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June 6 - Hearings Produce Revelations, Recriminations
June 6 - 'The Enterprise': A Count of the Cash Flow
June 6 - 'Literally Correct, Perhaps Misleading'
June 6 - 'Tomas Castillo' Tells of Broader Role: Congress to Take a Closer Look at CIA's Role
June 6 - 'Reflagging' of Oil Tankers at Issue: Hill Demonstrates Its Unease Over Policy in the Persian Gulf
June 6 - Defense, Tax Issues Derail Budget Agreement
June 6 - Greenspan Named to Replace Volcker at Fed
June 6 - Aiming for a Mid-July Showdown: Budget Process: Reform Keeps Congress Talking
June 6 - Framework of Post-Reagan Budgeting Seen... ...In Early Jockeying for House Committee Job
June 6 - Defense Spending: Budgeted Amounts vs. Appropriations (chart)
June 6 - Foreign Aid, Arms Control, Immigration Issues: House-Senate Disputes Likely Over Fiscal 1987 Supplemental
June 6 - Chairman Stennis: Sharing the Workload
June 6 - Current Methods Miss Salmonella: Chicken Inspections May Be Revamped to Protect Health
June 6 - Hopes Slim for Early Corn Payments
June 6 - Commerce Hung Up on Amendment: Foreign Relations, Judiciary, Labor Add to Trade Measure
June 6 - Trade Picture Brightens in 1987's First Quarter... ...But Does Little to Relax Pressure on Congress
June 6 - Price-Anderson Reauthorization: Utility Legal Fees Protected Under Nuclear Insurance Bill
June 6 - House GOP Elects Three Mid-Level Leaders
June 6 - Rep. Frank Says He Is a Homosexual
June 6 - Talk of Compromise, But None in Sight: Filibuster Threat Hangs Over Campaign Financing Debate
June 6 - Biaggi Again Indicted on Bribery Charges
June 6 - Congress Wants to Keep Special Prosecutor Law
June 6 - North Again Challenges Prosecutor Law
June 6 - Other Rulings on Severance Pay, Drug Testing: Japanese-American Claims Face More Rounds in Court
June 6 - House Panel Approves D.C. Statehood Bill
June 6 - New Protections for 'Whistleblowers'
June 6 - Validity of Tests Questioned: Reagan Joins Debate on AIDS, Urges More 'Routine' Testing
June 6 - Panel Votes to Reauthorize Child Abuse Program
June 6 - Health Notes: House Acts to Bar Unscrupulous, Unfit Doctors
June 6 - $27 Billion Airport Plan OK'd by House Panel
June 6 - $2.6 Billion for Coast Guard
June 6 - 'Fairness Doctrine' Sent to President
June 6 - Maritime Reauthorization Approved
June 6 - Iran-Contra Panel Confronts Administration Officials: Testimony Raises Questions: Were the CIA, State Dept.Involved in the Contra War?
June 6 - Test Requirement for Immigrants, Marriage-License Applicants: Reagan Discloses Controversial AIDS Plan
June 6 - House Panel Agrees to FSLIC Conference
June 6 - Interior Appropriations Bill Cuts Some Spending
June 6 - Senators Propose Bill to Control Takeovers
June 6 - Attempt Fails to Block Honduran Arms Sale
June 6 - Differences Settled on Homeless Bill
June 6 - House Approves Funds for Bureau of Standards
June 6 - House Votes to Block Oil Shale 'Giveaway'
June 6 - Democrat Pelosi Wins House Seat
June 6 - FEC Denies Hart's Request for Federal Funds
June 6 - House Panel Would Boost Development Banks
June 6 - House Passes NSF Authorization
June 6 - New FAA Chief Nominated
June 6 - Nunn's Record May Surprise Many Democrats
June 6 - The Senate's GOP Minority: Home at Last
June 13 - Fiscal 1988 Budget Conference Remains Stalled
June 13 - Timetable for Passage Uncertain: Tax Writers Release Measure To Fix 1986 Tax Overhaul Bill
June 13 - Panel Adopts 'Truth in Savings' Bill
June 13 - Commerce, Justice, State and Others: House Appropriations Panels Start Doling Out FY '88 Funds
June 13 - Conferees Split Over Fiscal 1987 Funding Bill
June 13 - Panel Boosts Legislative Appropriations
June 13 - 30 Percent More Than Reagan Request: Panel Approves $10.7 Billion For Transportation Programs
June 13 - Cuts in Housing Programs Rejected
June 13 - Target Date for Senate Floor is June 22: Senate Panels Key on Exports As Trade Markups Wind Down
June 13 - Digital Tape Recorders Spark Lobbying War
June 13 - Kemp's Tenant Plan Rejected: House Ignores Veto Threats, Passes $16 Billion Housing Bill
June 13 - Panels Take a Breather to Sort Out New Findings
June 13 - The Secrets Game: Keeping the Lid On... ...When Everyone Already Seems to Know
June 13 - Those Who Testified: A Varying Cast
June 13 - Challenge to Prosecutor Continues
June 13 - Funding Level Kept Secret: House Passes Intelligence Bill;Extends Covert Contra Aid Ban
June 13 - Unnecessary Risks, Insufficient Force? Hill Continues Barrage on Reagan's Gulf Policy
June 13 - Faced With Mounting Hill Opposition... ...Reagan Withdraws Saudi Missile Sale
