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October 5 - Poised for Passage: House Kills Farm Referendum In Victory for Administration
October 5 - Ways and Means Gets Down to Real Business
October 5 - Support Grows for Balancing Federal Budget
October 5 - Sen. Rudman: Taking the Deficit Personally
October 5 - Floor Fight Expected on Spending Increases: House Panels Surpass Deficit-Reduction Target
October 5 - House Reconciliation Bill Spending Provisions
October 5 - Would Cut Deficit $85.7 Billion Over Three Years: Senate Reconciliation Bill Ready for Floor
October 5 - Budget Leaders Force Cuts in Spending Bills
October 5 - Senate Reconciliation Bill Spending Provisions
October 5 - House, Senate Committees Complete Their Required Reconciliation Actions: Senate Banking Saves $8.2 Billion
October 5 - House, Senate Committees Complete Their Required Reconciliation Actions: Trust Funds Taken Off Budget
October 5 - House, Senate Committees Complete Their Required Reconciliation Actions: Student Loan Spending Trimmed
October 5 - Congress Extends Dairy Price Supports
October 5 - Trade Assistance, Medicare Payments Covered: Congress Extends Cigarette Tax for 45 Days
October 5 - New Exemption for 'Life-Care' Facilities: Congress Relaxes Tax Rules On Deals Financed by Sellers
October 5 - Industry, Teamsters Opposed: Administration Begins Push To Cut Trucking Regulation
October 5 - Fuel Economy Standards Lowered
October 5 - Reagan Averts House Vote on Test-Ban Treaty
October 5 - Science of Measuring the Moving Earth Complicates the Policing of Test Blasts
October 5 - Administration Puts Fresh Focus on World Bank
October 5 - Major International Banks: What They Are. . .
October 5 - Kemp, Allies: Filling in a Policy Vacuum
October 5 - Controversial Provisions, Amendments: Micronesia Compact Misses Deadline for Approval on Hill
October 5 - House OKs Temporary 'Superfund' Extension
October 5 - Tax Plan for Hazardous-Waste Cleanup Sparks Debate Among Business Groups
October 5 - Outlawing of 'Designer Drugs' Voted
October 5 - Panel Approves School Prayer Amendment
October 5 - Subcommittee Split: Senate Judiciary to Consider Salvadoran Sanctuary Measure
October 5 - Protections for Workers Urged: Foreign Farmworker Issue Moves to House
October 5 - Labor Laws Affecting U.S. Agricultural Workers
October 5 - Black Colleges Seek Boost in Federal Funding
October 5 - Bipartisan Compromise: Senate Panel Approves New, Less Costly Retirement Plan
October 5 - Presidential Libraries' Costs Cut
October 5 - Conflicting Forces Buffet Members on Trade
October 5 - Strategy to Survive a Veto: Congress Mulling Options on Textile Quotas
October 5 - Concerns for Peace Process: Hussein Courts Wary Congress, But Arms Sale Is Uphill Struggle
October 5 - From Two Senators, Complaints Over a Lack of Notice
October 5 - Aid Bill Disputes Resolved
October 5 - Reagan Bans Krugerrand Imports
October 5 - Total of $292 Billion: Defense Appropriators Back Spending Freeze
October 5 - Fiscal 1986 Funding Adjusted: Senate Panel Reluctantly Cuts Transportation to $10 Billion
October 5 - State/Justice Bill Cut by $68 Million
October 5 - Increased Funds for AIDS Research: House, Senate Panel Approve Labor-HHS Bill
October 5 - Senate Votes Authorizations for Cultural Agencies
October 5 - Senate Votes to Tighten Nuclear Plant Security
October 5 - Unemployment Edges Higher in September
October 5 - Hansen Challenge Dismissed
October 5 - Heckler Steps Down at HHS
October 5 - Miller Confirmed as OMB Director
October 5 - More Changes in Maryland Congressional Lineup
October 12 - Senate Passes Plan to Balance Federal Budget
