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September 1 - Avoiding Post-Election Session: Returning Legislators Hope To Wrap Up Year's Business
September 1 - Supreme Court Appeal Likely: Pocket Veto Power Restricted; Big Gain for Legislative Branch
September 1 - Public Broadcast Bill Vetoed
September 1 - Tighter Abortion Controls? Congress Facing a Bitter Battle On Population Control Abroad
September 1 - 'Prophets of Boom' vs. 'Prophets of Doom'
September 1 - Global Population: What the Numbers Show
September 1 - PACs Heavily Favor Incumbents: 1984 Races Become Battlefield For Competing Interest Groups
September 1 - PAC Background
September 1 - Rules Committee to Consider Natural Gas Bill
September 1 - Reagan vs. Mondale: How Much for Defense?
September 1 - Rhetoric Often Hotter Than Deeds: On Foreign Policy, Navigating the Mainstream
September 1 - Independents, Blacks Wooed: Anderson, Jackson Support Boosts Mondale's Campaign
September 1 - Addabbo Fights New Challenge From Golar
September 1 - Massachusetts Primary Outlook: Open Senate Seat Sets Off Bay State Tumult
September 1 - Another Kentucky Perkins
September 1 - Washington Primary Outlook: Diverse GOP Field Seeks to Follow Pritchard
September 1 - Primary Results: Keating Picked to Oppose Oklahoma's Jones
September 1 - Begich Wins Primary
September 1 - Clear Path for Kleczka
September 1 - Wyoming Primary Outlook
September 1 - Contract Dispute in Arbitration: Congress Bars Postal Service From Cutting Pay, Benefits
September 1 - Congress and the Country: Democratic Trouble in the Land of Mr. Sam
September 8 - Cloture Vote Set: Critics Block Senate Action On Banking Deregulation Bill
September 8 - House Passes Drug Bill That Could Cut Costs
September 8 - Probe by House Energy Subcommittee: White House to Give Panel Documents on 'Superfund'
September 8 - Drinking Water Bill OK'd by House Panel
September 8 - Four Laws Affected: Groups Push for Senate Action On Civil Rights Legislation
September 8 - Housing, Community Development: Reagan, Mondale Dispute Government Role in Cities
September 8 - Reagan vs. Mondale: Agriculture Policy: Hands Off or Hands On?
September 8 - No Going-Away Present: Baker Bid to Televise Senate Likely to Fail in Closing Days
September 8 - Hill Politics Delay Repair of 'America in Ruins'
September 8 - In Highway Bill Lobbying, the Touch is Local
September 8 - In States, Same Crunch, Different Priorities
September 8 - Challenge to Towns
September 8 - Hawaii Calm
September 8 - Nevada Primary Results
September 8 - Nunn Foe Picked
September 8 - Oklahoma Runoff Set
September 8 - Moving Into the Spotlight: New Focus on Running Mates Spurred by Ferraro Candidacy
September 8 - Budget Negotiations Still Stalled
September 8 - Conservation of Striped Bass
September 8 - Reagan Urges Approval of Genocide Treaty
September 8 - Tax Simplification Hearings Set
September 8 - Federal, Congressional Pay Raise Scheduled
September 8 - Hawkins to Chair House Education Committee
September 8 - House Revives Shipbuilding Subsidies
September 8 - Immigration Bill Conference to Begin
September 8 - Reagan Refuses to Restrict Copper Imports
September 15 - Senate Endorses Further Banking Deregulation
September 15 - MX a Major Sticking Point: O'Neill, Baker Seek to Break Stalemate on Defense Budget
September 15 - Group's Role in Nicaragua Raises Questions
September 15 - Meeting Set for Sept. 28: In Inviting Gromyko, Reagan Continues Conciliatory Tack
September 15 - House Panel Approves Foreign Aid Package
September 15 - Stopgap Money Bill Begins to Move
September 15 - House-Senate Rift Stalls Treasury Bill
September 15 - Balanced Budget: Setbacks Outweigh Progress
September 15 - Decifit Reduction Group Plans Lobby
September 15 - Less Sweeping Than House Version: Five-Year Superfund Renewal Approved by Senate Panel
September 15 - Sets Deadlines for EPA Enforcement: Safe Drinking Water Measure Ready for House Floor Action
September 15 - Coastal Revenue-Sharing Legislation
September 15 - Measures for Other States Advance: Congress Clears California Wilderness Bill
September 15 - Ethics Panel Opens Probe of Ferraro Finances
September 15 - House Passes Tough Cigarette Labeling Bill
September 15 - 1984 Action Unlikely: Jousting Over Partisan Issues Stalls School Improvement Bill
September 15 - Compromise Succeeds: Major Drug Legislation Cleared by Congress
September 15 - Funding Levels Above Senate Versions: House Votes to Reauthorize Several Big Health Programs
September 15 - Special Report: Banking Deregulation Bailing Out Banks: How Much Is Too Much?