June 13 - 'Baby Boomer' Biden Seeks the White House
June 13 - Senate Caught in Filibuster: Compromise Proves Elusive In Campaign Finance Debate
June 13 - Common Cause's Lobbying War on PACs
June 13 - New Member Profile: Democrat Pelosi Enters House, Filling Vacancy in California 5th
June 13 - Zoning Compensation, Other Cases Also Resolved: Court Upholds Regulation On Disability Benefit Claims
June 13 - Approved on Party-Line Vote: House Panel Adds Drug Benefit To Catastrophic-Insurance Bill
June 13 - Bill to Restrict Physician Drug Sales
June 13 - Panel OKs Welfare Plan on Party-Line Vote
June 13 - Republicans Charge Anti-Business Bias: Plant Closing, Polygraph Bills OK'd by House Labor Panel
June 13 - New Studies Raise Safety Questions: Concern Over Tainted Food Could Propel Pesticides Bill
June 13 - Key Decisions on FIFRA Bill May Come... ...Long Before First Subcommittee Markup
June 13 - But Floor Action Unlikely: Panel Approves Authorization Of Legal Services Corporation
June 13 - Third Witness Describes Dead-End Investigation: Hakim, Hall Defend North; 'No-Questions-Asked' Policy
June 13 - Reagan Faces U.S. Press in Venice, Italy
June 13 - House OKs Quality Award for U.S. Companies
June 13 - Nuclear Evacuation Standoff
June 13 - Statue of Liberty, Other Park Fees
June 13 - House OKs Program to Fight Child Abuse
June 13 - House Panel Approves Three Veterans' Bills
June 13 - Open Field for Mississippi Governorship
June 13 - Panel Approves Coast Guard Funds, Other Bills
June 20 - Budget Highlights
June 20 - Democrats Agree on $1 Trillion 1988 Budget
June 20 - Fiscal 1988 Budget by Function...
June 20 - Deficit Reduction in the FY 1988 Budget (chart)
June 20 - Major Assumptions of FY 1988 Budget Agreement
June 20 - Also Invalidates Curbs on Free Speech: Supreme Court Strikes Down 'Creation-Science' Statute
June 20 - Fiscal 1988 Energy/Water Funding (chart)
June 20 - Funding Bill Bars Search for Nuclear-Waste Site
June 20 - Fiscal 1988 Interior Appropriations (chart)
June 20 - Reagan Energy Policy Criticized: Panel Approves Spending Bill For Interior, Related Agencies
June 20 - Some Agreements Reached in Private: Cost, SALT Provisions Slow Supplemental Bill
June 20 - Treasury-Postal Funds Sidetracked
June 20 - D.C. Appropriations Bill Approved
June 20 - More Money for Mailing Privilege: House Committee OKs Boost In Congress' 1988 Funding
June 20 - Secord's Secretaries Tell of Shredding: North Tosses Monkey Wrench Into Capitol Hill Investigation
June 20 - 90-Day Delay of Escort Plan? House Democrats to Challenge Reagan's Persian Gulf Strategy
June 20 - Nature of the Threat in the Persian Gulf... ...Defines Military's Options to Respond
June 20 - House Votes to Thwart Soviet Embassy Move
June 20 - Panel Backs ACDA Reauthorization
June 20 - Trade Bill Heads to Floor Trailing Veto Threat
June 20 - Making the Senate Trade Bill
June 20 - Highlights of Senate Trade Provisions as Reported
June 20 - Fingers Pointed as Immigration Problems Grow
June 20 - Agreement May Be Near on Sanctions
June 20 - Deaver Loses Bid to Block Perjury Trial
June 20 - Reagan Veto Threatened: Panel Approves Extension of Prosecutor Law
June 20 - Bill to Grant Extended Stays Advances
June 20 - Reagan Administration Opposed: Panel Moves to Make Amends For World War II Internments
June 20 - Two Panels Add Drug Coverage to Medicare
June 20 - $635 Million Authorization: Senate Labor OKs AIDS Bill, But Delays Testing Decisions
June 20 - No Sanctions Recommended: Ethics Panel Cites Rep. Oakar, Will Investigate Rep. Rose
June 20 - Byrd Vows to Keep Pressing: Partisan Standoff in Senate Stalls Campaign-Finance Bill
June 20 - House Passes Bill Aiding Construction Unions
June 20 - NRC's Roberts Rejects Demands That He Resign
June 20 - As Delivered June 15: Text of President's Address On Venice Summit, Economy
June 20 - In Affidavit, Says Documents Destroyed Before Meese Announcement: Secord's Secretary Changes Shredding Dates
June 20 - House Committee OKs 'Truth in Savings' Bill
June 20 - New SEC Chairman Nominated
June 20 - Senate Panel Votes to Extend Commerce Programs
June 20 - Critics Assail Printing of Past Debates
June 20 - House Panel Votes to Reauthorize Trade Agencies
June 20 - Members to Attend Philadelphia Ceremony
June 20 - Senate Panel OKs Grants to Clean Up Radon
June 27 - Panels Hear of Cover-Up, Await the Main Event
June 27 - Iran-Contra Network Apparently Gave North Some Expensive Home Protection
June 27 - Oliver North: Zealot or Hero, He Has the Story Everyone Waits to Hear
June 27 - Questions for Lt. Col. North
June 27 - John Poindexter: In a World of 'Shades of Gray,' What Did Reagan Know?
