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July 4 - Byrd Struggles to Lead Deeply Divided Senate
July 4 - Trouble After the Elections: Economy Will Remain Healthy Through 1988, Experts Predict
July 4 - Republicans Hold Off Critics of 'Reflagging'
July 4 - Hill Delays Decision on Bug-Riddled Embassy
July 4 - Arms Control Agency Bill Advances
July 4 - Much at Stake as Senate Gets Ready for Bork
July 4 - On Church-State, Abortion, Civil Rights: Divided High Court Awaits New Direction
July 4 - Antonin Scalia: Just What Reagan Wanted
July 4 - Angry Senate Votes to Bar Toshiba Imports
July 4 - Democratic Leaders Slow Pace of Medicare Bill
July 4 - Panels OK Program for the Disabled
July 4 - All From Providers, Not Patients: House Panel Recommends $1.5 Billion in Medicare Cuts
July 4 - Energy Subcommittee Markup: Longer Medicaid Extension Added to Welfare
July 4 - Labor Panel Approves Two Health Bills
July 4 - Designed to Win Over Byrd, Other Foes: Wide-Ranging Clean-Air Bill Wins Approval by Senate Panel
July 4 - House Panel Approves Radon Bill
July 4 - Congress Clears Supplemental Spending Bill
July 4 - Major Provisions of Supplemental Funding Bill
July 4 - Ethics Challenge Rebuffed: House Votes $1.4 Billion for Housekeeping
July 4 - Fiscal 1988 Legislative Appropriations (chart)
July 4 - Across-the-Board Cut Approved: House Votes $13.8 Billion Bill For Commerce, Justice, State
July 4 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
July 4 - Amount Exceeds White House Request: House Committee Approves $11 Billion for Transportation
July 4 - Conferees Agree to $8.5 Billion FSLIC Plan
July 4 - Reluctant White House Approval Expected: $443 Million Homeless Aid Bill Cleared for Reagan's Signature
July 4 - New Spending for the Homeless (chart)
July 4 - Nuclear Insurance Focus: Who Gets Paid First?
July 4 - INS Eases Rules for Foreign Workers
July 4 - Panel Votes for Hold on Salvador Deportations
July 4 - Conventions Set July 21 Field: Connecticut's Open 4th Draws Crowds in Both Party Primaries
July 4 - Sixth Democratic Candidate: Stressing His Roots and Youth, Gore Enters Race for President
July 4 - Missiles to Iran; Officials' Cover-Up Efforts
July 4 - FTC Authorization, 'Gray Market' Cars
July 4 - House Passes 'Truth in Savings' Bill
July 4 - Udall Calls for New Try on Nuclear-Waste Disposal
July 4 - Court Dismisses Challenge to Congress' Pay Raise
July 4 - House Passes Resolution on Ozone Treaty
July 4 - House Votes to Bar Dams in National Parks
July 4 - Oliver L. North Debriefed, Will Testify July 7
July 4 - Bill to Speed Citizenship Processing OK'd
July 4 - House OKs Three Veterans' Bills
July 4 - New Campaign Finance Proposal Unveiled
July 4 - Senate Committee OKs Special Prosecutor Bill
July 4 - Senate Labor Considers Risk Assessment Bill
July 11 - Speaker Jim Wright Takes Charge in the House
July 11 - Foley, Coelho Stick to What They Do Best... ...As New House Leadership Team Settles In
July 11 - Deregulation: New Doubts, Damage Control
July 11 - Air Travel for the Masses: Could Be a Myth
July 11 - House Approves Coast Guard Bill
July 11 - Conservatives Buoyed: Polarized Senate Prepares For September Hearings on Bork
July 11 - DeConcini, Heflin, Specter Hold Key... ...To Judiciary Committee Vote on Bork
July 11 - How They Voted on Key Reagan Nominees (chart)
July 11 - North Defends His Role in Iran-Contra Dealings
July 11 - Showing Charm, Tough Determination... ...North Charges Up Public Relations Hill
