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April 7 - House Adopts Budget Resolution: House, Senate Move Forward On Deficit-Cutting Measures
April 7 - The Budget at House Rules: A Foregone Conclusion
April 7 - Senate Approves 1984 Reconciliation Bill
April 7 - Stiff House Opposition Expected: Senate Democrats Rebuffed; Latin Aid Package Approved
April 7 - Senate Panel Divided on Central America Aid
April 7 - Motives, Effectiveness Questioned: On Nicaragua 'Covert' Action, Fresh Doubts
April 7 - Mondale Rides Surge of Democratic Turnout
April 7 - Kleczka Wins House Seat
April 7 - West Virginia Contests
April 7 - Arkansas GOP Battle
April 7 - Iowa Senate Contest
April 7 - Maine Ballot Set
April 7 - McGovern Aide to Run
April 7 - Jim Wright: On the Road to Being Speaker
April 7 - The Race Begins for House Majority Leader
April 7 - Tax Break Sought for Past Interest-Free Loans
April 7 - A Prominent 'New Idea': Individual Training Accounts Eyed to Assist the Dislocated
April 7 - Reagan 'Freeze' on Farm Aid Clears Congress
April 7 - Outlook Uncertain: Superfund Reauthorization Hits Snag in House Energy
April 7 - Arizona Wilderness
April 7 - Hydropower Development
April 7 - Wetlands Protection
April 7 - Independent Counsel Named in Meese Probe
April 7 - Pharmacy Robberies, Burglaries
April 7 - Panel Urges More Dollars for Customs Service
April 7 - School Prayer Returns to the Court, Silently
April 7 - New Conservative Lobby Boosting Reagan
April 7 - Text of Presidential News Conference: April 4, 1984
April 7 - Sent March 31: Reagan Report to Congress On ASAT Arms Control
April 7 - Reagan Letter on U.S. Participation in MNF
April 7 - Rep. Hansen Convicted, Faces Ethics Inquiry
April 7 - Hill Confrontation Looms on Space Weapons
April 7 - House Panel Approves Access Bill: Schools Opened to Student Religious Groups
April 7 - House Endorses Credit Card Pact
April 7 - Industry Withdraws From Talks: House Discussions Continue On Broadcast Deregulation
April 7 - Industrial Policy
April 7 - Maritime Authorization Passed
April 7 - Pay Equity for Women
April 7 - Tax Breaks for Lebanon, Grenada Victims
April 7 - Arts and Humanities Endowments
April 7 - Child Pornography
April 7 - El Salvador Resolutions
April 7 - Social Security, Medicare Report
April 7 - VA Housing Loan Fees
April 7 - Judicial Lobbying and Bankruptcy Courts
April 7 - Senate Leader's Job: Curbing Individualism
April 14 - May 5 Primary Outlook: Texas Democrats Wage Spirited Senate Battle
April 14 - House Finishes Deficit Package: Congress Adjourns for Easter After Foreign Policy Bickering
April 14 - Budget Still Faces Hurdles: House, Senate Quicken Pace In Deficit-Reduction Efforts
April 14 - As Part of Deficit-Cutting Schemes: House, Senate Approve Tax-Hike Measures
April 14 - Hill Presses Reagan on Central America Policy
April 14 - Discord Stalls Funding Bill
April 14 - Impasse Over Conditions: Senate Panel Reports Aid Bill Minus Central America Funds
April 14 - Act of 'Collective Self-Defense': Administration Defends Mining of Harbors
April 14 - No Major Weapons Scrapped: House Committee Votes Cuts In Reagan Defense Request
April 14 - Pentagon Cites Soviet Moves: Reagan, Critics Square Off on Space Weapons
April 14 - No Quick Solution Expected: Congress Seeks Elusive Cure For Medicare Financial Ills
April 14 - Council Urges Medicare Benefit Changes
April 14 - Synfuels Program Drawing Fire in Congress
April 14 - Floor Debate Likely in Mid-May: House Rules Nears Action On Immigration Legislation
April 14 - Adapting Copyright Law to New Technology: Panels Vote Protection for Computer Chips
April 14 - Senate Panel Approves New Patent
April 14 - Time Running Out Again: Labor Issue Continues to Snag Bankruptcy Bill
April 14 - Fund Cutoff Broadened: Bills Introduced to Reverse Civil Rights Ruling
April 14 - Bumper Standard Added to Auto Theft Bill
April 14 - Maritime Authorization Approved
April 14 - Amtrak Funding Authorized
April 14 - Banking Panel Approves Federal Reserve Changes
April 14 - Committee Increases Public Television Funds
April 14 - Inadvertent Damage to Small Firms? Small Businesses Object to Bill Raising Contract Competition
April 14 - Also to Hear Jaycee Sex Bias Case: Court to Scrutinize Linkage Between Draft Registration And Student Aid Eligibility
April 14 - Defense Production Clears
April 14 - Long-term Coverage Backed: Longshore Compensation Act Revamped by House Measure
April 14 - Special Report: U.S.-China Relations Amid Positive Signs, Reagan Headed for Peking
April 14 - New Treaties Are in the Offing: Despite Some Growing Pains, Trade Blossoms
April 14 - Panel Approves U.S. Industrial Bank
April 14 - Trade Remedy Bill Backed by Ways and Means
April 14 - Text of Reagan Remarks on Foreign Policy: April 6, 1984
April 14 - Pennsylvania Upset: Kanjorski Ousts Harrison
April 14 - Networks of Rich Texas Money Brokers Help Turn on Floods of Campaign Cash
April 14 - New Member Profile: Gerald Kleczka, D-Wis.
