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July 6 - Impact on Deficit, Middle Class Studied: Tax Panels Stay Their Course Despite Concerns About Plan
July 6 - Veteran Dealer: Rostenkowski: A Firm Grip on Ways and Means
July 6 - Leaving Some Things Unchanged: Packwood: Leading Skeptics on Senate Finance
July 6 - Bipartisan Support on Hill: Reagan Critics Praise Tax Cuts for the Poor
July 6 - Enlarging Oval Office Power? Senate Will Again Debate Item-Veto Authority
July 6 - Hostages Return, but Terrorism Problem Remains
July 6 - Lebanon Aid: Target for Cutoff in Congress
July 6 - Congress Looks for a Rescue: Aid Program for Poor Farmers Imperiled in Funding Dispute
July 6 - Reagan, Gorbachev to Meet This Fall
July 6 - No Movement Yet in House: Swift Senate Action Sought On Immigration Reform Bill
July 6 - Administration Opposes $16.3 Billion Total: Bill Reordering Housing Aid Set for House Panel's Action
July 6 - Proposed Home-Ownership Program Aimed at Moderate-Income Families
July 6 - Hargett Faces Chapman in Texas 1st Runoff
July 6 - NIH Bill Approved by Senate Panel
July 6 - Senate Panel Votes Health Program Renewals
July 6 - 1984-85 Term Concluded: High Court Voids Programs That Aid Parochial Schools
July 6 - 1984-85 Term Shows No Clear Trend As Supreme Court Takes a 'Breather'
July 6 - Supplemental Funding Bill Awaits Conferees
July 6 - At the White House June 30: Secretary of State Shultz' Briefing on Hostages' Release
July 6 - Reagan's Remarks on Release of Hostages -- June 30, 1985
July 6 - Bennett to Abolish National Institute of Education
July 6 - Jobless Rate Unchanged in June
July 6 - Pay-for-Performance Regulations Take Effect
July 6 - Wentzel Named President of Legal Services Corp.
July 13 - President Fails to Unsnarl Budget Deadlock
July 13 - Loss of Stockman, the 'Young Slasher,' Seen as Blow to Deficit-Cutting Efforts
July 13 - House Votes Amendment-Laden Foreign Aid Bill
July 13 - Rebuff to Reagan Administration: Senate Approves Bill to Punish South Africa for Racial Policies
July 13 - Helms' Tactics Score Foreign Policy Victories
July 13 - Agriculture Panels OK Some Farm Bill Provisions
July 13 - House Committee Votes to Expand Food Stamp Program
July 13 - Pentagon's Buying Practices: Battle Lines Drawn
July 13 - Sports Teams, Restaurants, Theaters Affected: Tax Writers Weigh Benefits Of Entertainment Deductions
July 13 - Charities Find Support to Preserve Deductions
July 13 - Severe Loss of Funding Feared: School Groups Scramble to Protect Tax Breaks
July 13 - Committee Votes Child Abuse Bill
July 13 - Education Department Still Objects: Senate Panel Compromises On Handicapped Legal Fees
July 13 - Computers Alter Way Congress Does Business
July 13 - Stevens and Rose: On the Front Lines Of Congressional Computer Literacy
July 13 - Graduate Medical Education Under Scrutiny: Committee Seeks to Reshape Physician Training Choices
July 13 - Advocacy Program for Mentally Ill
July 13 - Banking Panel OKs $16.3 Billion for Housing
July 13 - Higher Origination Fees Proposed: House SBA Bill Would Reduce Direct and Guaranteed Loans
July 13 - House Wants Notice of Office Closings
July 13 - Proposed Regulations Stir Complaints: Opposition by Conservatives Snags FEC Authorization Bill
July 13 - Text of Reagan's July 8 Remarks on Terrorism
July 13 - Senate Approves Bill Easing Gun Control Law
July 13 - Political Problems Abound: Two Balanced-Budget Plans Approved by Senate Judiciary
July 13 - $100 Million Added for New Water Projects: House Committee Approves Energy, Water Funding Bill
July 13 - Committee OKs Legislative Spending Bill
July 13 - Again Funds Programs Reagan Seeks to End: 1986 Commerce, Justice, State Bill Advances
July 13 - Water Projects, Contra Aid at Issue: Wary House Continues to Balk At Supplemental Conference
July 13 - Hearings Planned on Federal Deposit Insurance
July 13 - House Orders Organic Farming Study
July 13 - Packwood Retracts Tax Bill Threat
July 13 - CBO Sees Savings in Second Opinions on Surgery
July 13 - Dismissal Urged for Guam Election Challenge
July 13 - House Approves Conservation Corps
July 13 - Senate Panel Delays Action on GPO Chief
July 13 - Congress and the Country: Mideast Politics a Local Issue in New York
July 20 - Controversial Weapons Programs: Conferees Make Compromises On Defense Authorization Bill
July 20 - Budget Negotiations Collapse for Second Time
July 20 - Waivers Voted for Appropriations Bills
July 20 - Filibuster Keeps Item Veto Off Senate Floor
July 20 - Senate Panel Near Agreement on Farm Programs
July 20 - Panel Reverses Earlier Stand: House Energy Committee Sets Deadlines for Toxic Cleanups
July 20 - Compromise Reached on Cost-Sharing: Senate Committee Approves Water Projects
July 20 - Action Starting on Immigration Legislation
July 20 - Reversal of Abortion Decision Urged
July 20 - Divided House Panel Approves Spending Bill
July 20 - House Approves Intelligence Bill
July 20 - Objections by Conservatives: Senate Confirms Delayed Diplomatic Nominees
