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May 4 - Defense Cut, Social Security Boosted: Republican Budget Package Picked Apart on Senate Floor
May 4 - Democrats Striving for Budget Consensus
May 4 - Conferees OK Record-Keeping Repeal
May 4 - Deficit Reduction, Tax Equity Stressed: Corporate, Individual Minimum Taxes Gain
May 4 - Partisan Ill-Will Remains High: Republicans Walk Out in Protest After House Seats McCloskey
May 4 - Californians Bear Scars of Election Battle
May 4 - Debate Excerpts: Anger, Frustration, Regret
May 4 - House Panel Backs South Africa Sanctions Bill
May 4 - Reagan Imposes Trade Embargo on Nicaragua
May 4 - Administration Opposition: Politically Unpopular Aid Bill Faces a Tough Future in House
May 4 - House Rejects Bid to Press Reagan on Chile
May 4 - House to Reagan: Scrap Bitburg Trip
May 4 - Food Aid Bill Reduced to Win GOP Support
May 4 - Abortion, Religion Issues Arise: Major Civil Rights Measure Encounters Problems in House
May 4 - Targeted for Extinction by Reagan: Backers Flock to the Rescue Of Juvenile Justice Program
May 4 - Senate Panel Holds Up Devine's Confirmation
May 4 - To Be Included In Reconciliation Bill: Panel Votes Conrail Sale Bill But Critics Assail Procedure
May 4 - Amtrak Funding Voted; Stockman Urges Shutdown
May 4 - Senate Panel Votes Maritime Funds
May 4 - TV License Swap Divides Committee
May 4 - March to November Span Proposed: Bill Would Begin Daylight-Saving Time Earlier
May 4 - Court to Review 'Non-Bank Bank' Regulations: Parents of Handicapped Pupils Win Reimbursement Dispute
May 4 - Test of 1982 Voting Rights Law Accepted
May 4 - Rejects Plan to Abolish Agencies: Subcommittee Raises Funds For EDA, Appalachian Panel
May 4 - Key House Democrats Prefer to Wait: Farm Bill Markup Is Slowed By Incomplete Budget Action
May 4 - With Administration Approval: Emergency Economic Aid Plan For Israel Gains on Capitol Hill
May 4 - Maturing Arab Lobby Gears Up Against Israel
May 4 - Compromise Brewing on Future of MX Missile
May 4 - Chemical Weapons Panel Draws Fire
May 4 - Extra Funds for Food, Veterans Approved
May 4 - Floor Fight Likely Over Sewer Grants: Senate Committee Approves Renewal of Clean Water Act
May 4 - Two Panels Approve Drinking-Water Bills
May 4 - CDC Says Vaccine Shortage Easing
May 4 - Panel Rejects Spending Freeze for Health Bills
May 4 - Committee Approves Indian Health Care Bill
May 4 - Committee OKs Medicare Anti-Fraud Bill
May 4 - NRC Authorization OK'd by House Interior
May 4 - State Department Bill Ready for House Vote
May 4 - House Banking Approves Extra Funding for Africa
May 4 - House Banking Unit Approves Ex-Im Bill
May 4 - Judiciary Panel Approves Bill on Attorneys' Fees
May 4 - Minor Changes OK'd in Social Security Programs
May 4 - Rep. Hall Confirmed as Federal Judge
May 4 - Ways and Means OKs Israel-U.S.Trade Bill
May 11 - Budget Squeaks Through Senate Floor Vote
May 11 - Panel Votes 'Imputed Interest' Bill
May 11 - Trade-off for Pentagon Cut? Social Security Hikes Divide House Democrats
May 11 - Second Thoughts Among Critics: New Proposals Surface on Hill For Aid to Nicaraguan Rebels
May 11 - Less Drastic Than Steps Against Cuba, Iran: Sanctions on Nicaragua: A Limited Impact?
