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January 3 - Profiles in Power: Leaders Without Portfolio
January 3 - The Influential Committees: Money and Issues
January 3 - State Delegations: Power's Payoffs and Pitfalls
January 3 - Press Coverage: It's What You Do That Counts
January 3 - Influence on the Hill: Having It and Using It
January 3 - From Clay to Johnson: The Exercise of Power
January 3 - $4 Billion in Supplemental Appropriations Sought
January 3 - Committee Assignments, Chairmanships
January 3 - New Student Loan Program Sought
January 3 - Administration, Europeans Square Off on Tariffs
January 3 - New Life for Highway Bill?
January 3 - St Germain Faces Possible Challenge at Banking
January 3 - The Hill Leaders: Their Places on the Ladder
January 10 - Congress Opens With Partisan Skirmishing
January 10 - Budget and Deficit Targets (chart)
January 10 - Little New in $1 Trillion 1988 Budget Request
January 10 - Weariness Over Budget Impasse Leads... Leads Some to Speak Aloud About Tax Hikes
January 10 - Baseline Budget Projections (chart)
January 10 - Hill Experts Dispute Fiscal 1988 Deficit Estimate
January 10 - A Glossary of Budget Terms
January 10 - Cutting the Deficit: Most Administration Proposals Are Hardy Perennials
January 10 - Budget Proposes $18.7 Billion in Spending Cuts...
January 10 - Health/Human Services: Budget Cuts in Health and Welfare Raise Hackles on Hill
January 10 - Agriculture: President Urges Congress to Overhaul Farm Programs
January 10 - Education: Reagan Targets Student Aid for Deep Spending Cuts
January 10 - Housing: HUD Budget Would Be Slashed by 28 Percent
January 10 - Foreign Affairs: Military Aid - Including Contra Money - Is Priority
January 10 - Defense: Debate Centers Not on Size of Pie, but How to Divide It
January 10 - Defense Money: Where Does It Go? (chart)
January 10 - Energy/Environment: Familiar Refrain: Reagan Proposes, Congress Opposes
January 10 - Research and Development: Reagan Requests More Funds for Military, Space, AIDS
January 10 - Federal Salaries: Pay Raise Proposed for Congress, Other Top Officials
January 10 - Reagan Proposes Merit Pay System
January 10 - Proposed Top-Level Salaries (chart)
January 10 - Transportation/Commerce: Amtrak Sale, Mass Transit Funding Cuts Proposed
January 10 - Law/Judiciary: More Funds Sought for Immigration Law, Prisons
January 10 - Reagan Administration Economic Assumptions (chart)
January 10 - Budget Authority and Outlays by Agency (chart)
January 10 - Budget Authority by Function (chart)
January 10 - Contained in His 1988 Budget Proposal: Text of President Reagan's Fiscal 1988 Budget Message
January 10 - Sweeping Legislation Expected: Democrats off Starting Blocks In Effort to Enact a Trade Bill
January 10 - Aspin Ousted as Armed Services Chairman
January 10 - Lugar vs. Helms, First Round
January 10 - Only a Few Remain to Be Handed Out: House Leaders Make Committee Assignments
January 10 - Partisanship Marks Launching of Iran Panels
January 10 - Report Confirms Arms-for-Hostages Goal
January 10 - First Confrontation of New Year: House Rejects Reagan Offer, Passes Clean Water Bill Again
January 10 - Clean Water Funding for the States (chart)
January 10 - Babbitt, Kemp Edge Closer to Presidential Bids
January 10 - Kunin Elected Governor in Vermont
January 10 - Recount to Resume in Indiana's 3rd District
January 10 - Rep. Biaggi Under Investigation in New York
January 10 - Rep. Sala Burton Denies Resignation Rumors
January 10 - The New South and the Democratic Senate
January 17 - Four Battling for Armed Services Chairmanship
January 17 - Stiff Challenges to Reagan Program: Key Players Mirror Democrats' Defense Odyssey
January 17 - Taking a Look at the Four Contenders For the Armed Services Chairmanship
January 17 - Hill Drumbeats Increase for a Reagan Apology
January 17 - Texts of Administration Documents Justifying Arms-for-Hostages Deal
January 17 - Carter's Iran Dealings: A Valid Comparison?
