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June 1 - Tax Reform Debate Opens With Reagan Plan
June 1 - Tax Lawmakers Will Leave Fingerprints On Any Overhaul of the Federal Code
June 1 - Key Terms of the Federal Tax Code
June 1 - Battle Looms Over State, Local Tax Issue
June 1 - Prior 'Reforms' Sometimes Have Gone Awry
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK Tough Task: Reaching An '86 Budget Accord
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK Programs Senate's Budget Would Eliminate
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Conflicting Priorities: House and Senate Budgets
June 1 - President and CBO at Odds: The Basis for Budget Options, Forecasts Are Rarely Reliable
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK Policy Issues, Big Dollars at Stake: Senate, House at Odds Over Health Spending
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Administration's Deep Cuts Rejected: House, Senate Divided on Student Aid Cuts
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK House Would Increase Funding: Two Plans Disagree Sharply on Food, Housing for Poor
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK Senate Budget Includes Major Cuts: Chambers Differ on Highways, Mass Transit
June 1 - House Democrats Unveil Plan on Nicaragua
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Could Affect Deficit Total: House, Senate Budgets Differ Over Oil Revenue Estimates
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - House, Senate Split on Oil Reserve
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Budgets Seek Veterans Administration Savings: Senate Cuts Deep Into Health Care Programs
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Senate, House at Odds on COLAs
June 1 - Attorney Advertising, Stock Cases Resolved: Court Refuses to Consider Disputed Indiana Election
June 1 - Panels Find 'Free' Cuts in Military Construction
June 1 - Weinberger's $4 Billion: Where Did He Find It? 'Midnight Surprise' Sparks Questions in Congress
June 1 - Treaty Compliance a Concern: Aspin Seeks to Slow and Alter Reagan's 'Star Wars' Program
June 1 - Provision in House Intelligence Bill: Panel Narrows Its Opposition To U.S. Role in 'Contra' War
June 1 - Hussein: Optimism for Mideast Talks
June 1 - Clash With Administration Seems Certain: Congress Again Drawing Up Long Water Projects Wish List
June 1 - Israel Free Trade Agreement: A Potential Model
June 1 - Panel Rules on Shoe Import Impact
June 1 - Reagan's May 28 Address on Tax Reform
June 1 - Rostenkowski Delivers Reply on Tax Reform Plan: Text of May 28 Democratic Response
June 1 - Senate Judiciary to Review 'Superfund' Bill
June 1 - Senate Passes 'Orphan Drug' Bill
June 1 - Special Election Set in 1st District of Texas
June 1 - Three Mile Island Restart Authorized
June 8 - Congress Steps Up Pressure to End Apartheid
June 8 - Freshman McConnell: Making a Mark on Policy
June 8 - Rebuff to Reagan on South Africa: In the House, Tough New Trade Restrictions
June 8 - Changed Political Climate: $38 Million in Non-Lethal Aid For 'Contras' Voted by Senate
June 8 - Senate Approves Defense Authorization Bill
June 8 - 'Star Wars' and the ABM Treaty
June 8 - Senate Votes to Restrict Federal Wage Law
June 8 - Legislators Begin Sifting Through Tax Proposal
June 8 - Influencing the Tax Bill: Lobbyists Shift Their Attention to Capitol Hill
June 8 - Health-Benefits Tax in Contention: Issue of Fringe-Benefit Taxes Only Partly Defused by Reagan
