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April 6 - First-Quarter Report: Deficit Still Untouched
April 6 - Partisan, Heated Debate: Fourth Try to Seat McIntyre Blocked by House Democrats
April 6 - Senate Panel Votes 3 Percent Defense Increase
April 6 - Levin Would Slow 'Revolving Door'
April 6 - Aspin Suggests $4 Billion Reduction: Military Retirement System Draws New Scrutiny
April 6 - Reagan, Senate GOP Reach '86 Budget Accord
April 6 - Use of Autos, Computers: House, Senate Overturn Record-Keeping Rules
April 6 - Collyer Confirmed
April 6 - Minimum Tax Proposal
April 6 - Youth Wage Back Again
April 6 - Reagan Offers Plan for Nicaragua Cease-Fire
April 6 - 'Unacceptable' to Administration: House Foreign Aid Bill Faces a Difficult Future
April 6 - More Than Reagan Sought: Congress Clears $784 Million In Emergency Africa Food Aid
April 6 - Senate Votes to Condemn Apartheid
April 6 - Leagues Would Control Shifts: Senate Panel Votes Measure To Block Sports Teams' Moves
April 6 - Furloughs, Pay Cuts Threatened: ICC Clashes With Members Over Funding
April 6 - Conrail Sale Opponents Blocked
April 6 - Hodel Unveils New Five-Year Plan: Offshore Oil Leasing Issue Under Debate on Hill Again
April 6 - Long, As Expected, Wins Louisiana 8th Race
April 6 - Panel Votes Bill Overturning Legal Fee Ruling
April 6 - Science Foundation Funds Raised
April 6 - Reargument Ordered: Court to Rule on Public Aid To Blind Ministry Student
April 6 - Congress Prods Reagan to Get Tough With Japan
April 6 - New Trade Representative Chosen
April 6 - High-Tech Exports
April 6 - Panel Votes AID Funds to Subsidize Exports
April 6 - Trade Task Force
April 6 - OPM Chief Devine's Reappointment Hits Snag
April 6 - Space Agency Authorization Set at $7.5 Billion: House Freezes NASA Budget At Fiscal 1985 Spending Level
April 6 - Would Cover Newly Hired Civil Servants: Proposed Federal Pension Plan Runs Into Democratic Doubts
April 6 - Phase-Out of Extra Unemployment Aid Clears
April 6 - Curran Nominated to Head Humanities Endowment
April 6 - House Panel OKs Bills on IEA, Oil Reserve
April 6 - NRC Authorization Approved by House Interior
April 6 - Unemployment Rate Holds Steady
April 6 - Energy Authorization OK'd by House Science
April 6 - House Panel OKs Bill to Combat Medicare Fraud
April 6 - Minor Sentencing Bill Cleared
April 6 - Telecommunications Trade Bill Drafted
April 13 - Special Report: The Black Caucus Black House Members Striving for Influence
April 13 - Reagan's Influence Shows No Signs of Ebbing
April 13 - History of Past Summits: Outlook Good for Meeting Between Gorbachev, Reagan
April 13 - U.S.-Soviet Summit Meetings
April 13 - Import Tax Sought to Resolve Trade Imbalance
April 13 - Trade Tensions Attributed to Many Factors
April 13 - Hill Cool to Nakasone Trade Offer
April 13 - Education Research Agency Critics Abound
April 13 - Reagan's Cuts Trimmed, Loans Restricted: Budget Plan Sets New Student-Aid Limits
April 13 - Black Members: The Drive for Recognition
April 13 - Twenty Members of Hill Black Caucus Display Variety of Legislative Interests
April 13 - Overturning 1984 Supreme Court Ruling: House Committee Action Set On Civil Rights Legislation
April 13 - Regional Banking, Age Bias Cases Also Set: Scope of Racketeering Law At Issue Before High Court
April 13 - GOP Gains Limited Despite Reagan Landslide
April 13 - Official 1984 Presidential Election Results (chart)
April 13 - Final Returns for Governor, Senate and House
April 13 - Reagan's April 4 Remarks on Central America