July 20 - Hill Panels Urged to Boost Embassy Security
July 20 - GOP Aims to Elude Senate Takeover Bid in '86
July 20 - Reagan Recovering After Operation for Cancer
July 20 - Illnesses of Previous U.S. Presidents Led to Passage of 25th Amendment
July 20 - Japan, Others Targeted: Democrats Join Battle on Trade With an Import Surcharge Bill
July 20 - Worker Retraining Program Backed
July 20 - Cost Hikes Set for Wealthier Beneficiaries: House Subcommittee Slashes $10 Billion From Medicare
July 20 - Health Training, NSF Legislation Advances
July 20 - NSF, 'Secular Humanism'
July 20 - Nurse Training
July 20 - Abortion Disagreement Stalls Civil Rights Bill
July 20 - Farm Disaster Aid Dropped: Senate SBA Bill Limits Loans, Makes $2.5 Billion in Savings
July 20 - Panel Approves Veterans' COLA
July 20 - SBA Loan Funds Trimmed: House Passes $11.92 Billion Commerce, Justice, State Bill
July 20 - Deal Struck on Offshore Oil Leasing: Committee Approves Interior Funding Bill
July 20 - First Fiscal 1986 Appropriation to Pass: Energy, Water Funding Bill Wins Easy Approval by House
July 20 - Panel Approves $33 Billion Farm Appropriation
July 20 - $1.29 Billion Bill Passed: House Votes Spending Freeze For Itself, Legislative Agencies
July 20 - HUD, Agencies' Fiscal 1986 Funding: Overriding Reagan Requests, Panel OKs $57.8 Billion Bill
July 20 - Separate Farm Supplemental Cleared
July 20 - $13.2 Billion for Treasury/Post Office: Funds Raised for IRS Staff, Anti-Drug Forces
July 20 - Panel Retains N.Y. Highway Project
July 20 - Alternative Fuel Use Encouraged
July 20 - Freight Forwarders Deregulated
July 20 - Senate Panel Approves Anti-Hijack Measure
July 20 - Bureau of Standards Authorization Cleared
July 20 - Federal 'Flexitime' Bill Cleared
July 20 - High Court Refuses to Block U.S. Pay Regulations
July 20 - Panel OKs Adolescent Pregnancy Services
July 20 - Dismissal of Hansen Challenge Recommended
July 20 - Fed Eases Money Limits as Economy Lags
July 20 - Miller Named to Succeed Stockman at OMB
July 20 - Railroad Unemployment Insurance
July 20 - Reynolds Nomination Abandoned
July 20 - Reagan vs. Court: A Continuing Crusade
July 27 - Senate Budgeteers Tie Tax Hike to COLA Delay
July 27 - Social Security Issue Splits Each Party As House Opposes Senate on Budget
July 27 - Estimate Is Double That of Treasury: Tax Plan Would Cost $25.1 Billion, Panel Says
July 27 - House Committee OKs Farm Price Supports
July 27 - Separate Vote in House on Binary Provisions: Conferees Agree on Defense, But Nerve Gas Is Sticking Point
July 27 - Burgers on Bases? Burghers Win a Battle
July 27 - Conferees Loosen Strings, Agree on Foreign Aid
July 27 - Embassy Security
July 27 - Jamaica, Grenada Aid
July 27 - Power Play on South Africa Sanctions
July 27 - Compact of Free Association: House Approves New Status For Trust Lands in Micronesia
July 27 - Congress Unlikely to Block Agreement: U.S., China Sign Nuclear Cooperation Pact
July 27 - House Panel Approves 'Superfund' Extension
July 27 - Approves Rewrite of Anti-Pollution Law: House Refuses FY '86 Freeze On Spending for Clean Water
July 27 - Medicare Savings Approved: $19 Billion Deficit-Reduction Package Wins Committee OK
July 27 - Imputed Interest Talks Continue
July 27 - Three Cloture Attempts Fail: Item Veto Filibuster Succeeds In Thwarting Senate Action
July 27 - Rebounding From a Presidential Campaign: Home-State Political Trouble Can Hit White House Seekers After Their National Plans Fail
July 27 - Pay-Equity Study Issue Returns to Capitol Hill
July 27 - Bill Protects Jobs Reserved for Veterans
July 27 - Health Program Renewals Passed by Senate
July 27 - Senate Approves NIH Authorization
July 27 - Construction Industry Bill Approved
July 27 - House Committee Approves Plant-Closing Bill
July 27 - Approved by Judiciary Committee: Constitutional Convention Procedures Set by Senate Bill
July 27 - Ex-Im Loan Program: Caught in Budget Snarl
July 27 - Committee Cuts Legislative Funding
July 27 - NASA, Veterans' Funding Protected: Members Cut Housing Aid, Vote $56.3 Billion HUD Bill
July 27 - Agree on Supplemental Appropriations: Conferees Settle Water Finances, Contra Aid
July 27 - Speedy House Action Parallels Committee: House OKs Farm, Nutrition Appropriations
July 27 - Synfuels Concern Stalls Interior Bill
July 27 - House Agriculture Appropriations Bill
July 27 - Treasury/Postal Service Bill Debated: House Votes to Cut Spending on Ex-Presidents
July 27 - Attorneys' Fee Legislation Cleared
July 27 - Senate Panel Rejects Quick Amnesty for Aliens
July 27 - Ban on 'Cop-Killer' Bullets Backed
July 27 - Senate Appropriations OKs Energy/Water Bill
July 27 - Senate Passes Authorization for CPSC
July 27 - Senate Passes FTC Bill, Adds Veto Provision
July 27 - Coelho Re-elected DCCC Chairman
July 27 - FEMA Director Giuffrida Resigns
July 27 - Justice Department Challenges Texas Election
July 27 - Missing Children Photos on Federal Mail
July 27 - Senate Passes Air Travel Security Bill

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