May 11 - Foreign Aid Authorizations: Awaiting Debate
May 11 - Two-Year Bill Carries a Freeze: House Votes State Department Authorization
May 11 - Israel Free Trade Bill Clears House Easily
May 11 - Panels Boost Customs Authorization
May 11 - House Panel Votes Curbs on Justice Activities
May 11 - Renewal of Refugee Programs OK'd
May 11 - House Panel Trims $18.5 Billion From Defense
May 11 - Senate Panel Pares Defense Bill But More Cutbacks Are Needed
May 11 - Battles Shaping Up Over Defense Procurement
May 11 - House Panel Votes Small Raise for Food Aid
May 11 - State, Local Governments Fear Cost-Shifting: Congress Shies Away From Any Cap on Medicaid Outlays
May 11 - Growing Demand for Long-Term Care Drains Medicaid Coffers Nationwide
May 11 - Medicaid Expenditures, Fiscal 1984 (chart)
May 11 - Purchases Would Net Commodity Bonuses: Farm-State Legislators Press For Export Subsidy Program
May 11 - Committee Rejects Freeze on Arts Spending
May 11 - Senate OKs Ban on Saccharin Action
May 11 - Bars Incompetent or Unethical Doctors: Committees OK Legislation Aimed at Medicare Abuses
May 11 - Health Service Corps Renewal OK'd
May 11 - Long, McCloskey Panel Slots
May 11 - Senate Authorizes Funding for Committees
May 11 - Panel Defers Disability COLA Decision: Veterans' Health Bill Seeks Use of Low-Cost Treatments
May 11 - Uncertainty Awaits Administration Tax Plan
May 11 - 'Contemporaneous' Logs: House Drops Tax-Diary Rules, Rapid Senate Action Expected
May 11 - Reagan's Statement on Nicaragua Trade -- May 1, 1985
May 11 - Coastal Zone Management Reauthorization
May 11 - House Interior OKs Energy Authorization Bill
May 11 - Humanitarian Aid for Afghan Rebels
May 11 - Chairman of Copyright Tribunal Resigns
May 11 - Grace Commission Recommendations Reviewed
May 11 - House Energy OKs Two Drug Bills
May 11 - Panel Urges Confirmation of LSC Nominees
May 11 - Public Broadcasting Authorization OK'd by Panel
May 18 - House Panel Gives Quick OK to '86 Budget
May 18 - House Committee, Senate Budget Highlights
May 18 - Senate Fiscal 1986 Budget Resolution
May 18 - House Budget Committee Fiscal 1986 Plan
May 18 - Summary of Senate's Fiscal 1986 Budget
May 18 - Senate, After 4 Years, Votes a Foreign Aid Bill
May 18 - Panel Makes Further Cuts in Defense Budget
May 18 - Further Reductions Loom: House Panel Cuts $19 Billion in Defense Bill
May 18 - Connecticut Vote One of Several Setbacks: Balanced Budget Amendment Advances Here, Loses There
May 18 - Committee OKs Bill on Attorneys' Fees
May 18 - Bucking the Administration: House Judiciary Votes Curbs On Size, Use of Patent Fees
May 18 - Renewed Battles Likely at Full Committee: Subcommittee Approves LSC Authorization
May 18 - Constitutionality Challenged: Court Decision Looms Over Debate on Regional Banking
May 18 - Banks Find Ways to Dodge Interstate Ban
May 18 - New Challenge to Reagan: House Committee Revives Vetoed NIH Authorization
May 18 - Health Centers, 'Yes'; HMOs, 'No'
May 18 - Administration Contends Programs Are Unnecessary: Panel Would Continue Health Training Aid
May 18 - Birth Control Notification Rejected
May 18 - Democrats' Housing Freeze Draws GOP Fire
May 18 - Funding Change Also Proposed: Senators Agree to Restore Urban Grants to Budget Plan
May 18 - Panel Backs EDA, Appalachian Commission
May 18 - Reagan's Address to European Parliament -- May 8, 1985
May 18 - Sets Deadlines for EPA Action: Drinking Water Bill Approved By Senate, House Committee
May 18 - No Consensus Yet in House: Senate Finance Votes to Expand 'Superfund'
