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March 7 - Minimum Wage Getting Maximum Attention
March 7 - After Years of Laying Low, Labor Seizes Initiative
March 7 - Reagan Takes 'Responsibility' for 'Mistake'
March 7 - Legislators at Mercy of Policy Makers: When White House Secrecy Blocks Oversight
March 7 - Prerogatives at Heart of Issue: Idea of Joint Intelligence Panel Pits Secrecy Against Oversight
March 7 - With Special Prosecutor Law Under Attack... ...Walsh Takes Refuge in Justice Department
March 7 - Administration Tries Again With Webster: Gates' Nomination to Head CIA Withdrawn
March 7 - Congress Quick to Welcome Webster Appointment
March 7 - Accounting of Earlier Funds Sought: House Democrats Moving to Halt Contra Aid
March 7 - House Approves $725 Million for Homeless
March 7 - AIDS Vote Gauges Support for Tests
March 7 - Members of the 100th Congress, First Session... ...Governors, Supreme Court, Cabinet-Rank Officers
March 7 - Soviet Offer Breaks Logjam on Euromissiles
March 7 - ...A Chronicle of Offers, Counteroffers Reducing Intermediate-Range Missiles...
March 7 - 'Best Warplane' or 'Candidate for Disaster': House Members Criticize Troubled B-1 Bomber
March 7 - Trade Bill: Options Aired, Markup Postponed
March 7 - Panel Considers Alternatives to Bowen Plan
March 7 - Supplemental Spending Bill Advances: As a Way to Cut Budget Deficit
March 7 - Agreement Reached on Special Projects: New Speed Limit, Billboards Remaining Conference Issues On Highway/Mass Transit Bill
March 7 - Highway 'Pork' Is Meat for Bill Conferees
March 7 - FSLIC May Seek Loan to Stave Off Bankruptcy
March 7 - Use Medical Judgment, Not 'Myths,' Court Says: Law Protecting Handicapped Applied to Victims of Disease
March 7 - Text of March 4 Televised Address: President Reagan Responds To Tower Board Investigation
March 7 - Aid to Pakistan Hits New Obstacles
March 7 - House Clears Appliance Standards Bill
March 7 - Reagan Urged to Spend Asbestos Money
March 7 - Senate Passes Garn-St Germain Extension
March 7 - Boner Investigation Ended
March 7 - Dole, Biden Advance Presidential Plans
March 7 - House Panels Act on New GI Bill
March 7 - Supplemental Legislative Appropriations Approved
March 7 - White House Scandals: Timing Is Everything
March 14 - Nuclear Waste: An Issue That Won't Stay Buried
March 14 - Democrats May Again Test the Potency... ...Of Nuclear Power Issues in 1988 Elections
March 14 - Nunn Blasts Administration on ABM Treaty
March 14 - Real Battle Shaping Up Later: House, in a Symbolic Action, Votes Contra Aid Moratorium
March 14 - The Peace Option to Get a Fresh Airing... ...In Upcoming Talks on Regional Plan
March 14 - Hearings Slip to Mid-May: Hill Panels, Special Counsel Wrestle With Immunity Issues
March 14 - Deaver, North Suits Dismissed: Special Prosecutor Law Wins Round One
March 14 - Europe, Africa Fund Boost Rejected: House Panel Backs Special Aid For Allies in Central America
March 14 - Israel Promoted Key Figure: Spy Case Leads to Trouble Among Friends
March 14 - Trade Legislation Passes First Hurdle in House
March 14 - Long, Hard Struggle Facing Budget Writers
March 14 - Reagan Asks Congress to Overhaul Credit Programs
March 14 - Panel Seeks to Block Employee Drug Testing
March 14 - Bailout of S and L Insurance Fund Approved by Senate Banking
March 14 - Showdown on Speed Limit Set for the House
March 14 - Senate Floor Fight Possible: Panel Approves Drug Testing For Transportation Workers
March 14 - Panel Approves Bills for FTC, NTSB
March 14 - Dingell Prefers Two-Pronged Approach: Insider Trading, Takeover Bills Are Discussed
March 14 - Disaster Relief Bill Scaled Back: Major Farm Fight Postponed, But Delay Is Only Temporary
March 14 - Housing Package Headed for the Senate Floor
March 14 - Ruling Could Aid Salvadorans, Nicaraguans: Supreme Court Makes It Easier For Aliens to Win U.S. Asylum
March 14 - Karnes Sworn in to Fill Zorinsky's Senate Seat
March 14 - Counting the Vote: Nationwide Totals for 1986 Elections (chart)
March 14 - 1986 Turnout for House Elections (chart)
March 14 - 1986 Returns: Governor, Senate and House (chart)
March 14 - House Passes Bank Regulator Bills
March 14 - Pay Raise Foes Try New Legal Argument