October 12 - Senate's Initiative Leaves Democrats Frustrated at Leadership, Republicans
October 12 - Controlling the Budget: An Old Idea
October 12 - Treasury Maneuvers Allow Government to Cover Checks
October 12 - House, Senate Reconciliation Bills Await Floor Action
October 12 - Despite House Vote, Textile Bill Outlook Dims
October 12 - For Gibbons, Pressures and a Personal Victory
October 12 - Controversial Issues Still Ahead: Partisan Pressures Building As Tax Bill Markups Continue
October 12 - House '86 Outlook: Bipartisan Pessimism
October 12 - Gubernatorial Election: Wide Lead for Kean in New Jersey Contest
October 12 - Strong Bipartisan Support: House OKs Five-Year Farm Bill With a $141 Billion Price Tag
October 12 - Effort to Scale Back Food Stamp Hikes Fails
October 12 - Provisions of House-Passed Farm Bill
October 12 - House Approves Pay Study to Identify Sex Bias
October 12 - Ford, Oakar Offer Retirement Plan
October 12 - Iranian Hostages Included: Panel Votes to Award Benefits To U.S. Workers Held Captive
October 12 - Senate Bill Would Impose Controls: U.S. Offices May Post 'No Smoking' Signs
October 12 - Democrats Blocking Nominations in Protest
October 12 - Split of Offshore Drilling Revenues Disputed
October 12 - House Approves Military Malpractice Suits
October 12 - House Committee Votes to Clarify Bank Bribery Law
October 12 - Legislation Moving Quickly: Accord Reached on Overtime For State and Local Employees
October 12 - Jury Selection Case Also Accepted: High Court Opens New Term, Adds Affirmative Action Cases
October 12 - Shultz Pleads With Skeptical Hill for Jordan Arms
October 12 - Hijack Aftermath: How to Punish Terrorists?
October 12 - Nicaragua Case Prompts Pullout: Reagan Rebuffs World Court Over Role in Political Matters
October 12 - Senators Unhappy With Nuclear Pact
October 12 - Requires Faster EPA Actions: House Panel Tightens Process For Cleaning Up Toxic Dumps
October 12 - House Panel Begins Drafting College Aid Bill
October 12 - Health/Education Notes: Congress Clears Physician Training Legislation
October 12 - Health/Education Notes: National Endowments
October 12 - Health/Education Notes: NIH Authorization
October 12 - Conferees Agree on Energy/Water Funding Bill
October 12 - New Plan to Help Debtor Nations Unveiled
October 12 - Senate Banking Authorizes U.S. Gold Coin
October 12 - House Panel Approves Uniform Poll-Closing Time
October 12 - Louisiana GOP Endorses Successor for Rep. Moore
October 12 - Members Seek to Protect Affirmative Action Order
October 12 - Squaring Off Over ABM Treaty, 'Star Wars'
October 12 - Congress and the Country: Specter of '58 Haunts Farm-State Members
October 19 - Congressional Leaders Predict Passage: Conferees Strive To Fathom Senate Budget-Balancing Plan
October 19 - Key Elements Face Challenges: Reconciliation Bills Headed For House, Senate Passage
October 19 - Vote Set on Including Housing in Reconciliation Bill
October 19 - Senate Study Urges Pentagon Reorganization
October 19 - ABM Treaty Interpretation at Issue: Reagan Team, Congress Jockey Over 'Star Wars'
October 19 - Military Construction Bills Passed
October 19 - Peres Extends 'Hand of Peace': Visiting Israeli Joins Congress In Opposition to Jordan Arms
October 19 - Panel Votes Breaks for Banks, Charitable Gifts
October 19 - 'Reverse Discrimination' Challenged: Court Takes Broad New Look At Affirmative Action Issue
October 19 - Administration Ignites New Conflict Over Affirmative Action Enforcement
October 19 - Record-Breaking Volume Expected: Congressional Franked Mail Untouched by Budget Ax
October 19 - Lawmakers' Airport Parking
October 19 - Nomination Logjam Cleared