July 11 - North Insists He Never Sought Personal Gain
July 11 - Subpoenas in Contra Drug Inquiry
July 11 - The Defense Lawyer: Taking the Offensive
July 11 - House Votes to Delay Oil-Tanker 'Reflagging'
July 11 - Senate Twice Retains Veto-Bait Provisions
July 11 - Trade Bill Includes a Labor Priority: Plant Closing
July 11 - International Farm Subsidy Cut Sought
July 11 - 'Don't Break the Compact': Tax Panel Gets Little Guidance On Ways, Means to Raise Taxes
July 11 - Gramm-Rudman Fight Looms Again on Debt-Limit Bill
July 11 - Meese Testifies on His Wedtech Connection
July 11 - House Panel Flips Again on Nuclear Coverage
July 11 - Points Finger at Abrams, Casey, Meese, Others: Saying He Followed Orders, North Defends Covert Actions
July 11 - Privatization, Balanced Budget on Agenda: President Heralds 'Economic Bill of Rights'
July 11 - House Committee OKs Military Construction Funds
July 11 - Senate Passes Radon Cleanup Bill
July 11 - Treasury-Postal Funding OK'd by House Committee
July 11 - Bill to Aid Abandoned Infants With AIDS Approved
July 11 - Catastrophic-Insurance Bill Headed to House Floor
July 11 - Panel Continues Work on Occupational Risks Bill
July 11 - Panel Votes to Reauthorize Older Americans Act
July 11 - Senate Judiciary Moving to Help Salvadorans
July 11 - Former Rep. Loeffler to Lead Contra Lobby Effort
July 11 - NASA Authorization Passed by House
July 11 - Parties Set Dates for Presidential Debates
July 11 - Was There Ever a 'Love Affair' With Reagan?
July 18 - Cover Story: House 'Stars' Savvy 'Stars' Making Local TV a Potent Tool
July 18 - For Some, TV Has No Special Allure
July 18 - Poindexter: 'The Buck Stops Here With Me'
July 18 - Aide 'Went Over the Line...to an Operational Role': McFarlane Disputes North on Marching Orders
July 18 - Public Sympathy Proves Effective Shield... ...For North Against Committee Critics
July 18 - Focus Kept on Iran-Contra Facts, Legalities: Democrats Sidestep Debate Over Contra Aid
July 18 - Politics Drives Gramm-Rudman Restoration Plan
July 18 - House Appropriations Panel Reins Itself In... ...As Ranks of Budget-Cutters Gain Strength
July 18 - Consequences for Some Federal Programs...
July 18 - House Approves 2 Percent Spending Cut: $11 Billion Transportation Bill Would Curb In-Flight Smoking
July 18 - Fiscal 1988 Transportation Funds (chart)
July 18 - Across-the-Board Cut Rejected: House Approves Funding Bill To Build Pentagon's Facilities
July 18 - Military Construction Appropriations (chart)
July 18 - HUD Spending Measure Faces Delay
July 18 - Leadership Wins on Second Vote: Treasury, Postal Funding Bill Passes House, Escapes Big Cut
July 18 - Treasury, Postal Service Spending (chart)
July 18 - An Old Compromise, Continuing Controversy
July 18 - Moving His Agenda: Metzenbaum Takes on New Role: Pragmatist
July 18 - Move Tied to His Fight With AMA: Rep. Stark Seeking to Block Second Term for FEC Member
July 18 - Votes Repeal of Windfall Profits Tax: Senate Winding Up Debate On Omnibus Trade Measure
July 18 - Moves to Block Ship 'Reflagging' Rejected in Senate
July 18 - House Panel Votes Import Quotas on Textiles, Shoes
July 18 - White House Support Denied: Moynihan's Welfare Proposal Cheaper Than House Version
July 18 - Sponsors See More Bipartisan Support... ...As Welfare Bill Approaches House Floor
July 18 - Medicare Expansion Ready for House Floor
July 18 - Pepper Leaves Mark on Catastrophic-Care Bill
July 18 - Catastrophic Health Insurance: Some Definitions