March 14 - Senate Clears Bill Blocking 'Ginnie Mae' Hike
March 14 - Babbitt Seeks Democratic Presidential Nomination
March 14 - House Democrats Tighten Rules on Subcommittees
March 14 - Justice Department Closes Probe of Rep. Boner
March 14 - Sentencing Commission Sets No Death Penalty
March 21 - Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Making Welfare Work
March 21 - House Democrats Unveil Welfare Blueprint... ...Senate Also Has Overhaul on Fast Track
March 21 - First News Conference in Four Months: Reagan Stands By Statements On Handling of Arms Dealings
March 21 - Public Hearings to Start May 5: Select Panels Combine Activities, Set Immunity
March 21 - Reagan Urged to Back Peace Talks: Contra Aid Survives in Senate, But Outlook for More Is Dim
March 21 - Poindexter Refuses to Testify On Computer Security Policy
March 21 - Amendments to Supplemental Money Bill: Critics Set to Challenge Reagan Over His Arms Control Policies
March 21 - House Panels Freeze Foreign Aid Programs
March 21 - House Panel Abandons Public Budget Sessions
March 21 - Conflicts Sharpen as House Trade Bill Advances
March 21 - Speed Limit Raised to 65 mph: $88 Billion Highway Measure Cleared Despite Veto Threats
March 21 - House Panel Votes to Cap Credit Card Rates
March 21 - Rep. Biaggi Indicted on Bribery, Fraud Charges
March 21 - Administration Doubts Constitutionality: Congress Seeking to Stiffen Independent Counsel Law
March 21 - Deaver Indicted on Five Counts of Perjury... ...As Supreme Court Refuses to Intervene
March 21 - The Second Case in a Year: Congress Asked to Consider Impeachment of U.S. Judge
March 21 - Immigration Fee Proposal Sparks Protests
March 21 - Tax Incentives Proposed: DOE Warns of Energy Crisis, Urges Help for Oil Producers
March 21 - Reagan Bows to Canada, Raises Acid Rain Spending
March 21 - Text of March 19 News Conference: The President and the Press: Focus on Iran-Contra Affair
March 21 - Abdnor Confirmed as SBA Administrator
March 21 - House Passes Disaster Aid Bill for Farmers
March 21 - House Votes to Make New GI Bill Permanent
March 21 - AIDS Education Plan Released
March 21 - Dukakis to Seek Presidential Nomination
March 21 - FAA Director Engen Resigns
March 21 - House Approves Committee Funding Resolution
March 21 - The Hunt for Power in Jim Wright's House
March 28 - Democrats on Hill Draft Fiscal 1988 Budget
March 28 - Senate Budget Proposal (chart)
March 28 - Spending Bill Reflects Congress' Wants, Needs
March 28 - House Democrats Make Opening Gambit... ...Over SALT Compliance, Nuclear Test Ban
March 28 - Supplemental Totals (chart)
March 28 - House Panels Take Aim at Japan in Omnibus Bill
March 28 - ABM Debate: Aides Defend the Reagan View
March 28 - Panels Plod Ahead With Pre-Hearing Agenda
March 28 - Three Cloture Votes Fail: Moratorium on Contra Funds Runs Aground in the Senate
March 28 - Senate Votes to Restrict Banks, Rescue FSLIC
March 28 - President Tries to Regain Momentum: Reagan Vetoes Highway Bill; Override Fight Seen in Senate
March 28 - Panel Votes to Reauthorize NHTSA
March 28 - Major Provisions of the Highway/Mass Transit Bill
March 28 - New Bid Made to Expand Medicaid Eligibility
March 28 - Senate Energy Votes Repeal of Fuel Use Act
March 28 - Senate Panel Bars Charges at Statue of Liberty: House Interior Votes to Allow Fee Increases at National Parks
March 28 - Expanded Farm Credit Bailout Gains Support
March 28 - White House Race: Where Are the Big Guns?
March 28 - For 1988: Who's In and Who's Out (chart)
March 28 - A Liberal Democrat Sure to Prevail: No Ideological Shift Likely In California's 5th District
March 28 - A Major Victory for Women, Blacks: High Court Decisively Answers Affirmative Action Questions
March 28 - Some Laws Survive Loss of Legislative Veto
March 28 - 'Star Schools' Program OK'd by Senate Panel
March 28 - Homeless Aid Bill Introduced in Senate
March 28 - Senate Commerce Approves Fairness Doctrine Bill
March 28 - Deaver Arraigned, Pleads Innocent
March 28 - House Panel Pares Funding for State Department
March 28 - Minimum Wage Increase Introduced
March 28 - Panel OKs Agricultural Aid and Trade Missions
March 28 - Senate Passes Safety Board Authorization

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