June 8 - State, Local Tax Deduction Benefits
June 8 - House OKs EPCA Reauthorization
June 8 - New Deadlines, Stiff Penalties Proposed: Governors Agree on Disposal Of Low-Level Nuclear Waste
June 8 - Consensus Lacking on How to Boost Trade: Doubts About Export Program May Derail Farm Policy Changes
June 8 - House Members Push Pesticide Law changes
June 8 - Subcommittee Markup Continues: Housing Panel Agrees to Trim Authorization by $437 Million
June 8 - Court Ruling Spurs New School Prayer Drive
June 8 - Court OKs Mandated-Benefit Laws
June 8 - Incumbents Relied More on PAC Gifts in 1984
June 8 - Top 15 PACs in 1984 -- chart
June 8 - Shapiro Wins Jersey Gubernatorial Primary: A 'New Ideas' Democrat Will Face Kean in November
June 8 - Agencies Told to Obey Contract Law
June 8 - Committee Vote on Reynolds Could Be Close
June 8 - Hill Pushing for Crackdown on Soviet Spying
June 8 - The U.N. and the Soviet Advantage
June 8 - 'Finger in King Hussein's Eye': Administration Seeks to Avert Hill Setback Over Jordan Arms
June 8 - Supplemental Appropriations Action: House Narrowly Votes to Cut Funding for 31 Water Projects
June 8 - Panel Approves Interstate Banking Measure
June 8 - Budget Conference to Begin; Clashes Likely
June 8 - House Passes Bill to Preserve Olmsted Legacy
June 8 - Imputed Interest
June 8 - Resolution on 'Man's Inhumanity to Man' Loses
June 8 - Devine Drops Out
June 8 - House Democrats May Seek More Defense Cuts
June 8 - House Passes Bill to Curb Medicare Abuses
June 8 - Presidential Libraries
June 8 - Senate Passes Maritime Authorization Bill
June 15 - Congress Pressures Reagan Against Jordan Aid
June 15 - House, in Dramatic Shift, Backs 'Contra' Aid
June 15 - House, Senate 'Contra' Bills: What They Do
June 15 - Lobbying by Church, China: Foreign Policy Provides Arena For New Round Over Abortion
June 15 - State Department Authorization Bill: Senate Votes to End Ban on Angolan Rebel Aid
June 15 - Budget Conference Gets Off to a Slow Start
June 15 - Economists, Labor Criticize Reagan Tax Plan
June 15 - Administration Opposed: Senate Resolves Sewer Fight, Passes Clean Water Rewrite
June 15 - Liability Issues Remain Unresolved: 'Superfund' Bill Ready for Action by Senate
June 15 - House Votes Freeze on Refugee Assistance
June 15 - Previous Testimony Challenged: Reynolds Nomination Hits Snag in Judiciary
June 15 - House Judiciary Takes Up Authorization: Senate Confirms Full Board of Legal Services Corporation
June 15 - Administration, Major Museums Opposed: Art Dealers Seek Relief on Import of Artifacts
June 15 - Reagan Decides to 'Go the Extra Mile' for SALT
June 15 - 'Missilectomy' on Poseidon Submarine Would Bring Navy's Program Full Circle
June 15 - Rules, Floor Fight Expected: House Committee Easily OKs Nationwide Banking Measure
June 15 - Issue Tossed Back to Congress: High Court Gives Green Light To Regional Banking Accords
June 15 - Many Cases Undecided as Term Nears End
June 15 - Administrative Cases at Issue: Subcommittee Bills Disagree On Handicapped Legal Fees
June 15 - Credits Called Equity Measure: Reagan Continues to Push Tuition Tax Breaks
June 15 - Proposal Could Cost Government $1 Billion: Helms, Rose at Odds Over Plan To Revamp Tobacco Subsidies
June 15 - Bills Would Suspend Wheat Vote
June 15 - HHS Orders Medicare Rate Freeze
June 15 - Protective Services, Legal Aid: Panel OKs Advocacy Program On Behalf of the Mentally Ill
June 15 - Asbestos Issue Hits Congress Close to Home
June 15 - Task Forces Review Election Contests