October 19 - Antitrust 'Clarification' Sought: Beer Distributors Continue Quest for Exclusive Markets
October 19 - New Performance-Based Pay Plan Proposed
October 19 - Baliles Mimics Robb in Virginia Governor Bid
October 19 - No Limit for Price Supports: Senate Passes Farm Money Bill, Rejects Efforts to Cut Spending
October 19 - $54 Billion for Fiscal 1986: Senate Votes Housing Funds After Bitter Budget Struggle
October 19 - Deletes Money for New Water Projects: Congress Clears Fiscal '86 Energy/Water Funds
October 19 - Opponents Vow Floor Fight: House Panel Narrowly Agrees To Excise Tax for 'Superfund'
October 19 - House Democrats Outline Comprehensive Plan
October 19 - Reagan: New Moves on Unfair Trade
October 19 - Emergency Charges on Savings and Loans Sought
October 19 - New Comptroller of Currency Chosen
October 19 - Seidman Confirmed for FDIC
October 19 - Capitol Plaza Renovation, New Court Building
October 19 - Genocide Treaty Vote Promised
October 19 - Pressure on Philippines
October 19 - Snelling to Seek Vermont Senate Seat
October 26 - Senate Deals Blow to Reagan, Hussein on Arms
October 26 - Link to Peace Negotiations: The Jordan Package: Revival of an Old Debate
October 26 - State, Local Tax Deduction Could Be Retained
October 26 - Textile Amendment Is Roadblock: House Passes, Senate Defers Major Deficit-Cutting Bills
October 26 - Textile Forces Make a Show of Strength
October 26 - Narrow Vote Leaves Major Housing Bill in Reconciliation
October 26 - Leaders Hope to Finish by Nov. 1: Difficult Questions Unresolved In Budget Measure Conference
October 26 - Treasury Puts Off 'Drop-Dead Day' to Nov. 15
October 26 - Budget-Balancing: Decisiveness vs. Caution
October 26 - Panels Search for Agreement on 'Superfund'
October 26 - Start Earlier, End Later: House Approves Bill to Make Daylight-Saving Time Longer
October 26 - China Nuclear Supplies
October 26 - Laxalt Puts Marcos on Notice; Cranston Shifts on China Pact
October 26 - 1973 Ruling Under Assault: High Court to Re-Examine State Abortion Regulations
October 26 - Justices O'Connor, Blackmun at Odds As Court Again Reviews Abortion Issue
October 26 - Bill Would Restrict Polygraph Tests
October 26 - House Also Acting: Senate Passes Bill to Change Government Worker Overtime
October 26 - Party and Elected Officials Get More Clout: Democrats Alter Rules Slightly In Effort to Broaden Party Base
October 26 - Louisiana's Long, Colorado's Kramer to Leave House
October 26 - Stevenson Seeks Governorship; Kerrey Shuns It
October 26 - Congress and the Country -- Political Parties: A Renaissance of Power?
October 26 - Senate Approves Fiscal '86 Labor/HHS Funds
October 26 - Conferees OK Legislative Spending
October 26 - Fiscal 1986 Funding: Senate Votes $9.9 Billion Transportation Bill
October 26 - For Commerce, Justice, State: Funding Bill Snagged on Abortion Amendment
October 26 - 'Star Wars' Survives Proposed Appropriations Cut
October 26 - Legal Fine Points of the ABM Treaty Spur New Wrangling Over 'Star Wars'
October 26 - International Wheat Agreement Approved
October 26 - President Calls on Soviets to Resolve Conflicts
October 26 - Senate Opens Farm Bill Debate
October 26 - Court to Hear Handicapped Bias Case
October 26 - House Committee Approves Uniform Poll-Closing
October 26 - House Extends 'Flexitime' Authority
October 26 - Medical Training Legislation Signed
October 26 - NIH Authorization Sent to President
October 26 - Panel Approves Health Warning Label Bills
October 26 - Controversy Over Lumber: House Panel Seeks to Counter Subsidized Trade Competition

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