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April 4 - The Ethics Committees: Shield or Sword?
April 4 - Senate Ethics Eyes Durenberger Disclosures
April 4 - Lingering Ethics Controversy Surrounds... ...Six Democratic Members of the House
April 4 - Farmer and Uncle Sam: An Old, Odd Couple
April 4 - The Language of Agriculture Policy
April 4 - Sanford Switches Lanes: Highway Bill Veto Overridden After Close Call in the Senate
April 4 - Reagan Veto Stalls Highway Bill: A Text
April 4 - Budget Moves to Full House Amid Partisan Flak
April 4 - Major Assumptions of House Committee Budget
April 4 - House Panel Deals Setbacks to SDI Program
April 4 - House Armed Services Preparing to Act: Reagan Facing Major Rebuffs In Defense Authorization Bill
April 4 - Disputes Dim the Future of Foreign Aid Bill
April 4 - Two More Secretaries Getting Immunity
April 4 - Responding With 'Magic Slates': Marine Spy Case Fuels Fears For Moscow Embassy Security
April 4 - Administration Wants More Money: Funding Impasse Imperils State Department Bill
April 4 - Embargo on Arms Sales to South Africa: Israel, Other Countries Named As Violators of Weapons Ban
April 4 - Panel Set to Query New CIA Chief
April 4 - For Job Training, Education: New Funding Proposals Added To House Omnibus Trade Bill
April 4 - But Agrees Public Employees Have Privacy Rights: Court Divided on Searches Of Government Employees
April 4 - Reagan Team Tears Into Democrats' Welfare Plan
April 4 - Senate Takes First Step Toward Welfare Reform
April 4 - House Moving Against Unscrupulous Doctors
April 4 - Current Law Expires Aug. 1: Work Begins Again on Update Of Law on Nuclear Insurance
April 4 - Veto Hints Are Dropped: Senate Authorizes $31 Billion For Housing and Development
April 4 - Committees OK Aid to Homeless
April 4 - Uphill Fight for Passage: Labor, Business Square Off On Plant Closing Legislation
April 4 - Panel Approves $5 Billion FSLIC Rescue Plan
April 4 - Henkel Resigns From Home Loan Bank Board
April 4 - House Banking OKs Check-Hold Bill
April 4 - House Votes New Entrance Fees for National Parks
April 4 - Bill Barring 'Double Breasting' Approved
April 4 - Funding OK'd for Hastings Impeachment Inquiry
April 4 - House Delays Supplemental Appropriations Action
April 4 - Senate Passes Bill to Aid Homeless Veterans
April 11 - The Pension System: Can Its Promises Be Kept?
April 11 - Pension Cash Withdrawals, 1980-86 (chart)
April 11 - 'Portable Pension' Bill Introduced
April 11 - Kemp's Chore: Winning the Reagan Mantle
April 11 - Republican Convention
April 11 - California 5th Runoff a Formality: Primary Victory Assures Pelosi a House Seat
April 11 - House Adopts Democrats-Only FY '88 Budget
April 11 - Analysis in Billions of Dollars (chart)
April 11 - Peace Offers Floated by Budget Camps... ...May Signal Only a Pause in the Fighting
April 11 - Webster Questioned on Iran-Contra Matter
April 11 - Select Panels to See Reagan Notes
April 11 - Focus on Spying, Lack of Supervision: Embassy Security Lapses Spur New Inquiries
April 11 - Strong Administration Opposition: House Panel Drafts a Pared-Down Aid Bill
April 11 - Senators Warn Panama, Albeit Weakly... ...To Toughen Efforts Against Drug Traffic
April 11 - In the Minutiae Department, an Opium Fix
April 11 - Further Cutbacks Needed: House Panel Votes $306 Billion For Defense Authorization Bill
April 11 - Committee Shifts: Hard Times for Hard-Liners
April 11 - Novelist-Expert Picked to Head the Navy... ...Receives a Favorable Review on the Hill
April 11 - Confrontation Likely Over Trade Amendment
April 11 - Buy America Provisions
April 11 - Foreign Airport Access
April 11 - Proposals to Be Added to Trade Bill: House Panel OKs Patent, Copyright Changes
April 11 - Controversy Over Ad Restrictions Awaits: Senate Passes Reauthorization Of Federal Trade Commission
April 11 - Cost of Democratic Plan Cut in Half: Modified Welfare Reform Bill OK'd by House Subcommittee
April 11 - Republicans Offer Alternative Welfare Plan
April 11 - Senate Passes $423 Million Homeless Aid Plan
April 11 - House Panel Backs Big Expansion of Medicare
April 11 - Fight Over Physician Drug Sales Put Off: House Panel Moves to Halt 'Gray Market' Sales of Drugs
April 11 - Fight Over Bilingual Programs Postponed: House Subcommittee OKs Omnibus Education Aid Bill
April 11 - Agreement Possible on Nuclear Insurance Bill
April 11 - Ruling Could Spur Settlement: Court Declines to Intervene In Texaco-Pennzoil Dispute
April 11 - Panels OK Justice Department Authorization
April 11 - Labor Charges Dole Is Anti-Union
April 11 - Labor, Business Edge Closer on Notification Bill
April 11 - Tax-Exempt Groups Fought Planned Restrictions: IRS' Gibbs Agrees to Review Proposed Lobby Regulations
April 11 - Bill to Set Up Agricultural Trade Missions Passed
April 11 - Congress OKs Delay in Conservation Compliance
April 11 - Senate Passes Bill to Repeal Fuel Use Act
April 11 - Senate Urges Aid for Farm Credit System
April 11 - Senate Votes to Bar Fee at Statue of Liberty
April 11 - House Ethics Completes St Germain Inquiry
April 11 - House Passes Michigan Wilderness Bill
April 11 - Members Urge Changes in Arms Sales to Saudis
April 11 - Reagan Promises to Weigh Accord on Acid Rain
April 11 - Sens. Simon, Gore to Enter Presidential Race
April 18 - Air Travel: Trying to Smooth Out the Bumps
April 18 - Members Are Familiar With 'Friendly' Skies
April 18 - Airport and Airway Trust Fund
April 18 - Trust Fund Surplus Provokes a Tug of War
April 18 - House Ethics Committee Clears St Germain
April 18 - Hart: Adapting the 'Outsider' Role to 1988
April 18 - Fundamental Shift in NATO Strategy: Shultz, Soviets Draw Nearer To Agreement on Euromissiles
April 18 - Putting a Time on 'Timely' Notice: House Members Try to Tighten Strings on 'Covert' Operations
April 18 - Panel Loses Round on Bank Records
April 18 - Japanese-Americans Seek Redress From Court
April 18 - ...For Two in Congress, Thousands Outside A Long Wait for Justice May Be Ending...