September 15 - The Regulators: More Than One Watchdog
September 15 - First Overhaul Since 1972: Conferees Approve Revamp Of Longshore Compensation
September 15 - Economics: Spotlight on the Budget Deficits
September 15 - Banking: To Decontrol, Or Not Decontrol?
September 15 - Reagan and Mondale at Odds Over Relieving the Growing Trade Deficit
September 15 - Reagan, Mondale: Federal Regulation
September 15 - Industrial Policy Still Looking for a Home
September 15 - Full Committee Review Pending: House Subcommittees Act On Federal Polygraph Legislation
September 15 - Genocide Treaty: One Step Forward, One Back
September 15 - The Path to November: Church and Politics: An Old Issue Returns
September 15 - Addabbo Wins Easily: Carney Edges Challenger in New York Primary
September 15 - Primary Results: Minnesota Democrats Back Oberstar, Growe
September 15 - Colorado Primary Results: Dick Barely Wins Chance to Face Armstrong
September 15 - Wisconsin Results: Kastenmeier Crushes First Primary Challenger
September 15 - Primary Results: Dudley, Smith Win New Hampshire Contests
September 15 - Quillen Takes Delaware
September 15 - Solomon Victory
September 15 - Udall Breezes
September 15 - Vermont: Easton Wins
September 15 - Wyoming Democrats Vote
September 15 - To Avoid Veto Override: Funding Compromise Sought On Public Broadcasting Bill
September 15 - Conferees Begin Work on Immigration Bill
September 15 - One of Five Measures Rejected: House Passes Anti-Crime Bills Amid Exchange of Partisan Fire
September 15 - Attorneys' Fees
September 15 - Record Rentals and Copyrights
September 15 - 'Baby Doe' Bill Nears Final Action
September 15 - Indian Health Care
September 15 - Residential Energy Conservation
September 15 - Strategic Petroleum Reserve Test Sale
September 15 - Conferees Reach Accord on CAB Sunset
September 15 - Housing Authorization
September 15 - Secondary Mortgage Market
September 15 - Trade Package Shaping Up in Ways and Means
September 15 - Congress and the Country House Democrats: Reason for Concern?
September 22 - Hill Leaders, Reagan Break Defense Stalemate
September 22 - After Impasse, Budget Plan May Move
September 22 - Veto Threat Looms: House Panel Opens the Door To Massive Stopgap Measure
September 22 - Opponents Pull Plug on Televising Senate
September 22 - Staff Would Drop Hatfield Probe
September 22 - Minor Trade, Tariff Bill Passes House
September 22 - Senate Eludes Protectionists, OKs Trade Bill
September 22 - Steel's Hill Allies Ponder Import Bars
September 22 - Anti-Bias Issue the Only Remaining Snag: Conferees Near Agreement On Immigration Reform Bill
September 22 - Crime Bills Move in House: Repeat Offenders Targeted, Insanity Defense Unchanged
September 22 - Special Prosecutor Reports: No Basis for Prosecution Found In Probe of Meese Allegations
September 22 - State Money Held Up: Filibuster Stalls Senate Action On Interstate Funding Bill
September 22 - Cargo Bill Rejected
September 22 - House Passes Rail Bill
September 22 - Senate Sends CAB Compromise to President
September 22 - Computer Tampering Bill Voted
September 22 - Heroin Bill Rejected After Emotional Debate
September 22 - Protection Included for 'Baby Doe': Compromise Set on Aiding Child Protection Programs
September 22 - Vocational Aid Conference Starts
September 22 - Inspections of Some Rides Restored
September 22 - Panel Approves Bill to Thwart Auto Theft
September 22 - Beyond Inner Circle, Organization Is Loose Mondale's Campaign Team: Can It Do the Job?