June 27 - Questions for the Admiral
June 27 - Democrats Discuss Moving a 'Mega-Bill' Budget, Now Adopted, Is Political Ammunition
June 27 - Reconciliation by Senate Committees (chart)
June 27 - Reconciliation by House Committees (chart)
June 27 - Ways and Means Chairman Decries Reagan And Expresses Doubt About a Tax Increase
June 27 - Funds for Energy and Water: House Rejects Budget-Cutters, Passes First Appropriations Bill
June 27 - Democrats Retreat on Arms Control: Accord Reached on Supplemental Funding Bill
June 27 - Called 'Woefully Inadequate': Panel OKs Commerce, Justice, State Funding
June 27 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
June 27 - Whitten Makes Audio-Visual Improvements
June 27 - Appropriations Measure Passed: House Refuses to Cut Interior Spending Bill
June 27 - Fiscal 1988 Interior Appropriations (chart)
June 27 - OMB Recommends Veto: House Panel OKs $58 Billion For Housing, NASA, Veterans
June 27 - Pepper Adds New Complications: House Panel Completes Work On Catastrophic-Insurance Bill
June 27 - AMA Opposes Reagan on AIDS Testing
June 27 - Cuts in Medicare Sought: Ways and Means Begins Reconciliation Process
June 27 - Private 'Dumping' Suits Not Allowed: Senate Plans Long Workweek As It Finally Takes Up Trade Bill
June 27 - Plant-Closing Fight Seen on Trade Bill
June 27 - State Department Bill Passed Despite Battles
June 27 - 'Goodwill Games' Spark Sharp Exchange
June 27 - Senate Bill Cuts State Department Sharply
June 27 - Hill Weighing Options on Persian Gulf Policy How to Give Reagan A Graceful Way Out?
June 27 - Ethics Questions Reach Wright, Coelho: House Committee to Investigate Rep. Murphy's Payroll Practices
June 27 - Dole Hit on Public Funding for Campaigns
June 27 - Senate Panel Approves Fair-Housing Measure
June 27 - Administration Strongly Opposed: Panel OKs Modified Version Of Prosecutor-Law Extension
June 27 - Compromise on Immigration Rules
June 27 - Powell's Retirement Gives Reagan Key to Court
June 27 - More Than Two Dozen Decisions Announced: High Court Completes Term, Upholds Drinking-Age Law
June 27 - Bankruptcy Rules Clarified: Senate Panel Moves to Protect Insurance Benefits of Retirees
June 27 - Panel OKs Changes to Davis-Bacon Act
June 27 - House Passes Measure to Protect Computers
June 27 - Democrats Plan to Repackage Bill: Senate Avoids Override Fight On 'Fairness Doctrine' Veto
June 27 - Conferees Agree to Limit Holds on Checks Tough Banking Issues Are Left Unresolved
June 27 - North's Home Security System; Missiles to Iran -- June 23-24, 1987
June 27 - Veto Message on Codifying Fairness Doctrine -- June 19, 1987
June 27 - Glenn Ordered to Repay Campaign Funds
June 27 - House Passes Spending Bill for D.C.
June 27 - Social Security Panel Begins Reconciliation Process
June 27 - Aid for Depressed Areas Approved
June 27 - Airline Measures Passed
June 27 - Justice Department Drops Indictments
June 27 - Panel Approves NASA Authorization
June 27 - Fast Track, Slow Crawl: A Tale of Two Bills
June 27 - Picking Presidents: A Nomination for Change

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