April 18 - Arguments Set on 1984 Drinking-Age Law
April 18 - Virulent Tone Marks Debate On 'Double-Breasting' Bill
April 18 - Labor's Menu Whets Chamber's Appetite
April 18 - Senate Passes Temporary Legislation: Retiree Benefit Protection Sought in Bankruptcy Cases
April 18 - Panel Seeks Time to Test Sentence Guidelines
April 18 - House Members Work on Compromise: Providing Bilingual Education: An Issue Laden With Meaning
April 18 - But Appropriations Are Another Matter: Fast Conference Accord Likely On Homeless Authorization Bill
April 18 - Budget Battles to Multiply in Coming Days
April 18 - Major Assumptions of Senate Committee Budget
April 18 - Fiscal 1988 Budget by Function (chart)
April 18 - Embassy Spying Scandal Widens
April 18 - Medicare, Medicaid Patients Paying More for Care
April 18 - Stark-AMA Battle Escalates
April 25 - Countdown Begins For Special Iran Hearings
April 25 - Getting Ready: Iran Panel Members Balance Homework, Other Duties
April 25 - Agenda Overshadowed: Hearings Add to Tension Between Hill and White House
April 25 - A Rich History: Probes Have Been Potent Tool on Hill
April 25 - The People: A Who's Who of Participants in the Arms Dealings
April 25 - The Network: Scores of Firms Were Entangled in Iran-Contra Web
April 25 - Trade Bill: Partial Remedy for Complex Problem
April 25 - Trade Bill Headed for Certain Passage... ...Despite GOP Plan to Offer Alternative
April 25 - House OKs Truncated Supplemental Money Bill
April 25 - Sometimes House Members Turn Turtle... ...When It Comes to Questions of Money
April 25 - Lawmakers Seeking to Halt Abuse of Taxpayers
April 25 - Rescue of S and L Insurance Fund Imperiled by Banking Dispute
April 25 - State Anti-Takeover Laws Upheld: Court Upholds Death Penalty Against Last Major Challenge
April 25 - Business PACs Wary of Campaign Finance Bill
April 25 - Boren Campaign Finance Proposal Debated
April 25 - Senate Votes to Make 'Fairness Doctrine' Law
April 25 - Less Than Administration Wants: $11.1 Billion for Foreign Aid Is Approved by Senate Panel
April 25 - Farm Policy Fight Evaporates; Aid Bill Passed
April 25 - Fight Looms Over Oil Drilling in Arctic Refuge
April 25 - Native-Language Advocates Upset: Accord on Bilingual Programs Eases Way for Education Bill
April 25 - Key Element in Catastrophic Insurance Plan: Expansion of Medicare Sought To Improve Home Health Care
April 25 - Legislative Package Unveiled: Effort Launched to Support Rural Health Care
April 25 - House Democrats to Pare Down Housing Bill
April 25 - Mandatory Cost-Sharing Rebuffed: Popular Older Americans Act Reauthorized by House Panel
April 25 - Democrats Optimistic: Job Risk Bill Moved Forward Despite Protest From Business
April 25 - Bill to Tighten Strip-Mining Rules Clears
April 25 - Higher Education Technical Amendments OK'd
April 25 - House Passes Scenic Rivers Bill
April 25 - Senate Delays Action on Budget Resolution
April 25 - Senate Passes 'Star Schools' Bill
April 25 - House Panel OKs 1987 Constitution Holiday
April 25 - Justice Department Reviewing St Germain Report
April 25 - Kemp to Give Up House Leadership Post
April 25 - Panel Moves to Bar Physician Drug Sales
April 25 - Deaver Seeks Dismissal of Indictment
April 25 - Price-Anderson Markup Continues
April 25 - Rep. Harold E. Ford Indicted
April 25 - Sen. Stafford to Retire
April 25 - Senate Passes NHTSA Reauthorization
April 25 - An Election-Year Window of Invulnerability

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