September 22 - Mondale Turns to Allies on Hill for Advice
September 22 - Mondale's Gamble: Presidential Debates Usually Aid Challengers
September 22 - Still Waiting for Big Legislative Victories Religious Right: Trying to Link Poll Power and Lobby Muscle
September 22 - The Religious Message: Go Forth and Vote
September 22 - Reagan Record Makes Environment Hot Topic
September 22 - Transit, Train Subsidies At Issue: Transportation Gets Low Campaign Profile
September 22 - Issue No Longer in Spotlight: Mondale, Reagan Differences On Energy Stir Little Interest
September 22 - Massachusetts Primary Results: Surprise GOP Winner Shamie To Face Kerry in Senate Fight
September 22 - Primary Results: Evans, Miller to Square Off in Washington 1st
September 22 - Text of Reagan Q and A Session With Reporters, Sept. 11, 1984
September 22 - Disability Measure Wins Unanimous Approval
September 22 - House Votes FOIA Exemption for CIA Files
September 22 - Panel Votes Whistleblower Awards
September 22 - Presidential Directive Could Be Reissued: Passage of Polygraph Curbs Seems Doubtful
September 22 - Inequity Seen in Civil Service: Bills Granting Pension Benefits To Divorced Spouses Advance
September 22 - Reagan Shifts Gears, Endorses Aid to Farmers
September 22 - House Passes Wetlands Protection Measure
September 22 - Safe Drinking Water Bill Passed
September 22 - Welfare, Other Tax Bills Reported: Tax Breaks for Fringe Benefits Reinstated by Ways and Means
September 22 - St Germain Jettisons Bank Deregulation Bills
September 22 - Hazardous Waste Bills Advancing
September 22 - Public Broadcasting Bill Passed by Senate
September 22 - Senate Approves SBA Authorizations
September 22 - Test Sale From Strategic Petroleum Preserve
September 22 - Civil Rights Bill Impasse Continues
September 22 - Crozier Wins GOP Senate Nod in Oklahoma
September 22 - Foreign Relations Committee OKs Genocide Treaty
September 22 - Longshoremen's Compensation Bill Cleared
September 22 - Pay Equity Rider Planned for Spending Bill
September 22 - Senate Starts Work on Labor/HHS Funding Bill
September 29 - Congress Loads Up Emergency Funding Bill
September 29 - Hill Confronts Budget, Debt Limit
September 29 - Senate Action Likely to Be Overturned: Abortion Ban Eased in Labor-HHS Money Bill
September 29 - Appropriations Panels Shape Defense Budget
September 29 - Overall Figure of $297 Billion Allowed: Congress Clears Defense Authorization Bill
September 29 - Gromyko Comes to the White House
September 29 - Measure 'On Its Last Gasp': Immigration Reform Snagged On Issue of Discrimination
September 29 - Highway Bill Snarled by Other Controversies
September 29 - States Create Own Zones: House Democrats Still Stymie Reagan Enterprise Zone Plan
September 29 - Baltimore Zone Benefits Draw Businesses
September 29 - Former Spouse Benefits
September 29 - House Panel Acts to Defend Reorganizations
September 29 - Indian Aid Bill Clears
September 29 - Ways and Means Panel Votes Trade Package
September 29 - Export Control Conference Quickens
September 29 - Hawkins Succeeds Perkins: A Change in Style, Not Goals, Expected at Education-Labor
September 29 - Reagan, Mondale Split on Education Issues
September 29 - Safety Net Or Tightrope? Reagan Defends Social Policy In `Fairness Issue' Debate
September 29 - Counterclaims Surround Food Aid Issues
September 29 - New Activism Among Conservatives: Supreme Court in Transition As New Term Opens Oct. 1
September 29 - Libel Defendants and Commercial Speech
September 29 - Text of Reagan Speech to United Nations Delivered September 24, 1984
September 29 - Reagan Address to Meeting of World Bank and IMF Delivered September 25, 1984
September 29 - Reagan, Hill Move to Bolster Embassy Security
September 29 - Afghan Rebels
September 29 - Jerusalem Embassy
September 29 - Polish Farmers
September 29 - But 'Superfund' Renewal in Doubt: Conferees Reach Agreement On One Hazardous-Waste Bill
September 29 - Relief for Northwest Logging Industry: Senate Passes Compromise Timber Bailout Bill
September 29 - Wetlands Loan Legislation Passed
September 29 - Behind-Scenes Bargaining Likely: House-Senate Split Threatens Safe Drinking Water Measure
September 29 - Panel Broadens Medicare Therapy Coverage
September 29 - Panel Lifts Social Security COLA Limit
September 29 - Cigarette Labeling Bill Cleared
September 29 - Older Americans Act Reauthorization: Congress Clears $4 Billion Bill For Elderly Services, Nutrition
September 29 - Divisive Natural Gas Bill Scrapped in House
September 29 - Child Abuse, 'Baby Doe' Bill Cleared
September 29 - House Renews Bonuses for Whistleblowers
September 29 - Secondary Mortgage Bill Cleared
September 29 - 'Cop-Killer' Bullet Bill Shelved
September 29 - Antitrust Relief for R and D Joint Ventures
September 29 - Cable TV Compromise, Public Broadcasting
September 29 - Ethics Panel Ends Hatfield Probe
September 29 - Hawaii, Alabama Primary Results
September 29 - Pipeline Safety Bill Approved

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