July 18 - 'No-Fault' System Waiting in Wings: Still No Agreement on Funding For Vaccine Compensation Plan
July 18 - Veto Threats Grow for FSLIC Rescue Package
July 18 - Panels OK Bills to Protect Airline Consumers
July 18 - Panel Lectures North: McFarlane Rebuts North, Poindexter Shields Reagan
July 18 - Nofziger Indicted; Deaver Trial Delayed
July 18 - Panel Approves FCC Funds
July 18 - Panel Votes to Protect Salvadoreans, Nicaraguans
July 18 - St Germain Faces Criminal Investigation
July 18 - Clinton Out, Laxalt In for President in 1988
July 18 - Rep. Marilyn Lloyd to Retire
July 18 - Senate Approves New FAA Chief
July 18 - Senate Passes NASA Authorization
July 25 - Farm Credit System Seeks a $6 Billion Bailout
July 25 - Few Farm Credit Bailout Proposals Agree... ...On How to Help System - Or Pay for It
July 25 - Trade Bill Passes Senate, Heads for Conference
July 25 - Highlights of HR3, the Senate-Passed Trade Bill
July 25 - Technology Innovation and Development
July 25 - Toshiba Import Ban
July 25 - Trade Agency Authorizations
July 25 - Reagan Threatens a Veto: House OKs Medicare Expansion Despite Reservations Over Cost
July 25 - Major Provisions of Catastrophic-Insurance Bill
July 25 - Supplemental Premium (chart)
July 25 - Poindexter, Shultz: Grist for Further Battles
July 25 - Bipartisan Comity Becomes a Casualty... ...In Political Battle Over Reagan Policies
July 25 - 'Battle Royal' Over Iran Arms Sales: Shultz Tells of Deceit, Infighting at White House
July 25 - Calling It Quits: Three Offers
July 25 - Debt Limit a Victim of Senate Budget Debate
July 25 - Social Security, User Fees, Health Cuts: House Committees Start Work On 'Reconciliation' Process
July 25 - Curbs Adopted on Lobbying by Charities
July 25 - PBGC Premium Boost, Higher Plan Funding: Major Pension-Law Revisions Adopted by Two House Panels
July 25 - Greenspan Vows to Be Apolitical: 'Independent' Fed Has Shifted With Political Winds of the Past
July 25 - Takeover Debate Centers on States' Powers
July 25 - Biden, Dole Raise Curtain on Bork Debate
July 25 - Negotiations Prove Fruitless: Defense Stalemate Drags On; Nunn Threatens to Drop Bill
July 25 - Congressional Panels Voice Concern: Nuclear-Materials Incident Jeopardizes Aid to Pakistan
July 25 - U.S. Ships Escort 'Reflagged' Kuwaiti Tankers: Senate Lodges Indirect Protest to Gulf Policy
July 25 - Rough Floor Fight Expected: Nuclear-Insurance Renewal Headed Toward House Floor
July 25 - Bill to Protect Federal 'Whistleblowers' Advances
July 25 - House Panel Approves Veterans' Bills
July 25 - Special Primary Results A Centrist Mood Prevails In Connecticut's 4th District
July 25 - Dole Not Ready to Join Moynihan on Welfare
July 25 - Older Americans Act Reauthorized
July 25 - Poindexter Ends Testimony, Says Actions Were Justified
July 25 - Shultz Takes the Stand
July 25 - House Panel Approves SEC, FCC Funding
July 25 - Senate OKs Funds for Arms Control Agency
July 25 - Veto Threat Hangs Over FSLIC Bill
July 25 - President Signs Homeless-Aid Bill
July 25 - Programs for the Disabled Advance
July 25 - Rose Appears at Ethics Inquiry
July 25 - Senate Passes Ban on Unscrupulous Doctors
July 25 - Senate Passes Intelligence Bill
July 25 - Senate Votes to Reauthorize Health Programs
July 25 - Committee Approves Occupational Risks Bill
July 25 - House Opposes 'Constitution Day' Holiday
July 25 - Reagan Nominates New FBI Chief
July 25 - Senate Confirms FEC Nominees
July 25 - Senate Panel OKs 'Double-Breasting' Bill

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