June 15 - Panel Pushes Judicial Review of VA
June 15 - Panel Rejects Additional Cuts in Housing Bill
June 15 - Senate Panel Hopes to Cut VA Health Costs
June 15 - Text of Reagan's Statement on SALT II
June 15 - Reagan Letter on Aid to Nicaraguan Rebels
June 15 - Panel Would Expand Food Stamp Eligibility
June 15 - Nicaragua Aid, Water Projects Included: Senate Panel, House Approve Supplemental Funding Bills
June 15 - GOP Seeks 'Great Leap Forward' in East Texas
June 15 - Party Conventions Nominate Slates: Diversity Meets Conservatism In Virginia Statewide Contests
June 15 - Gandhi Backs Talks on Afghanistan
June 15 - Bill Would Refocus Medical Education Aid
June 15 - Closing the 'Revolving Door'
June 15 - NRC Reauthorization Passed by Senate
June 15 - Dingell Opposes Bill on Toxic Air Pollution
June 15 - Markup Postponed on CPSC Legislation
June 15 - Meese Urges Crackdown on 'Money Laundering'
June 15 - Senate Commerce OKs Anti-Takeover Bill for TWA
June 15 - Shoe Import Quotas Urged
June 22 - House Meets Reagan Partway on Defense Plans
June 22 - Reagan Gets Limited Go-Ahead on Nerve Gas
June 22 - Money for 'Air Marshals': Reagan, Hill Find Options Few In Response to Terrorist Acts
June 22 - A Skeptical Congress Moves on Jordan Aid
June 22 - Measure Would Allow Sharing of Information: Intelligence Panel Adds 'Contra' Aid to Its Bill
June 22 - Members Cite Lack of Candor: Reynolds Nomination in Peril As Committee Delays Vote
June 22 - Appropriations Panel Votes Funds: House Judiciary Approves Legal Services Bill
June 22 - Panel OKs Corporate Merger Bill
June 22 - Conferees Debate, Reject Budget Alternatives
June 22 - Farmers May Get to Vote: 'Market-Oriented' Crop Plan Wins House Subcommittee OK
June 22 - Bill Would Ease Farm Bankruptcy Rules
June 22 - Disagreement Threatens Farm Export Subsidies: Panels Differ Over Preference for U.S. Ships
June 22 - A Week With Rep. Robert T. Matsui: Lobbyists Begin to Make a Case Against Passage of Tax Overhaul
June 22 - Matsui: Friend to Business and the Poor
June 22 - Reagan Tax Plan Targets 'Checkoff' System
June 22 - Safe Drinking Water Bill Approved by House
June 22 - Committees Squabbling: House Action Sought Soon On Clean Water Act Renewal
June 22 - Family Planning Legislation Fails in House
June 22 - House Votes to End Aid to HMOs
June 22 - Key Senators Seek Accommodation: House Defies Veto Threat, Approves NIH Authorization
June 22 - Panel Fails to Agree on Radioactive Waste Bill
June 22 - Proposal Could Save $6 Billion: House Panel OKs Bill to Abolish 'Wasteful' Synfuels Corporation
June 22 - Senate OKs Oil Reserve Extension
June 22 - Rules on Obscenity, Cabinet Immunity: Court Tightens Age-Bias Ban, Takes New Church-State Cases
June 22 - Right of Petition No Barrier to Libel Suits
June 22 - Schroeder Says 'Whistleblower' Office Failed
June 22 - Senate OKs NOAA Authorization
June 22 - Text of June 18, 1985 Presidential News Conference
June 22 - Senate Adds Jordan Aid, Passes Supplemental
June 22 - Water Cost-Sharing Proposals
June 22 - Time Running Short: Feuding in House Energy Panel Snags Renewal of 'Superfund'
June 22 - Panel Approves $16.3 Billion for Housing Aid
June 22 - A New Push for Trade Law Overhaul
June 22 - Export Act Renewal: End of the Road in Sight
June 22 - Horner Nominated for OPM Job
June 22 - Seger Confirmed for Federal Reserve Board
June 22 - Senate Rules OKs Line-Item Veto Bill
June 22 - Bill to Relax Gun Controls Headed for Floor
June 22 - Kennedy, Stark Unveil Health Bill
