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August 3 - Congress Adopts a Budget and Goes Home
August 3 - Congress Cuts Budget by More Than $55 Billion
August 3 - Highlights of First Concurrent Budget Resolution
August 3 - Angry Senate Republicans Bear No Grudges
August 3 - Rostenkowski Outlines Possible Changes: Tax Plan Hurt by Senate-Reagan Budget Feud
August 3 - Restive Congress Comes Close To Passing Anti-Apartheid Bill
August 3 - Japan Trade Retaliation Bill Stalls
August 3 - Freezes Spending at 1985 Level: State Department Authorization Bill Cleared
August 3 - Panels Hope to Report in September: Budget, Partisan Pressures Keep Farm Bills in Committee
August 3 - Budget Dealing Derails Defense Bill in House
August 3 - Compromises on Procurement 'Reform'
August 3 - Congress Clears Foreign Aid Authorization Bill
August 3 - Foreign Aid Authorizations, 1986-1987
August 3 - State Department Labels Movement Terrorist: 22 Members' Names Turn Up As 'Supporters' of Iran Group
August 3 - Handicapped Legal Fees Approved by Senate
August 3 - Senate Panel Freezes '86 Arts Funding
August 3 - Senate Judiciary Approves Immigration Bill
August 3 - House Panel Approves Bullet Ban
August 3 - House Renews Endangered Species Protection
August 3 - Senate Approves Energy Conservation
August 3 - Deadlines for States Eased: House Panel Ratifies Waste Disposal Compacts
August 3 - House Passes Coastal Zone Bill
August 3 - Deadline for Enactment: Sens. Stevens, Roth Propose New Federal Retirement Plan
August 3 - Missing Children's Bill Cleared
August 3 - Part of Deficit-Reduction Effort: House Energy Committee OKs Medicare, Medicaid Changes
August 3 - Senate Passes Bill to Improve VA Health Care
August 3 - Veterans' Court Review Approved
August 3 - Congress Clears Water Project, 'Contra' Funds
August 3 - Approves Interior Department Funding: House Deletes Funds for Synfuels Corporation
August 3 - Senate Passes Legislative Funding Bill
August 3 - Fiscal 1986 Appropriations: Panel OKs $54.8 Billion for HUD, Agencies
August 3 - Members Disagree on District Abortion
August 3 - Fails to Include Money for New Water Projects: Energy/Water Funding Wins Senate Approval
August 3 - Senate Panel Makes Some Cuts: House Passes $13.2 Billion Treasury/Postal Bill
August 3 - Arms vs. Development: Foreign Aid Appropriations Bill May Face Fights on House Floor
August 3 - 'Imputed Interest' Bill Stalls in Senate
August 3 - Government Securities Regulation Bill Approved
August 3 - Horner Confirmed as Head of OPM
August 3 - House Begins Debate on Pay Equity
August 3 - Anti-Child Abuse Bill Passed by Senate
August 3 - Nurse Training/Cigarette Labeling Bill Cleared
August 3 - Orphan Drug Bill Cleared
August 3 - Senate Pushing for Minimum Drinking Age of 21
August 3 - Senate Votes New Protections for Mentally Ill
August 3 - Senate Votes to Release Highway Aid
August 3 - Hill Funds: Big Battles Over Small Potatoes
August 3 - The House in 1985: Talking Foreign Policy
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Criticism for White House: Overcoming a Fractious Start, Congress Gets Down to Work
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Agriculture
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Appropriations
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Banking/Commerce
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Congress
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Defense
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Economic Affairs
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Education
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Energy
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Environment
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Foreign Policy
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Government Operations
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Health
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Housing/Community Development
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Human Services
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Labor
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Law/ Judiciary
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Trade
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Transportation
August 10 - Interstate Highway Construction: Congress May Move Toward Timely Release of Road Funds
August 10 - Compromise Reached on Water Project Funding
August 10 - Fiscal 1986 Funding: Senate Committee and House Avoid Sharp Split on Housing
August 10 - White House Outlines Year's Regulatory Program