May 18 - Bill Expected to Be Reconsidered: Senate Panel's Tie Vote Stalls Product Liability Legislation
May 18 - House Panel OKs 10 Percent Cut for Amtrak
May 18 - Maritime Programs
May 18 - New Bid for Conrail
May 18 - Alternatives in Works: Stage Is Being Set for Congress To Renew Debate on 'Contras'
May 18 - New U.N. Envoy Is Confirmed
May 18 - Synfuels Program Survives Threat to Budget
May 18 - Panels Press for Mandatory Subsidies: Administration Plans Giveaways To Increase U.S. Farm Exports
May 18 - President Delays Tax Plan Release Until May 28
May 18 - Direct Loans or Subsidies? House, Senate Differ on Plans For Funding of the Ex-Im Bank
May 18 - Committee OKs Endangered Species Bill
May 18 - Committee OKs Nuclear-Waste Program Renewal
May 18 - Minor Social Security Changes
May 18 - Record-Keeping Repeal Cleared for Reagan
May 18 - Court Permits Motor Home Searches
May 18 - House Clears Saccharin Bill
May 18 - House Committee Approves FTC Authorization
May 18 - House Panels Vote Pipeline Safety Programs
May 18 - Indian Health Bill Approved by House Committee
May 18 - Panel Recommends Withholding OMB Funds
May 25 - Court Sides With Publishers of Ford Memoirs
May 25 - Court to Reconsider Abortion Issue
May 25 - Water Projects Draw OMB Flak: Appropriations Panel Votes $13.49 Billion Supplemental
May 25 - Proposed Water Projects
May 25 - Democrats Vie in N.J. Gubernatorial Primary
May 25 - Employing Inventive Tactics: Democrats Force GOP Support For Aid to Development Banks
May 25 - Conflict With Reagan on Sewer Grants: Clean Water Act Renewal Awaits House, Senate Action
May 25 - Major Bill on Toxic Air Pollution Introduced
May 25 - Federal Employees' Flexitime
May 25 - Memos Jeopardize Devine's Confirmation
May 25 - Veterans' Health, Job Training
May 25 - Some Bingo Jackpots Top $100,000: States Object as Indian Tribes Use Gambling to Raise Money
May 25 - House Rejects Bid to Soften Anti-Apartheid Bill
May 25 - Conservatives Sought Changes: Foreign Relations Panel Accepts Conditions on Genocide Treaty
May 25 - Congress Puts Off Action on 'Contra' Aid
May 25 - New Immigration Bill Introduced in Senate
May 25 - Daylight-Saving Time Extension Approved
May 25 - House Votes to Ease Tax on 'Imputed Interest'
May 25 - Panels Move Bills on Strategic Oil Reserve, IEA
May 25 - Banking Committee Approves Seger Nomination
May 25 - Dole, Rostenkowski Are Top Earners of Honoraria
May 25 - Missing Children Photos May Go on Hill Mail
May 25 - NLRB Nominees Confirmed by Senate
May 25 - NRC Authorization
May 25 - Senate Clears Israel Trade Legislation
May 25 - Trouble Awaits in Conference: House, With Little Difficulty, Passes '86 Budget Resolution
May 25 - House Centrist Bloc: Still Waiting to Happen
May 25 - General Revenue Sharing Targeted
May 25 - Summary of the House's Fiscal 1986 Budget
May 25 - Fight to Reap the Political Advantage: Successful Tax Code Overhaul Dependent on Reagan's Pitch
May 25 - Senate Votes New Limits on MX in Defense Bill
May 25 - Text of Senate MX Limitations
May 25 - Overpricing, Billing Fraud and Abuses Prompt Calls for Procurement Reform
May 25 - Committee OKs Family Planning Bill
May 25 - Panel Votes One-Year Freeze on Nursing Aid
May 25 - The Lure of the Senate: Influence and Prestige
May 25 - House Alumni in the Senate
May 25 - From the Senate to the House
May 25 - Abortion Issue in Dispute: House Committees Approve 'Grove City' Civil Rights Bill

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