January 17 - Democrats Want Quick Action: Party Unity, Not Bipartisanship, Sets Tone for Budget Debate
January 17 - 'Security Aid' Totals, Fiscal 1986-88
January 17 - Democrats Agree to White House Request: In Gesture to President Reagan, Senate Delays Clean Water Vote
January 17 - Kennedy Off and Running With Liberal Agenda
January 17 - Highway/Mass Transit Bill at Stake: Foes of 55 mph Highway Limit Plan to Challenge House Rule
January 17 - Homeless Aid Gets Boost From House Leaders
January 17 - Court Upholds State Pregnancy Leave Law
January 17 - Pocket-Veto Case Declared Moot
January 17 - Acid Rain Bill Introduced in Senate
January 17 - Appliance Efficiency Standards Reintroduced
January 17 - IRS Says No Changes Likely in W-4 Tax Form
January 17 - Anti-Smoking Groups Unveil Agenda
January 17 - Congressional Pay Raise Still on Track
January 17 - Senate Appropriations: New Subcommittee Heads
January 17 - Stark Holds Off Challenge at Ways and Means
January 24 - Aspin Makes Comeback at Armed Services
January 24 - Seniority System Thriving in Congress Despite Challenges in House, Senate
January 24 - Ranking Republican on Foreign Relations: In Victory for Seniority System, Helms Wrests Post From Lugar
January 24 - Court Rejects Administration Deferral Authority
January 24 - Members' Desire for a Deficit 'Summit' May Lead to a Debt-Limit Confrontation
January 24 - 'It's Not an Easy Task': Staffing, Paper Flow Pose Delays For House, Senate Investigations
January 24 - Draft Report: Finding Fault With Reagan Aides
January 24 - S and L Group Has Own Plan: Fight Brews Over Bailing Out Ailing Savings Insurance Fund
January 24 - Police, NRA Brace for Rematch on Gun Control
January 24 - Hastings Responds to Charges
January 24 - Court Rules on Clean Water, Voting Rights
January 24 - Verification Debate Stalls Nuclear Test Pacts
January 24 - The Two Treaties: What They Would Do
January 24 - Passed by Overwhelming Margin: Senate Clears Clean Water Bill, Urges President Not to Veto It
January 24 - Clean Water Bill Authorizations (chart)
January 24 - Local Officials Gird for Fight Over Federal Aid
January 24 - House Passes $90 Billion, Five-Year Package: Speed Limit Stays a Roadblock For Highway, Mass Transit Bill
January 24 - New Senate Democrats Back Billboard Use
January 24 - GOP Picks New Orleans for 1988 Convention
January 24 - Homeless Aid Bill Advances in the House
January 24 - IRS Now Plans Overhaul of W-4 Tax Form
January 24 - Campaign '88: Presidential Ins and Outs
January 24 - Drug Testing Urged for Transportation Workers
January 24 - More Talk of 'Competitiveness' in Trade
January 24 - Rep. Hiler the Winner in Indiana 3rd
January 24 - Senate Debates Committee Funding
January 31 - The Israel Link: Questions, but No Blame
January 31 - Policy Made by 'Amateurs': Senate Report Lays Out Details Of Iran, Contra Arms Dealings
January 31 - Conflicts Loom Between Counsel, Probers Over Granting of Immunity to Witnesses
January 31 - Hot Potato Tossed to House: Senate Votes to Bar Pay Raise For Congress, Other Officials
January 31 - Economic Forecast Counts on Trade Improvement
January 31 - Newest Budget Panel Members Confront Jargon, Turf Battles and a Looming Deficit
January 31 - Fiscal 1988 Budget by Function: $1.024 Trillion In
January 31 - $50 Million for Emergency Food and Shelter: New Homeless Aid Approved Despite Budget-Busting Fears
January 31 - No New Initiatives Offered in State of the Union
January 31 - High Court Holds the Line on Miranda Rule
January 31 - New 'Moment-of-Silence' Test Set
January 31 - Prospects Good for Bill Limiting Check Holds
January 31 - Before a Joint Session of Congress Jan. 27: Text of President Reagan's State of the Union Address
January 31 - President Reagan's Message to Congress Accompanying His Economic Report -- Jan. 29, 1987
January 31 - As Delivered by Wright and Byrd: Democratic Response to State of the Union -- Jan. 27, 1987
January 31 - White House Plans Not Ready Yet: Congress Takes Ball and Runs After State of the Union Punt
January 31 - Senate Panel Revives Indian Health Care Bill
January 31 - Members Criticize Plan for Nuclear-Waste Disposal
January 31 - Omnibus Education Bill Unveiled in House
January 31 - Senate Committee OKs Appliance Standards Bill
January 31 - Senate Votes to Extend Drought and Flood Benefits
January 31 - Reagan Vetoes Clean Water Bill
January 31 - Rep. Anthony Names Regional Chairmen for DCCC
January 31 - Senate Refuses to Cut Funds for Its Committees
January 31 - Senators Offer Bill Requiring SALT II Compliance
January 31 - New Judicial Impeachment Proceedings Likely
January 31 - Rep. Burton Will Not Run Again, May Step Down
January 31 - Rep. Nelson Re-elected Space Panel Chairman
January 31 - Washington Snow Job: 'Take the Money, Please!'

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