August 10 - Senate Orders Improved First Aid on Airlines
August 10 - New Member Profile: Jim Chapman, D-Texas
August 10 - Texas 1st Clings to Tradition, Elects Democrat
August 10 - POLITICAL NOTES: GOP's 'Open Door' Effort Draws to a Close
August 10 - POLITICAL NOTES: Ohio Adjusts District Boundaries
August 10 - POLITICAL NOTES: Trickle of Retirements Continues
August 10 - Text of Reagan's Aug. 5 News Conference
August 10 - In the Administration's First Regulatory Report: Reagan's Regulatory Message to Congress
August 10 - House Approves Changes in Congressional Record
August 10 - Iran Group Defends Its Ad Claims
August 10 - Lugar Warns Against Veto of South Africa Sanctions
August 10 - Udall Questions Action on Indian Health Official
August 17 - Machines: Something Old, Something New
August 17 - Liberal Democrats Fill Political Vacuum: Influence On National Policy Chief Aim of California Allies
August 17 - A Suburban GOP Fiefdom: All-Powerful Machine of Yore Endures in New York's Nassau
August 17 - Freshmen Adopt Varied Styles of Legislating
August 17 - Freshmen Fret About Potential Fallout From Casting Floor Votes on Hot Issues
August 17 - Congress Eyes Wave of Corporate Takeovers
August 17 - Ted Turner's Effort to Take Over CBS Draws Special Scrutiny From Hill, FCC
August 17 - Trying to Rewrite Agriculture Policy: Conflicting Objectives Prevent Farm Programs From Adding Up
August 17 - Bumper Crops Pressure Hill, Budget
August 17 - Many See Their Interests Threatened: Groups New to Tax Lobbying Seek to Modify Reagan's Plan
August 17 - Businesses See Crippling Effect: Reagan's Tax Package Prompts Warnings About Trade Deficit
August 17 - In Puerto Rico, a 'Bread-and-Butter' Issue
August 17 - Congress Asked to Referee: Labor, Local Governments At Odds on Overtime Pay
August 17 - CBO Sees Hopeful Signs in Deficit Reduction
August 17 - Tax Reform Winners: Rich and Poor
August 17 - South Africa Spurns Major Reform: Botha's Tough Talk Expected To Spur Sanctions' Enactment
August 17 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: Minnesota's GOP: A Flair for Party-Building
August 24 - A Balancing of Interests: Members Struggle to Weigh Regional Impact of Tax Plan
August 24 - Cut in U.S. Contribution Approved: Congress Seeking to Force Budget Discipline on the U.N.
August 24 - U.S. Now Using U.N. More, Abusing It Less
August 24 - Controlling the Floor: Rules Under Chairman Pepper Looks Out for the Democrats
August 24 - House Rules Committee Members
August 24 - Rules Members Gain by Helping Others
August 24 - Cattlemen vs. Environmentalists: Congress Tries for Compromise On Disputed Grazing Fee Issue
August 24 - Revenues Used for Land Improvement
August 24 - Revamping the Pentagon's 'Corporate Board'
August 24 - Reorganizing the Military Chiefs Options Being Weighed in the House
August 24 - The New Chairman: A Real 'Purple-Suiter'?
August 24 - $50 Million in the Pipeline for Repairs: Tougher Standards Advocated For School Asbestos Cleanup
August 24 - Many Democrats Cool to Redoing Party Rules
August 24 - His 'Basque Soul' Overrules Party Pleas: Laxalt Departure From Senate Complicates GOP's 1986 Task
August 24 - Air Crashes Prompt Hearings
August 24 - Aspin Wants MX Status Clarified
August 24 - Central America Aid Request
August 24 - D.C. Voting Rights Amendment Dies
August 24 - Nursing Education Aid Bill Signed
August 31 - Congress Returns to Crowded Fall Agenda
August 31 - Farm Panels Find Support for Crop Controls
August 31 - Finding the Will to Use the Budget Act: Budget Decisions Still Breed Discontent But Fewer Calls To Restructure the Process
August 31 - Fiscal 1986 Budget Authority and Outlays
August 31 - Major Economic Assumptions Calendar Years 1984-88
August 31 - Summary of Fiscal 1986 Budget Resolution
August 31 - Reconciliation Instructions to Senate, House Committees
August 31 - Panel Expects to Rewrite Tax Code in Private
August 31 - Construction Down, Costs Up: Real Estate Industry Predicts Dire Harm From Reagan Plan
August 31 - President Continues Push for Enterprise Zone Tax Breaks
August 31 - Battle to Protect Tax Breaks: Bankers Back Reform Idea, Not Specifics
August 31 - Protecting Banking Customers: Pressure Grows for Overhaul Of Federal Deposit Insurance
August 31 - FDIC, FSLIC Divide Responsibilities
August 31 - Restructuring of Pension Program Debated
August 31 - DIVAD Gun Canceled
August 31 - Federal Pay Freeze
August 31 - New Treasury Tax Proposals
August 31 - Poverty Rate Drops
August 31 - Reagan Rejects Shoe Quotas
August 31 - Congress and the Country -- Seattle-Area Politics: A Media Takeover?

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