April 13 - Jenrette Begins Serving Abscam Prison Term
April 13 - More Poverty Seen If Social Security COLA Is Cut
April 13 - On Sixth Try, Sen. Garn Finally Makes Space Flight
April 13 - PAC Funding Up, Candidate Spending Down
April 13 - Perspective: Tax Reform: Getting Hung Up on Details
April 13 - Congress and the Country: Legislative Districts and Judicial Tinkering
April 20 - American Conservation Corps: Bucking Anti-Spending Mood, House Panels Approve Jobs Bill
April 20 - Deregulation Debate Clouded: Bank Scandals Prompt Review To Reassure Investors, Public
April 20 - House Votes NSF Spending Freeze
April 20 - Senate Panel OKs Continued Saccharin Use
April 20 - Health and Environment Rules at Issue: Clash Over Regulatory Power Pits OMB Against Hill Panels
April 20 - Asbestos Regulation and Valuing a Life EPA-OMB Fight Exposed on the Hill
April 20 - Increased Funding for Food Programs Sought
April 20 - Food Stamp Cuts vs. Expansion Debated
April 20 - House Votes to Renew Law on Export Controls
April 20 - Interest Groups Give Members Their Grades
April 20 - The Specific Votes Used in Interest Group Ratings
April 20 - How Special-Interest Groups Rate Senators
April 20 - How Special-Interest Groups Rate Representatives
April 27 - Tempers Flare, Action Stalls on Capitol Hill
April 27 - '86 Budget Hung Up In Senate Floor Squabble
April 27 - Response Uneven to President's TV Appeal
April 27 - Budget Spurs Divisions in Corporate Lobby
April 27 - Water Projects, Oil Reserve Included: House Subcommittees Vote FY '85 Supplemental Funds
April 27 - Republicans Seethe Over Indiana 8th Decision
April 27 - Chronology of the Contested Indiana 8th District Election
April 27 - Dole: Private Firms Unlikely to Want Amtrak
April 27 - Projected Cost-Savings Disputed: Senate Democrats Oppose Means Test for VA Treatment
April 27 - In Major Defeat, Reagan Loses 'Contra' Aid
April 27 - House Freshmen: Agonizing Over a Tough Issue
April 27 - Complex Parliamentary Maneuvering
April 27 - Critics Take Aim at Reagan Anti-Missile Plan
April 27 - Hill Takes a Look at New Fighter Plane
April 27 - Status of Salvadorans Debated on Capitol Hill
April 27 - Bank Charter Extended: House Panel Rejects Plan To Drop Direct Ex-Im Loans
April 27 - South Africa Sanctions
April 27 - U.S.-Israel Trade Accord
April 27 - Justices to Review Jury-Selection Case: Court Says Labor Law Applies To Religious-Group Businesses
April 27 - Reagan's Letters to Congress on Nicaragua Aid
April 27 - On April 24: Text of Reagan's Speech For Senate GOP Budget Plan
April 27 - On April 24: Text of Democratic Response to Reagan
April 27 - House Panel Backs New Africa Fund
April 27 - Senate Panel Delays Action on Genocide Treaty
April 27 - The Bitburg Trip: Criticism on Capitol Hill
April 27 - Superfund Tax Consensus Emerging in Senate
April 27 - Wide Range of Tax Sources Featured In Proposals for Financing 'Superfund'
April 27 - Clean Water Bill Moving
April 27 - Environmental Notes: House Panel Ducks Fight on Offshore Leasing
April 27 - Slow Start for FIFRA
April 27 - Nicaragua: A New Democratic Family Feud
April 27 - House Interior OKs Indian Health Care Bill
April 27 - Joint Committee Assesses State of Economy
April 27 - Nuclear-Waste Storage Sites Recommended
April 27 - Senate Passes Bureau of Standards Authorization
April 27 - Brock Confirmed as Labor Secretary
April 27 - Former Sen. Ervin Dies; Led Watergate Committee
April 27 - Trade Consultations With Congress Urged
April 27 - U.S., Mexico Sign Trade Accord

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