Sued by FSLIC in Bank Case
November 21 - Trade Conferees OK Some Education Provisions
November 28 - Gore's Big Risk: Center-Right May Not Show
November 28 - Southern Democrats:
November 28 - Gore's No Nunn, But He Catches South's Eye
November 28 - Lungren Named California Treasurer
November 28 - INF Pact to Sweeten Reagan-Gorbachev Summit
November 28 - U.S.-Soviet Summits of the Past (chart)
November 28 - Regional Issues: Also on the Summit Agenda: Afghan, Persian Gulf Conflicts
November 28 - Turning Budget Pact Into Law Won't Be Easy
November 28 - Rostenkowski on GOP Role: Never Again
November 28 - First Test for Summit Plan: Budget Deal Adds to Problems Facing Omnibus Funding Bill
November 28 - Senate to Start Action on Tax-Raising Bill... ...While House Will Wait for Conference
November 28 - Budget Action Takes Precedence: New Medicare Cuts May Delay Catastrophic-Insurance Bill
November 28 - Reagan Takes Fight on Farm Subsidies Abroad
November 28 - Farm Subsidies: A Worldwide Phenomenon
November 28 - Senate Panel Prepares to Debate Bank Powers
November 28 - Veto Threat, House Position May Cause Delay: Senators Must Move Quickly To Salvage Housing Measure
November 28 - Congress Tightens, Reshapes Defense Budget
November 28 - Authorizations for Defense: A Comparison
November 28 - Special-Prosecutor Reauthorization Provisions
November 28 - Armed Services May Hold Hearing on Gen. Powell
November 28 - Rep. Lott Protests Waivers of Points of Order
November 28 - Sentencing Guidelines Challenged in Court
November 28 - Democratic Fields Take Shape in Three States
November 28 - Harmonized Tariff Schedule to Be Pushed
November 28 - Two Drop Out in Tennessee 5th
November 28 - Few Late-Bloomers in '88 Presidential Field

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