April 14 - Democratic Loyalists Anchor Mondale Vote
April 14 - Four States to Vote: April Caucuses Offer Little But Hope to Hart
April 14 - Prolonged Impasse Broken: House Energy Committee Approves Natural Gas Bill
April 14 - Grants For Agencies: Senate Votes to Provide Aid To Organ Transplant Systems
April 14 - House Considers Child Nutrition Bill
April 14 - PERSPECTIVE: The Milk of Human Kindness: What It Costs
April 14 - Adult Education, Library Aid Approved
April 14 - House Passes Panama Canal Authorization
April 14 - Wilderness Bills: Tenn., Va., Pa. and Texas
April 14 - Conferees Agree on VISTA Funds
April 14 - Counsel Named for Hansen Ethics Probe
April 14 - Export Act Conferees Eye South Africa Sanctions
April 14 - Senate Judiciary OKs State Justice Institute
April 14 - Senate Panel Works to Relax Gun Laws
April 21 - Central America: An Open Wound on the Hill
April 21 - White House Opposes Plan: Senate Panel Endorses IDA Contingency Fund
April 21 - Police, NRA Face Off on 'Cop-Killer' Bullets
April 21 - Company Organizes Postal Blitz: American Express Members Rally Against Card Surcharge
April 21 - Democratic Rules Help Pad Mondale Lead
April 21 - Left and Right Compete for Populist Mantle
April 21 - Indiana Primary Outlook: Hall Threatened by Two Strong Challengers
April 21 - Ohio Primary Outlook: GOP House Candidates Battle in Cincinnati
April 21 - Primary Outlook: Maryland GOP Mulls Third Bentley House Try
April 21 - Idaho Democratic Primary
April 21 - Mississippi Senate Contest
April 21 - North Dakota Democrats
April 21 - Schwinden Foe Surfaces
April 21 - Utah Gubernatorial Race
April 21 - Complaints Focus Attention on Bank Delays
April 21 - Tight Spring Schedule: Congress Facing More Action To Cut Federal Budget Deficit
April 21 - Tax Credit Could Be Only 'Jobs' Bill in 1984
April 21 - Food Program Data Withheld From Congress
April 21 - Program Overhaul Under Way: Congress Unlikely to Extend Current Ban on Coal Leasing
April 21 - Court to Review Limits on PAC Spending
April 21 - Factory Sweeps, Open-Field Searches Approved: High Court Gives Green Light To Immigration, Drug Raids
April 21 - Senate Confirms 32 Major Reagan Nominees
April 21 - Rulings May Affect Immigration Debate
April 21 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: Pothole Politics: the Cracker Jack Syndrome
April 28 - Part of Deficit-Reduction Package: Effort to Pass Spending Cuts Off to Torpid Start in Senate
April 28 - Conference Likely on Measure: Bill Permits Church Exit From Social Security
April 28 - Special Report: The 1985 Tax Bill Laying the Groundwork: Special Interests Now Working On Next Year's Tax Legislation
April 28 - Administration Moves to Placate, Pressure Hill
April 28 - Central America Is Sticking Point: Foreign Aid Bills Facing an Uncertain Future
April 28 - Central America Plan: Democrats' Version
April 28 - Special Report: Chairman Dante B. Fascell Fascell Gives New Life to Foreign Affairs Panel
April 28 - Dole, Fascell Still Fighting Over Panel
April 28 - Pork Barrel Dangers Cited: Senate Panel Acts to Release Interstate Funds States Need
April 28 - Hunting the 1,967th Vote: May Events Could Be the Key To Mondale Delegate Majority
April 28 - State Reports: Primaries and Caucuses
April 28 - Vote Totals for Primaries, Caucuses
April 28 - North Carolina Outlook: Urban Activist Green Leads Charlotte Primary
April 28 - Knox Leads Crowded Gubernatorial Field
April 28 - Anderson Announcement
April 28 - Mondale Committees
April 28 - New Jersey GOP Contest
April 28 - House Panel Badly Split: Clean Air Markup Session Snags on Acid Rain Provisions
April 28 - But Senate Committees in Conflict: Water Project Bills Advance in Senate, House
April 28 - House Passes Arctic Research Bill
April 28 - Bankruptcy Solution Delayed Again
April 28 - Panel Starts Work on Omnibus Copyright Bill
April 28 - Senate Advances Attack on Credit Card Fraud
April 28 - GOP, Democrats Square Off: House Subcommittee Retains Traditional Bilingual Program
April 28 - House Passes NSF Authorization
April 28 - Senate Child Support Vote Unanimous
April 28 - Reagan Plan to Drop Grants Rebuffed: Panel Links Head Start, Anti-Poverty Grants
April 28 - Flat Tax Proposal Introduced
April 28 - Markup Set on New Supplemental
April 28 - Synfuels Corporation President Resigns
April 28 - Wilderness Bills: Texas, Tenn., Pa., Va.
April 28 - Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Mental Health Block Grants
April 28 - Bureau of Standards
April 28 - Dangerous Drug Diversion
April 28 - Minnesota Shelves Public Financing Bill
April 28 - Sex Discrimination and U.S. Code
April 28 - U.S.-China Nuclear Pact

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