June 22 - New Chairmen for Two House Subcommittees
June 22 - Orphan Drug Bill Passed by House
June 22 - Senate Energy Votes to Revive Home Audits
June 22 - Congress and the Country: Speaker's Job Transformed Under O'Neill
June 29 - Congress Plans Busy Month Following Recess
June 29 - Hill Considers Ways to Boost Airport Security
June 29 - Already on the Books
June 29 - Families Also Would Benefit: House Bills Would Compensate U.S. Employees Taken Hostage
June 29 - Threat of Terrorist Attacks: Panel Backs $3.5 Billion to Protect Embassies
June 29 - Bid to Avert 'Purge' of Conservatives: Helms, Allies Delay Confirmation of Envoys
June 29 - Panel Thaws on Iceland Nomination
June 29 - New Tax Revenues Suggested: Budget Negotiations Resume As Senators Offer New Plan
June 29 - 'Imputed Interest' Rules Change: Senate Votes to Ease Tax Loss On Loans for Property Sales
June 29 - Tax Plan Revenue Figures Challenged
June 29 - Senate Judiciary Rejects Reynolds Nomination
June 29 - Few Major Changes From Committee Version: After a Welter of Amendments, House Passes Defense Measure
June 29 - ASAT Test Curb: Victory for Reagan Critics
June 29 - Senate Subcommittee Action: Bill to Improve Prosecution Of Child Molesters Approved
June 29 - Dole on the Job: Keeping the Senate Running
June 29 - Gun Legislation Ready for Action by Senate
June 29 - Silent Prayer Amendment Moving: School Prayer Advocates Split Over Best Approach to Issue
June 29 - House Passes Curb on Patent Fees
June 29 - Replaces Measure Vetoed Last Year: Bill on Attorneys' Fees Approved by House
June 29 - House, Senate Divided: Foreign Aid, Water Disputes Delay Talks on Supplemental
June 29 - Subcommittee OKs HUD, Agency Funds
June 29 - House Bill Includes Slight Increase: Appropriations Panel Scraps Over Spending for Congress
June 29 - Treasury Money Bill Boosts IRS Staff
June 29 - 'Superfund' Bill Clears First House Hurdle
June 29 - Cost-Sharing Compromise Adopted: House Committee Approves Water Projects Authorization
June 29 - Will the 'Six-Year Itch' Strike Again in 1986?
June 29 - Six-Year Itch?
June 29 - New Party Chairman Takes Control: DNC Approves Kirk's Plans To Alter Democrats' Image
June 29 - Business, GOP Assail Plant-Closing Aid Bill
June 29 - Bill Protects Unionized Building Jobs
June 29 - Fire, Earthquake Protection
June 29 - House Panel Wants Notice of Office Closings
June 29 - Landsat Commercialization
June 29 - Regional Compacts Get Subcommittee OK: Low-Level Nuclear Waste Bill Gains House Panel Approval
June 29 - Bill Would Extend Daylight-Saving
June 29 - DOE Could Fund Demonstration Projects: House Panel Votes to Kill Synfuels Corporation
June 29 - House Subcommittees Complete Work: Congress Reacts to Pressure; Quickens Action on Farm Bill
June 29 - Negotiations Finally Succeed: Congress Clears Bill to Renew Main Law Regulating Exports
June 29 - Senate Confirms Yeutter to Top Trade Post
June 29 - Raft of Decisions Announced: Court Again Spells Out Limit On Accommodating Religion
June 29 - Court Sets Content Test in Some Libel Cases
June 29 - Congress Clears Energy Crisis Measure
June 29 - House Passes Farm Bankruptcy Bill
June 29 - Soil Conservation Plan Unveiled by Block
June 29 - Statue of Liberty Coin Bill Cleared
June 29 - House Approves Drug Labeling Bill
June 29 - House Rejects FEC Reauthorization
June 29 - Merchant Marine Committee OKs Bill on Oil Spills
June 29 - New Federal Pay Regulations to Take Effect

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